King Of Gods Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Spiritual Race Bloodline
Chapter 677 - Spiritual Race Bloodline

On the main Spiritual Peak, a large stage was at the top of the mountain where the Mystic True Sacred Clan was located. This stage was known as the True King Stage, and it was extremely famous. It had been there for dozens of millennia.

In the Mystic True Sacred Clan, normal experts and Core disciples didnt even have the right to fight on the True King Stage because it was a place where only Kings fought.

On this day, the sun glowed as two figures stood looking at each other on the True King Stage.

One of them was a proud youth with his hands behind his back. His eyes were sharp, and they seemed to be stars as he gave off an imperial aura.

It was like looking at a ball of divine silver light.

He was Nan Gongsheng, the number one genius of the True Martial Sacred Land.

Zhe zhe, who else can compare to Nan Gongsheng in the younger generation apart from Meng Xi?

Nan Gongshengs now a King. Even Meng Xi and Zhao Feng wont be able to last ten moves against him.

Many Core disciples gathered around the stage.

On the other side of the stage was a young girl in purple. She had outstanding beauty, and her skin was as white as snow.

In terms of looks, probably only Meng Xi from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan could be compared to her.

The gazes of some males turned shameful when they looked at her.

Shes that Zhao Yufei?

Its hard to imagine that Brother Chen, Brother Nan, and Jiang Fan all lost to her.

The crowd discussed.

Although not many people thought that Zhao Yufei had a high chance of winning, she had already reached the peak of this generation by reaching this step.

In terms of age, Zhao Yufei was much younger than Nan Gongsheng.

A lot of attention was placed on this battle. There were many Kings and Emperors near the True King Stage. Emperor Duanmu and Nan Gongshengs Master, Emperor Mi Kong, were also here.

I didnt think that the first fight after I became a King wouldnt be against Zhao Feng or Meng Xi, but a girl whose name I dont even know.

Nan Gongsheng murmured to himself with slight mockery.

With his fame as the number one genius of the Sacred Land and his cultivation at the Void God Realm, he was too disdainful to fight with others of the same generation since others would think he was being a bully. After all, Nan Gongsheng was technically not a disciple anymore after becoming a King and part of the upper echelon of the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

At first, Nan Gongsheng didnt want to fight, but Emperor Duanmu talked with Emperor Mi Kong about it. Apparently, this girl came from a faraway continent zone and was closely connected with Emperor Duanmu.


With the signal of the two Emperors, the fight on the True King Stage finally began.

As the crowd looked on intensely, the two didnt immediately attack.

It doesnt matter how strong your inheritance and bloodline are everyone below Kings are ants.

Nan Gongsheng stood with his hands behind his back and moved his intent.


In that instant, the power of a King shook the soul-dimension and caused the nearby Yuan Qi to freeze.

If he was willing, he could destroy the entire Broken Moon Clan or Iron Blood Religion with just one thought.

This was King intent.

In everyones vision, Nan Gongsheng seemed to become one with Heaven. His every action and movement created limitless force that passed through the physical and the soul-dimensions.

Half of the True King Stage was covered by a mystic silver light.

The mystic silver light contained the comprehension of Space.

His Void God power has already formed the beginnings of a Space Domain. If half-step Kings enter it, their intent will be suppressed and their bodies will be restricted by the domain, and theyll be unable to fight back.

There were several Kings amongst the spectators.

Emperor Mi Kong was a silver-haired elder with a smile on his face who looked smugly toward Emperor Duanmu.

As expected of Nan Gongsheng; hes only just broken through to the Void God Realm not long ago and is already not weaker than some older Kings.

Duanmu Qing sighed.

Just a thought alone was so strong.

If it was the Zhao Feng or Meng Xi from before fighting him, they would be restricted, unable to do anything.

Yufei, his King intent contains the power of Space.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirits voice sounded in Zhao Yufeis mind.

Bearing pressure from both the power of a King and the Spatial intent, Zhao Yufeis face started to go red, but she showed no signs of retreating or defeat. On the contrary, she started to smile, Youre very strong, but I wont lose.


Nan Gongsheng was extremely surprised. His King power seemed to fall into another world like a rock sinking into the ocean when it landed on Zhao Yufei.

So, thats why. No wonder she dares to challenge a King.

Emperor Mi Kongs silver eyes flashed with shock.

Some of the other Kings present also saw something.

Zhao Yufei had refined a small world, so she wasnt scared of the King intent of normal Kings.


The girl in purple released a purple light that shattered the surrounding mystic silver light.


Nan Gongshengs body shook slightly. His newly-formed Spatial domain was crushed by the opponents True Yuan.

The Void God Realm was split into the King and Emperor ranks.

When Kings reached a certain level, they could form their own spatial domains, but it wasnt a true physical dimension. Some of the stronger Emperors could create a real dimension or a small world by condensing their spatial domains into reality.

Nan Gongsheng had become a King not long ago, but since he specialized in Space and had the Spatial Spiritual Body, he could barely manage to form a spatial domain.

Normal half-step Kings wouldnt be able to fight back inside the domain. However, Zhao Yufei released a surge of True Yuan that pushed away the power of the spatial domain.

What strong True Yuan!

Some of the Kings nearby were surprised.

She hasnt formed King intent or become a King, but her True Yuan is comparable to the strength of one.

Emperor Mi Kong was stunned.

Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei attacked at the same time.

A wave of silver light descended from the sky and crushed toward Zhao Yufei. The power was enough to destroy a normal city.

Purple Heaven Sacred Technique!

Zhao Yufei exclaimed as she sent tens of thousands of beams of purple light charging toward Nan Gongsheng.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The clash of powers that reached the King level unfolded on the True King Stage.

Her power can fight back against mine!?

Nan Gongsheng had a solemn expression. He didnt underestimate her anymore.

The legendary continent zones were indeed not simple and had surpassed the True Martial Sacred Land.


Nan Gongshengs figure disappeared.

The next moment:


A surge of silver light released a forbidden aura as it swept toward Zhao Yufei from the side.

It was just too fast. Nan Gongshengs speed and his spatial technique had reached an entirely new level.

Spatial secret technique!

Zhao Yufeis heart jumped. Her Spiritual Bloodline was extremely sensitive toward Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Technically speaking, she was one with it.


Zhao Yufei opened her palm, and a purple crystal whirlpool suddenly expanded and engulfed the silver light.

Mockery appeared on Nan Gongshengs face.

Shu! Shu! Boom!

The purple crystal whirlpool suddenly exploded as the silver light seemed to have the ability to break through space.

Just as the power from the spatial secret technique was about to land on Zhao Yufei:


A purple afterimage was destroyed by the silver light.

Immediately following that, a purple streak of light charged toward Nan Gongsheng with a terrifying amount of power.

It was like a purple meteor smashing toward Nan Gongsheng.

Not good!

Nan Gongsheng felt a strong sense of danger. He dashed dozens of yards away as silver light glowed around his body.


The purple meteor transformed Nan Gongshengs original location into a sea of purple flames.

Nan Gongsheng had almost been hit by the purple meteor.


The light from the purple meteor started to fade, revealing Zhao Yufeis stunning figure.

Purple Heaven Sacred Technique!

Whats the relationship between the Purple Night Sacred Lord and her?

Emperor Mi Kong took a deep breath as he stared at Zhao Yufei.

He was an old Emperor as well, and he had witnessed the Purple Night Sacred Lords power in the past.

In that generation, the Purple Night Sacred Lord had almost no one that could match her amongst the ten thousand forces here.

Thats right, shes the inheritor of the Purple Night Sacred Lord, and she also has a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

A smile appeared on Emperor Duanmus face. Emperor Mi Kongs expression made him happy.

No matter who won, Nan Gongsheng was still a King with both a Spatial Spiritual Body and a Heaven Spiritual Body. He was the number one genius of the Sacred Land, whereas Zhao Yufei had lower cultivation and was younger.

Profound Spatial Slash!

With a silver flash, Nan Gongsheng appeared behind Zhao Yufeis back.

A silver streak extended through space and gave off a forbidden power of Space.

At this moment, the two were extremely close. Nan Gongsheng could even smell Zhao Yufeis fragrance.


The Profound Mystic Slash shot toward Zhao Yufei.

Nan Gongsheng circulated his power to the maximum as he locked on to Zhao Yufei.

She was unable to dodge it, but she didnt have any intentions of doing so anyway. All of a sudden, she radiated a pure holy light like a goddess.


The Profound Mystic Slash landed on Zhao Yufei, but it seemed to merge into liquid crystal as it caused sparks to fly.

How is that possible!?

Nan Gongsheng screamed in his heart.

This scene stunned the audience.

Zhao Yufei didnt use any secret technique, but her physical body had exceeded the limit of mere flesh and blood.

This current state of hers was similar to Zhao Fengs Water Spirit Divine Change, but the latter needed to pay a price to achieve such a state whereas this state seemed to be natural to Zhao Yufei.

Could this bloodline be the Spiritual Race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!?

Some of the spectating Kings exclaimed.

One had to know that Nan Gongshengs attack was a unique Spatial attack, and yet it didnt even harm Zhao Yufei one bit.

Spiritual Race! This bloodline trait is definitely the Spiritual Race!

Emperor Mi Kong took a deep breath and was unable to hide the shock in his eyes.

The Spiritual Race was ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. It was a legendary bloodline that reigned supreme.


The gash on Zhao Yufeis flawless body started to recover until it fully healed. There wasnt a single sign of blood.