King Of Gods Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Pursuit Of Death 13
Chapter 750 - Pursuit of Death (13)

Zhao Fengs Yuan Qi was indeed slightly depleted and not at its peak, but that was on purpose. He wanted to follow the Emperor of Death closely and not give the latter any time to recover.

Seeing that the Tentacles of Death were still wrapped around the other two Kings, Zhao Feng said no more and immediately started attacking.

Gaze of the God Eye!

A surge of purple-colored eye-bloodline power appeared from Zhao Fengs left eye and formed a world of purple that pulled in the souls of others.

You actually! the expression of the Emperor of Death changed dramatically as the crown on his head released a profound undulation.

The Void God Realm Kings in front of the Emperor of Death, as well as the other experts of the two-star sect, felt their souls go cold, and they were unable to breathe. It was as if their souls were being pulled away, and the closer they were to the Emperor of Death, the more obvious this effect was.

Hes merged the Dao of Illusions into the foundation of the Gaze of Death! the Emperor of Deaths heart shook.

The Gaze of Death sucked ones soul away with overwhelming strength. Under normal situations, pure soul-strength determined the victor, but there could be other factors such as Intent, mastery, various tricks, and whatnot.

Zhao Feng used the Dao of Illusions. He specialized in the Dao of Illusions the first Dao he ever learned was the Dao of Illusions, which came from the Illusion Fish Picture in the Broken Moon Clan.

After the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, Zhao Fengs understanding of the Dao of Illusions had entered an entirely new level. According to what Liu Qinxin in the wall said, the highest level of illusion was reality.

At this moment in time, Zhao Fengs Gaze of the God Eye wasnt just a simple soul-sucking force anymore. He fused in the Dao of Illusions and made it stronger.

I was the one that created this technique, and youre using it against me!? the Emperor of Death was enraged, but he still needed to gather his Intent and use a Soul Dao technique in order to block the Gaze of the God Eye.

Zhao Fengs Gaze of the God Eye had a momentum of surpassing the original technique. This was because Zhao Feng used the technique through the Ninth Gods Eye, which was much stronger than the Eye of Death. The only thing he lacked was cultivation.

Run! the other two Void God Realm Kings used this chance to escape the Tentacles of Death.

Hehe, Zhao Feng then stopped the Gaze of the God Eye. His true aim was just to stop the Emperor of Death from using the Tentacles of Death to recover his injuries.

Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms! the child Demigod glowed with a golden radiance as his Sacred Body crushed through the air. He also sent mystic golden palms through Heaven and Earth that limited the Emperor of Death.

Scarlet Golden Eye Flame!

The instant the Emperor of Death was restricted, Zhao Fengs left eye started to burn with a scarlet-golden color.


A half-transparent scarlet-golden flame landed on the Emperor of Death and burned throughout both the physical and mental energy dimensions.

This Scarlet-Gold Wind Lightning Eye Flame contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, and all three hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning in his purple Soul Sea glowed.

Arghh! the Emperor of Death howled as the fire started to burn across his body and soul.

The scarlet-golden eye flame contained the power of Destruction as well as God Tribulation Lightning, both of which countered his Immortal Death Body.

His soul was the part that was most affected. Zhao Fengs Sky Locking Bow attacks and the Scarlet Golden Eye Flame were both soul-based.

The Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning is technically the highest level of the Wind Lightning Inheritance, Zhao Feng murmured.

He had now mastered over 60% of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning. When the power of God Tribulation Lightning was merged into it as well, the scarlet-golden Wind Lightning was enough to severely injure most Emperors.

Mental Energy Spike!

While the Emperor of Death revealed a flaw, a transparent purple crystalline Mental Energy Spike pierced into his soul.


The crown on the Emperor of Deaths head bloomed open like a lotus, but it couldnt really fight back against the power of God Tribulation Lightning, especially when it was combined with the Intent of Destruction. The crown was even damaged, and the Emperor of Deaths soul was slightly injured, adding to his injuries from before.

Damage to the soul is even harder to recover from, Zhao Fengs smile was poisonous.

Although his Yuan Qi was slightly depleted, his main focus was Soul Dao attacks, and the recovery speed of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline made Zhao Feng unafraid of long battles.

Dark Eye Death Flames!

The eyes of the Emperor of Death formed a forbidden black light that twisted the air and thundered toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Fengs heart went cold as he felt the danger of death. The Emperor of Death rarely used direct soul attacks against Zhao Feng, but now he did.


A layer of delicate ice-blue scales condensed around Zhao Fengs body as a suit of ice armor appeared as well, covering everything within a hundred miles in his Mystic Ice Domain.


Smoke appeared from Zhao Fengs body as the Dark Eye Death Flames landed on him. At the same time, black flames burned in Zhao Fengs purple Soul Sea.


Zhao Fengs left eye shook as the three hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning radiated a power that could threaten Gods and Demons alike.


Waves started to appear in the lake in the very center of his Soul Sea as lightning and wind interacted in the sky.

Emperor of Death its no use. The difference in our soul-strength isnt very big, a faint smile appeared on Zhao Fengs face.

His Gods Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against Soul attacks, including those from the Eye of Death. However, this had one prerequisite the difference in soul-strength between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death couldnt be too big.

Zhao Feng had an Emperor-level soul, which had also been cleansed by the God Tribulation Lightning and the Gods Spiritual Eye. Although there was a difference in cultivation between the two, the difference in soul-strength wasnt big.

As I thought, the Emperor of Death wasnt hopeful in the first place, but his expression became grim. He had to admit that he finally met someone who countered him perfectly. He relied on the Eye of Death the most, but it was suppressed by the Ninth Gods Eye, and his Immortal Death Body was countered by the God Tribulation Lightning.

Scarlet Golden Eye Flame! Mental Energy Spike!

Zhao Feng attacked from afar.

The child Demigod was between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death, and he used his Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms to restrict the Emperor of Death.

Boom! Boom~~~~!

Under the frenzied attacks from Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye, the Emperor of Deaths face became white once more.

In terms of understanding and mastery of the soul, the Emperor of Death had the advantage, but Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye was a true God Eye, and its potential only got stronger as the battle continued. More importantly, Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against soul attacks.

In addition, Zhao Feng had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and the Ice Imperial Spear, so he was about on par with the Emperor of Death in terms of physical defense, but his recovery speed was faster.

The Emperor of Deaths expression started to change as he finally understood why Zhao Feng dared to chase after him without fully recovering his Yuan Qi.

Zhao Fengs actual strength is about the same as mine. The only difference between us is cultivation, the Emperor of Death took a deep breath and had to acknowledge reality. Under the Pursuit of Death, Zhao Feng had grown stronger extremely quickly.

Scythe of Death!

A black scythe started to form in the Emperor of Deaths hand.

Death Forcefield!

A thick black layer of darkness appeared around him as he charged toward Zhao Feng and the child Demigod with his scythe.

The expressions of the child Demigod and Zhao Feng changed dramatically. The combination of the Scythe of Death and the Death Forcefield was extremely strong and could be considered perfect. Any attack against the Emperor of Death would be absorbed by the Death Forcefield and then added to the Scythe of Death.

Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning!

A one-hundred-yard-long scarlet-golden spear started to condense in Zhao Fengs hand, and it radiated a terrifying aura of Destruction and God Tribulation Lightning.

Ding! Ding! Bam~~

The scarlet-golden spear and the Scythe of Death clashed in the air. Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were forced back.

Restricting Yuan Palm!

The child Demigod used another technique and sent gray-golden beams of light toward the Emperor of Death, limiting the flow of Yuan Qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle caused the nearby mountains around the two-star sect to shatter, and the shockwave from their fight made the expressions of the three Kings change dramatically.

Who is that purple-haired man!? Hes chasing the Emperor of Death!

The female in the dress and the other two Kings pulled away from the fight.

The Emperor of Death and the purple-colored-hair male both used shocking eye-bloodlines and Soul techniques. Even in a physical fight, they were elites amongst Emperors.

Death Instant Shadow!

The Emperor of Death suddenly turned into a dark beam of light and sped away from the island.

So fast! the three Kings exclaimed.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

The wings behind Zhao Fengs back released a brilliant glow of light as he turned into an arc of lightning and followed behind. It was obvious that his speed was faster than the Emperor of Death.

The three Kings were like wooden chickens. When they finally reacted, they all let out a long breath.

I think that purple-haired youth is called Zhao Feng.

Only a handful of experts are able to chase after the Emperor of Death. Looks like another expert has appeared in the Cang Ocean.

One had to know that the strength of these three Kings were all at least comparable to the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess of the Tianlu Islands.

Scarlet Golden Eye Flame! Sky Locking Bow!

Zhao Feng kept on attacking as he chased from behind.

Over the limitless ocean. This Pursuit of Death spanned over several island zones and caused Heaven and Earth to shake wherever they fought. It was a disaster.

At the beginning, the Emperor of Death still had the ability to fight back, but after several months, he could only focus on defense. Slowly but steadily, news of this pursuit started to spread, and the legend of the Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor was known across the Cang Ocean.