King Of Gods Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Slaying Kings Continuously
Chapter 702 - Slaying Kings Continuously

Zhao Feng, were going to help the Cold Moon King. Please be more serious in the coming battle.

What the golden-haired male said made Zhao Feng nod his head awkwardly. In the fight just now, he was merely testing out his skills and figuring out how to use his spatial domain and his God Lightning Tribulation Intent instead of focusing on actually killing the opponent, otherwise their combined force had a 70-80% chance of slaying the Metallic Turtle King.

Lets go rescue the Cold Moon King, the golden-haired male turned into a streak of golden light and flew toward her location.


A pair of Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered behind Zhao Fengs back, and he instantly caught up with the golden-haired male.

Zhao Feng, youre faster. Go rescue the Cold Moon King first, the golden-haired male said urgently. Although he smiled and acted confident around the Cold Moon King, he loved her from the bottom of his heart, and he knew that Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning Inheritance gave him speed greater than his own.

Okay, Zhao Feng glanced deeply toward the golden-haired male with respect. Because of his sincerity and slight begging, Zhao Feng wouldnt disappoint the golden-haired male. Although Zhao Feng had only just joined the Cold Moon Kings forces, he would give her the support she needed.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

An arc of lightning flashed across the limitless ocean, easily surpassing the golden-haired male.

So fast!

The golden-haired male was overjoyed. Even though he was a Domain-level King, Zhao Fengs speed was way faster than his.

Zhao Feng, its up to you. the golden-haired male looked at the beam of light that was travelling further and further away.

Dozens of thousands of miles away, where ships of different sizes were fighting on the limitless ocean:

Cold Moon King, lets see how much longer you can last, a dominating and poisonous voice resounded across Heaven and Earth as Magnificent Powers clashed.

In the air above the limitless ocean, the Cold Moon Kings perfect figure sent out cold sword-beams like moonlight, forming ice-cold whirlwinds. The whirlwind of swords and blades covered everything within ten miles, ripping everything into shreds while blocking the enemys attacks at the same time.

A bulky and muscular male in dark armor held a halberd and slashed out brilliant arcs. Every time the halberd moved, dark domain-level flames erupted like volcanoes.

The Dark Dragon King is unparalleled. He shall conquer the Eighteen Corners! cheers came from the pirates below.

The Dark Dragon Kings bloodline and body were unusual, and he used his halberd to suppress others by force.

Cold Moon chick, obediently become the Dark Dragon Kings mistress, an elder in gray-robes waved a scarlet-golden whip and created countless shadow-images of dragons and snakes that swept toward the Cold Moon Kings figure.

This elder was a Domain-level King, and although his battle-power wasnt as great as the Cold Moon Kings or the Dark Dragon Kings, his scarlet-golden whip was extremely deadly, and he had a lot of experience in a support role.

The Cold Moon King specialized in speed, swords, and blades. However, her speed was greatly restricted by the elder in gray clothes, and the Dark Dragon King had strong power. He also had a powerful bloodline inheritance that allowed him to dominate people with overwhelming force. The Cold Moon King would be at a big disadvantage if she had to keep clashing with the Dark Dragon King head-on.

Hehe, Dark Dragon King, dont worry, the Cold Moon King wont be able to last very long. Shes been hit by my Soft Poisonous God Odor, which affects the soul. Even Peak-tier Kings will fall for it if they arent prepared against it, the elder in gray clothes laughed, and he couldnt help but gulp as he looked at the Cold Moon Kings perfect body.

Whats going on, my body? sweat started to appear on the Cold Moon Kings forehead, and she felt a numbing sensation wash over her body.

Bastard! she roared. She managed to suppress the Soft Poisonous God Odor, but she spent quite a bit of energy to do so. In just the time it took the make tea, her breathing rate had increased.

Cold Moon King! the middle-aged long-bearded man below was full of worry.

Hehe your opponent is me, a charming purple-robed older lady in a revealing outfit appeared. Her cultivation had reached the middle-stage of the Void God Realm, and the outline of a spatial domain appeared around her.

The middle-aged long-bearded man gritted his teeth. It was extremely troublesome for him to fight against the purple-robed female. He was always on the defensive, so he couldnt help the Cold Moon King.

Long Beard, you should just give up. The Cold Moon Kings been hit by the Soft Poisonous God Odor and will be captured alive by the Dark Dragon King within the time it takes to make tea. Hehe all the Pirate Kings have been looking forward to the Cold Moon Kings beauty, the purple-robed female used words to create more pressure, and flames seemed to pour out from the middle-aged long-bearded man.

Ill wait till reinforcements arrive, so even if I lose, there will still be hope, Long Beard thought.

Reinforcements? the female in purple seemed to know what he was thinking and started to snicker, The Metallic Turtle King isnt easy to defeat. Even if your reinforcements arrive, itll be too late.

Metallic Turtle King! the expression of the middle-aged long-bearded man changed dramatically. He didnt expect the Metallic Turtle King to have joined the Dark Dragon King.

The battle continued, and the Cold Moon Kings forces started to become disadvantaged. Putting aside the Void God Realm Kings, even their ships werent as strong as the Dark Dragon Kings.

The Dark Dragon King had planned for a long time, and he brought out a lot of troops.

Ding! Ding! Peng!

The Cold Moon King waved her blade and sword as her perfect body flashed across the limitless ocean, but her movement was heavily restricted by the elder in gray clothes.

Even worse was that the Soft Poisonous God Odor increased her consumption of energy, and she wasnt as agile or as fast as before. If it werent for that, she could at least escape if she wasnt a match for them, but now the only way to escape was to wait for reinforcements.

Half the time it took to make tea passed, and the breathing rate of the Cold Moon King increased dramatically. She was covered in sweat, and her limbs were going numb. There was a cut on her leg, revealing an attractive leg.

I need to capture her alive, the Dark Dragon King didnt hide any of his lust.

It was only a matter of time till the Cold Moon King lost.


An arc of lightning suddenly appeared far away.

Thats!!? several Void God Realm Kings instantly sensed it.

A pair of Wings and Wind and Lightning immediately closed in on the battlefield.

The reinforcements are here! the middle-aged long-bearded man exclaimed.

The newcomer was Zhao Feng, and Long Beard was soon disappointed. After all, Zhao Feng wasnt a Domain-level King, so even if he joined, he couldnt turn the tide.

Hes fast, but hes not even a King yet.

Hahaha another person coming to their death.

The Dark Dragon Kings pirates all paused before roaring in laughter.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

Zhao Feng turned into a flash of light and entered the fray. He didnt immediately go help the Cold Moon King.


The flash of light shot toward the female in purple, and the eyes of the middle-aged man lit up. If they were able to finish her off quickly, two King-level fighters could go support the Cold Moon King.

Hmph! the female in purple snickered coldly. She wouldnt let her opponent do as he pleased, and a faint purple light appeared around her. She had heard of this new Pirate King before, and even though he may have relied on luck to kill the Dark Snake King, he definitely had some skill. At the same time, the Dark Dragon King and the elder in gray clothes increased their attacking speed.

Die! Zhao Feng was faster than they imagined as he formed a Scarlet Destruction Blade in his hand and rushed at his opponent.

The female in purple was full of mockery. She had already prepared the outline of her spatial domain. Want to finish me off quickly? Impossible! But the next instant, the mind of the female in purple shook, and she screamed.

Illusion Maze Domain!

A misty illusion filled the air, and the female in purples senses were heavily restricted. She couldnt see where Zhao Feng was going to attack, and she revealed a flaw in her panic.


A giant blade of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning entered the female in purples flaw and sliced forward. No one managed to sense the immortal and undying aura of the God Tribulation Lightning from the blade.

Arghhh! the female in purple screamed as she was cut in two and turned into a pile of ashes from the burning Wind Lightning. The power of the Scarlet Destruction Blade was extremely condensed, and the intent of God Tribulation Lightning had been fused into it. Even the females soul had been burned into nothing.

What!!!? the eyes of Long Beard bulged out as he saw the female in purple die.

Just one move had killed a King. This caused the expressions of both friend and foe to change dramatically.

How!? the Dark Dragon King and the elder in gray were also stunned.


A flash of light sped toward the sky above the limitless ocean.

So fast! the middle-aged long-bearded man had already lost track of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didnt waste any time after slaying the female in purple as he turned straight toward the two Kings in the air. He was lightning quick as he went for the kill.

Watch out! the Dark Dragon King exclaimed. The beam of light was charging toward the elder in gray who was restricting the Cold Moon King.

The heart of the elder in gray shook, and he felt a coldness spread across his body the instant he was ready.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!

The light released an arc of lightning that slashed toward the elder in gray.

Too fast!

Before the elder in gray could even react, his body was sliced in two by the Scarlet Destruction Lightning Wings.

Not only did Zhao Feng use the Lightning Wings Flying Technique, he also used the Wind Lightning Wings Slash. The offensive techniques of the Wings of Wind and Lightning were faster, fiercer, and stronger. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had also merged the intent of the God Tribulation Lightning into his attack.

Arghhh! the elder in gray screamed as his physical body was destroyed. His Yuan Soul, in the shape of a faint golden human, sped off into the air with his King Intent. However, before he could even run out a couple dozens of yards, he felt a piercing coldness lock on to him.

Sky Locking Bow!

A dark silver bow appeared in Zhao Fengs hand. A golden arrow condensed and was released with a Beng~! as it shot through the sky.


The golden arrow instantly pierced through the elder in grays Yuan Soul.