King Of Gods Chapter 652

Chapter 652 King Intent
Chapter 652 - King Intent

Tu Jiuseng charged toward Zhao Feng with an injured body.

Brother Zhao, watch out!

Chen Yilin and company sweated coldly.

In his Demonic Sky Body state, Tu Jiusengs battle-power was almost unparalleled against those below the Void God Realm, and that was even with the fact that his attack had been weakened by 30% from the Divine Light of Destruction.

One had to admit that each of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land were prodigies that could stand at the top of an entire island zone.

Zhao Feng stood still and didnt panic. Instead, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Although Tu Jiusengs battle-power was great, it wasnt hard for Zhao Feng to protect himself. If he used the Void Space Eye Slash, he had a high chance of instantly killing Tu Jiuseng, but he wasnt Zhao Fengs true enemy. He needed to carefully consider his battle-strength in order to face the danger that would follow.

Wind Lightning Hundred Changes!

Brilliant flashes of purple-colored Wind Lightning appeared around Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua! Shua~~~~

The flashes of purple Wind Lightning split into two, then into four.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen images of Zhao Feng were spread out around the entrance, covering a span of twenty yards.


Tu Jiusengs attack missed.

Incredibly, not only could Zhao Fengs images attack, they had the same exact auras. It was hard to distinguish which one was real and which were the fakes.

After cultivating the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning Hundred Changes had reached a new peak, and each image was agile and cunning.

Divine Light of Destruction!

A second beam of light travelled through the underwater world and glittered with a cold sharpness.


Tu Jiusengs Demonic Sky Body was weakened by another 20-30% and started to become unstable.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of purple Wind Lightning wings extended across Zhao Fengs back and caused the power of his Wind Lightning intent to increase dramatically. He was like an ancient demon surrounded by wind and lightning.


A terrifying aura of Destruction descended across a radius of twenty yards.


A dragon of Destruction seemed to appear with a thrust of Zhao Fengs palm, and it roared in the chaotic storm.

With the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Fengs speed, offense, and Wind Lightning intent had reached the peak. On the other hand, after being hit by two beams of Divine Light of Destruction, Tu Jiusengs battle-power had been weakened, and he was severely injured.


The two destructive forces clashed, evaporating the water nearby.

Blade of Purple Destruction!

The wings on Zhao Fengs back fluttered as a thin, dark purple blade started to condense in his hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Bam! Boom!

The two figures exchanged blows more than a dozen times near the entrance.

When Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan had arrived, there were already several bloody scorch marks on Tu Jiusengs body.


Tu Jiuseng was scared and started panicking.

With the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng was much faster than most people. On top of that, his defense was too strong. He couldnt lose in this underwater world.

Pursue him!

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and followed Tu Jiuseng to the first level of the Mermaid Divine Palace.

In a moment:


Zhao Fengs Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered as they seemed to break through space. With a flash, Zhao Feng had closed in on Tu Jiuseng.


The Blade of Purple Destruction chopped off one of Tu Jiusengs arms.


Tu Jiuseng screamed, and he started to burn his True Yuan, turning him into a flaming demonic light that sped out of the Mermaid Divine Palace.

My Wings of Wind and Lightning seemed to barely touch the edge of space.

Zhao Feng started to comprehend the feeling of breaking through space just now.

In the end, he still hadnt comprehended the true essence of the Wings of Wind and Lightning. The true Wings of Wind and Lightning had powerful wing-based Wind Lightning battle techniques and other incredible powers, such as travelling ten thousand miles in an instant.

Tu Jiuseng wont be a threat for at least ten days.

Zhao Feng sent Tu Jiuseng away with his eyes.

He didnt have any trustworthy friends in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and he still needed to conserve his strength.


Tu Jiuseng burned his True Yuan and sped out of the Mermaid Kingdom.

So fast!

The Mermaid King was surprised.

His King-level Divine Sense couldnt enter the Mermaid Divine Palace, but from the looks of it, Tu Jiusengs group almost perished entirely. The escaping Tu Jiuseng was severely injured and missing an arm.

That Zhao Feng is extremely terrifying. Looks like I need to ask Meng Xi for help, but shes in the Hundred Flower Garden right now, obtaining countless resources and treasures.

Tu Jiuseng thought.

Meng Xi was extremely arrogant and had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Her master was also a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

Brother Tu.

A warm voice sounded from above.

Whos there!?

Tu Jiuseng jumped up in fright, but before he could even react, a white hand pressed down on his shoulder.

Its you!

A warm youth full of smiles appeared next to Tu Jiuseng.


Tu Jiusengs body contorted in pain as all his power, including his bloodline and True Yuan, was restricted.

How how is this possible!?

Tu Jiuseng couldnt believe it. They were both at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm, but the warm youth sealed him with just one hand.

He couldnt do anything at all.

Tu Jiusengs soul and bloodline trembled in fear.

Brother Wen, this is what happened

Tu Jiuseng then respectfully told him what had happened in the Mermaid Divine Palace.

He didnt dare to resist the warm youth. He obeyed from the bottom of his heart. After all, the difference in strength was just too big.

At the same time, the Mermaid Kings Divine Sense scanned through the air and was surprised.

That innocent warm youth was actually so strong?

Suddenly, the warm youth glanced above, My King, youve been watching for a long time now. What is the meaning of this?


The Divine Sense of a King released a Magnificent Power.

King!? Could it be?

Tu Jiuseng exclaimed while the warm youth looked up with an expressionless face.

Human, we might have the chance to work together.

The Mermaid Kings voice sounded next to the warm youths ear.

What cant a King do? Why should I believe you?

The warm youth asked.

In the underground cellar of the Mermaid Divine Palace, Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company were still trying to obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the other alcohol in the cabinets.

Ive already obtained the Immortal Springs Wine, the Illusion God Wine, the Dragon Flame Wine, and the Lightning Cloud Wine.

Zhao Feng stopped. He still needed to conserve energy in order to face the Pursuit of Death. The feeling of danger within his soul didnt fade.

Zhao Feng found a corner and sat down, while the Mermaid Princess and golden skeleton stood on his left and right.

The slightly drunk little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and occasionally hiccupped from the alcohol.

Zhao Feng first took a small sip of the Immortal Springs Wine, which instantly merged into his flesh and blood.

Zhao Fengs True Yuan instantly started to move around, and his lifeforce increased. Even more incredibly, this energy was extremely calm, as if it was from the mother of life.

A mortal could also drink a sip of the Immortal Springs Wine, and they would have a thousand more years of life.

Zhao Feng could feel his cultivation increase steadily.

If a mortal drinks a sip, not only would their lifespan increase by a thousand years, they would instantly reach the True Spirit Realm at the least.

Zhao Feng knew how heaven-defying this Immortal Springs Wine was.

In the cultivation would, every rank was extremely hard to break through, but for Demigods at the peak of the Fan Universe, it was extremely easy for them to increase someone elses rank. However, Zhao Feng believed that obtaining power yourself was the most reliable and had the greatest potential.

In just a short while, Zhao Feng had taken three sips of Immortal Springs Wine.

His True Yuan and cultivation were increasing by leaps and bounds, and he was closing in on the peak Small Origin Core Realm. After all, Zhao Feng had already formed the Crystal Core, so he could absorb the Immortal Springs Wine to its fullest effect.

After completely absorbing this Immortal Springs Wine, my state of existence will not be weaker than a Kings, and my cultivation will be extremely close to the Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and felt the change in his state of existence.

The sensation wasnt very strong. Zhao Fengs state of existence had already been strengthened by the Ancient Dream Realm aura, the heart blood essence, and the Purple Scaled Grass, so it was already close to a Kings.

The Immortal Springs Wine was only useful to those below the Void God Realm. It didnt have much value to a true King.

Furthermore, the Immortal Springs Wines thousand-year increase in lifespan could only be used once.

Zhao Feng took a few sips and waited for his body to fully absorb it. Drinking more would do nothing.

Were both using the Immortal Springs Wine; why is the effect on Zhao Feng better than on me?

Jiang Fan looked at the changes to Zhao Feng, but he obviously wouldnt know that Zhao Feng already had a Crystal Core.

There was no bottleneck to the Great Origin Core Realm for Zhao Feng. All he needed was to gather energy and wait, and the Immortal Springs Wine increased this speed by thousands and tens of thousands of times.

Lets try the Illusion God Wine.

Zhao Feng glanced at Chen Yilin and company. They were all resting and starting to become solemn.

They had no intentions of leaving for a while. They had kidnapped the Mermaid Princess in order to enter the cellar of a Demigod. It was an extremely rare chance.

Instead of fighting outside like the other geniuses, it was better to just stay here.


Zhao Feng drank a sip of Illusion God Wine.

In an instant, a strong sense of drunkenness spread throughout Zhao Fengs soul and consciousness.

The Illusion God Wine was different from other alcohol it only affected the soul.

Although it seemed as if Zhao Feng drank the Illusion God Wine, it was actually just absorbed by his soul.

A breath later, Zhao Fengs consciousness and mind entered a profound state.

He felt as if his consciousness was trying to leave his physical body and enter the broad world outside.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The Gods Spiritual Eye started to thump, releasing a cold sensation that allowed Zhao Feng to maintain a certain amount of calmness while comprehending this state. This meant that the effect of the Illusion God Wine was even better for Zhao Feng.

Waves of drunkenness enveloped Zhao Fengs soul.

He felt his soul and consciousness become lighter and lighter, as if they could be blown away by the wind.

The Gods Spiritual Eye could only allow him to be 50% clear-minded.

Three breaths later, the Illusion God Wines effect had reached its maximum.


Zhao Feng felt as if his consciousness had broken out of his physical body and merged with nature.

In this state, he felt that his every action and thought seemed to represent Heaven and Earth. It was as if he was one with the world.

In the Demigods underground wine cellar, the water surrounding Zhao Feng was suddenly pushed away by a Magnificent Power as an invisible intent momentarily connected with the Heaven and Earth.

King intent!

Chen Yilin exclaimed. His heart shook as he glanced at the blue-haired youth in the corner, who currently had his eyes closed.