King Of Gods Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Meeting The Death Guards Once More
Chapter 716 - Meeting the Death Guards Once More

Greetings, Pirate Emperor! the pirates all bowed down.

The Cold Moon King had exited from the Pirate Emperors Inheritance, and the sky was filled with a frosty silver moonlight, as if they had entered space. The moonlight filled the entire area, and the pirates felt as if their bodies were cut by sharp knives. The cold Intent travelled into their souls. If it was necessary, one thought of hers could slice anything into ten thousand pieces.

So fast! the fear in the Giant Shark Kings eyes was replaced by respect.

Precisely said, the Cold Moon King was now the Cold Moon Emperor.

Peak Void God Realm. Her soul has reached the maximum, and she has an incredibly high compatibility with Heaven and Earth, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye saw the changes in the Cold Moon Emperor.

Her spatial domain had become one with Heaven and Earth nearby. There was no flaw in it. Apart from that, the mysterious crown she was wearing also caught Zhao Fengs eye. This mysterious crown was somehow connected to the eighteen peaks and the center mountain.

Not only had the Cold Moon King become an Emperor, the mysterious crown had also given her a type of protection.

Greetings, Pirate Emperor! the Pirate Kings all went forward and gave their respect and loyalty. The mysterious crown she possessed could summon the Pirate King Tokens.

Cold Moon Emperor, congratulations. You are now the supreme ruler of the Pirate Sacred Land, the Giant Shark King squeezed out a smile and bowed. Even though he was at the Peak-tier King level, he had to bow to the Cold Moon Emperor. The Pirate Emperor could summon the other Pirate Kings, and they ruled the Pirate Sacred Land. This was the law of the Pirate Sacred Land.

The Cold Moon Emperors strength and status had reached a peak.

Zhao Feng, this is all thanks to you, the Cold Moon Emperor revealed a rare smile and gratitude.


In just one step, she arrived next to Zhao Feng. It was as if she had appeared out of thin air.

Zhao Feng was shocked. Even Emperors didnt have the ability to move several thousand miles in one step.

Ive become the new Pirate Emperor, and Im protected and strengthened by the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land. This is limited to ten years, and during that timeframe, I cant leave the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land, the Cold Moon Emperor explained.

Although the people that obtained the Pirate Emperors Inheritance were able to become Emperors quickly, not all Pirate Emperors were able to become true Emperors so quickly. It was because the Cold Moon Emperor was a Peak-tier King before and was almost an Emperor already that she was able to break through so quickly.

Those that became the Pirate Emperor would be protected by the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land. The protection of the Pirate Emperors crown allowed the Cold Moon Emperor to remain unafraid of any Emperor for the next ten years.

Right at this moment:


An invisible suction force appeared from the ocean, and they were unable to resist this power.

The Pirate Emperors Inheritance Sacred Land will be closing, the Cold Moon Emperor gave the order and led the pirates to leave. Zhao Feng put away the ghost ship and sat on the Cold Moon Emperors ship as they sailed through the giant whirlpool.

In the outside world, in the center of the Eighteen Corners Canyon:


Ships continuously started to appear from the center of the whirlpool, along with the auras of many Kings and Emperors.

The strength of the Pirate Kings had all increased dramatically after their trip, and Zhao Feng felt that the connection between his ghost ship and the Pirate Sacred Land had been cut. Right now, he was no longer restricted, and he could leave with the ghost ship anywhere.

Several thousand miles away in the depths of the limitless ocean:

Reporting to the Death Spirit Lord, the pirates have come out, a Death Guard half-knelt on the deck.

Has Zhao Feng come out? Wen Luoans face was filled with impatience.


Another Death Guard appeared at this moment.

Report! Bad news! The new Pirate Emperor has now become a Void God Realm Emperor, this Death Guard said.

Void God Realm Emperor!

The expressions of the Yin Yang Lord and the other Death Spirit Lords all changed dramatically. The pirate alliance had many Kings already, and now there was an Emperor. That wasnt good.

The new Pirate Emperor will be protected by the Pirate Sacred Land and will be extremely hard to defeat, a black-robed female said. She had a pale expression and was surrounded by weird white-colored flames. All her skin was pale-white, as if she was a ghost. She was also a Death Spirit Lord.

The other Death Spirit Lord was a male shrouded in darkness that didnt seem to have any mass. His pair of dark green eyes seemed to just float in the air.

Witch King, Dark Soul King, tell your subordinates to conceal the aura of their Tokens of Death, and tell the Death Guards to spread out, the Yin Yang Lord ordered.

An Emperor has appeared. unwillingness appeared on Wen Luoans face. Right now, instead of chasing after Zhao Feng, they needed to hide from him.

All we need to do is keep an eye on Zhao Feng. Master is resting and will arrive several days later. Everything will come to an end then, the Yin Yang Lords voice was raspy and echoed throughout the air. Of the four Death Spirit Lords, the Yin Yang Lord was a Peak-tier King, and he was the strongest of them.

I will take revenge. The Black Hell Lord died for me once and still hasnt recovered yet. Wen Luoan clenched his fists together as murderous intent filled his eyes.

When they entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Wen Luoan had taken in a Death Spirit Lord using a secret method, but the laws of the Demigod Forgotten Garden were extremely strong, and outside forces couldnt be used. At the end, when he self-destructed, the Black Hell Lord took the brunt of the explosion head-on and was destroyed.

At that moment in time, Wen Luoans cultivation even dropped, and although the Black Hell Lord still had part of his soul remaining, he still hadnt recovered. Therefore, only three Death Spirit Lords had come.

Luoan, just wait a bit longer. When Zhao Feng leaves the Pirate Sacred Land or the Emperor arrives, everything shall come to an end, the pale-white Witch King said.

At the center of the Eighteen Corners Canyon:

Zhao Feng, youre really not going to come to my banquet? I still owe you a favor, the Cold Moon Emperor smiled and said.

Only when her eyes landed on Zhao Feng was her coldness replaced by a faint smile. It was as if she was looking at a younger brother.

To the most honorable Pirate Emperor, this subordinate still has urgent matters and cannot stay. I hope Your Highness might understand, Zhao Feng half-joked.

Although his words were respectful, his tone wasnt. After their battle of life and death, they were friends.

Fine, I wont force you, but if you have any troubles, you can come find me. I shouldnt be leaving the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land within the next twenty years, the Cold Moon Emperor was disappointed.

Normally, when Pirate Emperors became Void God Realm Emperors, they didnt want to be the Pirate Emperor for the rest of their life. The aim of Emperors was the peak of the Great Dao the truth behind immortality. The Heavenly Divine Realm was their target, and the rewards from being a pirate would become less and less attractive to an Emperor.

Of course, due to the rules of the Pirate Crown, the Cold Moon Emperor still needed to stay here for at least ten years, and since she was fond of this place, she would stay another ten or twenty years before leaving and trying to break through to higher realms.

Goodbye, Zhao Feng didnt stay any longer.


The ghost ship flew through the air and disappeared from the gazes of the Pirate Kings.

This Zhao Feng is really mysterious. From the beginning till the end, he didnt seem to be interested in becoming a Pirate King or even Pirate Emperor, the golden-haired male and the long-bearded male looked toward the direction of the ghost ship.

Does it look like I can see through him? The golden-skinned child and that cat are both mysterious as well, the Cold Moon Emperor murmured.

Zhao Fengs arrival didnt just mean they fought together. From a certain degree, he had changed her destiny. After becoming a Void God Realm Emperor and the new Pirate Emperor, her life would be very different from now on.

A day later, the ghost ship flew through the air and reached the edge of the Eighteen Corners Canyon Pirate Sacred Land.

Master, the new Ghost Corpse Cursed Array has been successfully constructed, the skeletal Division Leader reported.

Within the captains cabin, Zhao Feng sat down, but his expression was serious and his eyebrows were locked together.

Little Kun Yun, can you feel it? Zhao Feng suddenly spoke.

Indeed, someone seems to be spying on us. I originally thought it was the pirates, but were about to leave the Pirate Sacred Land already, the child Demigod nodded his head.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also appeared and threw some bronze coins into the air.

The child Demigod glanced at the little thieving cat. In the underwater city, they had called the little thieving cat a Heavens Legacy Cat, but there was no such race in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races or their descendants.

The Heavens Legacy Race is split into the Heaven Defying Faction and the Sage Faction. Could this cats divination skills be related to the Sage Faction? the child Demigod said in a low tone.

At this moment, Zhao Feng snickered and disappeared from the ghost ship.


Zhao Feng stood on the deck as his gaze landed on the depths of the ocean a thousand miles away.


Dammit, Ive been found!

A dark shadow flashed across the ocean.


Seeing that his tracks had been uncovered, the Death Guard turned into a dark streak of light and flew through the limitless ocean.

At my fastest speed, Im comparable to a King. Theres hope for me to survive until reinforcements arrive, this Death Guard was ranked in the top ten of the thirty-six Death Guards.

He sent messages with his Token of Death as he flew. He let out a breath after flying out ten thousand miles at once.

Ive finally escaped. Apparently, the target has killed Domain-level Kings before, and he even severely injured an Emperor in an ambush. the Death Guard let out a breath and murmured, but right at this moment, a youth with wings and a mocking expression appeared from the mist in front of him.

How can it be you!? the Death Guards expression changed dramatically.

What kind of speed did this Target of Death have? It seemed as if he had been waiting in front for a long time.