King Of Gods Chapter 692

Chapter 692 A Crazy Thought
Chapter 692 - A Crazy Thought

Like that, the first deal between Zhao Feng and the child Demigod was complete.

This was far too simple for Zhao Feng. He didnt even pay much of a price and he already obtained the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Body.

The Golden Kun Sacred Body was the Demigods strongest body-strengthening technique.

Master, I need to remind you that the God Tribulation is the worlds most terrifying source of power, and its extremely hard to absorb. You need to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Body to at least the sixth level to be able to use the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique and absorb the God Tribulation Lightning, the child Demigod said.

Sixth level? Before Zhao Feng could even react, the child Demigod went inside the ancient metal ring and didnt come out.

In a certain corner of the ancient metal ring:

Zhe zhe, if one cultivates the Golden Kun Sacred Body to the sixth level, theyd be comparable to a Sacred Lord, the child Demigod was smug.

Any technique or inheritance that reached the level of an Emperor or Sacred Lord required unimaginable effort and time to cultivate, and body-strengthening techniques were ten times harder to train than normal techniques. Furthermore, normal people couldnt even cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Body.

Within the captains cabin, Zhao Feng sat down, and a source of True Yuan covered the golden-colored blood-pearl, which soon merged into Zhao Fengs body.

The Golden Kun Sacred Body was a technique that was passed down through bloodlines, and the information was imprinted into ones very blood and bones.

A large amount of information soon merged into Zhao Fengs flesh and blood. What was even more unique was that this technique needed to be comprehended by the body, meaning that ones soul talent wasnt helpful.

Golden Kun Sacred Body: a total of seven levels, and one can reach the level of a Demigods body and become unparalleled against anyone that isnt a God. To cultivate this, one needs a peak body-strengthening bloodline and talent Zhao Feng received some information, and his face started to become grim after reading it.

Ive been tricked, Zhao Feng gritted his teeth with a dark expression.

The Golden Kun Sacred Body was indeed a body-strengthening divine technique and worth the asking price, but the requirements were too strict, and progress was slow even if you could meet those requirements. It required a peak body-strengthening bloodline just to smoothly cultivate it, which was precisely what Zhao Feng didnt have any talent for. His talent and bloodline were completely Soul-based.

Ridiculous! Zhao Fengs first thought was to pull out the Demigod Kun Yun and give him a good beating, but thinking about it, that would be going against his word. After all, the child Demigod had indeed given him the Golden Kun Sacred Body, and it was exactly what he said it was. On top of that, it didnt say that normal people couldnt cultivate it, it would just be much harder.

Purely in terms of the deal they made, the child Demigod didnt trick Zhao Feng.

With my talent, I wont be able to reach the sixth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Body even if I had a thousand years, Zhao Feng thought for a while and shook his head.

Putting aside the Golden Kun Sacred Body, even the simpler body-strengthening techniques would take him a long time to cultivate. Therefore, Zhao Feng could only temporarily give up on the Golden Kun Sacred Body.

He started to inspect the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique. Zhao Feng could indeed cultivate the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique. After all, his soul-strength and comprehension level were enough.

This made him feel slightly better. It was obvious that the child Demigod had great awareness; if both techniques were unlearnable, then Zhao Feng would probably cause trouble. The child Demigod was extremely smart; one of the techniques could be cultivated easily enough, and while the other one would take forever, it could also be cultivated.

Zhao Feng didnt lose his calm. If he acted too angry, that would only make the child Demigod laugh.

If body-strengthening wont work, then Ill see if I can just change the thought process behind it Zhao Feng started to think.

He cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and could split his thoughts into several hundred, giving him super powerful calculating abilities.

Firstly, Zhao Feng ignored the idea of relying on the sixth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Body. He knew that there was definitely a way of containing the God Tribulation Lightning even without reaching the sixth level, such as utilizing the Ancient Dream Realm aura. According to Zhao Fengs analysis, he could probably contain the God Tribulation Lightning just with the fourth or fifth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Body.

How unfortunate. If I restart my cultivation and use the Ancient Dream Realm aura in conjunction with the Golden Kun Sacred Body, Id be able to easily absorb the God Tribulation Lightning and use it to refine a sacred body. Zhao Feng was slightly regretful.

If he used that method and succeeded, he would be able to obtain a Lightning Tribulation Sacred Body. However, Zhao Feng didnt have the time to restart his cultivation. The Emperor of Death was chasing after him, and he needed to become stronger quickly.

A while later:

Hmm? Thats it! Zhao Feng found a spark of hope within the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique, which contained information regarding the God Tribulation Lightning.

The God Tribulation Lightning wasnt just a power that acted against the physical dimension, it could also destroy a cultivators soul. If ones soul wasnt strong enough, they would fail even if their bodies were perfect.

The Demigod Kun Yun most likely failed because of that. After all, in terms of body-strength, the Demigod Kun Yun was almost unparalleled.

Soul isnt that where my talent lies? Zhao Fengs thought process opened.

Indeed. He might not have a body-strengthening bloodline, but his soul-talent was legendary. To this day, Zhao Feng had never seen anyone whose soul-talent was better than his own.

If my physical body isnt able to store the God Tribulation Lightning, then how about my soul? an insane thought appeared in Zhao Fengs head.

Even the Demigod Kun Yun wouldnt dare to have such thoughts. Messing with the soul was extremely dangerous.

The God Tribulation Lightning isnt just a pure physical attack. If the body can store it, why cant the soul? as he continued thinking about it, Zhao Feng felt that it was more and more likely that this was true.

However, even the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique didnt mention anything about absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning with a soul. This meant that Zhao Feng would need to copy the theory of storing it in the body and transform it to make it more suitable for the soul.

The Gods Spiritual Eye specialized in copying.

In the Soul Sea, Zhao Feng split his thoughts and comprehended the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique.

A couple days later:

My idea is doable.

Zhao Feng became filled with excitement. If one was able to store God Tribulation Lightning in their soul and use it with their eye-bloodline, they could hit their opponents soul with some God Tribulation Lightning.

Hahaha. Even an Emperors soul might not be able to withstand my attacks if theyre filled with God Tribulation Lightning, Zhao Feng almost roared out in laughter when he thought up to here.

His idea was just too crazy, but if it succeeded, it would turn the lives of others upside down. Furthermore, if Zhao Fengs Soul Sea could store God Tribulation Lightning, he might be able to use that as a transition into refining it with his body later on. At that time, Zhao Feng would still have the chance to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Body and form the Lightning Tribulation Sacred Body.

Perfect! Its perfect!

Zhao Feng had the urge to scream. Of course, he definitely couldnt allow the child Demigod to know about this. Zhao Feng still needed to pretend he was extremely angry.

In a corner of the ancient metal ring:

Hehe, this Zhao Feng has a mountain of treasure but cant use it. All he can do is look at it, the child Demigod was extremely smug as he put some Ancient Dream Realm meat into his mouth.

Not only could the meat increase the recovery of his bloodline, it could also strengthen his state of existence, potential, and Golden Kun Sacred Body.

Because he was revived from a drop of blood, he only needed a ton of resources to recover. He wasnt actually cultivating. This was why the child Demigod wanted the meat from the Ancient Dream Realm so badly.

Hmph! Wait till I digest all this meat. At that time, my physical bodys battle-power will be comparable to a King, and Ill be unparalleled after I merge with the Demigod Intent. I might even be able to fight normal Emperors, the child Demigod was overjoyed, but he didnt notice a pair of cat eyes in another corner that were filled with mockery.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Feng used his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and focused on the Lightning Absorption Divine Technique, trying to figure out how the soul could store the lightning.

One day, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Skeletal Division Leader, submerge the ship and then set up the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, Zhao Feng ordered.

Understood, the skeletal Division Leader ordered the ghost ship to sink into the ocean.

The limitless ocean was a natural sensory-blocker.

His actions raised the attention of the child Demigod.

What is this Zhao Feng thinking? the child Demigod secretly paid attention. He guessed that Zhao Feng did this in order to weaken the senses between the Intent of Death so he could use a Soul technique.

The ghost ship soon sank down to the very depths of the ocean.


A thick layer of dark gray smoke seemed to cover the sky for nearly ten miles, and it only continued to condense. The power of the curse shocked every beast within several thousand miles, and countless animals felt their hearts go cold as they started to trembled.

The power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array can now threaten Kings. No one below the Void God Realm will be able to survive, the skeletal Division Leader was extremely confident.

The reason why Zhao Feng used the array was to weaken the Intent of Death even more.


His purple hair started to float in the water, and a dreamy, misty world appeared in his left eye. After that, Zhao Feng waved his hand, and a charred head floated in the water in front of him.

A forbidden aura was instantly released, which caused the hundred ghost-corpses nearby to tremble uneasily. The power of the curse almost shattered.

Come! the gaze of Zhao Fengs left eye landed onto the head.


The God Tribulation head disappeared, and a head appeared in the black dimension of his left eye. The very center of this dark dimension was Zhao Fengs Soul Sea.

What was weird was that, when the head entered this place, its terrifying aura was compressed and almost unable to be sensed at all, as if it had been suppressed.