King Of Gods Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Battle
Chapter 700 - Battle

The child Demigod looked at the misty Illusion Maze, which seemed to superimpose onto Heaven and Earth. This level of spatial domain was nothing in his eyes, but it was hard to find anyone that could form a spatial domain so quickly.

There were a lot of requirements even for real Void God Realm Kings, such as soul-strength, mental energy level, and understanding of Space. All in all, because of the difficulty of the requirements, unless one was like Nan Gongsheng and had a Spatial Spiritual Body and specialized in Space techniques, they wouldnt be able to form a spatial domain so quickly. Zhao Yufei was only able to create her own Little World with the help of a peak Emperor and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit becoming the core Intent of the world.

Maybe this is the talent of Zhao Fengs Soul eye-bloodline. His soul-strength and comprehension of Space have both met the requirements, the child Demigod murmured in his heart. Even he couldnt form a spatial domain right now since he still hadnt met the requirements, but if he could get the Demigod Intent

Over the next two days, the outline of the Illusion Maze started to become clearer, and Zhao Fengs spatial domain only enveloped the ghost ship.

The skeletal Division Leader couldnt distinguish what was real and what was fake. Only the child Demigod could see that this Illusion Maze was a shadow-image that existed between reality and transparency.


With a thought, Zhao Feng put the small Illusion Maze Domain away.

Once I use my Illusion Maze Domain, the minds of any enemies that get near me will become lost, and my every punch and kick in this domain will form illusionary powers of the Soul Dao that will weaken the opponents battle-strength, Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled as he analyzed the power of the Illusion Maze Domain.

Soul Dao Domains were very rare; not many Kings could form one. With this Illusion Maze Domain, Zhao Feng had the ability to challenge several Kings at once. If the strength of the opponents souls were weaker or on the same level as his, they would be affected by the Illusion Maze Domain, and adding on his agile Wings of Wind and Lightning, he could spar with several normal Kings at once.

In his Soul Sea, Zhao Feng continued perfecting his Illusion Maze Domain. Within ten days, the details of the images within the spatial domain became a lot clearer.


Zhao Feng took the little thieving cat and entered the Illusion Maze Domain.

The mist within the Illusion Maze was extremely thick, and one couldnt see past a couple dozen meters. There were twists and turns everywhere, and the songs of mermaids could be heard as well.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat meowed as it found a hotel in the city. Of course, everyone within the hotel was fake.

If I reach the peak Void God Realm, everything here can become real, Zhao Feng couldnt help but murmur.

If he could materialize his spatial domain, that would mean that he had the ability to split open space. No wonder Duanmu Qing said that this power wasnt very far away from Zhao Feng.

The reason why Zhao Feng took the little thieving cat here was to see if it could find any weak points. Since he had only just created it, there might have been things that he had forgotten.

Luckily, the spatial domains current structure was relatively simple and there werent many weak spots. It wasnt a true dimension, so there were no living or actual physical objects here. The further one progressed, the more complicated it became, and it would be easier to make mistakes, such as the Purple Saint Ruins. Zhao Feng believed that even the Demigod Forgotten Garden had some weak points, such as Meng Xis horn that could control that Beast King.

Master, your Illusion Maze Domain is not weaker than the domain of normal Domain-level Kings, the child Demigod also came in and inspected it, giving Zhao Feng some suggestions. In return, Zhao Feng would compensate the child Demigod with resources.

As long as the child Demigod helped Zhao Fengs strength increase in any way, he would receive resources in return. This was to increase the child Demigods enthusiasm because, under normal situations, Zhao Feng restricted the amount of resources given to the child Demigod.

Zhao Feng still wasnt satisfied after completing the Illusion Maze Domain.

The Illusion Maze Domain is a Soul Dao domain. If I dont use it efficiently, the danger from the Pursuit of Death will increase, Zhao Feng knew that he shouldnt easily use this Illusion Maze Domain, so he started to think about other domains the Wind Lightning Domain and the Water Ice Domain. Now that he had already started to finish up his Illusion Maze Domain, there was no harm in testing out the other domains.

Multiple Domains? the expression of the child Demigod was extremely colorful when he heard about Zhao Fengs plans. Zhao Feng was extremely greedy; he wasnt even an actual King yet and he had already formed a spatial domain. That alone would make others envious, yet he wasnt satisfied with just one and wanted to create a second spatial domain?

In theory, it is possible for multiple domains to exist together, but not many Kings and Emperors do so, the child Demigod shook his head. Creating a spatial domain took a lot of time and effort, and normal Kings didnt even have one. When they did finally make one, they wouldnt have the ability or energy to create another.

Specialization was the road to the peak. All Void God Realm Kings knew this, so they would walk further along one direction. For example, although several domains may have an advantage in number, it was useless against higher-ranked domains or the Little Worlds of Emperors. Quality was better than quantity.

So that means that I can create a double domain? Zhao Fengs expression stayed the same, as if he didnt understand. The child Demigod rolled his eyes and didnt bother explaining.

In reality, how could Zhao Feng not know the theory behind specialization? However, he was talented in creating spatial domains, and an extra spatial domain meant more strength. Why wouldnt he want more? Furthermore, he couldnt use his Illusion Maze Domain easily.

Ill choose the Wind Lightning Domain as my second one, Zhao Feng decided.

The Illusion Maze Domain could trick the opponent and weaken them, but it wouldnt be able to increase Zhao Fengs actual offensive strength. The Wind Lightning Domain would be different; it would directly increase Zhao Fengs strength.

On top of that, Zhao Feng had a terrifying thought, which was to make the power of the God Tribulation Lightning act as the center of the spatial domain. The God Tribulation Lightning contained an immortal and undying Intent. Making it the core of the spatial domain would make it stronger and more stable than others.

Over the next few days, under the weird gaze of the child Demigod, Zhao Feng started to create the Wind Lightning Domain, but it was much harder than before.

The reason Zhao Feng could create the Illusion Maze Domain so quickly was because he was extremely talented in the Dao of the Soul, and he already had the Illusion Maze as a foundation. The Wind Lightning Domain wasnt a Soul Dao Domain, and he had to create an entirely new domain with the Intent of his Wind Lightning.

This will be more than ten times harder than before, Zhao Feng felt slightly troubled, but he didnt give up. He had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, so he had a massive advantage in terms of creating spatial domains.

Over the next couple days, only the blurry outline of a Wind Lightning Domain formed in Zhao Fengs Soul Sea, and it was far from forming. At the same time, he multi-tasked and continued absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning, but he couldnt expend all his energy, so he took some time off once in a while.

One day, Zhao Feng was comprehending the wisp of God Tribulation Lightning and merging it into his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning when the ghost ship suddenly started to shake, and waves roared outside the ghost ship.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

Master, our ship is alongside the Cold Moon Kings ships and fighting against another Pirate King, the skeletal Division Leader said.

Seven or eight pirate ships were fighting on the ocean.

The leader from Zhao Fengs side was the Domain-level King with golden hair. Including Zhao Fengs ship, they had a total of four pirate ships. The Cold Moon King and her ships werent here.

On the other side was a rusty metallic ship several hundred meters long surrounded by other ships. On the rusty metallic ship stood a Pirate King covered in heavy armor, only revealing a pair of cold eyes.

Zhao Feng could sense that this metallic Pirate King had a Pirate King Token, making him one of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Kings.

Want to make me your subordinate? Only if the Cold Moon King lets me fuck her, the metallic Pirate Kings voice was deep.


This bastard doesnt know what shamelessness is.

The pirates on the golden-haired males side were angered. The Cold Moon King was the goddess in their hearts, and many had come to her side due to her charm.

Metal Turtle King, it seems like you wont join our side, the expression of the golden-haired male was cold.

The Metal Turtle Kings reaction was unusual. Normal Pirate Kings wouldnt dare to offend the Cold Moon King like this, so the golden-haired male was suspicious that the Metallic Turtle King had already joined one of the other two major forces.

Metal Turtle King!? Youre courting death! the Metal Turtle King roared in anger. It was obvious he hated this title. He specialized in defense like a turtle, and he was extremely troublesome to fight. Excluding the three major Pirate Kings, his defense was almost unparalleled.


Being a Domain-level King, the golden-haired male wasnt scared, so he ordered a charge against the Metal Turtle Kings warship.

You dare to fight me? a weird light flashed across the Metal Turtle Kings eyes. His metal ships had terrifying power and strong defense. Normal Pirate Kings didnt want to fight him.

Shua! Shua!

In a flash, the two Domain-level Kings started to clash in the air, creating loud explosions.

Peng! Peng! Bam!

At the same time, several metallic ships started to charge over.

Master, the situations not looking too good! the skeletal Division Leader exclaimed. Amidst the roaring waves, the ghost ship was shaking and almost flipped over.