King Of Gods Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Rebirth From Blood
Chapter 673 - Rebirth from Blood

Zhao Feng finally decided to start the Demigod revival plan.

The Demigods blood was currently sealed in ice and had half of its remaining energy left.


The Kun Yun Partial Thought couldnt hold it in and leapt out.

From Ice to Water!

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power and the ice started to melt. The power of the Demigods blood was also released.

Luckily, Zhao Feng was in the secret hall, which had a strong sealing effect since it was where Emperor Duanmu cultivated.

Lets start.

Zhao Feng nodded toward the Kun Yun Partial Thought.


The Kun Yun Partial Thought was still a faint ball of light, but its mental energy aura was slightly stronger than when it was in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. Although it was just a Partial Thought, the mental energy power contained within it was stronger than normal experts. After all, it was the Partial Thought of a Demigod.

Rebirth from Blood!

The Kun Yun Partial Thought flashed into the Demigods blood.

A normal mental energy intent would definitely be repelled by the Demigods blood, but the Kun Yun Partial Thought was part of the Demigods soul, so it was extremely close and familiar to it.

Let me see this legendary method.

Zhao Feng watched closely.

In reality, the Kun Yun Partial Thought also didnt know much about Rebirth from Blood, but it didnt need to learn it. Rebirth from Blood was a secret technique that the Demigod had learned and cultivated when he was alive, and the ability was merged into his flesh and blood. Once his body died, as long as his mental energy was still alive, any drop of blood had the possibility of reviving automatically.

95% of the plan had already been completed by the Demigod when he was alive. All the Kun Yun Partial Thought needed to do now was follow the guide and revive.

Of course, there were a lot of requirements.

If the Demigod was still alive, the Kun Yun Partial Thought wouldnt be able to revive even if it had a drop of blood.

Another example would be if there was another Partial Thought or a Partial Spirit. The Kun Yun Partial Thought wouldnt be able to surpass it.

Everything had already been set by the Demigod when he was alive.


The Kun Yun Partial Thought merged into the blood essence of the Demigod, and the latter started to glow with a golden color.

At the beginning, Zhao Feng felt the mental energy from the Kun Yun Partial Thought merge perfectly with the Demigods blood essence.

The blood essence then started to show signs of life. Zhao Feng knew this was the Demigods blood healing the Kun Yun Partial Thought.

An hour later, the boiling golden blood started to solidify and turn into a golden pearl.


The golden pearl flew into the air and landed into Zhao Fengs hand.


Zhao Feng felt the Kun Yun Partial Thoughts mental energy information from within the golden pearl.


He waved his hand and took out a couple drops of Immortal Springs Wine, which he then put onto the golden pearl.


The golden pearl started to grow at an alarming rate after absorbing the Immortal Springs Wine.

In reality, all the Immortal Springs Wine had done was to increase the rate at which the revival was happening.

The golden pearl soon turned into the size of an apple. It was more suitable to call it a golden egg.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out and looked at the process with twinkling eyes.

A weird light flashed through its black eyes.

Lets try this.

Zhao Feng took out a drop of the Origin Lifeforce and dropped it onto the golden egg.

The drop of Origin Lifeforce contained immense lifeforce. Back at the Purple Saint Ruins, the two-star sects had used this to speed up the growth of the Demonic Hell Vine.

Apparently, a drop of Origin Lifeforce could turn a ground of death with a radius of a hundred miles into a place full of life that could sustain spiritual plants for a thousand years. From this, one could see how terrifying the amount of lifeforce contained in the Origin Lifeforce was, and at this instant in time, this drop of Origin Lifeforce was the best catalyst.


The size of the golden egg kept expanding, and it radiated an aura of Life.

The carvings on the shell of the golden egg were old and mysterious.

This scene suddenly made Zhao Feng remember how he obtained the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat also came from a special egg, but cats were mammals and obviously didnt come from eggs.

Rebirth from Blood also has certain requirements. If they arent met, the process might stop mid-way.

Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled as they landed on the little thieving cat, but it crossed its arms and remained unmoved.

Half a day later, the golden egg had expanded to the size of a large bucket before finally stopping.

The surface of the golden egg became tougher and harder.

Zhao Feng seemed to sense a wisp of mental energy intent, and a ball of Purple Destruction lightning and fire started to roast the shell and make it tougher.

Several hours later, a cracking sound came from the bucket-sized golden egg.


A small baby around the age of one or two with golden skin appeared. Its eyes were shining and full of energy.


The golden-skinned baby could barely speak as it talked in a baby-like voice.

Zhao Feng paused slightly, and the little thieving cat jumped next to the golden-skinned baby and started to play with it.

Fuck off, cat!

Anger appeared in the eyes of the golden-skinned baby. A magnificent Demigod was being toyed with by a cat? Ridiculous!

As expected of the Demigods blood; his lifeforce is already comparable to a peak Sovereign Lord after reviving.

Zhao Feng put his hand on his chin and started to think. When he thought about the energy contained within the Demigods blood, it was somewhat expected. Furthermore, the Demigods blood could be stored as potential within the babys body.


The little thieving cat toyed around with the baby, infuriating him.

Little thieving cat, let him have some peace for a while.

Zhao Feng waved his hand. The golden-skinned baby started to test walking under the gazes of the little thieving cat and Zhao Feng.

The golden-skinned baby got used to his new body and could now easily walk. His power, speed, and intelligence surpassed other babies of the same age by quite a bit.

Haha. Kun Yun Partial Thought what should I call you?

Zhao Feng curiously pinched the golden-skinned babys skin. It was extremely tender and soft, but it contained immense power. Even without any cultivation, this baby could easily defeat anyone below the True Spirit Realm.

I am the Demigod Kun Yun.

The golden-skinned baby sat down with a domineering aura. His eyes seemed to be extremely ancient, as if he had seen through time.

Zhao Feng could faintly sense a lot of pride from him.

Eh? He seems to have recovered some memories after reviving.

Zhao Feng inspected the baby closely with the Dark Heart Seed even though the baby resisted. After all, the Demigod Kun Yun had just revived and was extremely weak. He could do nothing against Zhao Feng.

Demigod Kun Yun, this is from our deal before.

Zhao Feng said emotionlessly.

The expression of the golden-skinned baby kept on changing, but in the end, he didnt say anything. Even though he only just revived, he was smarter than most people.

For the next day or two, the golden-skinned baby sat down and started to cultivate. He asked for some Primal Crystal Stones and other resources from Zhao Feng.

In just one days time, wisps of Qi of True Spirit gathered in the Demigod Kun Yuns dantian.

Qi of True Spirit? This guy reached the True Spirit Realm in just one day? And hes using an extremely profound technique.

Zhao Fengs mouth dropped open.

Once True Spirit, never mortal again. On some normal islands, the True Spirit Realm was the goal of a lifetime for many people. However, it posed no trouble to Demigod Kun Yun. After all, he used a drop of Demigods blood essence to revive.

The golden-skinned baby started to summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and the Qi of True Spirit within his body became thicker. At the same time, he absorbed the Yuan Qi from high-grade Primal Crystal Stones.

Looks like this little fella wont have a bottleneck before reaching the peak Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng murmured.

After the Demigods blood, the Immortal Springs Wine, the Origin Lifeforce, and other energy sources were fully used up, the body of the baby would reach its limit. He still had to face the problem of his body, but he had the experience from his previous life.

Little thieving cat, you keep an eye on him.

Zhao Feng ordered.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reached out, grabbed the golden-skinned baby, and dragged him into the ancient metal ring.

Normally, spiritual pets werent able to live in interspatial rings, but the little thieving cat and the Demigod Kun Yun were existences that couldnt be seen as normal.

Four or five days later, the Demigod Kun Yun had reached the True Lord Rank with the help of a large amount of resources. His body had also grown to the size of a three- or four-year-old.

Only after reaching the True Lord Rank did his cultivation speed slow down. After all, the Origin Core Realm was a process that required a change in quality.


Only then did Zhao Feng let out a breath. The speed of the Demigod Kun Yun cultivating was too terrifying.

Luckily, the power from the Demigods blood essence would eventually run out, and the Demigod Kun Yuns cultivation speed would return to normal.

In a hidden room of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, a warm youth was sitting down as the True Yuan within his body started to surge. Behind him were three Void God Realm Kings who poured their True Yuan essence into his body.

Ive barely managed to recover to the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm.

Wen Luoan opened his eyes as a red light appeared on his face.

His cultivation had almost dropped to the Small Origin Core Realm after charging toward Zhao Feng and exploding in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Over the last few days, the three Death Spirit Lords helped Wen Luoan recover.

Third Prince, with your foundation and our help, youll be able to reach your peak state within a few months time.

One of the Death Spirit Lords said.

Right at this moment:


Wen Luoan suddenly took out his Token of Death.

Its news from Master.

A rare look of joy appeared on the warm youths face.

Has the Emperor finally exited seclusion? The Emperor woke up a year ago, but he was in seclusion for the last year.

One of the Death Spirit Lords said.

At the same time, on the other side of the limitless ocean, in a dark, ancient palace, an old Emperor with a blurry, shadowy outline slowly stood up.

An aura of Death spread across dozens of thousands of miles, making countless beings tremble in fear.

Its about time. The chance of the Eye Stealing Forbidden Technique succeeding has increased by ten times. It even has a 30-40% success rate against that new Gods Eye.

The Emperor of Death murmured.