King Of Gods Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Power Of A King
Chapter 624 - Power of a King

Zhao Feng returned to the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship and sat down, then watched the three half-step Void God Realms from the Golden Mountain Sect chase after the Death Guards.

Although the victory was hard-fought, it was easier than the last fight against a Death Guard.

Last time, Zhao Feng had used every method possible, including: the little thieving cat, all his True Yuan, and all his eye-bloodline power, whereas this time, apart from the fact that he had used the majority of his eye-bloodline power, he still had more than half his True Yuan remaining.


A ripple of water glowed around Zhao Feng and started to heal the injuries created by the Scythe of Death.

The attacks from the Death Guards contained an aura of Death, which greatly threatened living beings.

If it werent for the fact that his state of existence had reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm and had absorbed a ton of Ancient Dream Realm aura, he would have died to the Scythe of Death.

Some other Great Origin Core Realms would have been killed without a doubt.

As time passed, most of Zhao Fengs injuries recovered. While he was healing, the other geniuses looked at Zhao Feng with deep respect, but a small number of them also had vengeful expressions.

That brat is the Target of Death! He brought disaster to our Golden Mountain Sect!

A few Sovereigns gritted their teeth.

Dozens of people died just now, and almost ten of them were Sovereigns.

Half the time it took to burn incense later:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh~~~~~~

The three half-step Void God Realms returned to the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship.

Looking closely at them, the three half-step Void God Realms had grim expressions, and they were ruffled. It was obvious that they didnt gain any advantage in the pursuit just now.

One of them had even lost an arm, and his expression was dark.

Zhao Feng.

Old Lis expression was slightly ugly as he gave Zhao Feng a deep glance.

Zhao Feng got up and followed the three half-step Void God Realms.

Within an elegant room in the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship:

Zhao Feng, whats going on? Are you really a target of the Pursuit of Death?

Old Li spoke, and the other two half-step Void God Realms stared at Zhao Feng with twinkling eyes, while the one-armed half-step Void God Realm had a cold expression.

At this moment, the mental energy of the three half-step Void God Realms put pressure on Zhao Feng and stiffened his body.

However, it wasnt as if Zhao Feng had never been in intense situations before. He calmed down quickly and replied in a calm tone, This junior is indeed the target of the Pursuit of Death, but I didnt expect them to catch up right before we entered the True Martial Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng didnt hide it. He was indeed a victim who was being pursued by the subordinates of the Emperor of Death.

He didnt expect the three Death Guards to suddenly show up.

The three half-step Void God Realms then asked a few more questions, which Zhao Feng just glossed over in response.

Only after a while did the enmity in the expressions of the three half-step Void God Realms fade a bit.

The three then exchanged glances with each other and started to communicate through Divine Sense.

A while later:

Zhao Feng, although this isnt your fault, you are partially responsible for it. We need you to tell the upper echelon of the sect when we arrive in the Sacred Land.

The one-armed half-step Void God Realm said in a deep tone.

Zhao Feng paused. Was the Golden Mountain Sect going to punish him?

Little Friend Zhao, dont get it mixed up. The sect has been damaged, so we need to report the cause to the upper echelon. You just need to follow us when we enter the Sacred Land and cooperate.

Old Li smiled and said.

Old Li, relax.

Zhao Feng understood. Old Li was scared that he would run away mid-journey. If that happened, the three half-step Void God Realms wouldnt be able to report to their bosses.

Furthermore, you will be safe when you enter the True Martial Sacred Land. Even the Emperor of Death wouldnt dare to attack you there.

Old Li comforted.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. HeHeH didnt doubt it; although the Emperor of Death was strong, he wasnt an Emperor of the True Martial Sacred Land.

Furthermore, the three-star forces of the True Martial Sacred Land definitely had Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords because that was a requirement for a sect to be considered a three-star force.

Within the golden room, the three half-step Void God Realms sent Zhao Feng away with their eyes.

Old Li, are you sure that that brats related to Duanmu Qing in any way?

The eyes of the one-armed half-step Void God Realm twinkled. He didnt have any good feelings toward Zhao Feng since he lost an arm in the pursuit of the Death Guards.

If Zhao Feng didnt have a strong background, the half-step Void God Realm would have taught him a lesson already.

It should be true. That brats eye-bloodline is extremely unique, so he definitely has someone strong behind his back. Furthermore, Duanmu Qing is often in seclusion in the Sacred Land, so normal people dont even know his name.

Old Li said after a while.

Thats right, Duanmu Qings strength is unfathomable, and hes apparently trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

The three half-step Void God Realms were full of respect toward Duanmu Qing.

Within the Spiritual Sea, where Yuan Qi formed storms and ran rampant, the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship had returned to normal and was approaching the direction of the Sacred Land.

A few hours later, Zhao Fengs injuries had completely healed.

At this moment, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around the Spiritual Sea had calmed down.

What dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi! Its comparable to the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised. Ever since entering the outside world, the feeling given off by the limitless ocean was desolate and poor. The Yuan Qi here was nowhere near as dense as inland, but the center of the Spiritual Sea defied logic.

After inspecting it closely, Zhao Feng found that the Spiritual Sea was like the center of a whirlpool of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the limitless ocean.

Were almost there.

A couple Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship looked toward the distance, and Zhao Feng also looked with his Gods Spiritual Eye.

Several hundred miles away, there was a hundred-yard-wide circle of light that floated above the Spiritual Sea like the sun.

Multi-colored lights and blurry images could be seen within the circle.

So thats the entrance?

Many people walked onto the deck of the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship and watched.

There were many experts near the entrance, and each of them were at the Great Origin Core Realm.

In the air above the Sacred Land, a shining blue light was floating like a god, and the power radiating from it seemed to freeze both Heaven and Earth.

Greetings, Grand Elder.

Greetings, King.

Many figures aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship bowed down.

Void God Realm King?

Zhao Fengs eyelids twitched as he looked up at the shining blue god-like figure.

Even he couldnt see the figure clearly within the light, and Zhao Feng didnt dare to use his Gods Spiritual Eye or his Spiritual Sense.

In front of this power, all sensing abilities and all Heaven Earth Yuan Qi were suppressed.

The power of a King reigned supreme.

It was a farmer facing an emperor; they didnt even dare to look directly at the emperor.

Grand Elder.

Old Li and the other two half-step Void God Realms flew over to the Void God Realm King.

What happened for you to ask the Sacred Land for help?

The outline of a male within the blue light started to become clearer, and his emotionless voice seemed to descend from afar.

The entire area was pressured by his magnificent power, and the minds of the Origin Core Realm experts aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship slowed down and trembled.

Lord King, this is what happened

Cold sweat appeared on Old Lis forehead.

The three half-step Void God Realms then started to report what had happened.

During this period of time, Zhao Feng suddenly felt the blue-robed mans gaze. In that instant, his soul seemed to shake, and his thoughts became restrained.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. He didnt dare to fight back, but luckily, the power only flashed by and didnt actually enter his body. Otherwise just a thought from a Void God Realm could shatter a normal Sovereign Lords soul.

So, this is the power of a Void God Realm. Their souls are extremely strong, and no matter how powerful ones physical body is, as long as their thoughts and soul are restricted, they can be killed with just a thought.

Zhao Fengs heart shook. What he just felt was the great chasm between their souls.

Apparently, the Divine Sense of a Void God Realm King could leave their physical body and fly through the air and had incomprehensible power in general.

Emperor of Death?

Surprise appeared in the voice of the blue-robed man.

A magnificent power once again descended upon Zhao Fengs soul, shaking his body and mind.

Normal Origin Core Realms would have already kneeled to the ground, but Zhao Feng had been in the Ancient Dream Realm, and the aura there was extremely powerful.

How dare you bring the target of the Pursuit of Death to the Golden Mountain Sect? This is a disaster.

The blue-robed mans voice was uneasy.

The hearts of Old Li and company shook, and they became uneasy. Although they knew of the Emperor of Death, it seemed they had underestimated the danger involved.

Being a Void God Realm King, the blue-robed man was even more wary of the Emperor of Death than anyone below the Void God Realm.

The Emperor of Death has the Eye of Death, and hes an elite amongst Emperors. In the past, an expert of the Golden Mountain Sect about the same strength as myself was almost killed by the Emperor of Death, but he handed over the target of the Pursuit of Death at the last moment to survive.

The blue-robed man said in frustration.

Apart from the three half-step Void God Realms, only Zhao Feng could catch a bit of the communication going on in the soul dimension.

Zhao Fengs heart suddenly jumped. It seemed as if this King of the Golden Mountain Sect was scared of the Emperor of Death and didnt dare to offend him.

Grand Elder, this junior also has

Old Li tried to explain.

Right at that moment:

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Aboard the Golden Dragon Scaled Ship, Zhao Fengs soul suddenly became filled with a sense of danger he had never felt before.

Whos there!?

The Void God Realm intent of the man in blue passed through the limitless ocean and caused the Heaven and Earth to change colors.

At the same time, four Death Guards and a tall figure who made the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi become filled with Death walked over.