King Of Gods Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Combination
Chapter 703 - Combination

With a loud explosion, the elder in grays Yuan Soul burst into thousands of pieces.

The Sky Locking Bow was a nightmare that perfectly countered Yuan Souls.

Through the Dark Heart Seed, Zhao Feng communicated with the skeletal Division Leader and got the ghost ship to collect the broken soul and flesh of the dead King and make the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array absorb them.

At this moment in time, both friend and foe were stunned. The expressions of the pirates on the Dark Dragon Kings side were filled with fear as they looked at the youth with a pair of wings.

Long Beard took in a cold breath. He saw the entire process clearly; Zhao Feng killed the female in purple in just one move and disappeared the very next instant. Before the elder in gray could even react, Zhao Feng used even-faster speed, the Lightning Wings Flying Technique, and the Wind Lightning Wings Slash to destroy his physical body, then before the elders Yuan Soul could even fly, the Sky Locking Bow ended his life.

The entire process happened in just a moment. The pirates on both sides felt an instant pass before the two Kings were slain. This lightning-quick battle caught those on the Dark Dragon Kings side unawares.

Brat it was you that killed my adoptive father! the Dark Dragon Kings purple eyes were filled with hatred and killing intent.

The relationship between Lord Dark Snake and the Dark Dragon King was unusual. The Dark Dragon King was an orphan, and his bloodline and talent were discovered by Lord Dark Snake, who then raised him. The Dark Dragon King didnt disappoint him, and he became one of the strongest pirates of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land several hundred years later.

Sky Locking Bow! Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he pulled back the Sky Locking Bow once more, and a second golden arrow shot toward the Dark Dragon King.

Although the Dark Dragon King tried to dodge the attack, he was still hit. His spatial domain couldnt materialize yet, so it wasnt much use against the Sky Locking Bow.


With a crack!, the golden arrow hit the Dark Dragon Kings throat, but it shattered into pieces.

What a strong body! Zhao Feng couldnt help but be moved. The Dark Dragon King wasnt just a Peak-tier King, he also had an unusual bloodline.

Right at that moment:

Hahaha kill! the middle-aged long-bearded man slaughtered dozens of pirates with his King-level battle-power. At the same moment, Zhao Feng unleashed a third arrow, which flashed through the air and pierced toward the Dark Dragon Kings head.

The Dark Dragon King roared, but he was still injured even though he used his domain and his bloodline.

Unique Cold Moon Essence! the Cold Moon King waved her sword and blade, sending an ice-cold beam of light that slashed onto the Dark Dragon King.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The Dark Dragon King was pushed back, while small cracks and blood appeared on his armor.

What terrifying offense! Zhao Feng couldnt help but cheer. Of the three major figurehead Pirates, the Cold Moon King had the fastest speed and the strongest offense.

At this moment, the middle-aged long-bearded man also entered the fight. The Dark Dragon King had to fight three King-level experts at the same time.

The Sky Locking Bow uses too much energy, Zhao Fengs dark silver bow disappeared and was replaced by a Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning whip that flashed across the air like a snake.

Without any support, the Dark Dragon King was instantly at a disadvantage.

Get ready to retreat! the Dark Dragon King ordered.

A while later:


A golden glow of light and a Magnificent Power flew through the air. It was the golden-haired male.

Another Domain-level King, the Dark Dragon Kings face was grim, and he started to retreat into the depths of the limitless ocean with his remaining subordinates. Luckily for him, the Soft Poison God Smell had started to take effect, and the Cold Moon King was unable to chase him.

Zhao Feng tried to pursue him.

Youre courting death! the Dark Dragon Kings halberd sent out a dark purple slash that was condensed from his domain.


Zhao Feng used his Wings of Wind and Lightning to dodge, but he was still injured from the overwhelming strength. The battle-power of a Peak-tier King was not to be underestimated. Zhao Feng had recognized the gap when he fought with the Cold Moon King. After all, he still hadnt become a King yet, so he lacked the foundation to fight a Peak-tier King.


A ghost ship came from behind and started to devour the essence of the dead Kings.

Zhao Feng, thank you, a rare grateful expression appeared on the Cold Moon Kings face, and she gave Zhao Feng the spoils of war from the two dead Kings. Zhao Feng didnt decline, while the golden-haired male clicked his tongue, Two Kings were slain by Zhao Feng?

When he arrived, the tide had already turned. He didnt expect Zhao Feng to be able to kill two Kings so quickly.

The Cold Moon Kings forces then started to counterattack and slaughtered the Dark Dragon Kings forces. Since the Cold Moon King needed to get rid of the Soft Poisonous God Odor, she didnt continue to fight.

After this battle, her name spread across the entire Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land, and the victory over another one of the major figureheads made her extremely famous. Within half a month, another Domain-level King and three normal Kings joined the Cold Moon King.

The Cold Moon Kings forces started to expand, and she now had four Pirate King Tokens. As long as they could gather five more, the Cold Moon King would be able to open the pirate Emperor Sacred Land.

Her forces started to rapidly expand, and during this time, Zhao Feng returned to the ghost ship and started to enter a state of comprehension.

After the fight, Zhao Fengs potential was released, and he gained further enlightenment.

In the purple Soul Sea, Zhao Feng continued absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning. He now had two wisps of God Tribulation Lightning, but compared to the thousand-yard-wide Soul Sea, it was extremely small. However, the God Tribulation Lightning helped Zhao Fengs Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

On this day, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm again. He took a big gulp of the water, which only had a very small effect on his body and soul now.

As long as the animals near the water werent in groups, Zhao Feng could take care of them easily.

My next goal is to enter the forest and scout it out, Zhao Fengs eyes turned toward the forest opposite the grass.

The forest would have stronger animals and maybe some fruits.

The aura within the Ancient Dream Realm was extremely beneficial toward those at the True Lord Rank, so it could be foreseen that the effect of the fruits would be even stronger.

Zhao Feng started to steadily head toward the forest. Of course, he didnt rush; he only went a certain distance every day since it wasnt safe in the Ancient Dream Realm.

The forces of the Cold Moon King were fighting every day as they headed toward the center of the Pirate Sacred Land. There was the occasional small task that needed Zhao Feng, and the child Demigod and skeletal Division Leader were enough to handle most things.

However, that still meant that Zhao Feng needed to give up on exploring the forest for now, so his main focus was on the Wind Lightning Inheritance and integrating the power of the God Tribulation Lightning into it.

On a certain day, the Cold Moon King called for an emergency gathering.

The forces of the Giant Shark King are closing in on our territory, the middle-aged long-bearded man started to explain.

The Giant Shark King was also one of the three major figureheads, and he was the strongest of the three.

Zhao Feng knew a bit about this person. The Giant Shark King had the bloodline of ancient sharks, and he had great defenses and battle-power.

At the beginning, his force was the strongest amongst the three major figureheads, but now that the Cold Moon King had defeated the Dark Dragon King, her forces were enough to fight head-on with the Giant Shark King.

This battle will be extremely deadly, but as long as we win, we will become the leaders of the Eighteen Corners Sacred Land, the Cold Moon Kings gaze scanned around, and her voice was solemn but filled with battle-intent.

Finish off the Giant Shark King and rule the Eighteen Corners Canyon!

The Dark Dragon King has already been defeated by me. Lets finish off the Giant Shark King as well.

Battle-intent surged from the middle-upper echelon of the pirates. Being pirates, which one of them wasnt bloodthirsty? If they wanted to live a peaceful life, they wouldnt have become pirates.

Zhao Feng sat very close to the Cold Moon King, and his status was comparable to Domain-level Kings.

The Cold Moon King started to organize her troops and made a plan to attack the Giant Shark King.

Report! a pirate quickly ran over and handed over a blade-shaped token.

This was thrown over by the Giant Shark Kings side, the pirate said respectfully, and the Cold Moon King merged her Divine Sense into the blade-shaped token.

Everyones gazes locked on to the Cold Moon King, and her expression changed as she roared out, Ridiculous!

My Lord, what did the Giant Shark King say?

Dont bother with him. Lets fight! the pirates roared.

No, the Giant Shark King wants to team up with us, the Cold Moon King had a solemn expression.

Team up? The Giant Shark King suggested to team up?

Most of the pirates didnt understand, while Zhao Feng started to think. With his strength, why would he need to team up with the Cold Moon King? Logically, the two sides should fight until only one survives.

We have to agree to this suggestion, the Cold Moon King took a deep breath, and everyone felt a solemn atmosphere. What made the Giant Shark King suggest to team up?

The Giant Shark Kings side has found out that the Dark Dragon King asked a Void God Realm Emperor to interfere in the battle for the Pirate Emperors throne, the Cold Moon King was full of cold intent. Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

Utterly preposterous!

The Dark Dragon King dares to go against the Pirate Emperors rules!?

Everyone started to sweat, and they were all extremely angry. Under normal situations, the Kings and Emperors wouldnt interfere in the fight for the Pirate Emperor since they couldnt enter the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land. Furthermore, this went against the rules of the Pirate Emperor.

According to the rules of the Pirate Emperor, the Dark Dragon Kings actions will mean that the entire Pirate Sacred Land will try to kill him.

No wonder the Giant Shark King wanted to team up with us.

All the pirates were furious.

Void God Realm Emperor? The ranking of this fight has increased. Zhao Fengs eyebrows locked together.