King Of Gods Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Double Domain
Chapter 730 - Double Domain

The child Demigods strength made the hearts of the other Kings go cold. In just an instant, two normal Void God Realm Kings were slain by the child Demigod.

Hand over your interspatial items and I wont kill you, the child Demigod licked his lips and glanced toward the three approaching Kings.

The area was dead-silent. The strength and ability of the child Demigod made the hearts of the various experts jump. Even two Kings had been easily slain, so what would happen to those weaker than a King?

Who are you? the Sky Star Demonic Lords face was grim, and the symbol on his forehead glowed.

The power of those cultivating the Demonic Dao was famous across the Red Dragon Island Zone. Of the remaining three Kings, only his strength was close to a Peak-tier King. If the Sky Star Demonic Lord teamed up with the two other Kings of the Righteous Path, they had the ability to fight back against a Peak-tier King and maybe even win.

I dont want to repeat myself again, the expression of the child Demigod became cold as he released his Demigod Intent and his Sacred Body power.

Both sides became silent. The Sky Star Demonic Lord and the other two Kings didnt dare to do anything. Of the people on the ghost ship, only the child Demigod had attacked so far. There was still a mysterious youth aboard.

Hmm? That youth disappeared? the Divine Senses of the three Kings caught a slight disturbance in space.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!


A pair of scarlet-colored wings covered in fire and lightning appeared in the air behind the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company. The three Kings felt a surge of flaming lightning, and they felt unable to breathe.


The wings formed a storm that forced the three Kings to use their Magnificent Power to protect themselves.

Master, the child Demigod let out a breath. Although he mightve been able to win against the three Kings, he wouldnt be able to stop them if they wanted to run in three separate directions. However, now that Zhao Feng had used the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and appeared behind them, the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company wouldnt have any chance of escaping.

The child Demigod knew clearly how fast Zhao Feng was.

Master? hearing this word, the expressions of the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company changed dramatically as a chill enveloped their body. If this child was comparable to a Peak-tier King, then how strong would his master be?

Please stop! the elder with white hair and the female in white were both frightened and immediately called out. If they all fought, the Sky Star Demonic Lord might be able to escape with his strength, but the two of them were just normal Kings and were unlikely to escape.

These two are both comparable to a Peak-tier King. the Sky Star Demonic Lord lost his battle-intent and started to circulate his True Yuan in preparation to escape. Being the strongest Demonic Dao cultivator in the Red Dragon Island Zone, he was extremely wealthy. He easily surpassed other Kings in terms of wealth, and he didnt want all his wealth to be stolen.

However, just as he was planning his escape, the youth behind him attacked:

Youre not going anywhere!

The Wings of Wind and Lightning on Zhao Fengs back expanded by dozens of meters and seemed to blot out the sun, and his Magnificent Power became stronger.


Just a simple punch from Zhao Feng froze space.

Not good! An Ice Sealing Domain! the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company were engulfed in a storm of ice. Their bodies became cold, and a layer of frost started to spread across their bodies, decreasing their speed.

On top of that, this punch also seemed to contain a maze.

What!?? A Soul Dao Domain!?

Double Domain!?

The hearts of the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company were filled with fear, and they were completely unable to fight back.

Mystic Ice Domain! Illusion Maze Domain!

The Mystic Ice Domain came from Zhao Fengs Mystic Ice Race bloodline, and a Domain had formed naturally. This meant that a simple punch from Zhao Feng contained two spatial domains: a Soul Dao Domain that affected the soul-dimension, and the Mystic Ice Domain that was biased more toward the physical dimension.

The effect of the Mystic Ice Domain was to seal everything in ice. Anything within the Mystic Ice Domain would be sealed by the power of ice.

The combined power of two domains was immeasurable.


The Sky Star Demonic Lord was sent flying with one punch, and a layer of ice appeared on his body. He was already severely injured. In front of two domains, he didnt even have the ability to fight back at all, and even his soul was injured.

Zhao Fengs Illusion Maze Domain not only distorted mental energy, it also attacked the soul.

My Lord, please stop!

Well do as you say!

The elder and the female in white were unable to do anything in the face of two spatial domains. They couldnt even touch Zhao Feng. The double domains put them into a giant labyrinth of ice.

The Sky Star Demonic Lord lay in a corner of the maze as he tried to disperse the power of ice. His face was filled with fear; even if he was able to deal with the Mystic Ice Domain quickly enough, he couldnt escape the Illusion Maze Domain.

Shua! Shua!

The elder with white hair and the female in white both disappeared from the Sky Star Demonic Lords sight after they surrendered.

Fuck! the Sky Star Demonic Lord gritted his teeth. The two Kings of the Righteous Path had given up so easily.

The Sky Star Demonic Lord was the only one left in the double domains, and he was still unwilling. He had several important treasures and didnt want to lose them so easily.

Miao miao!

The white-haired elder and the female in white faced the little thieving cats search.

These two Void God Realm Kings had all the actual power within the two-star sects, and they were very wealthy.

All of those at the Origin Core Realm, hand over everything, the child Demigod crossed his hands and looked down at the battlefield. There were still quite a lot of Origin Core Realm cultivators that hadnt been plundered yet.

The elder with white hair and the female felt helpless and bitter the battle between two-star sects had been completely conquered by three pirates and a cat.

Right at this moment, the Sky Star Demonic Lord suddenly screamed and fell from the sky.

Zhao Feng used his Eye Intent to send a Mental Energy Spike. Due to his overwhelming advantage in soul-strength, his attack almost made the Sky Star Demonic Sect Clan Master faint.

Zhao Feng clapped his hands and let the little thieving cat and child Demigod clean everything up.

My soul is severely injured. Even if my Yuan Soul managed to escape, I would still die, the Sky Star Demonic Sect Clan Master was utterly helpless and depressed. Who wouldve imagined that the clan master of a two-and-a-half-star sect would be in such a situation?

I surrender, the Sky Star Demonic Sect Clan Master raised his hands and used his Divine Sense to tell everyone in his sect to give up.

Now that all the experts on both sides had been captured, the battle soon came to an end. The entire two-star battlefield was then plundered.

Three two-star sects and many one-star clans were plundered by a single pirate ship. This sounded utterly ridiculous.

Zhao Feng and company used an entire half a day to take everything from the two-star battlefield.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat had satisfaction written all over its face as it started to organize the mountain of treasures like a miser. Zhao Fengs ancient metal ring finally started to be replenished. The child Demigods eyes were also full of excitement.

On the other hand, the upper echelon of the three two-star sects acted as if they had been raped. They all felt helpless.

Thank you all for your welcome and your cooperation. We wont be staying, Zhao Feng and company entered the ghost ship after organizing their spoils of war.


The sects watched the ghost ship fly away.


As the ghost ship disappeared from sight, the upper echelons all let out a breath, then started to curse. Some people even started to cry.

Arghhhhh! My Sky Cloud Mother Stone~~~~!

My ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng and several hundred years of savings!

Many experts went crazy on the battlefield, but none of them dared to chase after the ghost ship.

A battle that had lasted several hundred years came to an end just like that.

The whole reason they were fighting was because of the distribution of wealth, but now that all of the experts were poor, how could they have the heart to fight?

Of course, this was a blessing to those in the low-middle echelons. From this moment onwards, there would be no large fights in the Red Dragon Island Zone anymore. All of the one-star clans and two-star sects would focus on recovery.

A big part of the entire Red Dragon Island Zones wealth was taken from this plundering. One had to know that 90% of the worlds wealth was in the hands of a small number of experts.

Hahaha! the sound of Zhao Feng and company laughing could be heard outside.

Within the captains cabin, Zhao Feng and company started to split the wealth.

Being the captain, Zhao Feng obviously had the right to distribute it. Amongst them, the little thieving cat and little Kun Yun each got 20% of the cut while the skeletal Division Leader got 10%. Even though it was just 10%, it was still enough to buy several one-star clans.

Being the captain, Zhao Feng gave himself 50% of the share.

Zhe zhe, plundering a two-star battlefield gives you this much?

No wonder pirates are everywhere in the limitless ocean.

Our plundering also brought peace to the island zone. Were making the world a better place.

Miao miao!

The four started to talk shamelessly to each other, but they didnt realize that no pirate forces would dare to offend a two-star sect unless they were a Pirate King from the Pirate Sacred Land.

Little Kun Yun even suggested to raid a couple more.

Dont show off too much. Theres a sky above the skies, and there are people stronger than us. Back then, the Pirate Emperor had unparalleled battle-power, but he showed off too much and got killed by a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord. The Wind Lightning Emperor had unrivalled speed but was still killed by the Purple Night Sacred Lord, Zhao Feng shook his head and wasnt blinded by momentary gain. He wasnt arrogant enough to believe he was stronger than the Pirate Emperor or the Wind Lightning Emperor when they were at their peak.

In the limitless ocean, the ghost ship continued flying toward the destination.

Theres only two or three months left before I reach the Sky Qin Sacred Palace.