King Of Gods Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Scared Away
Chapter 623 - Scared Away

The Mega Void Space Eye Slash was longer and wider.

The most terrifying part about the Void Space Eye Slash was its ability to suddenly teleport and attack a certain point, even if it collided with a living being.

That meant that the attack was hard to avoid, and it could ignore almost all defense.


Guard Twenty-Eights lower half had been completely cut off, and he roared in shock and anger.

Having a Death Shadow Body, he was still fine for now even with his lower half cut off. Only, his battle-power would be slightly weaker.

Purple Destruction Eye Flame!

Zhao Feng was already prepared. He attacked once more.


A roaring, dozens-of-yards-wide and half-transparent purple fireball radiating an aura of Destruction appeared.

After breaking through to the Origin Core Realm, his Dan Fire was of a higher level, and it was now related to the Purple Destruction, containing both the power of Destruction and Wind Lightning.

Not good!

The Death Guard tried to evade.

Under normal situations, an eye-bloodline attack was extremely hard to avoid, and in terms of damage, the Purple Destruction Eye Flame was even stronger than the Void Space Eye Slash, but the Purple Destruction Eye Flame could be seen, so Guard Twenty-Eight could still dodge it.


Mockery appeared on Zhao Fengs face.


The Purple Destruction Eye Flame howled as it hit the lower half of Guard Twenty-Eights body.


Guard Twenty-Eights lower half was instantly scorched by the Purple Destruction Eye Flame.

My body!

Guard Twenty-Eight howled as he watched the lower half of his body turn into black charcoal.

Although the Death Shadow Body had the attribute of immortality, that didnt mean it was fully indestructible. Without energy to protect and support it, it could do nothing against the Purple Destruction Eye Flame.

Lets see how long you can last with half a body.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly in his heart.

Because the Death Guard was too fast, making Zhao Feng unable to lock on to the heart, he could only try to increase the size of the Void Space Eye Slash and cut off a part of the body.

The Purple Destruction Eye Flame just now was aimed toward the cut-off part since not much damage would be dealt to the Death Guard even if it hit him.

Brat, Im going to turn you into ashes!

When had Guard Twenty-Eight ever been so humiliated before? A Scythe of Death condensed in his hand once more as he leapt toward Zhao Feng with just an upper half of a body.

This time, he changed tactics and used the Scythe of Death as a weapon for close combat.

Dancing Scythe of Death!

Insanity appeared in Guard Twenty-Eights eyes as he waved the Scythe of Death, and cold lights of Death flashed around.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The remaining doppelgangers around Zhao Feng were instantly shattered.


Facing the Death Guards counterattack, Zhao Feng felt the danger of a life-or-death moment once more.

At the end of the day, the difference between the two fighters was still rather big.

The Scythe of Death earlier was 30% a physical attack and 70% a soul attack. However, even then, the 30% physical attack had injured Zhao Feng, who only just recovered a bit by now.

This time, the Scythe of Death was 30% a soul attack and 70% physical, aiming to destroy Zhao Fengs body.

It could be said that the threat this time was much bigger than last time.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Fengs left eye radiated a freezing power that limited the Death Guards reaction.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of purple-colored Wings of Wind and Lightning started to grow behind Zhao Fengs back, and his senses toward wind and lightning, as well as his speed, rose dramatically.


The wings behind Zhao Feng flapped frantically and increased his speed to the limit.

His speed at this moment had exceeded most Sovereign Lords.

Get over here!

At the moment, the Death Guard couldnt catch up to Zhao Feng.

Firstly, he had lost his legs. His battle-power and speed were restricted.

Secondly, Zhao Fengs Eye of Ice Soul had locked on to him.

Meanwhile, Guard Nineteen was still using the Death Soul Hand to stall the three half-step Void God Realms.

The three half-step Void God Realms radiated powerful Void God Realm intents and froze the air within half a mile. Even Sovereign Lords found it hard to get close.

I can only last a little more than a dozen breaths. Guard Twenty-Eight still isnt done yet?

Guard Nineteen was feeling a lot of pressure. After all, he was fighting against three half-step Void God Realms at once, and all of them came from a sect that was allowed to stay in a Spiritual Sacred Land.

Elsewhere, Death Guard Twenty-Five wasnt finding things easy either. He was facing many late-stage and peak stage Sovereign Lords at once.

The two Death Guards looked over through the corner of their eye, and they jumped up in fright from what they saw.

The area where Zhao Feng and Guard Twenty-Eight were fighting was filled with light.

Guard Twenty-Eight looked extremely bad. He had lost both his legs and was currently fighting back with just his upper body.

The information we were given was wrong. The target has now reached the middle-stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, and his battle-power is terrifying.

The hearts of the two Death Guards dropped.

When Guard Thirty-Three revived, he said that the target was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm and that, if it werent for some factors and other reasons, any Death Guard could easily kill him.

Dancing Scythe of Death!

The Scythe of Death in Guard Twenty-Eights hand became a huge black whirlwind and charged after Zhao Feng.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning behind Zhao Feng flapped frantically. He didnt dare to fight with this attack head-on.

It wasnt hard for spectators to see that Zhao Feng was just stalling for time.

The Death Guard only had half a body. He was severely injured, so his speed was limited, and as time passed, his battle-power would continue to drop.

The Death Guards speed and battle-power will drop by half as long as I can drag this out a while longer.

Zhao Feng knew that the longer he stalled, the higher the chance of him winning, so how would Death Guard Twenty-Eight not know that as well? He knew the situation even clearer. Guard Nineteen was suppressing three half-step Void God Realms at once and probably wouldnt be able to last very long.


Guard Twenty-Eight roared, and the Scythe of Death quickly rotated as it flew after Zhao Feng.


With the Scythe of Death at the center, the whirlwind spun over.

Not good!

Zhao Feng had been locked on to by the Scythe of Death just like last time, and he couldnt dodge it. The speed of the Scythe of Death was just too fast.


Guard Twenty-Eight roared with laughter, but the expressions of Guard Nineteen and Guard Twenty-Five changed, Leave the corpse whole!

The Pursuit of Death this time was different from the past. The Emperor of Death specifically said it was best to capture him alive, and if that was impossible, to leave a whole corpse.

At the absolute worst, the head needed to be intact.

After all, the Emperor of Death wanted to steal the Ninth Gods Eye.

As Zhao Feng was about to be ripped into pieces by the Dancing Scythe of Death:

The Water Bloodline wont be able to defend against this. Ill have to use the Water Spirit Divine Change, but

Zhao Fengs thoughts spun, but he finally decided not to use the Water Spirit Divine Change. He didnt even use the Water Bloodline to protect himself.


The terrifying whirlpool suddenly broke apart as if it had lost its core.


Guard Twenty-Eights expression froze.

Zhao Feng didnt do anything at all. The terrifying whirlwind of Death faded the moment it got near him.

A wisp of eye-bloodline power was covering the area.

Could it be? Not good!

Guard Twenty-Eight suddenly remembered something, and his heart jumped. He remembered the information Guard Thirty-Three had supplied. The target had the ability to move objects through space, making them appear directly inside the opponents body.


Guard Twenty-Eights face went white as he evaded. He knew how strong the Scythe of Death was it had a chance to kill even someone at the half-step Void God Realm.

However, the spatial movement attack didnt come.


Guard Twenty-Eight was extremely puzzled. He clearly felt a disturbance in space stealing the Scythe of Death, otherwise the black whirlwind wouldnt have faded away.

Retard. Did you think I would transfer the attack to someone as crippled as you?

Zhao Feng snickered in disdain. As soon as he finished his sentence:


A scream came from the air above the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.


The Scythe of Death pierced through Guard Nineteens body.

Guard Twenty-Eight, you idiot~~~!

Guard Nineteen, who was suppressing the three half-step Void God Realms, groaned as his body froze.

Zhao Feng transferred the power to Guard Nineteen, who was the strongest. Under normal circumstances, Guard Nineteen would have been able to sense it coming, but he was currently facing three half-step Void God Realms at the same time. Even if he did sense it, he wouldnt have had the time to dodge.

Good chance!

The three half-step Void God Realms revealed joyful expressions, and their three Void God Realm intents broke past the Death Soul Hand.


Guard Nineteen was injured even further. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his soul was damaged.


The souls of the three half-step Void God Realms returned to their bodies, and they immediately started to attack Guard Nineteen with all their strength and their greatest killing moves.

How did it end up like this?

Guard Twenty-Eights face went gray. It was as if he had entered a cave of ice. He didnt know whether to keep attacking or retreat.

Zhao Feng smiled without pressing forward.

In reality, he had expended a lot of his eye-bloodline power. The size of the Scythe of Death was much bigger than his Void Space Eye Slash, and using spatial movement on an item of such size took up a lot of energy.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could only use the Void Space Eye Slash one more time. It would be hard to kill Guard Twenty-Eight, who had the Death Shadow Body.

He would rather keep it in case something unexpected happened.


Guard Nineteen ordered. He was injured and currently being suppressed by the three half-step Void God Realms.

After all, the three came from a sect inside a Sacred Land, so they surely had special secret techniques. If they used any, they would be a threat to Guard Nineteens life.


Guard Twenty-Eight let out a breath. He turned into hundreds and thousands of Death Shadow Figures, each with a severely injured body, and covered the other two Death Guards.

Chase them! How dare you harm our disciples? Even if youre the subordinates of the Emperor of Death, we wont let you go.

Old Li roared with killing intent.