King Of Gods Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Demigods Blood
Chapter 656 - Demigods Blood

At this moment, Zhao Fengs strength and methods had won everyones respect and gratitude. If there was no Zhao Feng, they wouldnt have been able to enter the Mermaid Kingdom and obtain so many rewards.

Lets go.

Zhao Feng made the Mermaid Princess lead the way at the front.

After returning to the first floor of the Mermaid Divine Palace, Zhao Feng inspected himself, and he saw that his cultivation had reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm. He was almost at the Sovereign Lord rank, which was mainly due to the Immortal Springs Wine and the King intents effect.

Jiang Fans cultivation had also increased, and he was almost at the peak Small Origin Core Realm.


A Magnificent Power condensed near the entrance of the Mermaid Divine Palace.

Everyone apart from Zhao Feng, Chen Yilin, and Jiang Fan felt as if they had been restricted, and they were unable to move.

Mermaid King, I wont take your daughter away, but you need to ensure our safety before we exit the territory of the Mermaid Kingdom.

Zhao Feng said as he ordered the Mermaid Princess to stay near the Mermaid Divine Palace.


The Mermaid Princesss eyes were filled with love and unwillingness. This was no longer just the effect of the Dark Heart Seal, but a type of love. Females always admired experts, and this was especially so for the Mermaid Princess.

Lord Father, please let me leave with Master.

The Mermaid Princess begged. There was no male in the Mermaid Kingdom that caught her eye.


The Mermaid King floated above the Divine Palace, and he was extremely furious.

He glared at Zhao Feng with a complex and helpless expression.

This human had enslaved the Mermaid Princess in both body and heart.

At this instant, even if Zhao Feng dissolved the Dark Heart Seal, it might not be able to remove the Mermaid Princesss love.

Unfortunately, hes a human.

The Mermaid King extremely admired Zhao Fengs talent, strength, and abilities.

Zhao Feng looked at the Mermaid Princess and shook his head, I cant take you. I will dissolve the Dark Heart Seal when I leave the Purple Smoke Lake.

Why!!? The Mermaid Princess was extremely sad, In terms of looks, Im not below the peerless beauties of the human race. My Soul talent complements yours, and once a mermaid becomes a King, they can create the body of a human.

I already have a wife.

Zhao Feng said before leaving with Chen Yilin and company.

Hearing that, the Mermaid Princesss heart trembled. She could do nothing about Zhao Feng already having a wife.


The Mermaid King sighed as he put a hand on his daughters shoulder.

Hmph, once I break through that soul-restricting technique, Ill capture that brat and make him your toy.

The Mermaid King snickered coldly.

Mermaids all specialized in the soul, especially the imperial Mermaids. Furthermore, the Mermaid King was a Void God Realm King.

However, when his Divine Sense entered his daughters heart, his expression changed dramatically. Even he, a Void God Realm, could do nothing about the Dark Heart Seal that Zhao Feng had set without spending a great deal of time and effort.

The Dark Heart Seal came from the Emperor of Deaths Dark Eye Secret Manual. Normal Kings could only look up to it.

On the surface of the lake:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Fengs army around the edges of the Mermaid Kingdom started to gather.

Tentacled water monsters, ancient crocodiles powerful beasts one after another pushed forward.

Chen Yilin and company stood on the back of these beasts, and every other beast that saw them moved away.

Zhao Feng and Chen Yilin had both formed half-step King intent, which was already enough to scare most beasts away.

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as he gazed into the distance.

More than a dozen miles away, the expression of a warm youth standing on the surface changed slightly.

As Zhao Fengs army approached:

The strength of Zhao Feng and the group from the Mystic True Sacred Clan has greatly increased, and one of them is even someone with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Wen Luoans expression started to become slightly solemn.

He originally thought that, even if Zhao Feng and company could leave the Mermaid Kingdom, they would have heavy casualties and become weaker. However, on the contrary, their strength was even greater than before.

Apart from that, the Mermaid Kings Divine Sense was also scanning through the air.

If I want to kill Zhao Feng, I would need to face an entire army, and theres still a King hiding in the back.

Wen Luoans eyes twinkled.

Even if the Mermaid King did nothing, he wasnt absolutely confident.

Theres only a 70% chance now isnt the best time to kill him. If one or two people escape, the entire upper echelon of the Mystic True Sacred Clan will pursue me after the Demigod Forgotten Garden closes.

The warm youth sighed after deep analysis.


With a flash, he flew into the air. Due to many reasons, he decided to give up this time.

So fast! That Wen Luoan can actually fly in here!?

Zhao Feng was shocked.

The speed that Wen Luoan displayed easily surpassed Zhao Fengs basic speed.

Even Chen Yilin wasnt able to truly fly in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Wen Luoans not going to attack. Hes probably wary of the Mermaid King, Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and the army.

Zhao Feng let out a breath. Instinct told him that Wen Luoan was a powerful foe that would bring great danger to him.

An hour later, Zhao Feng and company left the Purple Smoke Lake.


With a thought, Zhao Feng used the Gods Spiritual Eye and dissolved the Dark Heart Seal on the Mermaid Princess.

At the same time, the Mermaid Princess in front of the Mermaid Divine Palace reacted and looked toward a certain direction with puzzlement and unwillingness.

At least that human keeps his promises.

The Mermaid King let out a breath.

He didnt go and pursue Zhao Feng. Instead, he had stayed behind to check on his daughter.

Furthermore, mermaids were only used to the water of the Purple Smoke Lake, and they werent allowed to enter other areas of the Demigod Forgotten Garden or else they would face the suppression of the Demigod intent.

At the shores of the Purple Smoke Lake:

Brother Zhao, where are we going next?

A Core disciple said somewhat energetically.

Zhao Fengs strength and methods made them willing to obey. They believed that, if they followed Zhao Feng, there would be some good rewards.

Heart Healing Palace.

Zhao Feng said.

Heart Healing Palace?

Chen Yilin and company were slightly surprised. They originally thought that Zhao Feng would go to the Hundred Flower Garden or the Ten Thousand Treasures Palace. After all, the strength that Zhao Feng displayed was enough on its own, and he could control powerful beasts on top of that.

He didnt have much of an advantage in the Heart Healing Palace.

You can choose to follow me or leave. What you get afterwards depends on your ability.

Zhao Feng looked toward the group.

He had already obtained enough rewards in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. What attracted him most right now was the Demigods blood.

Chen Yilin and company thought for a while.

If they followed Zhao Feng, what they would get would depend on their ability, and it was extremely hard to obtain anything from the Heart Healing Palace.

In the end, they decided to go to the Ten Thousand Treasures Palace and fight for some treasures.

There were a few precious and rare treasures in the Ten Thousand Treasures Palace that could change ones destiny, which might be worth even more than the Illusion God Wine.

I wish you all the best.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised. He said goodbye to Chen Yilin and company.

Ever since he had entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, he had the intention of being a loner.


Zhao Fengs figure started to speed toward the Heart Healing Palace.

The pressure from the Demigod Forgotten Garden was extremely strong, so his speed was greatly reduced.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng started to close in on the Heart Healing Palace.

On the way, he saw a few ruffled figures.

Zhao Feng sat on a two-headed flaming horse, and behind him were two slim and agile dragonfly-humans who were floating in the air.

The two-headed flaming horse and the two dragonfly-humans were newly enslaved by Zhao Feng.

The strength of the three creatures was close to the half-step King level, and they werent big in size. They were also extremely agile and quick.

When other geniuses saw Zhao Fengs steed and the two dragonfly-human slaves, they all took a detour out of fear.

Heart Healing Palace.

When Zhao Feng arrived, he realized that quite a few people had gathered here.


A ruffled genius with a pale face rolled out of the Heart Healing Palace.

The power of the Demigods blood is way too terrifying.

No ones been able to enter a radius of ten yards of the blood.

Groups of geniuses outside the Heart Healing Palace discussed.

Several powerful auras suddenly appeared and made them all go quiet.

Whos that person? Hes managed to enslave the rare dragonfly-humans.

Dragonfly-humans are extremely agile and quick. They have the elements of Wind and Poison.

Many geniuses were instantly wary.

So, its him.

There was a few who recognized Zhao Fengs identity since there were disciples of the Mystic True Sacred Clan here.

Everyone silently created a path, and Zhao Feng headed straight into the Heart Healing Palace toward the pond as if he already knew the way.

Zhao Feng soon reached the pond where the Demigods blood was located.

Several powerful geniuses stood around the pond.

These geniuses of the Sacred Land were able to withstand the pressure of the Demigods blood and were slowly closing in on it.

Demigods blood!

Zhao Fengs gaze locked on to the drop of transparent golden blood that was about the size of a pinky nail.

As expected, when Zhao Feng got closer, his body started to feel an immeasurable pressure.

This pressure had exceeded the Void God Realm. The power radiating from this drop of blood could crush living things into powder.

Just a drop of blood is already so strong? If I can refine it, itll be of great help to my bloodline, body, and cultivation.

Zhao Feng was secretly stunned. Even Kings and Emperors wouldnt be able to withstand the Demigods blood.

How can I obtain it?

Zhao Feng started to think.

Using Spatial Movement was impossible.

Not only did this drop of Demigods blood contain a strong pressure, it also had a mysterious connection with the Demigod intent.

The Demigods blood contained the power of a Demigod, which repelled other forces like the laws of Space.

Zhao Feng was sure that obtaining this drop of blood was ten times or even a hundred times harder than getting the Illusion God Wine.

When Zhao Feng was almost at the ten-yard mark, his every step became extremely slow as he had to face the pressure of the Demigods blood.

The closer he was, the more divine power he could feel from the Demigods blood.

Suddenly, a scream came from nearby.


The body of a peak Small Origin Core Realm male with an unusual bloodline exploded from the Demigods blood when he stepped within ten yards.


The large shockwave sent blood and flesh flying everywhere. The nearby geniuses hearts went cold and their faces turned pale.