King Of Gods Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Mermaid Tears
Chapter 645 - Mermaid Tears

Zhao Feng reorganized his troops since he lost so many in the fight just now.

The total number of his forces had fallen under a thousand, but Zhao Feng wasnt very concerned about that, so he wasnt in a rush to replenish them.

The deeper he went in the Purple Smoke Lake, the more powerful beasts he would face.

The next step is to head toward the Mermaid Kingdom. No matter how many troops I have, it wont be enough to fight against the Mermaid Kingdom, so I can only choose the path of elites.

Zhao Fengs expression was calm.

Instead of increasing the number of his troops, he replenished his army with stronger beasts.

Zhao Feng wanted to contain his troops within three to five hundred or even less. The more troops he had, the more likely it was he would raise the attention of the Mermaid Kingdoms upper echelon.

Just as Zhao Feng was slowly progressing:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of urgent footsteps came from behind.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao!

The voice of Chen Yilin came from several miles away.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised. He halted the army.

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and a few others arrived in front of Zhao Feng.

Senior Martial Brother Chen, Senior Martial Brothers and Sisters, is there something you need?

Zhao Feng asked.

He had already noticed them a long time ago.

Brother Zhao, we should work together toward the Mermaid Kingdom. Well split everything before the palace 70-30; you get 70% and we get 30%.

Chen Yilin spoke. This time, his tone was honest.

Okay, but I have a requirement.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

With Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and companys help, Zhao Fengs speed would be much faster.

He didnt dare to underestimate the strength of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land.

Jiang Fan had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, so he was also not to be looked down on.

Brother Zhao, you can say what your requirement is.

Chen Yilins face was calm, and none of other disciples from the Mystic True Sacred Clan showed any signs of dissatisfaction. After all, just a moment ago, Zhao Feng had defeated more than a dozen people, including Tu Jiuseng. His strength shook the hearts of others.

That battle had caused Zhao Fengs name to spread.

On top of his own strength, Zhao Feng also had his army of water beasts.

All of you need to listen to me before we reach the palace.

Zhao Feng said, and the other six Core disciples looked at each other when they heard that.

Zhao Feng wanted the power to order the other Core disciples around.

If this was in the past, this would definitely not happen because the Core disciples of the Mystic True Sacred Clan had a lot of strength and pride.


Chen Yilins eyes twinkled as he gave Zhao Feng a deep glance.

Zhao Feng had gone straight for the Purple Smoke Lake the moment he entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden and had, step by step, come to rule the Purple Smoke Lake.

And now, he was closing in on the Mermaid Kingdom.

From that, one could see he had a plan from the start, and maybe even some sort of method to obtain resources from the Mermaid Kingdom.

Lets go.

Zhao Feng controlled the army and headed toward the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake with Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company.

With their help, Zhao Fengs speed increased dramatically.

On the way, there were some powerful beasts, but they were easily finished off by Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan. Zhao Feng didnt even need to do anything.

Chen Yilins strength was probably on par with Tu Jiusengs. He could kill some Sovereign Lord beasts in just one move.

Jiang Fan was even more unique. When he released the bloodline aura of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, some beasts didnt even dare to resist.

Just the aura of the legendary Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline could make beasts run away.

Therefore, the journey was extremely smooth, and Zhao Feng used this chance to have the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array devour many Sovereign and Sovereign Lord beasts.

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company listened to Zhao Fengs command, and the latter didnt use them for free. He gave out ten pieces of Purple Scaled Grass and made their auras more compatible with the Purple Smoke Lake.

Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan both wanted more Purple Scaled Grass, but Zhao Feng required them to give items of equivalent value.

Zhao Fengs army didnt stop gathering the nearby resources and treasures either, and everything was split 70-30. Zhao Feng alone took up 70% of the treasures while the other six split the remaining 30%.

Half a day later, some of the scouts in Zhao Fengs army finally found traces of mermaids.

Theyve appeared.

Zhao Fengs eyes lit up. He could share vision with anything controlled by his Dark Heart Seal.

Mermaids were the same as the legends. Their upper body and head were the same as a human, but their lower half was a fish tail.

The female mermaids were extremely pretty.


Zhao Feng ordered his army to scatter throughout an area of ten miles so that it wouldnt raise much attention.

Brother Zhao, were at the Mermaid Kingdom now. Lets try to gather some mermaid tears, then scout out the situation before heading toward the palace.

Chen Yilin suggested. They needed to listen to Zhao Feng before they reached the palace.

My thoughts are the exact same as Brother Chens.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

After all, the palace had been guarded by the mermaids for generations, so they would definitely raise the attention of the mermaid upper echelon if they tried anything. However, they could gather mermaid tears stealthily.


Zhao Fengs mind split into a couple dozen thoughts and controlled many small beasts that entered the Mermaid Kingdom.

The beasts he sent specialized in stealth, camouflage, and disguise.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of battle came from ahead.


Chen Yilins senses were extremely strong, so he noticed that some mermaids were fighting with Zhao Fengs subordinates.

This was the first time many of the Core disciples had ever seen mermaids.

Zhao Feng raised his hand and stopped them.

Dark Heart Seal!

Zhao Feng used a soul technique from miles away, and the battle ahead instantly stopped.

A few mermaids soon arrived in front of them and bowed at Zhao Fengs feet.

The cultivation of these mermaids had reached the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Chen Yilin and company inspected them and started to talk.

Mermaids are extremely intelligent and have a certain talent in souls. The Dark Heart Seal is much harder to use on them.

Zhao Fengs heart jumped.

He had gathered a lot of information about mermaids.

Zhao Feng then interacted with these mermaids through the Dark Heart Seal.

Normal mermaids didnt know how to speak to humans, but apparently, some upper echelon mermaids could.

Some time later:

Head northwest.

Zhao Feng suddenly said.

The eyes of Chen Yilin and company lit up. Zhao Feng must have found where the mermaid tears were located.

The group headed toward the depths of the Mermaid Kingdom. In order to not attract attention, Zhao Feng scattered the army mainly the bigger ones across the edges of the Mermaid Kingdom and only took some of the smaller beasts that specialized in detection and stealth with him.

They met some mermaids on the way, but they were either slain by Chen Yilin and company or enslaved by Zhao Feng.

At this point, Zhao Feng had enslaved dozens of mermaids. Four of them were at the Origin Core Realm while the rest were at the True Spirit Realm.

They finally found some mermaid tears in front of some coral more than a dozen miles away.

The dark depths of the lake glittered with pure mermaid tears of different sizes.

In the darkness, the mermaid tears stood out.

Zhao Feng could sense a pure source of Soul aura and love from extremely far away.

So, those are mermaid tears? Apparently, they come from the tears of mermaids who are full of love, and the tears contain their purest love intent. That power can cleanse the soul and help one comprehend the intent of the Void God Realm.

A single drop of mermaid tears needs five hundred years to form.

The group sighed and watched silently.

Ancient records stated that the love of a mermaid never faded.

The genius of the Sacred Land several thousand years ago had first been captured by mermaids before falling in love with the Mermaid Princess and obtaining a chance to enter the palace.

Lets start.

Zhao Feng made some mermaids gather the mermaid tears.

Although these mermaids had been enslaved by Zhao Feng, they started to instinctively cry with sadness.

Chen Yilin and company watched silently without moving.

Firstly, the treasures were to be given mainly to Zhao Feng anyway, and secondly, there was a mysterious mental energy in the mermaid tears that radiated a pure and innocent love. Under this aura, their souls seemed to be cleaned, and the desire to kill within their souls became weaker.

Mermaids are a species that have a certain amount of talent in the Dao of the Soul, and the upper echelon of the mermaids are mainly female. Therefore, the mental energy in their tears have an incredible effect.

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The amount of power contained within a single mermaid tear wasnt very much. It wasnt even more than a high-grade Primal Crystal Stone, but it wasnt precious because of the amount of power it was precious because of its ability to cleanse the soul, and coincidentally, this type of power was something that most cultivators didnt have.

The handful of mermaid tears was soon gathered, and Zhao Feng immediately went to the next place.

The mermaids within ten miles were either killed or enslaved by Zhao Feng, and suddenly, part of the forbidden area that was the Mermaid Kingdom seemed to become Zhao Fengs territory.

In such a situation, Zhao Feng easily gathered dozens of mermaid tears.

This number had already exceeded the total amount gathered in the past four or five openings of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

In the past, only a very small number of people had been able to gather mermaid tears.

Most of the geniuses set their targets on the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower, the Hundred Flower Garden, the Demigod Grave, and other places.

In terms of the number of treasures, the Purple Smoke Lake didnt have as much as the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower. In terms of precious resources, the Hundred Flower Garden was bigger.

Furthermore, the Mermaid Kingdom was extremely strong.

Weve gathered about enough mermaid tears.

Zhao Feng stopped finding more.

He had enslaved many mermaids, and Chen Yilin and company had killed a few as well. The upper echelon of the Mermaid Kingdom would soon catch on.

Zhao Feng gave Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan two drops of mermaid tears each, the others received one each, and he kept about twenty himself.

The others had no suggestions about that, and some of them even tried using the mermaid tears immediately.