King Of Gods Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Pursuit Of Death 8
Chapter 745 - Pursuit of Death (8)

Master, the upcoming battle will affect destiny. No matter who wins or loses, I wont be able to help you anymore, the white-eyed little girl bit her lips. She had reached her limit in helping the Emperor of Death.

After saying that, she bowed to the Emperor of Death and asked to leave.

Ill only drag Master down if I stay. My destiny isnt in the Cang Ocean its in the Continent Zone, the white-eyed girl said, and a weird light glittered in her eyes as she looked in the direction of the Continent Zone.

Okay, I wont force you, the Emperor of Death gave her a deep glance. Without her help, he never wouldve been able to find Zhao Feng in the Cang Ocean. Furthermore, she tried to divine what would happen with all her powers. To a certain degree, the Emperor of Death had the initiative.

Before I leave, I would like to tell Master something, Bai Lin suddenly said.

Go ahead, the Emperor of Death replied.

The owners of the God Eyes are destined by Heaven. They are hard to replace, and the Ninth Gods Eye seems to be even more unique. I hope that Master wont be too bent on it. Bai Lin said after some deep thought.

Both Bai Lin and the Emperor of Death were descendants of God Eye holders. Although the difference between the God Eye of Destiny and the Eye of Destiny was only one world, the former was the ancestor and the latter was just the descendant.

The Eye of Death was the same. To become the owner of the God Eye of Death, the Emperor of Death would need to kill the God of Death and use his Eye of Death to become the next God Eye owner. This was because God Eyes were unique only one of each could exist in the universe.

However, even in theory, the difficulty of doing so was almost completely impossible. Therefore, Bai Lin was telling her master that some things couldnt be forced.

I know what you mean, the Emperor of Death paused for a moment before speaking with excitement, However, the Ninth Gods Eye hasnt truly awakened yet, nor has its owner matured. This is the easiest chance to obtain a Gods Eye. If I pass up this chance, I will regret it for life.

In comparison to replacing an original Gods Eye owner, this chance could be said to be one in a trillion. Although the difficulty of killing Zhao Feng was increasing more and more, there was still hope, and as long as there was hope, the Emperor of Death wouldnt give up. Furthermore, at the moment, he had the absolute advantage in strength.

Within the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land, a dark light passed through the limitless ocean, and the coldness radiating from it caused the beasts nearby to go silent and tremble out of fear.

Its the Emperor of Death!

The hearts of the pirates he passed started to twitch.

The Cold Moon Emperor, Zhao Feng, and company in the desolate canyon received news of his approach as well. In order to deal with the Emperor of Death, the Cold Moon Emperor had ordered all the upper echelons of the Pirate Sacred Land to prepare.

Hes almost here, Zhao Feng turned into a streak of lightning and flew into the limitless ocean area. The Cold Moon Emperor, the child Demigod, the Giant Shark King, and the Ghost Scaled King followed suit.

A while later, the sky became dark as an old majestic figure came into view.

Emperor of Death!

The hearts of the Cold Moon Emperor and company shook as they became on guard. This person was one of the oldest Emperors in the Cang Ocean, and he was often called a nightmare.

A new Emperor and two Peak-tier Kings. Zhao Feng, you really think just these people will be able to kill me? the Emperor of Deaths voice was filled with coldness and mockery.

The situation in front of him was what Bai Lin had drawn with the Eye of Destiny, so he was ready for this.

Zhao Feng and company looked at each other. The Emperor of Death didnt seem to be surprised by the current scene. On the contrary, it was as if he was expecting it.

Emperor of Death, Zhao Feng laughed, Almost all your subordinates have been killed by me, and your disciple Wen Luoan blew himself up in front of you. Is that where your confidence comes from?

Hearing that, the Emperor of Deaths face became ugly. The pressure he had tried to exert was instantly shattered.

I will take revenge for them by killing you. Then Ill go find the Eye of Samsara and repay them, whereas you will die and suffer in pain for eternity, the smile on the Emperor of Deaths face became cold and deadly.

The Cold Moon Emperor and company couldnt help but hiccup. The Emperor of Death was quite cruel; he didnt want to just end Zhao Fengs current life, he was going to make Zhao Feng wish for death in his next lives as well.

The atmosphere tensed up. The Emperor of Death suddenly spread his arms, and a sticky black spatial dimension of Death appeared in the air.

Little World!

The Cold Moon Emperor and company felt the unrivalled power of a Little World. The Little World of Death devoured the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby and pulled everything especially souls toward it.

The hearts of the child Demigod and the two Peak-tier Kings became heavy as they felt a massive pressure on them. The power of Death continuously expanded, as if it wanted to finish them all off at once.

The Little World became more and more corporeal, and it was like a black abyss. Once they were sucked into it, the result would be unimaginable.

Ill just break your Little World! the Cold Moon Emperor gripped her sword and blade and sent cold flashes of moonlight through the air. The sword and blade created large chasms in the darkness, so deep that the bottoms couldnt be seen.

The interaction of the sword and blade seemed to twist space itself, and the Little World of Death showed signs of becoming unstable.

The Emperor of Deaths expression changed. He didnt expect that this woman was an Emperor that specialized in offense.

The Cold Moon Emperor had unparalleled attacks even when she was a King, and she was amongst the best in terms of offense in the Pirate Sacred Land. Although she still hadnt formed her own Little World, her spatial domain was close to materializing, and each of her attacks contained the power to split Heaven and Earth. In terms of offense, the Cold Moon Emperor was much stronger than normal Emperors.

Attack together! the Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King circulated their bloodline power and used their Peak-tier King strength to bombard the Little World.

Sacred Body Dominating Strength! the child Demigods body became bigger, and it was covered in gold. A golden image appeared behind him and exerted pressure toward the Emperor of Death and his Little World.

Boom! Boom!

At this moment in time, the Emperor of Deaths Little World started to tremble, and many cracks appeared on it. His own body became heavy as the Sacred Body Dominating Strength pressured toward him.

The Emperor of Death had underestimated the Cold Moon Emperor and the two Peak-tier Kings, and he also underestimated the child Demigods growth. After reaching the middle stages of the Void God Realm, the child Demigods Golden Kun Sacred Body had reached the early stages of the 5th level, so he was able to block even Emperors for a period of time without trouble due to his overwhelming Intent.

I didnt expect a demigod to become that brats servant, the Emperor of Death glanced at the child Demigod.

The child Demigods actions stiffened, but he kept on attacking the Little World of Death.

At this moment, Zhao Feng hadnt even entered the fight yet, and the Emperor of Deaths Little World was already shaking slightly. However, the Little World was extremely unique; it devoured the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby, and it could turn nearby beings into a pile of white bones.

A portion of any attacks from the outside world would be engulfed by the Little World and transformed into its own power or reflected at the attacker. It was the same as the Death Forcefield. Even several Emperors wouldnt be able to shatter the Little World within a short amount of time.

The Emperor of Death isnt attacking immediately like before; hes using his Little World instead. Hes planning something.

Zhao Feng didnt participate in the attack he was waiting for the Emperor of Deaths next move. The Little World of Death specialized in defense and support; its offense was average.

Death Spirits of Hatred! the Emperor of Deaths Eye of Death created a pitch-black whirlpool, and several terrifying auras radiated from within the whirlpool.


Several bone-chilling screams sounded from the Little World.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three spirits of hatred, each several hundred yards tall, appeared from the Eye of Death. The very middle one even radiated an aura comparable to an Emperor.

An Emperors spirit of hatred! Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye inspected these spirits.

The Emperor spirit of hatred looked like Emperor Mu Yun, but it wasnt completely him. There seemed to be other soul auras from Emperors merged into it as well.

The auras from the other two spirits were comparable to Peak-tier Kings.

Amidst howls and screams, the three spirits of hatred charged toward the Cold Moon Emperor, the Giant Shark King, and the Ghost Scaled King. Their hearts tingled, and their souls became uneasy.

Each of the spirits were formed by at least three partial souls of Emperors or Kings.

The Cold Moon Emperor, the Giant Shark King, and the Ghost Scaled King were forced to retreat. These three spirits of hatred werent just normal spirits of hatred they had powerful offensive Soul capabilities, as well as the ability to reduce the damage of physical attacks.

The Cold Moon Emperor had no advantage at all in terms of the soul and was suppressed by the Emperor-level spirit. The Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King were forced to retreat by a King-level spirit respectively.

Hmph, measly spirits. Let me kill the two King-level spirits first. Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

Mental Energy Spike! Zhao Fengs left eye released a giant purple-colored Mental Energy Spike that was surrounded by a wisp of mysterious lightning.


One of the King-level spirits was instantly killed by the Mental Energy Spike.

One had to know that Zhao Fengs Mental Energy Spike contained the faint power of God Tribulation Lightning, which dealt critical damage to souls.

Everyone was stunned by Zhao Fengs ability to destroy a Peak-tier King spirit instantly.

Just as Zhao Feng was feeling slightly smug, his expression changed dramatically as he sensed something.

Master, save me~~~~! the child Demigod yelled.

Gaze of Death! the Emperor of Deaths dark Eyes of Death landed on the child Demigod from with the Little World. The child Demigod struggled in pain as a faint golden Yuan Soul was about to leave his body.

When Zhao Feng used the Mental Energy Spike, the Emperor of Death used the Gaze of Death.

His target is the child Demigod! Zhao Fengs heart dropped, and he realized that he had been tricked by the Emperor of Death. The spirits of hatred were only summoned to distract him.

Although the child Demigods Intent was strong, his soul was still only at the King level. On top of that, his forte was body-strengthening, and even in his previous life, his soul was his weakness.