King Of Gods Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Mega Void Space Eye Slash
Chapter 622 - Mega Void Space Eye Slash

Purple Lightning Wind Ring!

Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the rings of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning successfully countered Guard Twenty-Eights doppelgangers.

If Zhao Feng hadnt reached the Origin Core Realm yet, this attack of his wouldnt be able to break through any of the doppelgangers because they all had a defense almost as strong as the Great Origin Core Realm.

The power of Destruction a power thats on the same level as the power of Death.

Guard Twenty-Eight obviously hadnt imagined that the intent of Zhao Fengs Purple Destruction Wind Lightning contained such a terrifying aura of Destruction that could make even him wary.

The Fan Universe had eight Great God Eyes.

Among them, there was the Divine Eye of Death and the Divine Eye of Destruction.

From that, one could see that the power of Destruction contained within the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning was one of the most unique laws.

Now that Zhao Feng had almost fully comprehended the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning, combined with its purification from absorbing a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura, its power surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor when he was at the same cultivation.

Scythe of Death!

A grim scythe radiating a cold light condensed in Guard Twenty-Eights hand, and the instant it appeared, everyone within a hundred miles felt their souls become cold. It was as if their souls had been exposed to the freezing cold as they were awaiting slaughter.

Zhao Feng also felt a coldness and a dangerous sensation from his soul.

Guard Twenty-Eights Scythe of Death was a skill similar to Guard Nineteens Death Soul Hand in that it directly threatened the soul.


The Scythe of Death instantly locked on to Zhao Fengs soul.


The Scythe of Death flashed through the air in a transparent line, and Zhao Fengs body and soul froze. It was as if his soul had been cut up.


Without any chance of evasion, the Scythe of Death landed on Zhao Feng.

At the very last instant:


A ripple of water surrounded Zhao Fengs body as if he was in the ocean. Any attack from outside was like a stone sinking into the sea.

Even the powerful Scythe of Death dimmed by more than half when it landed on Zhao Feng.


A crack appeared in the ripple surrounding Zhao Feng and it started to fade.

Guard Twenty-Eights attack was far too strong. Zhao Fengs Water Bloodline could easily block two or three normal Sovereign Lords, but it wasnt able to stop a single Scythe of Death.

Hmph, 70% of the Scythe of Deaths power is soul-based anyway.

Mockery appeared on Guard Twenty-Eights face.

Zhao Fengs Water Bloodline cracked from the scythes 30% physical component; it didnt even block the other 70%.


A faint figure of a scythe radiating an aura of Death sliced into Zhao Fengs soul.


Zhao Fengs soul shook, and the sixty-yard-wide lake within the dimension of his left eye started to surge as the scythe created a deep chasm.


Zhao Fengs body froze, and he groaned.

Putting aside the soul attack, the physical component of the Scythe of Death already greatly threatened life.

Using the power of Death to create a soul attack that directly slays the opponents soul.

Struggle appeared on Zhao Fengs face. A bloody gash was left on his body, and the aura of Death spread across his body.

Even though he had the Water Bloodline, it could only slowly heal the damage.

Brat its your honor to die by the Scythe of Death.

A victorious smile appeared on Guard Twenty-Eights face. In terms of strength, he was much stronger than Guard Thirty-Three.

The Scythe of Death had a 40-50% chance of killing even half-step Void God Realms, let alone a Small Origin Core Realm. Guard Twenty-Eight could only use such a secret technique four or five times a day.


A cold exclamation within the soul-dimension froze the smile on the Death Guards face.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Fengs left eye gave off a stunning ice-blue as an absolute coldness enveloped the Death Guards body.

Hes not dead!?

Guard Twenty-Eights heart shook. His thoughts seemed to freeze, and his movements became much slower.

A cold youth with blue hair and a freezing left eye appeared in his sight.

How could a measly Small Origin Core Realm survive the Scythe of Death?

Guard Twenty-Eights body was cold, and his reactions and movements were much slower than usual.

Hehe. Soul attacks?

Mockery appeared on Zhao Fengs face. Ever since he had merged with the Gods Spiritual Eye, he had never been defeated in terms of soul-strength, even when the difference was huge.


A mysterious whirlpool appeared in the center of the lake in the dimension of his left eye, which started to control the scythe of death and make it sink.

Zhao Fengs soul was unharmed.

Impossible! Even a half-step Void God Realm wouldnt be unharmed!

Shock spread across Guard Twenty-Eights frozen face.

The Scythe of Death was 70% a soul attack and 30% a physical attack, yet Zhao Feng seemed to have blocked the 70% soul attack completely while only a bit of the 30% physical attack managed to injure Zhao Feng at all.

However, Zhao Fengs state of existence and body had reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, and they had absorbed the Ancient Dream Realm aura, so he actually wasnt that injured physically either.

Void Space Eye Slash!

A surge of eye-bloodline power started to gather in Zhao Fengs left eye, and a purple aura flickered across his left eye.

Not good!

Guard Twenty-Eights heart jumped as he remembered how Guard Thirty-Three lost.

Guard Thirty-Three had the Death Shadow Figure, so he could be revived as long as his soul wasnt destroyed. He had given information regarding Zhao Feng to the other Death Guards, and Guard Twenty-Eight had heard about the Void Space Eye Slash.

He was about to dodge, but he found that his reactions and movements were much slower than usual.

Now that Zhao Fengs soul and eye-bloodline had become so much stronger, the Eye of Ice Soul reduced the Death Guards reactions and speed much more than before.


A sharp blade radiating a stunning aura of Destruction pierced through Guard Twenty-Eights body.


Guard Twenty-Eight did his best to dodge. He managed to make the Void Space Eye Slash miss his heart, but even then, the aura of Destruction ran rampant across his body and attacked his heart.

Now that Zhao Feng had almost comprehended the entirety of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning, the power of Destruction contained within the Void Space Eye Slash was several times stronger than before.

Just a little bit more.

Zhao Feng got ready to fire the second Void Space Eye Slash. Now that his soul-strength was so strong, he could use ten Void Space Eye Slashes.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Guard Twenty-Eight turned into hundreds and thousands of figures.

These Death Shadow Doppelgangers hid the real body while some attacked Zhao Feng.

Wind Lightning Hundred Figures!

Zhao Feng snickered as his left eye inspected the intent of Guard Twenty-Eights doppelgangers and released a shining ball of purple Wind Lightning.

Shua! Shua! Shua~~~~~~!

Zhao Fengs body instantly split into two purple Wind Lightning figures. The two purple Wind Lightning figures then split once again.

Two four eight sixteen.

In just a short moment, dozens of purple Wind Lightning figures spread across a hundred-yard radius.

How does that brat know my Ten Thousand Figure Chaos Technique!?

Guard Twenty-Eight exclaimed.

Although Zhao Feng didnt have even one-fifth the number of doppelgangers as the Death Guard, the intent used to create them was extremely similar. Even more incredibly, these doppelgangers formed an array and created arcs of lightning and gusts of wind.

The intent of these doppelgangers is similar to the Yin Shadow Doppelgangers from the Yin Shadow Cloak, and my Wind Lightning Inheritance also has the intent of the Illusion Lightning Afterimage.

Zhao Fengs true body was hidden amongst the dozen figures.

It was because Zhao Feng already had a foundation that he was able to copy Guard Twenty-Eights Ten Thousand Figure Chaos Technique.

Merging his two skills, he created the Wind Lightning Hundred Figures. The basis of these doppelgangers was wind and lightning, which helped them display lightning-quick speed.


The doppelgangers clashed with one another and shattered.

Due to the restriction in cultivation and the limited amount of Wind Lightning Hundred Figures, Zhao Feng was soon at a disadvantage.

Brat, Ill be able to find your true body very soon.

Guard Twenty-Eights face was filled with hatred, and his true body was hidden amongst his doppelgangers.

As the amount of Zhao Fengs doppelgangers decreased:

Eye of Ice Soul!

A cold voice resounded across the soul-dimension, and frost started to appear on Guard Twenty-Eights body.

He found me?

Guard Twenty-Eights body froze. His reactions and movements were obviously much slower once again, and he could foresee that the next Void Space Eye Slash was going to appear soon, but he couldnt accept that Zhao Feng was able to find his true body so fast.

The doppelgangers from his Ten Thousand Figure Chaos Technique had the same aura; even those at the half-step Void God Realm would find it hard to find the real one.

Void Space Eye Slash!

A wisp of eye-bloodline power covered Guard Twenty-Eight.


Although his reactions were much slower, he had enough time to make sure that the attack didnt land on his vitals. Being a Death Guard, he also had an almost-immortal body, so he wasnt scared of normal attacks as long as they didnt destroy his heart and other vitals.


A blade pierced through Guard Twenty-Eights body.



Guard Twenty-Eights body froze, and he screamed. His eyes were full of fear.

A blade radiating an aura of Destruction had cut him at the waist. However, unlike the last one, this blade was half the height of a human and several times bigger than before.

Hehe. Mega Void Space Eye Slash.

Zhao Feng gave a light laugh.



Guard Twenty-Eight couldnt help but look down at himself.


His body had been bisected by the Mega Void Space Eye Slash.