King Of Gods Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Fight For Pirate Emperor
Chapter 709 - Fight for Pirate Emperor

The metallic ship of Death stayed near the whirlpool. It was unable to enter.

Wen Luoan, the Yin Yang Lord, and the Death Guards all felt helpless as they stared at the enormous whirlpool. This whirlpool was connected to the power of Heaven and Earth of the entire Pirate Sacred Land. It wasnt something people could fight against.

Weve missed the opportunity. That Zhao Feng became one of the Pirate Kings and entered the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land, the Yin Yang Lord soon received some information.

The Death Guards aboard the ship had gone around and captured some of the pirates nearby.

No outside expert had ever been able to forcefully enter the Pirate Emperors Inheritance. Even peak Emperors such as the Emperor of Death werent able to enter Pirate Emperor Sacred Land forcefully.

The Pirate Emperors Inheritance is only a small inheritance compared to the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and Zhao Fengs not even a true pirate, so he wont be able to receive any real fortune or inheritance, Wen Luoan smiled confidently.

Over the last half a year, Wen Luoan had recovered his cultivation, and he even went a step further after the fortune and experience of the Demigod Forgotten Garden. He was now a half-step King.

The Pirate Emperors Inheritance wont last longer than half a month. Well just wait here for Zhao Feng to come out. Gather the other Death Spirit Lords and Death Guards, the Yin Yang Lord said in a deep voice as he messaged the other subordinates of the Emperor of Death nearby.

On the other side of the whirlpool, twelve ships sailed in the chaotic waves.

No one knew how much time passed, but a small island covered in a mysterious ancient green light appeared in sight.

Zhao Feng stood on the deck and inspected this strange dimension. In his sight was limitless water, but not like the limitless ocean of the outside world.

The chaotic waves pushed the ships to the only piece of land the small island at the center.

This is a secret realm which is probably even higher ranked than the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the child Demigod murmured, and Zhao Feng was stunned. The Pirate Emperors Inheritance sounded like the inheritance of a peak Emperor, but it was actually such a highly-ranked secret realm?

Were almost at the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land!

The pirates aboard the ships were excited as they stared at the small island.

Zhao Feng could see eighteen peaks on the island, as well as a large mountain at the very center that seemed to overlook the rest. The mountain seemed to have the aura of an Emperor.

Hehe, after entering the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land, the eighteen Pirate Kings will be redistributed, and another Pirate Emperor will be born, the middle-aged long-bearded man said.

Of course, normal Kings didnt dare to set their eyes on the throne of Pirate Emperor. The ones who had the highest chance to obtain it were the Cold Moon King, the Giant Shark King, and Zhao Feng.

This dimension seems to be separated from the outside world, Zhao Fengs hair and left eye turned purple, and he could see how unusual this dimension was with his Gods Spiritual Eye.

The island at the center seemed to be a very small part of the secret realm, but the chaotic waves pushed all the ships and living beings toward it. Sometime later, the twelve ships reached the shore.


Grab this chance!

The pirates started to charge onto the island with all their speed.

The island had its original ancient appearance, and the resources on it were even slightly better than the Purple Saint Ruins. Apart from that, the eighteen peaks were also the targets of the pirates.

Zhao Feng! The eighteen peaks all contain an inheritance of the Pirate Emperor. You can choose one that suits you, the golden-haired male said.


As soon as he said that, the golden-haired male and the long-bearded male headed off toward their respective peaks.

After entering the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land, the pirates all fought for their own future.

The throne of the Pirate Emperor! the Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King both flew toward the large mountain at the very center. This large mountain represented the fight for the Pirate Emperors throne.

Ding! Ding! Bam~~~

The two Pirate Kings started to fight each other the second they reached the mountain, and the other Pirate Kings didnt participate. They each had their own plans.

As long as the Cold Moon King or the Giant Shark King received the inheritance of the large mountain, they would become the next Pirate Emperor. Once a Pirate Emperor was born, they would be able to order the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land around.

Zhao Feng flew in the sky and looked down on the entire island, and he revealed a look of disappointment.

It was obvious that, while the Pirate Emperors Inheritance was rare, there was still a gap between the Demigod Forgotten Garden and the Pirate Emperors Inheritance. The resources contained within this place couldnt be compared to the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

The places with better fortune were the eighteen peaks and the center mountain. However, the problem was that Zhao Feng wasnt very interested in the Pirate Emperors Inheritance. There would be no suitable inheritance for him here.

No matter how strong the Pirate Emperor was, he was just a peak Emperor, and he didnt have an eye-bloodline. Zhao Feng had the Wind Lightning Emperors inheritance and the God Tribulation Lightning. Any inheritance less than a Sacred Lords didnt attract him.

On the other hand, the child Demigod participated in the fight for the resources on the island. No matter how skinny a fly was, there was still meat, and the child Demigod urgently needed resources to recover his strength since Zhao Feng was limiting him.

Dont kill too many people, Zhao Feng ordered. He didnt want to break the balance on the island. That might cause unforeseen outcomes to the Pirate Sacred Land.


A large black pole rose into the sky from a certain peak.

So fast!

Someone was able to receive part of the Pirate Emperors Inheritance so quickly?

The pirates on the island were surprised, and Zhao Feng could see that the peak where the black pole came from was an inheritance of the Demonic Dao.

On the peak of the mountain, a Pirate King was covered in black light as he slowly merged into the mountain and disappeared.


The mountain then became covered by a black light, blocking others from entering. Zhao Feng knew that a future Pirate King was now confirmed.

My Lord, with your strength, why not go fight for a peak? a half-step King pirate looked at Zhao Feng with puzzlement. This pirate was a subordinate of the Cold Moon King.

I dont want to be a pirate, and I dont want to be restricted to the Pirate Sacred Land, Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile. The Pirate Emperors Inheritance didnt really attract him, and it wasnt really suitable for him either. Even more importantly, once he received an inheritance, a Pirate King Token would merge into Zhao Feng, which would restrict him to the Pirate Sacred Land.

At the moment, Zhao Feng gazed down at the battles on the island from above.

The fiercest fight was between the Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King. They had both been injured in the battle before, and this fight would determine who died and who lived.

Cold Moon King, youre more injured than me. If this continues, you will lose, the Giant Shark King said in a deep tone.

We shall see! the Cold Moon Kings face was cold as she slashed out with her blade and sword, using her speed and offense to gain the advantage.

In terms of speed and offense, the Cold Moon King was the best amongst the three figureheads. However, the Giant Shark Kings body and bloodline were extremely strong, and he specialized in defense, so he was able to easily dissolve the Cold Moon Kings attacks.

Apart from that, some of the other peaks were fought over by several pirates.

The Pirate Alliance had lost many Void God Realm Kings in the battle before, so there were only slightly more than ten Kings, while there were eighteen peaks on the island. As long as one was a King, they would be able to easily obtain a peak, and the remaining peaks were fought over by several half-step Kings or peak Sovereign Lords.

At the same time, the lower-middle echelon of pirates that didnt have the right to fight for the peaks were searching for resources.

The most casual person on the entire island was definitely Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng opened his Gods Spiritual Eye and looked around the island and the dimension.

Zhao Feng! Please help me. If I am able to obtain the throne of the Pirate Emperor, I will owe you a favor, and I will repay it back ten times over in the future, a cold, crisp voice sounded in his ear, and Zhao Feng saw that the owner of the voice was the Cold Moon King.

The Cold Moon Kings perfect body was covered in moonlight, and while her long legs were as white as snow, there were several bloody marks on them.

She gripped her sword and blade and moved as fast as lightning. She wasnt weaker than Zhao Feng in terms of movement, and her offense was enough to threaten Emperors.

In the short-term, the Cold Moon King had the advantage, but Zhao Feng could tell that the Cold Moon King had used up a lot of energy. Her breathing rate was quick, and her breasts heaved up and down. Sweat had started to appear on her forehead as she looked at Zhao Feng with a begging gaze and determination.

Zhao Feng knew that it was rare for the Cold Moon King to ask for help. At the same time, it meant that she trusted Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng hadnt done anything till now, and others might have thought that he was thinking about the Pirate Emperors throne. This was what the Giant Shark King thought; he was conserving his strength and even making preparations to counter Zhao Feng.

Giant Shark King, give the Pirate Emperors throne to the Cold Moon King, Zhao Feng was very straightforward.

What!? the Giant Shark Kings body froze as he looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief. He originally thought that Zhao Feng was also thinking about the Pirate Emperors throne, which is why he hadnt acted yet, but Zhao Feng was helping the Cold Moon King? Could this Zhao Feng not be interested in the Pirate Emperors throne?

If thats the case the Giant Shark Kings heart went cold.

In the battle before, Zhao Feng and the child Demigods strength made other Pirate Kings respect him. The child Demigod could even suppress the Intent of an Emperor, and Zhao Fengs last Void Space Eye Slash had severely injured an Emperor, making the hearts of others go cold.

Zhao Feng! As long as you dont interfere in the fight for Pirate Emperor, I will agree to almost anything you want, the Giant Shark King quickly said. Once Zhao Feng and the child Demigod helped the Cold Moon King, he would have no chance at all.