King Of Gods Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Present
Chapter 737 - Present

Back on the Azure Flower Continent, within a dark black tower in the mountains of the Canopy Great Country in the Northern Continent, there was a six-cornered tower that was old and mysterious. It had forty-nine floors, and it was covered by an indescribably power.

This was a legendary place of the Dao of Life in the Azure Flower Continent the Six Warlock Tower.

At this moment, an elder stood at the peak of the 49th floor and was looking at the sky. The elder had a black cloak over him, and his eyes seemed to be dim, but also as unfathomable as the stars and filled with age and wisdom.


The cry of a cat filled the air as a large silver-black cat yawned lazily in a corner.

Sage, youve stood here for an entire day and night already.

Several figures stood behind the Sage. The closest people were a beautiful priest and an elder with a long white beard.

Qinxin, you indeed havent disappointed me or your mother. Youve successfully changed your fate. Rarely anyone has done so since the beginning of time, the Sage seemed to be happy, and his eyes seemed to look through space toward the direction of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.


A silver light suddenly started to glow in the air above the Six Warlock Divine Tower and covered the Sage.


The big lazy cat hiccupped, and it was full of expectation.

Qinxin!? Liu Qinxin!? the expressions of the female priest, white-bearded elder, and company all changed dramatically. Hadnt Liu Qinxin died in the inheritance already? The Sage had already concluded that she would meet more misfortune than fortune.

Liu Qinxin how is this possible!? a stunning noble female had appeared on the 49th floor. She was considered a peerless beauty and had a charming face. Her every smile could charm the world. She was Empress Qin, the disciple of the Sage.

Didnt Master already conclude that Liu Qinxin died five or six years ago? Empress Qins expression kept on changing. The Sage concluded that Liu Qinxin had met more misfortune than fortune, meaning that she was dead.

Master, didnt you say that Liu Qinxin is already dead? How would she be able to change her destiny? Empress Qin asked respectfully.

The Sage had three female disciples who trained in the Dao of Life, the Dao of Charm, and the Dao of Entertainment respectively. Empress Qin was the only one still alive even though she was of the least importance of the three. The Sage favored the disciple that cultivated the Dao of Life first and the disciple that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment second. Unfortunately, those two had both paid a heavy price in order to change Liu Qinxins fate. Empress Qin only played a small part in it.

The end is just a new beginning; death also means new life, admiration and love appeared in the Sages eyes.

The expressions of the people in the tower became weird. It was extremely rare to see the Sage with such an expression.

New life!? Could it be? the hearts of the priest, the white-bearded elder, and company all shook. At this moment, all of them had their own guesses.

After comprehending Fan Lun Time, she has surpassed the limits of life, and the seed planted seven years ago will start to grow. the smile on the Sages face became brighter, and a small number of daoists that cultivated the Dao of Life behind him started to think.

Qinxin, why are you here this time? the Sage turned around. He didnt say anything more about Liu Qinxin.

Master, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion is re-awakening, and the continent is in danger. The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch is apparently in seclusion and planning to break through to the Void God Realm Empress Qin said.

Over the past couple years, the forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had been reviving and slowly eroding the continent. Even with the help of the Sacred Alliance and the Ten Great Clans, their momentum was unstoppable.

Sage, you can definitely save the continent, the people behind him said, and expectation appeared in Empress Qins eyes.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had also started to erode the Canopy Great Country, and the Iron Blood Religion used this chance to gather the forces of the great country and fight the Demonic Religion together.

You dont need to worry. The Azure Flower Continent is a place of fortune, the Sage smiled and returned to seclusion.

Empress Qin sighed, and unwillingness appeared on her face.


The big lazy cat glanced toward her with playfulness and disappeared.

Back in the Gan Sacred Island Zone, on an island only one-fifth the size of the Eight Desolate Mountain, a metallic ship of Death floated on a lake, and it was covered by a dark purple light. Two Death Guards were guarding the front and back of the ship.

Gan Sacred Island Zone forces cultivating the Dao of Entertainment. I didnt think itd be here. the figure of a Death God appeared at the head of the ship. Next to him was a little girl with white eyes.

The girl with white eyes had been growing extremely quickly. There was a profound power coming from her eyes.

Master, the sect with the word Qin in it is where the target is hiding, the white-eyed little girl said. She was now taller and had an unusual aura.

A sect with the word Qin in it. Hehe, that reminds me of an old and powerful sect that cultivates the Dao of Entertainment, the smile on the Emperor of Deaths face became even colder.

Sky Sacred Qin Palace. This made him remember some deep memories hidden in his mind. The Emperor of Death started to remember what had happened.

The life of any Emperor would be enough to write a novel, including the Emperor of Death. His growth wasnt smooth; it was full of thorns and waves. Not many people knew that he had stolen two bodies and cultivated again to reach his current height.

The first time he had just become a Peak-tier King and was about to become an Emperor, several Emperors ambushed him. The Emperor of Death had offended too many people, and having the Eye of Death meant that he had strong potential. The Emperors teamed up and killed the Emperor of Death, but his soul managed to escape and steal another body.

The second time was even less lucky. A Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord killed him right after he became an Emperor. That time was even riskier, and his soul was almost completely destroyed.

The second time I died, I was killed by the Sacred Lord in the Floating Dream Sacred Land, and the sects cultivating the Dao of Entertainment seemed to have helped back then, the Emperor of Death remembered this long-forgotten memory. He had finally managed to reach his current position after re-cultivating twice, and with his terrifying techniques of Death, even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords didnt want to offend him easily.

Sky Sacred Qin Palace lets finish it off together, cold killing intent appeared in the Emperor of Deaths eyes. As soon as he finished saying it, the Emperor of Death had disappeared from the ship.

Why? The future is being blocked by a mysterious power, the white-eyed little girl bit her bottom lip as she held a brush and finally managed to barely draw a painting. Her artistic skills had improved, and one could see the Emperor of Death facing a purple-haired youth in the picture.

Theyre finally going to meet? the two Death Guards looked at the painting.

At the same moment, within the 49th floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, the expressions of the group changed dramatically. The flawless body surrounded in light radiated a mysterious aura that seemed able to cleanse the soul. The body started to slowly fade away.

Qinxin! Zhao Feng roared. The smiling Liu Qinxin in front of him started to slowly fade away under the light.

Everyone was watching with gaping mouths, but they were unable to do anything.

Feng, with your arrival, I will be able to die with no regrets, a soft voice sounded on the 49th floor, and a phantom appeared from the corpse, forming a female in white.


A tattered, old bronze coin appeared under the disappearing body.

Qinxin are you dead or alive? Do you still live? Zhao Feng stared at the phantom of Liu Qinxin. This Liu Qinxin was completely formed out of Intent Zhao Feng could see this clearly.

Feng, I died in order to achieve a new life. As you were able to reach this place, that means that our connection hasnt been cut yet, Liu Qinxin revealed a satisfied smile in the light.


Her body started to become unstable and dim. Zhao Fengs expression changed; this was just an Intent left behind by Liu Qinxin and formed by the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palaces power.

Theres not much time left, Liu Qinxins expression became serious. Feng, this coin will help you resolve an upcoming danger.


Liu Qinxin then turned into a streak of light that merged into the bronze coin, and the coin glittered with a mysterious starlight as it landed in Zhao Fengs palm.

Feng, this is my present for you. Lets meet again in the afterlife, a soft voice faded into the air, and Liu Qinxins aura completely disappeared from the 49th floor.

Zhao Feng gazed at the bronze coin.

An upcoming danger? Could Liu Qinxin have foreseen something?

Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into the coin, and his mind entered a world of stars. In this world, the stars, sun, and moon spun in a mystic way and created an immeasurable power. In the next instant, different types of comprehensions and Intents flowed into his mind.

This is?

The sound of a qin seemed to sound next to his ears. The bronze coin contained a weird power of the Dao of Entertainment, and it merged into his soul.

Zhao Feng felt as if his soul had been momentarily raised and purified. The effect was more than ten times stronger than the Illusion God Wine.