King Of Gods Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Opening Of The Forgotten Garden
Chapter 636 - Opening of the Forgotten Garden

In a forest covered in purple mist on the main Spiritual Peak of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan:

Xier, although you have a legendary bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, it isnt a battle-type bloodline. Your chances of winning against Nan Gongsheng dont exceed 50%.

A voice sounded from a bamboo room.

The inside of the room was dark and had a nice smell to it.

A peerless beauty with eyes like stars stood there. Her hair reached the ground, and she seemed to be a goddess.

Hmph, although that Nan Gongsheng is the number one genius of the Sacred Land, hes lost a few times against me.

Meng Xi touched her hair and seemed to be slightly unwilling.

In front of her sat a silver-haired figure with an infinitely powerful aura.

One couldnt tell the gender of the figure, and although it seemed to actually be there, it also seemed to be just a ball of air at the same time.

Hehe, you are my most outstanding disciple. How could I have not prepared anything for the once-every-five-hundred-years Demigod Forgotten Garden?

The figure slowly opened its hand.


A unique, purple unicorns horn landed on Meng Xis palm.

This is?

Meng Xi was slightly surprised. The purple unicorns horn contained a profound aura of mental energy, but it didnt seem to be a weapon.

With this, you will be almost completely unparalleled in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. Even Nan Gongsheng will be wary of you.

The figure smiled faintly.

On the morning of the second day, on a large arena stage on the main Spiritual peak of the Mystic True Sacred Clan, several half-step Void God Realm auras clashed.

Three of them were on the same side: a middle-aged man with a long beard, a cold youth, and a female in a green dress.

On the other side was a sharp youth in mystic clothes with one hand behind his back. His other hand released a silver light that pushed back the three half-step Void God Realms.

There were many spectators watching, including Core disciples, several Kings, and even an Emperor.

This Nan Gongsheng is facing three half-step Void God Realms with such ease!?

The Core disciples below watching felt their hearts twitch. He was too monstrous.

Nan Gongsheng was the Head disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan. At the same time, he was also the strongest genius in the entire Sacred Land. No one apart from Meng Xi, who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, had even lasted more than ten moves against him.


Three half-step Void God intents suddenly merged together and crushed toward Nan Gongsheng.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to freeze as forces clashed in the soul-dimension. All thoughts were unable to move.

The three half-step Void God intents had become one, and the Core disciples below didnt dare to breathe.

Even though Nan Gongsheng had reached the half-step Void God Realm, it was hard for him to break through the combined attacks of three half-step Void God intents.


Silver light flashed around Nan Gongsheng as his half-step Void God intent started to rise.


A loud explosion sounded within the soul-dimension, which then passed into the physical dimension.

In that instant, the arrays around the stage became dim.

Void God intent!

Everyone broke out into discussion. Only the Emperor had a calm expression.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The hearts of the three half-step Void God Realms shook. They were sent flying by the Void God intent, and blood dripped from their mouths.

An intent of a King? Has Nan Gongsheng become a King?

No, his cultivation is still at the half-step Void God Realm, but his soul has already formed true Void God Realm King intent.

The spectators broke out into chaos.

In this instant, all the geniuses looked at Nan Gongsheng with respect and admiration.

Forming true Void God intent meant that Nan Gongsheng had no bottleneck.


A brand-new Void God intent shot up into the sky and ignited the power of the universe.

In their sight, Nan Gongsheng seemed to become one with heaven.

From now on, his intent had the ability of a King and could easily kill normal Origin Core Realms.

A new King intent.

Has someone become a King?

The Divine Senses of many Void God Realm Kings and Emperors flashed across the air.

However, their hearts shook when they realized that this new King intent came from a junior.

Nan Gongshengs only thirty-something years old and has already formed King intent.

As expected of the number one genius of the Sacred Land who has the peerless Spatial Spirit Body and the peerless Heaven Spirit Body.

Some Kings sighed.

Normal experts needed more than a hundred years or even several hundred years to become a King.

However, Nan Gongsheng was indeed talented.

The cultivation bodies of the world were split into the Mortal, Spiritual, Earth, and Heaven ranks.

Normal cultivators only had Spiritual bodies.

Back in the Guanjun Province, Zhao Feng and companys bodies were only half Spiritual bodies.

Earth ranked bodies were already extremely rare, and this Nan Gongsheng had the highest Heaven ranked body.

On top of that, he had the unique Spatial Spirit Body.

The Spatial Spirit Body meant that his compatibility with Space, Heaven, and Earth was extremely high. This was a body that couldnt be inherited; it was completely random.

Such talent meant that Nan Gongsheng was one of the most talented people in the Sacred Land. Only the two people with Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines could be compared to him.

Inside his garden, Zhao Feng opened his eyes as he felt a new King intent spread across the main Spiritual Peak.

He is Nan Gongsheng?

Zhao Fengs mind split into twenty or thirty thoughts that leapt into the air.

Over the last couple days, Zhao Feng had absorbed a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura to consolidate his cultivation.

However, just after he broke through, he witnessed the magnificence of the number one genius of the Sacred Land, Nan Gongsheng.

The intent of a King.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. Everything seemed tiny against such a thing.

This was the Spiritual Sacred Land, a place where cultivation could increase by leaps and bounds.

Nan Gongsheng was at the top of the top ten geniuses, and he led the clash between Sheng and Meng.

Sheng represented Nan Gongsheng, who had the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan behind his back.

Meng represented Meng Xi, who had the three-star Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan behind her back.

After witnessing Nan Gongshengs strength, Zhao Feng thought about Meng Xi, who apparently had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. She shouldnt be too far off from Nan Gongsheng.

As the day of the Demigod Forgotten Garden opening was approaching, the disciples in seclusion came out.

Each of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land came out, and they had all improved.

At this moment, Zhao Feng also stopped cultivating and started to read the information regarding the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Although the Demigod Forgotten Garden sounded like a garden, in reality, it was a secret realm that was ranked even higher than the Purple Saint Ruins.

After all, the Purple Saint Ruins was already extremely weak, not even one tenth as strong as when it was at its peak.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao.

A voice sounded from outside.

Hearing that, Zhao Fengs Spiritual Sense instantly scanned outside and saw a disciple.

The disciple was a youth in green robes who seemed to be somewhat lowkey.

Senior Martial Brother Dong.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and walked out.

He met many Core disciples during the disciple ceremony, and this Senior Martial Brother Dong, whose full name was Dong Wenjian, was one of them.

More importantly, Dong Wenjian was Duanmu Qings in-name disciple, and his father was a half-step Void God Realm in the middle echelon.

Back then, Duanmu Qing took Dong Wenjian as his in-name disciple because he saw that the latters father was extremely hard working and was moved.

Dong Wenjians talent was only considered to be average in the Sacred Land.

Normally, Duanmu Qing would spend most of his time in seclusion, and he would spend many years every time he entered seclusion. This meant that Duanmu Qing didnt have many chances to truly give pointers to Dong Wenjian.

Junior Brother Zhao, theres still three days till the opening of the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and Masters not here. How is your preparation?

Dong Wenjian was extremely warm.

The two were both under the same Emperor, but one was a Personal disciple while the other was only an in-name disciple.

Although there was a difference in status, they at least had the same master.

As Zhao Feng wasnt familiar with many people, he could only walk with Dong Wenjian.

Ive made a small improvement in my seclusion. Although I might not be on the Top Ten Geniuses level, I wont lose Masters face.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and he was relatively humble.

Dong Wenjian looked at Zhao Feng with complex emotions, including jealousy and wariness.

Zhao Feng was only 23 years old at most and he already had such cultivation.

Dong Wenjian had also watched Zhao Fengs battle with Zuo Hong, and he guessed that he probably wouldnt have been able to last thirty moves if it were him.

And now, Zhao Fengs cultivation had increased even more and reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm. There was also a power in his body that brought a lot of pressure.

That day, Zhao Feng and Dong Wenjian started to talk to others around the Sacred Land, mainly for two reasons.

One was information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden had existed for an extremely long time, and the information that every King and Emperor possessed had slight differences.

Some Emperors and Kings might have more complete information.

For example, Duanmu Qing was usually in seclusion and acted lowkey, which meant that the information he had was not the most complete.

On top of that, people could help each other in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Due to these reasons, Dong Wenjian went to talk with other Core disciples.

After all, the two superpowers and the thirty-three two-star sects were about to enter the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and it was normal for there to be casualties.

Time flew, and the three days passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, the once-every-five-hundred-years Demigod Forgotten Garden finally opened.


The outline of a garden appeared in the corner of the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak with a magnificent power that shook Heaven and Earth.