King Of Gods Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Breaking Through To The Late Stage Small Origin Core Realm
Chapter 635 - Breaking Through to the Late Stage Small Origin Core Realm

Zhao Feng didnt use the Dark Heart Seal on the skeletal Division Leader.

The Dark Heart Seal had its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage was that the target would fully obey the user, but they would become something similar to robots. Their minds and way of thinking were limited, and they would have limited potential.

Therefore, Zhao Feng didnt use the Dark Heart Seal on the skeletal Division Leader. The latters cunning was better than a mere doll that knew how to take orders.

Furthermore, the skeletal Division Leader wasnt much of a threat to Zhao Feng anymore at this point anyway.

Besides, the Dark Heart Seed already in its heart could still decide its life or death in just one thought.

After comprehending more than a dozen new skills, Zhao Fengs seclusion still wasnt over.

Theres still two more months left. I need to strengthen and consolidate my cultivation.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

He decided to not touch the Death Dark Eye for a while. He focused on the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, and he also tried to comprehend the scarlet-colored Wind Lightning.

At the same time, he would enter the Ancient Dream Realm every couple days.

He could stay there for a long time now, and the amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura he was absorbing was enormous, which was all being infused into his bloodline, soul, and body.

The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique could also be strengthened by the Ancient Dream Realm aura, and Zhao Fengs soul was increasing by leaps and bounds

Half a month later, Zhao Fengs Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique had reached the level where he could split his mind into twenty thoughts. His Spiritual Sense and his soul were becoming stronger by the day.

Unknowingly, Zhao Fengs soul had reached the peak Great Origin Core Realm, only below the half-step Void God Realm.

His improvement could be described as travelling a thousand miles in one day.

The Gods Spiritual Eye was a treasure box hidden in Zhao Fengs soul. The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was a key to opening it, and the Ancient Dream Realm aura was a catalyst.

If things continue at this rate, my soul will be comparable to a half-step King two months later.

Zhao Feng was quite looking forward to it.

The Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was indeed worthy of a Heaven-Grade technique that could increase ones chances of breaking through to the Void God Realm.

Even some Emperors wanted the technique, but Duanmu Qing never agreed.

Although Zhao Fengs soul was weaker than those at the half-step Void God Realm, his mastery and usage of soul-power exceeded them. This meant that half-step Void God Realm intents no longer posed a threat to him.

On this day, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm once more.

Zhao Feng slowly walked over the barren lands.

Nowadays, he no longer entered the Ancient Dream Realm purely to absorb the aura; he also wanted to scout the place out.

I walked four or five steps last time and appeared at that spot.

Zhao Feng paid attention to every detail.

Whenever he entered the Ancient Dream Realm, he would appear at the same spot he left the previous time.

There was a patch of grass ahead.

I probably need to take a couple thousand steps to reach that patch of grass.

Zhao Feng walked seven or eight steps before standing still for a long time and absorbing a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura.

Before he left, Zhao Feng gazed ahead.

The grass was his first target. Further ahead was a stream.

Right at that moment, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye saw an ancient bird, around four to five feet long, flying in the air.

What a terrifying aura!

Zhao Fengs body and soul felt a powerful Yao aura. The Yao aura emanating from the bird was hundreds, if not thousands of times stronger than its descendants.

As if sensing Zhao Feng, the red eyes of the bird flashed.


Zhao Fengs heart shook. He felt as if he was facing a Void God Realm King.


Zhao Feng felt a strong sense of danger and quickly left the Ancient Dream Realm.

Inside the room, Zhao Fengs back was drenched in cold sweat.

Just a random bird within the Ancient Dream Realm was so strong.

In that place where he could barely manage to even walk, he had no chance against such a beast.

The scouting this time made Zhao Feng wary. While there may be fortune in the Ancient Dream Realm, accompanying it was also danger. There were obviously strong beings in there.

For the next two months, Zhao Feng stopped his comprehension and focused on his cultivation.

The signs of his Core Center becoming crystal-like were becoming more obvious.

At this moment, Zhao Feng took out the third item from the wooden box the Crystal Core Pill.

Duanmu Qing had given Zhao Feng three items. Amongst them, the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and the Dark Eye Secret Technique had given Zhao Feng a lot of supporting techniques, but there was still this pill.

This is a Crystal Core Pill, which can help those at the peak Small Origin Core Realm break through to the Great Origin Core Realm. Your cultivation isnt enough to use it yet, but I found that the Core Center within your body is showing signs of turning into crystal, so using this now might have some good effects.

What Duanmu Qing said echoed in Zhao Fengs mind.

Normally, only someone at the peak stage Small Origin Core Realm trying to break through to the Great Origin Core Realm would be suitable to use the Crystal Core Pill; those at the middle- and late-stage either wouldnt be able to withstand the power, or theyd end up wasting a large portion of its energy.

However, being an Emperor, Duanmu Qing had good eyes.

Not only did he see that Zhao Fengs state of existence had reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, he also saw that the Core Center in Zhao Fengs body was already showing signs of turning into crystal. Therefore, Zhao Feng would be able to withstand the pill.

Crystal Core Pill lets see its effects.

Zhao Feng gulped down the smooth pill.

The Crystal Core Pill showed no signs of dissolving like other spiritual pills when it entered his body.

Circulating his True Yuan, Zhao Feng absorbed the power of the Crystal Core Pill.

The energy contained within it was extremely pure. It was on par with a Core Center of someone at the Great Origin Core Realm.

Di! Da!

The power of the Crystal Core Pill turned into streams of dominating energy that entered Zhao Fengs Core Center.

The Core Center of a normal Origin Core Realm wouldnt be able to withstand such energy, but Zhao Feng could do so easily since his state of existence and his body had both reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm.

Even some half-step Void God Realms didnt have a state of existence or a body that were as strong as Zhao Fengs. On top of that, part of his Core Center had already turned crystal-like, so he could handle this energy as long as he didnt rush.

As time passed, the Core Center within Zhao Fengs body started to expand and condense. The crystal-like changes were becoming more obvious as well.

Two months passed, and Zhao Feng completely absorbed the energy from the Crystal Core Pill.

During that period of time, he didnt enter the Ancient Dream Realm due to his wariness of the ancient Yao bird.

Luckily, through hard work and the help of the Crystal Core Pill, Zhao Fengs Core Center had almost become fully crystal-like, and it had expanded to the size of a normal late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

The strength of my Core Center isnt much different from a Great Origin Core Realm. The only difference is the size.

Zhao Feng inspected quietly.

His cultivation was now at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm. There wouldnt be any bottleneck preventing him from breaking through to the Great Origin Core Realm since his Core Center had already become almost fully crystalline.

All he needed to do now was slowly condense and expand his Core Center into a Crystal Core, then he would reach the Great Origin Core Realm.

Theres still a couple days left till the Demigod Forgotten Garden opens.

Zhao Feng let out a long breath.

In these last couple days, he decided to enter the Ancient Dream Realm and condense his Core Center with the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

After all, he had used a lot of outside help to break through to the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, so he wanted to stabilize himself with some Ancient Dream Realm aura..

When he entered the Ancient Dream Realm this time, he was extremely careful.


Zhao Feng stood on an ancient barren land.

The bird he saw last time didnt appear.

Zhao Feng absorbed a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura and merged it into his Core Center to consolidate his foundation.

At the same time, all the geniuses in the True Martial Sacred Land that were attending the Demigod Forgotten Garden were also preparing themselves.

In the Mystic True Sacred Clan, within Emperor Gu Luos palace:

Late-stage Small Origin Core Realm success!

Jiang Fans face became faintly red with victory.

Not bad. With my help, you managed to absorb all the energy of a Crystal Core Pill.

Emperor Gu Luo praised.

Over the last couple months, Jiang Fan had been working hard, and his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

Now that my Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and my cultivation have both increased, my strength should be enough to challenge the Ten Geniuses of the Sacred Land.

Jiang Fan was full of confidence.

The bloodlines of the legendary Ten Thousand Ancient Races had the ability to fight against people with higher cultivations.

For example, although he was only at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, he could challenge those at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm.

Hmph, that Zhao Feng

Jiang Fan felt extremely satisfied. His cultivation speed was insanely quick. That Zhao Feng would be left behind in the dust.

On one of the main Spiritual Peaks, in the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, in a secret underground palace:

According to our deal, my master the Scarlet Demon Emperor has given you a spot, and he paid a big price for it.

The figure of a scale-covered man could be faintly seen.

If Zhao Feng was present, he would immediately recognize this person as Tu Wanli, the person who had charged over to the Golden Mountain Sect before.

Facing Tu Wanli was a warm youth.

Many thanks to the Scarlet Demon Emperor. My master, the Emperor of Death, will be exiting seclusion soon, and he will give many rewards.

The warm youth said peacefully.

Tu Wanlis heart gently trembled when he heard that.

Being an ancient Emperor, the Emperor of Deaths name was known across all three Spiritual Sacred Lands.

In this world, apart from Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords, no one dared to say that they could suppress the Emperor of Death.

Were only responsible for giving you a spot. As for killing Zhao Feng, that is not related to us. Hehe, are you not scared of Emperor Duanmu Qings revenge?

Tu Wanli laughed.

Although the Emperor of Death was strong, Duanmu Qing was strong as well, and this place was the True Martial Sacred Land.

As long as he enters the Demigod Forgotten Garden, no one will be able to save Zhao Feng. Coincidentally, Emperor Duanmu has left. This is the perfect chance.

Although the warm youths smile was the same bright and sunny there was a coldness that passed through his soul.

Zhe zhe, dont get too cocky. Many of the geniuses entering the Demigod Forgotten Garden are personal disciples of Emperors. The strength of that Nan Gongsheng and our clans Meng Xi are far stronger than normal half-step Void God Realms. Your Death Guards probably wont even be enough to be their appetizer.