King Of Gods Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Power Of The Ten Thousand Ancient Races Bloodline
Chapter 715 - Power of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races Bloodline

On the center island of the Heavens Legacy secret realm, within the Pirate Emperors Inheritance Sacred Land, Zhao Feng returned. When Zhao Feng came back, the eighteen peaks all had their respective Pirate King.

The cultivations of some Pirate Kings had obviously increased. Amongst them, three half-step Kings had broken through to the Void God Realm with the help of their inheritance.

The center mountain was covered by a mixture of weird black-and-white light.

The Cold Moon Kings Inheritance still hasnt ended yet? Zhao Feng found a corner and sat down while he squinted and looked at it.

Usually, the Pirate Emperors Inheritance wouldnt last longer than half a month. However, he wasnt in a rush, so he started adjusting to his new bloodline.


A thin layer of delicate blue scales appeared on Zhao Fengs body. The blue blood in his body continuously circulated. The Ice Imperial Spear had also merged into this new Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.

Bloodline power even the Ice Imperial Spear became stronger?

Zhao Feng was very satisfied. Although he didnt obtain any inheritances or top-tier resources in the Heavens Legacy City, it was a rare encounter. Zhao Feng only hated that he wasnt wealthy enough. The entire wealth he had obtained from the Purple Saint Ruins, the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and the Pirate Sacred Land had all been used up.

Of course, in comparison to what he got, it was all worth it. The bloodline of a Ten Thousand Ancient Race was priceless. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had also received the Five-Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. His cursed ghost-corpses and their array had both been strengthened as well.


The little thieving cat played with the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger and seemed to be very satisfied.

Little thieving cat! the child Demigod appeared and started to communicate with the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat nodded its head and started to move together with the child Demigod around the center island. The center island that had just calmed down started to break out into chaos. The two ran around the center island and stole resources from the pirates.

Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed together, but he didnt stop them. He knew that the child Demigod needed resources urgently, which is why he teamed up with the little thieving cat. As long as they didnt go overboard, Zhao Feng didnt really care. After all, these pirates werent nice people either.

In just half a days time, the child Demigod and the little thieving cat had gathered a considerable sum of Primal Crystal Stones.

Fear and panic spread out across the island, and the pirates were all angry. Amongst them, there were several Pirate Kings that had been knocked out and their resources stolen.

Master, this is your half, the child Demigod gave half of the resources to Zhao Feng and split the rest with the little thieving cat evenly.

These two know how to bribe? Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression, but just a while later, the Giant Shark King led four or five Pirate Kings and a group of pirates and walked over.

Zhao Feng, your pet and slave are going around stealing from others, including those from the same alliance as you. Their actions are horrendous, the Giant Shark King said, and Zhao Feng glared at the little thieving cat and the child Demigod.

Not only had the two stolen from the Giant Shark Kings subordinates, they had also stolen from those under the Cold Moon King. After all, the pirate forces were complex. The little thieving cat and child Demigod couldnt recognize all of them.

You pirates are fighting on the island. The stronger one wins. My pet and slave are just joining in on your game, Zhao Feng said steadily, and the expressions of the pirates stiffened.

To fight for resources and fortune, the pirates had fought against each other even if they were from the same alliance. The only difference was that they didnt dare to do it so openly.

Hmph! the child Demigod snickered, Dumb pirates. If it werent for my master and I, do you think you would have been able to open the Pirate Emperors Inheritance so easily?

The older Pirate Kings were instantly speechless. In the fight against Emperor Mu Yun, Zhao Feng and the child Demigod both played a critical role.

The Pirate Emperors Inheritance is split into eighteen different inheritances, and I didnt take any of them. Im giving you younger pirates a chance, Zhao Feng said righteously.

Hearing that, two of the new Pirate Kings had nothing to say. Zhao Feng and the child Demigod didnt take any of the Pirate Emperors Inheritance.

Of course, if any of you are unwilling, we can spar a little, Zhao Feng was still sitting down. The aura of his bloodline and soul suppressed the group of pirates.

The Giant Shark Kings expression kept on flickering. Zhao Feng became more and more mysterious, including the golden-skinned child and mysterious cat. One had to know that this trio was too disdainful to look at even the Pirate Emperors Inheritance.

Zhao Feng, since you are willing to take the blame for your pet and slave, then take a fist of mine. See if you have the ability to protect them or not, the Giant Shark King said in a deep tone.

Hehe, Giant Shark King, if you want to test out my strength, you dont need to go in circles, Zhao Feng laughed.

The Giant Shark King wanted to blame him but didnt know Zhao Fengs true strength, and over the past couple days, the latter had disappeared somewhere.

Good, good, good! As expected of you. I would like to test your real strength, the Giant Shark King laughed out loud, and the two soon stood on an empty patch of land with no one near them.

Ancient Strength! the Giant Shark King roared as his shell-like skin expanded. His body started to enlarge and turn into a half-human half-shark state. He was twice the size of a normal human.


His punch seemed to shake the air. An ancient shark bloodline aura and terrifying physical strength made the hearts and bloodlines of the pirates watching tremble.

The Giant Shark Kings punch is just a test. He didnt even use the power of his domain, Zhao Fengs expression was normal.

The iron fist glinted with a gray light, and the power contained within it was enough to kill a normal King.

Then lets try this Zhao Feng stood still and started to circulate his blue blood. A delicate set of scales that seemed like a dragons appeared on his body. In that instant, surges of ice eroded across a ten-mile radius around him, and the weaker pirates were immediately sealed in ice.


Ice appeared on the Giant Shark Kings fist before the attack arrived, and an ancient cold aura made his heart tremble slightly. The Giant Shark Kings shark bloodline became suppressed and began to tremble uneasily.

This bloodline, could it be!? the Giant Shark King exclaimed.


Zhao Fengs scaled icy palm perfectly blocked the Giant Shark Kings punch. The fist and palm clashed, and an enormous force spread and cracked the ground. If this was in the outside world and not the Pirate Emperors Sacred Land, it would be enough to destroy a normal island.


Zhao Feng and the Giant Shake King were both pushed back, and neither of them seemed to be injured, but the Giant Shark Kings arm was slightly stiff and covered in ice.

Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline you!!? the Giant Shark King was stunned. In the instant just now, Zhao Fengs bloodline suppressed his own bloodline, and he could only use 50-60% of his bloodline strength. Zhao Fengs physical body wasnt much weaker than his either.

If it werent for the fact that his cultivation was higher and he had awakened his bloodline to a further stage, he would have been utterly defeated just now.

This Zhao Feng has a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline!? Hes hidden himself so deeply!

The expressions of the pirates all changed dramatically. A legendary bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races had appeared on a youth.

As expected of the Mystic Ice Scaled Race, ranked within the top one hundred. It allowed Zhao Feng to fight against a Peak-tier King, someone thats several small ranks higher than him. Granted, the Giant Shark King didnt use his Domain or his strongest True Yuan, the child Demigod sighed in admiration.

Zhao Fengs cultivation was almost at the peak Great Origin Core Realm. Between him and the Giant Shark King were still the half-step King, early-stage, middle-stage, and late-stage King, and finally, Peak-tier King.

Mystic Ice Scaled Race, ranked 89th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. the Giant Shark King took in a cold breath and was unable to calm down. One had to know that his bloodline was also unique and close to the strength of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. He was the only one that was able to clash with Emperor Mu Yun head-on, even though only temporarily.

However, the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were ranked. Many of these legendary bloodlines were now extinct. Although it was called the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, only a thousand or so were truly recorded. Those that were ranked within the top one hundred had their own heaven-defying abilities.

Inheritance bloodline Zhao Feng sat down and closed his eyes. Information regarding how to use his bloodline appeared in his mind, and although there was just a small amount of it, it was already more profound than the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

Zhao Feng, weve underestimated you, the Giant Shark King took a deep breath and left with the other pirates.

They had to admit that Zhao Feng now had battle-power comparable to a Peak-tier King. After all, he still had outstanding speed and that mysterious eye-bloodline.

A Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines lifeforce and recovery speed were countless times stronger than normal bloodlines. Furthermore, the child Demigod and little thieving cat were also mysterious.

As time passed, Zhao Fengs name spread across the island.

At a certain moment in time:


The black-and-white light in the center mountain started to gather, and a powerful soul aura spread across the air along with an Imperial Power.

That aura!

The bodies of the pirates on the island froze, and a light flashed through Zhao Fengs eyes.

The Pirate Emperors Inheritance isnt to be underestimated. Apparently, it can create Emperors extremely quickly. Looks like its true. the child Demigod looked toward the mountain with a complex expression.

A female with a blade and sword on her back looked down coldly as moonlight covered her. She wore a crown, and her expression was icy.