King Of Gods Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Beast King
Chapter 658 - Beast King

Brat, your mastery of the Wind Lightning Emperors inheritance will only tickle me.

Lei Zhen acted as if victory was already his.

He had an ancient Lightning spiritual bloodline that was extremely resilient toward Lightning attacks, and it could even absorb them. The Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique was like adding wings to a tiger.

On the other hand, Zhao Fengs defensive Water bloodline wasnt very effective against Lightning attacks.

Heaven Earth Lightning Quake!

Ancient arcs of lightning extended from Lei Zhens feet toward Zhao Feng.

His Lightning attacks can not only flow into water, they can also be directed through the air.

Zhao Feng felt a numbing sensation before the attack even arrived.

Purple Wind Lightning Ring!

Waves of shining purple Wind Lightning surged from Zhao Feng and clashed with Lei Zhens attack

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two forces of Lightning interacted.

Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning attack was extremely fast, whereas Lei Zhens lightning contained the five elements, allowing it to attack and defend at the same time.

The Heaven Earth Lightning Quake was like Mount Tai; it was extremely stable, and it seemed to become one with the earth.

Even though Lei Zhen hadnt comprehended King intent yet, the intent in his attacks had already reached such a level to a certain degree.


Zhao Fengs figure paused slightly, and his feet became numb as he blocked Lei Zhens attack. Lei Zhen was unharmed, and he easily absorbed Zhao Fengs attacks with a pleasurable expression.

Its my turn now.

Zhao Feng snickered as a faint scarlet aura appeared in his purple-colored lightning.


Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning containing a wisp of scarlet shot out.


The five-colored lightning around Lei Zhens body took the hit head-on.

Lei Zhen wasnt as casual this time. The scarlet-colored Wind Lightning contained a flaming power of Destruction that continued to erode his body.

You actually managed to comprehend a wisp of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Lei Zhens expression changed slightly.

Not only did the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning increase the power of Destruction, it also contained a flaming effect that lasted for quite a while.

Simply put, after getting hit by the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, one would be continuously damaged for some time.

Five Elements Water Lightning!

The lightning around Lei Zhen suddenly turned deep blue and countered the burning sensation.

At this moment, the expressions of both Lightning Dao geniuses were slightly solemn.

Lei Zhen obviously didnt expect Zhao Feng to comprehend a bit of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Ive only just managed to comprehend a bit of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning. I cant take him down yet.

Zhao Fengs face was cold, but his eyes glittered.

That brats battle-power is pretty strong. He hasnt lost even after facing Lei Zhen.

The geniuses nearby started to discuss.

Lei Zhens expression turned back to normal as mockery appeared on his face, Brat, I havent even used the full power of the Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique yet.

Although he was acting as if victory was already his, Lei Zhen was still wary.

The Wings of Wind and Lightning from the Wind Lightning inheritance were extremely troublesome.

His Five-Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique was about the balance between offense and defense, whereas Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning Inheritance was about extreme speed and offense.

Hehe. Is that so?

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as his expression went dim.


A powerful intent descended within the soul-dimension and showed signs of forming a Magnificent Power.


Lei Zhens body froze as his consciousness was suppressed by that intent.

Half-step King intent!

Magnificent power of a King! How is that possible!?

Even Mo Tianyu cried out in shock.


Wind howled and thunder boomed in the air above, and the souls of the people nearby began to tremble uneasily.

The half-step King intent seemed to become one with Heaven and Earth, and the power radiating from it made Lei Zhens body heavy. It was as if he was under a mountain, and he was unable to breathe.

This isnt just normal half-step King intent.

Lei Zhens face went red.

Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning attacks became far stronger when he used his half-step King intent.

The people were dead-silent.

Some even thought that one of the other top ten geniuses had descended.

Cold sweat started to appear on Lei Zhens forehead as his soul was being suppressed. If it werent for the fact that he had a unique bloodline and stunning battle-power that exceeded normal half-step Kings, he probably wouldnt even be able to resist at all.

This half-step King intent already has signs of forming Magnificent Power. How did he do this? Could it be the Illusion God Wine?

Mo Tianyu started to sweat coldly, and he couldnt help but feel lucky that he didnt attack Zhao Feng.

One breath two breaths three breaths.

The half-step King intent suppressed Lei Zhens body and heart.


The half-step King intent disappeared after three breaths.


Lei Zhen and the other geniuses all let out a long breath as Zhao Feng stood motionless. He felt various respectful and wary gazes on him.

I heard that this Zhao Feng ruled the entire Purple Smoke Lake, defeated Tu Jiuseng, and entered the Mermaid Kingdom.

It seems that hes most likely obtained the Illusion God Wine, which allowed him to comprehend half-step King intent.

Illusion God Wine? The Mermaid Kingdom has a King holding down the fort. How did he do it?

The geniuses present discussed.

Of course, it didnt matter how he had formed half-step King intent. All that mattered was that he had, and his half-step King intent was even stronger than the norm.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao!

Half-step King intent!

Another few figures entered the Heart Healing Palace.

One could sense the aura of half-step King intent and its Magnificent Power from far away.

The newcomers were all Mystic True Sacred Clan disciples. Brother Nan and Dong Wenjian were amongst them, and their gazes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Brother Dong.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head in return.

Dong Wenjian and Brother Nan had awkward expressions.

At the beginning when they had entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng didnt join them in the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower, and Brother Nan was angry at that time. However, Zhao Feng had conquered the Purple Smoke Lake alone, obtaining mermaid tears and Illusion God Wine. He had even formed half-step King intent.

Next to the pond, Zhao Fengs half-step King intent had shocked everyone, and he now had signs of suppressing the other two.

The two exchanged glances and decided to face Zhao Feng together.

Demigods blood! The news was indeed not fake.

Brother Nans figure flashed as he entered the ten-yard zone.

Another top-ten genius!

Brother Nans strength was on par with the Chen Yilin that hadnt yet drunk the Illusion God Wine.

The Demigods blood was too attractive, so some disciples at the Ten Thousand Treasures Palace and other nearby geniuses came over when they heard about it.

The situation was becoming more tense.

Mo Tianyu, Lei Zhen, Brother Nan, and Zhao Feng all had battle-power equivalent to the top ten geniuses.

Ta! Ta!

The four were the stars of the show as they slowly approached the Demigods blood.

However, when they reached five yards, Lei Zhen and Brother Nan both felt extreme pressure.

Zhao Feng didnt feel it, but he pretended to.

I cant be the first.

Zhao Fengs left eye locked on to the Demigods blood, and the Gods Spiritual Eye gave him warning signals. The power contained within the Demigods blood was probably even more terrifying than he had imagined.

Furthermore, if he could safely reach the Demigods blood, the other top ten geniuses would probably pull something.

Right at this moment, the aura of Death in Zhao Fengs soul became stronger.


A warm youth arrived at the Heart Healing Palace and landed on a building.

Hmm? Demigods blood!

Wen Luoans heart jumped. It was a drop of the Demigods blood, and blood essence at that.

If Master was here, he probably wouldnt be able to resist it.

Wen Luoans heart sped up even faster. If he was able to obtain the Demigods blood, his potential and his future might even surpass the Emperor of Death.

After seeing the Demigods blood, anything about pursuit was thrown to the back of his head.

The Demigods blood will be mine. My bloodline power and my strength will increase dramatically if I get it, and at that time, secretly killing Zhao Feng will be easy.

Wen Luoan soon had a plan.

The Demigods blood had changed his original plan.

He still planned to kill Zhao Feng in secret and take his head, but right now, the Demigods blood became his top priority.

Wen Luoans also here.

Zhao Feng was on guard. He still didnt use his full strength to approach the Demigods blood.

The situation was becoming more complex.

Mo Tianyu, Lei Zhen, Brother Nan, and Zhao Feng all had their own plans, and they were all on guard. As more and more geniuses from other places gathered at the Heart Healing Palace, the four of them maintained a certain distance at five yards. Every step at this point was extremely difficult on its own, let alone that they were all on guard against each other.

At a certain moment, Zhao Fengs heart jumped as he sensed something.


The warm youths gaze looked toward a certain direction in the sky.

A breath or two later:


A single-horned beast flew through the air.

Flying! It can fly!

Apart from some super strong flying birds, most existences in the Demigod Forgotten Garden couldnt truly fly.

The next instant, the noble and scorching Magnificent Power of a King radiated from the beast and spread across half the Heart Healing Palace.

Magnificent Power of a King!

A King-ranked rare ancient beast!

Everyone within the Heart Healing Palace broke out in fear, and many geniuses were unable to move.

Once that Magnificent Power truly descended, half the geniuses here would vomit blood.

Lalala, its better to come at the right time instead of being early.

The sound of a girls voice appeared.

A young girl with starry eyes stood on the King beast. Her hair was extremely long and was perfectly clean.

Meng Xi!

Shes actually controlling a King-ranked beast?

The geniuses present were speechless, and some of them started to tremble. It was hard for them to even talk under the Kings Magnificent Power.

Within the ten-yard zone, Zhao Feng, Brother Nan, and Lei Zhen felt as if there was a mountain on top of them. Brother Nan and Lei Zhen were unstable after facing both the Kings Magnificent Power and the Demigods blood.

At this instant, Meng Xi had arrived with her beast King.


Everyone could only watch as Meng Xi landed on the water with the beast Kings protection, right in front of the Demigods blood.