King Of Gods Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Increase In True Yuan
Chapter 721 - Increase in True Yuan

Its that cat!

Watch out!

The Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul Lord saw a faint glimmer behind the Witch King. However, their attacks werent fast enough. The Witch King was already injured, and a layer of frost covered her body, slowing her down.


A silver-gray streak flashed by.


A dark mysterious dagger pierced through the Witch Kings head.

Arghh! the Witch Kings body stiffened as she released a terrifying screech. Blood splattered down her forehead, eyes, and face; she looked like a ghost.

The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger critically injured her and her lifeforce was being destroyed, but as a Void God Realm King, she had a strong soul, and she wasnt instantly killed.

Where do you think youre going? the Witch King revealed a cruel smile as she turned into a several-meters-high flaming ghost.


A terrifying wave of ghost-flames spread from her.


The little thieving cat disappeared after the attack. It was extremely sensitive toward danger, so it escaped before the Witch King counterattacked.

Witch King! the Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul King revealed unwilling expressions. The current Witch King was using her lifeforce and soul to enter that state, and she was already injured before she entered the Flaming Ghost King state. When she returned to normal, she would most likely die.

None of the subordinates of the Emperor of Death are simple. Zhao Fengs expression became serious.

They reached this step and still werent able to kill the Witch King. All the subordinates of the Emperor of Death were stronger than other people of the same cultivation.

Right at this moment, the Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul King unleashed their attacks toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng wasnt scared of the Dark Soul Kings attacks, but the Yin Yang Lords battle-power was close to an Emperors.

However, all the attacks missed their target because Zhao Feng had disappeared.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!

A blurry light seemed to break through space itself as it flashed by. The next instant, a pair of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning Wings appeared behind the Witch King.


Wind Lightning Wings Slash!

The pair of wings released a Destructive aura as they slashed toward the Witch Kings head. Incredibly, this attack was aimed right at the part where the little thieving cat had stabbed the Witch King. Furthermore, the Witch King had just entered this Flaming Ghost King state and hadnt stabilized yet.

Arghh! a scream of despair sounded.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye saw the change in energy within the Witch Kings body and disappeared once more.


The flaming Witch King instantly exploded, turning into thousands of fireballs that shot everywhere.


Zhao Fengs wings fluttered quickly and pushed him out several hundred meters, just out of range of the core explosion. However, even then, there was still pain coming from his scaled skin.

Witch King! the Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul King roared as they watched the Witch King self-destruct.

Zhao Fengs attack was as quick as lightning. When he attacked, everything was done in a flash, just like how the Wind Lightning Emperor used to be.

With supreme speed, no one could withstand his attacks. This was the Wind Lightning Inheritance, an inheritance that aimed for utmost speed and damage.

Miao miao!

At this moment, the little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Fengs shoulder and nudged his neck. The cat and human were now outside the barriers of the Death Spirit Hell Array.

Zhao Feng had flown out out the massive hole, and now that the Death Spirit Hell Array had lost two of the main array holders, its power decreased by over half, and it wasnt far away from crumbling.

Right now! the child Demigod charged to the front and led the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array toward the hole.

The hearts of the Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul King fell. Zhao Feng had successfully defeated the Death Spirit Hell Array, and the little thieving cat had played a crucial role in this since attacks from outside the array were much stronger than from within the array, which was why it was so difficult for Zhao Feng to kill the Witch King.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

Zhao Fengs wings fluttered, but he didnt return to the array.

Arghhh! screams sounded from the Death Guards outside the Death Spirit Hell Array. Every time the Wings of Wind and Lightning moved, at least one or two Death Guards would be killed.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat played with the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger, and it could kill even phantom figures with it.


The Death Spirit Hell Array started to shake and become unstable. More and more holes and flaws were revealed. After all, these Death Guards also supported part of the array. After losing two array flag holders and a bunch of Death Guards, it was starting to break apart.

The Yin Yang Lord and the Dark Soul King roared as they watched the Death Guards die.

Yin Yang Sky Seal! the Yin Yang Lord gave up on the array as half his body became white while the other half became black. The Yin Yang Lord raised his hand, and the sky above started to become eroded by a black-and-white light. It was as if the heavens had changed.

Zhao Fengs figure suddenly froze. It was as if he had fallen into mud, and his expression changed dramatically.

Without needing to spend any attention on the Death Spirit Hell Array, the Yin Yang Lords Yin Yang Sky Seal was stronger than before.

Die~~~~! the Yin Yang Lord waved his hand, and an enormous black-and-white palm appeared and seemed to blot out the sky. Heaven and Earth nearby were controlled by him as his attack smashed toward Zhao Fen.

The range of the attack was too big, and Zhao Feng wasnt able to escape even with his Lightning Wings Flying Technique. The Yin Yang Lords comprehension of Heaven and Earth was extremely close to an Emperors.

Zhao Feng could only clash with it head-on. An ice-cold armor had already appeared on his body, and the bloodline of the Mystic Ice Scaled Race was circulated to the maximum.

Lightning Wings Covering the Sky!

The wings behind Zhao Feng suddenly expanded and became several hundred meters wide. With him as the center, everything within dozens of miles became covered by a Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning storm, and Zhao Fengs control of Wind Lightning rose dramatically at this moment.


Zhao Feng gave a light roar and condensed his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline into his fist, summoning a raging storm that clashed against the Yin Yang Lords attack.

In this attack, Zhao Feng used all his True Yuan and bloodline power. At this moment in time, the aura of Zhao Fengs bloodline power and True Yuan rose, and the Scarlet Destruction True Yuan reached a limit.


Zhao Fengs body shook, and his Scarlet Destruction True Yuan became stronger. It was even slightly stronger than normal Kings. In reality, the quality of Zhao Fengs True Yuan was already very high and not far off from the level of a King, which was due to the Ancient Dream Realm and the help of the Demigod blood. Now, the quantity of Zhao Fengs True Yuan broke through to the peak Great Origin Core Realm.

He was only half a step away from the Void God Realm.


A loud explosion sounded in the sky, and the Yin Yang Screen dimmed by 40%.

That brat! the Yin Yang Lord was slightly dazed and in disbelief.


The wings behind Zhao Fengs back started to shatter until they returned to their original size, and he flew toward the child Demigod and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. Blood dripped from Zhao Fengs mouth as he flew through the air.

As expected of a Peak-tier King thats unparalleled against anyone below an Emperor, Zhao Fengs breathing rate quickened as he wiped off the blood.

The difference in cultivation was just too big. Although he managed to block the attack just now, he was heavily injured, and he used up an enormous amount of his True Yuan. If only the quantity of Zhao Fengs True Yuan could reach the level of a King, he believed that he could easily fight with a Peak-tier King even without using his Gods Spiritual Eye.

He was able to fight with a Peak-tier King at the Giant Shark Kings level for a short amount of time, but if the fight dragged on, it would be bad for him. However, the Yin Yang Lord was stronger than the Giant Shark King; his Intent, battle-power, and soul were all extremely close to an Emperors. Even Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline techniques werent very effective against him.

Master! the child Demigod and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array successfully managed to get together with Zhao Feng, who let out a breath as he grabbed several treasures and resources to replenish his expended energy.

With the child Demigods and Ghost Corpse Cursed Arrays help, Zhao Fengs chances of victory were much higher.

On the other side, the Yin Yang Lord only had one Death Spirit Lord, a bit more than a dozen Death Guards, and a tattered array.

Little Kun Yun, what you need to do now is stall the Yin Yang Lord, Zhao Feng ordered. Even though the difference in cultivation was great, the child Demigod was able to suppress the Yin Yang Lord in terms of Intent.

Yes, Master, the child Demigods skin became golden, and his Demigod bloodline potential was squeezed out. Through this fight, the child Demigods strength was recovering faster.

Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!

The child Demigod thrust out several palms.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Profound golden palms that seemed to twist Heaven and Earth shot out. Any place that fell into the radius of the golden light slowed down as if time itself was slowing down. The area around the Yin Yang Lord was locked and restricted.

Who the hell are you!? the Yin Yang Lords expression changed dramatically. Although he could still use his secret techniques, they were restricted and weakened. In terms of combat, the child Demigod wasnt his match, but the child Demigod was able to restrict his strength by using the supreme secret technique, the Heaven Sealing Palm. As long as the Heaven Sealing Palm continued, his actions and movements would be restricted.

Even Emperor Mu Yun wasnt able to stop this, and the Yin Yang Lord was only a King.

Good job! Zhao Feng was happy. It looked as if the Demigod Revival Plan hadnt gone to waste.

At the same time, a strong surge of eye-bloodline power came from his left eye, and a dark silver bow appeared in his hand. Victory was slowly tilting toward Zhao Fengs side. What he needed to do now was increase this chance.