King Of Gods Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Sky Sacred Qin Palace 2
Chapter 732 - Sky Sacred Qin Palace (2)

Master, weve already entered the Gan Sacred Island Zone and will arrive at the Sky Sacred Qin Palace shortly, the skeletal Division Leader reported as he controlled the ghost ship. At the same time, it was puzzled why did Zhao Feng want to come here? Zhao Feng never said anything about the reason.

Zhao Feng swiped his hand and created a screen of water and ice that revealed the map of this island zone.

The Gan Sacred Island Zone was extremely big double the size of the Tianlu Islands Zone. There were many forces here, and there were many inheritances of the Dao of Entertainment.

According to the information from ten thousand years ago, there are five or six two-star sects here, and the Sky Sacred Qin Palace is a peak two-star sect of the Dao of Entertainment, Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled as he started to think.

A peak two-star sect specializing in the Dao of Entertainment. This was indeed unusual.

It could be said that this place was the start of the Dao of Entertainment within the Cang Ocean. The Sky Sacred Qin Palace was the biggest Dao of Entertainment sect from ten thousand years ago.

According to the information, the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was in the center of the Sky Qin Zone in the most popular place. Of course, all the information Zhao Feng knew was provided by the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, so it was outdated. He couldnt confirm whether the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was still in the Sky Qin Zone or not.

Several days later, a blue, red, and purple-colored glow appeared in front. The islands were in the shape of a qin, and the mountains and lakes inside could be faintly seen. The aura these islands gave off was extremely peaceful, as if there were birds chirping and qins playing. It wasnt like other places that were filled with chaotic and diverse auras, such as the Azure Flower Continent.

Thats right, this should be the place, Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head. The aura from this place seemed to be from the Dao of Entertainment, which was different from normal forces.


The ghost ship passed by the barrier toward inland and caused sparks to fly on the surface of the ship. There was an invisible barrier surrounding any island, and one had to reach at least the True Lord Rank to venture into the outside world. Therefore, anyone that could travel in the limitless ocean was an expert, and it was normal to see those at the Origin Core Realm.

After reaching inland, the speed of the ghost ship decreased dramatically due to the pressure from the air and many other factors.

The size of the Sky Qin Zone was two or three times bigger than the Azure Flower Continent, and Zhao Feng still needed to find out the exact location of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace. Furthermore, most people might not even know where it was. For example, when Zhao Feng was back at the Zhao Family, he didnt even know there was a world of cultivation out there, and when he joined the Broken Moon Clan, he didnt know the location of the Ten Great Clans.

Itll be best to find a cultivator at least at the True Spirit Realm and ask them, Zhao Feng decided and used his Divine Sense as he headed toward the direction of the stronger auras.

The speed of Zhao Feng and the ghost ship definitely wouldnt be as fast as when they were in the limitless ocean, but it still wasnt too bad.

Half a day later, after passing through several forests and lakes, the Yuan Qi disturbance from ahead became stronger.


Zhao Fengs Divine Sense landed on a beautiful island. There were many human auras here, and many of them had reached the True Spirit Realm. Some had even reached the Origin Core Realm. Furthermore, Zhao Feng saw many cultivators of the Dao of Entertainment.

This is the place, Zhao Feng revealed a joyful look and flew toward that direction. Since the ghost ship was a bit eye-catching, Zhao Feng put the skeletal Division Leader and the ship away.


Zhao Feng turned into an arc of lightning and headed toward the very center of the island.

As the aura of a Void God Realm was too strong and shocking, Zhao Feng limited his cultivation to the Origin Core Realm. However, even then, Origin Core Realm experts were called Sovereigns inland.

At this moment in time, there was a large-scaled banquet happening, and most of the participants were youths who were at the True Spirit Realm.

As expected of the decennial Dao of Entertainment Meeting. All of the top youths in the island zone that cultivate the Dao of Entertainment are gathered here.

Although we dont have the right to participate, its already rare that we are able to watch.

Low murmurs sounded from the outer crowd.

There was an enormous open field in the very center of the gathering, and there were seating areas around the field. At the very center of the field were two large stages, each five kilometers long and a few kilometers apart.

At this moment in time, there was a girl in black and a graceful girl on each of the stages.

The girl in black blew a flute and sent surging soundwaves like tornadoes toward the girl opposite her. The other girl calmly held a lute and sent out soft multi-colored circular vibrations of sound that blocked the attack.

Dao of Entertainment Meeting? Zhao Feng floated in the clouds and watched the Dao of Entertainment Meeting below.

All of the participants were at least at the True Mystic Rank, and there was even a small number of Origin Core Realms. It seemed like these geniuses came from one- and two-star forces.

After some fighting, the girl in black didnt have enough energy left. She coughed out blood due to the other girls quick sound attack.

Good! Good!

As expected of a Core disciple of the Six Qin Palace!

After the victor was decided, the sound of cursing and cheering sounded. However, most of their gazes still turned toward the three Origin Core Realm geniuses on the stands. These three were prodigies in the Dao of Entertainment, and there was one male and two females.

Mystic Sound Hall, Six Qin Palace, Sky Sacred Qin Palace the three Head disciples.

These three became the center of attention.

The male was calm and handsome while the two females had elegant auras, as if they were beauties from within a painting.

The youth at the very center held a qin, and just a side-glance would steal ones soul away.

One of the girls was clothed in complete white, and her hair was so long it reached the ground. She had an extremely elegant aura and seemed to be a goddess from a picture. The aura and look of this genius that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment was unparalleled, and the males present were unable to hide their love and shock.

Qinxin! Zhao Feng couldnt help but exclaim in the clouds as he saw the female. The girl in white had a quiet and elegant Dao of Entertainment aura that fit with the figure in his memories.

In the fight just now. Yueer won by luck. I hope Goddess Snow Qin can give a pointer or two, the victorious graceful female smiled, and although her tone was extremely respectful, there was a faint coldness in her eyes.

Zhao Feng could see that this graceful females strength and tactics surpassed the girl in black quite a bit, and she had reached the peak True Lord Rank.

Lin Yueer, your Six Qin Nine Sounds tune has only been mastered a bit, and how you use your Hollow Mystic Sounds is still slightly lacking. the so-called Goddess Snow Qins voice was extremely soft. Just the sound alone seemed to create an image of a flowing stream.

Shes even merged the Dao of Entertainment into her voice and is connecting with Heaven and Earth. the expression of the slightly challenging graceful female changed dramatically. She looked into Goddess Snow Qins eyes and saw that they were extremely clear like the moon, and she had the ability to see into her heart. This made her feel guilty.

Being the number two Core disciple of the Six Qin Palace, she originally wanted to challenge Li Xueyi and test out her strength, but the latters mastery of the Dao of Entertainment had reached an incredible level. Not only had Li Xueyi made her fall into a mystic state, it was with a mere sentence.

Li Xueyis mastery of the Dao of Entertainment has reached such a level!? Her every smile, breath, and action radiate the power of Entertainment, the other two prodigies were stunned.

This Li Xueyi is called the number one genius of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace of the last several thousand years.

Her appearance has brought hope to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, which has been weakening, and she is known as the hope of her sect.

Discussion broke out below.

Just a few words from Li Xueyi brought a wave of shock to the Dao of Entertainment Meeting since her talent was only a rumor beforehand. The other two prodigies of the Dao of Entertainment were silent for a long time.

Li Xueyi? So, shes not Qinxin, Zhao Feng watched the battles unfold below.

The Dao of Entertainment Meeting was similar to the Genius Summit or the True Dragon Gathering. It was a place where the geniuses of the Dao of Entertainment sparred and interacted with each other, and the girl called Li Xueyi was the Head disciple of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace. Her mastery of the qin and her cultivation surpassed everyone present.

As time passed, more pointers and reviews were given. Li Xueyi also sparred twice, and her gentle touch of the qin seemed to resonate with the power of Heaven and Earth. Even the handsome male, one of the other three prodigies, wasnt able to last longer than ten breaths in front of Li Xueyi.

Incredible! A measly late-stage Small Origin Core Realm can use the power of the qin to release battle-power comparable to a Sovereign Lord, Zhao Feng couldnt help but cheer.

The reason why he stayed was because Li Xueyi had an aura similar to Liu Qinxins, and even her appearance was similar.

She comes from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, and she is 40-50% similar to Qinxin in terms of aura and appearance, but Qinxin isnt here, Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed. He had scanned his Divine Sense across the place but didnt find Liu Qinxin, and this made his heart go cold.

Seven years down the road if Liu Qinxin was at the Sky Sacred Qin Palace the whole time, she definitely wouldve been able to participate in the Dao of Entertainment Meeting with her talent, and she might even be one of the three prodigies.

However, Zhao Fengs Divine Sense covered the entire area and didnt find the aura of Liu Qinxin.