King Of Gods Chapter 723

Chapter 723 God Eye Leaving The Body
Chapter 723 - God Eye Leaving the Body

In the sky above the limitless ocean, a pair of pitch-black eyes looked down as if they were the Heavenly Dao. They contained a whirlpool that seemed to reach the World of Death.

Gaze of Death! a cold voice resonated across the ocean. At this moment in time, the Eye of Death had appeared and used the Soul Dao forbidden technique that was so famous across the Cang Ocean.

Everything within ten thousand miles, be they humans, animals, beasts, were all covered by the shadow of death, and they started to tremble uneasily. They were unable to block this power. It was as if it was the Heavenly Dao itself.

It was like an elder dying of old age; they couldnt stop the footsteps of death. The Intent of Death was similar to the Intent of Time. They were both powers that Heaven and Earth couldnt turn around.

Zhao Feng was slightly familiar with the feeling of being unable to control his life. Back at the Purple Saint Ruins, when he faced the power of the Token of Death for the first time, Zhao Feng had such feelings. The only difference was that the Gaze of Death from back then was only a simplified version, while this time, the Eye of Death itself appeared in the air; it was countless times stronger than before.

This feeling! the skeletal Division Leader who was in the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array felt as if its soul was going to leave its body, and its soul started to scream. This was merely the shockwave from the Gaze of Death.

The Eye of Death controls the Intent of Death and counters every living thing, especially souls. the child Demigod took a deep breath; he was shocked. Putting aside the fact that he hadnt even reached the Void God Realm yet, even if he did become a King or even an Emperor, he still wasnt confident he could block this power.

Almost no one surpassed the Emperor of Death in terms of understanding Death and souls.


The child Demigods breathing rate became quick as he felt his soul become pressured. Although the sensation of death and danger he felt wasnt as strong as what the skeletal Division Leader felt, the feeling of being unable to control his life made him feel uneasy. He couldnt help but look at Zhao Feng, the youth with wild purple hair who was the true target of the Gaze of Death.

The Gaze of Death was technically considered a single-target attack skill, but since its Intent of Death was simply too strong, it could even pull away the souls of weaker beings nearby.

Zhao Feng froze and started to struggle. An unstoppable power of Death covered his body. His soul and consciousness were enveloped by this forbidden power and were about to leave his body. Zhao Feng was almost unable to control his body, and sweat appeared on his forehead, but the willpower in his eyes didnt fade.

Gaze of Death? This move again? Emperor of Death, cant you be a bit more creative? the purple light in Zhao Fengs left eye became stronger and stronger as it started to circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique the supreme Soul Dao technique in order to resist the pulling force.


Zhao Fengs Eye Intent formed a mountain that smashed into the black eye.

This guy! the nine Death Guards were in disbelief as they were protected behind the Tokens of Death.

Zhao Fengs resistance against the Gaze of Death was even stronger than Emperor Mu Yun. He even had the ability to counterattack.

Gaze of Death? Hmph! How could I not be prepared for it? a purple ocean appeared in Zhao Fengs left eye. Using his Eye Intent, he was able to resist the Gaze of Death even though it was a struggle.

Zhao Feng had read the memories of a Death Guard beforehand, so he knew that the Emperor of Death used this technique to take away Emperor Mu Yuns soul.

That was just one of the reasons, but there was another more important point; Zhao Feng had also comprehended the Dark Eye Secret Techniques earlier, which contained the techniques of the Emperor of Death.

Although it didnt contain many offensive techniques or the description of the Gaze of Death itself, that didnt stop Zhao Feng from understanding how the power of Death worked. It was because of this that Zhao Feng was somewhat ready for the Gaze of Death.

His Gods Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against Soul Dao attacks to begin with, and the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique was a supreme secret technique that even other Emperors wanted.

Emperor of Death! Zhao Fengs cold snickering resonated around the soul-dimension, You shouldve needed a month of rest to fully recover your soul-power, but right now, only half a month has passed and youre already using a forbidden secret technique.

Hearing that, the hearts of the Death Guards and the Yin Yang Lords Yuan Soul dropped. Forbidden techniques used a lot of energy, and the Emperor of Death was using it from such a great distance.

You wont have any energy remaining if Im able to resist for ten breaths, Zhao Feng used words to try to gain an advantage while he fought back.

A cold glint appeared in the Eyes of Death.

Zhao Feng, youre becoming stronger very quickly, but youve underestimated the control that the Eyes of Death have over the laws of Death and Souls, a chilling coldness sounded in the voice.


The whirlpool within the black eyes started to spin, and the pulling force increased.

Zhao Fengs body started to turn cold as his lifeforce started to freeze. He knew that this was because the Eyes of Death controlled the laws of Death, and any living being would be countered by this power. Zhao Feng obviously wasnt excluded from the list of living beings.

The suction force started to steadily increase, and Zhao Fengs soul started to weaken.

I cant let this continue! Zhao Fengs heart went cold. His body was already cold to begin with, and he had lost control of it. The only thing he could control was his soul and the Gods Spiritual Eye that was resisting against the pulling force.

However, the force from the Gaze of Death started to become stronger and stronger. Under the Gaze of Death, Zhao Fengs body became colder and colder as it got closer to death.

With every breath that passed, Zhao Fengs resistance weakened. The spiritual form of a human was on the verge of being pulled out of Zhao Fengs body his soul.

Zhao Fengs soul was extremely strong; it was covered in a purple-colored lightning, and its aura was stronger than most Kings.

Is this the end? the bodies of the child Demigod and the skeletal Division Leader were frozen as the shadow of death enveloped them. Luckily for them, the Gaze of Death was focused on Zhao Feng, so the most they had to withstand was some remnant mental energy pressure.

However, the second Zhao Fengs soul was about to leave his body, there was a strong resistive force.


Zhao Fengs left eye suddenly squinted.

Want to take away my soul? Only if you can take the Gods Spiritual Eye away as well.

Zhao Feng struggled furiously. The Gods Spiritual Eye was his strongest and last line of defense.

Zhao Fengs soul-power and eye-bloodline were extremely compatible with one another, and they were hard to separate. Back then, the whole reason Zhao Feng was able to merge with the Gods Spiritual Eye was due to his soul, which was perfectly compatible with the Gods Spiritual Eye. If this werent the case, the Gods Spiritual Eye wouldnt have chosen him.

This is the protection of a God Eye! solemnness and wariness appeared in the Eyes of Death for the first time.

The ninth Gods Eye was an existence on par with the ancestor of his bloodline the God Eye of Death.

Emperor of Death! Lets see how much longer you can last! Zhao Feng roared in the soul-dimension.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye started to shake. As if it had been awoken from its slumber, a powerful aura started to radiate from it.


The Gods Spiritual Eye radiated an ancient and dominating aura that seemed to look down on everything in the world. In that instant, he seemed to become a god. His every thought could shake the sun and moon.

That aura! the souls of both friend and foe alike started to tremble, as if they were ants.

Insanity appeared in Zhao Fengs eyes. He had given up on defending against the Gaze of Death.


The best defense was a good offense.

Ha! Zhao Feng yelled as his soul released an ancient aura that could shake stars. He circulated his Eye Intent as he gathered all his soul-power and shot it toward the dark eye in the sky. As he had given up on resisting, Zhao Fengs soul and Gods Eye power charged toward the Emperor of Death like a beast.

What!? the Eyes of Death exclaimed as if they felt the ancient dominating power.


Zhao Fengs consciousness and Gods Spiritual Eye left his body. At the same time, Zhao Fengs left eye and hair color both returned to black.

A shocking scene then appeared; a purple-colored God Eye appeared in the sky and faced the Eyes of Death. Scarlet-colored Wind Lightning glittered on its surface.

This purple Gods Eye wasnt just an image it was real. One could see its pupil and sclera in the air. This eyeball seemed to contain its own life. It wasnt just an Eye of Heaven or some spiritual form.

The Gods Eye was no longer in Zhao Fengs body. It had merged with his soul in the air.

Gods Eye leaving the body! Zhao Feng felt that his soul-power was extremely strong at the moment probably not weaker than some Void God Realm Emperors.

When one reached the Void God Realm, their Yuan Souls could leave the body. The physical body could die as long as the soul didnt.

Zhao Fengs soul and Gods Eye had become one and appeared as a Yuan Soul. In this state, Zhao Fengs compatibility with Heaven and Earth was extremely high, so he could fight even though he was just a soul.

Emperor of Death, lets see if you can take away my Gods Spiritual Eye or not! battle-intent surged from Zhao Fengs purple-colored Gods Eye.


The purple Gods Eye summoned wind and lightning, and it even had the faint aura of the God Tribulation Lightning as it faced the Eye of Death.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In front of this force, the nine Tokens of Death in the hands of the Death Guards shattered.


The purple-colored Gods Eye and the black Eyes of Death clashed in the sky.