King Of Gods Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Words Of Death
Chapter 752 - Words of Death

So thats how it is, Emperor Zi Mu looked at Zhao Fengs actions and the Yuan Soul stuck in the middle of the air. No wonder the Emperor of Deaths self-destruction wasnt as powerful as he thought it would be.

The Void God Realm represented a change in the soul, and Emperors had reached a peak.

The Emperor of Deaths strongest foundation was his soul, but he was unlucky that he had met Zhao Feng. Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline was also Soul-based, and he had the Sky Locking Bow.

Even after locking on to the Emperor of Deaths Yuan Soul, Zhao Feng didnt underestimate him.

Master, the child Demigod suddenly appeared, and Zhao Feng looked at him in puzzlement. What kind of suggestion did this guy have?

The Emperor of Deaths Eyes of Death can be inherited. Can Master steal his eye-bloodline for me? the child Demigod was extremely moved. He cultivated body-strengthening techniques, and his soul was his weakness. However, if the child Demigod was able to obtain the soul-based Eyes of Death and combine it with his Golden Kun Sacred Body, it would be perfect.

Eyes of Death? Zhao Feng felt his eye-bloodline twitch in excitement.

In the air, the Yuan Soul that was unable to move had a pair of pitch-black eyes, which existed between the physical dimension and soul dimension. It was similar to when Zhao Fengs Gods Eye left his body.

Instinct told him that the Eyes of Death would be helpful to him.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also appeared and waved its paws as if trying to tell Zhao Feng something.

This cat! the child Demigod gnashed his teeth. The little thieving cat was telling Zhao Feng to not give the Eyes of Death to the child Demigod.


The little thieving cats suggestion was to immediately kill the Emperor of Death.

Zhao Feng, if I die, you will too, the Yuan Soul that was unable to move started to burn as it summoned the power of Death.

Not good!

The expressions of Zhao Feng and company who were closing in changed dramatically as they felt a critical sense of danger. One had to know that the Emperor of Deaths soul was unrivalled amongst Emperors, and in terms of understanding of the soul, he even surpassed some Sacred Lords.


The little thieving cat quickly reacted and hid into Zhao Fengs metal ring, but the child Demigod had been thinking about how to obtain the Eyes of Death and was caught off guard.


All of Heaven and Earth fell into darkness as a power similar to the Death Forcefield covered the area. The difference was that this power was aimed more at the soul.

Arghh! the child Demigod screamed as his soul aura went out like a candle being extinguished, and he fell from the air into the limitless ocean.

Zhao Fengs Soul Sea started to shake as he faced the explosion of an Emperors soul. This force was able to severely injure the souls of even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords. Zhao Feng groaned in pain; although his Gods Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against soul attacks, it was relative. If a soul attack was too strong, his Gods Spiritual Eye wouldnt be able to block it.

Little thieving cat! Child Demigod! Zhao Feng exclaimed. The little thieving cat reacted quickly and managed to escape into the ancient metal ring, which was another dimension. As for the child Demigod, Zhao Feng couldnt feel his aura anymore.


A pair of black eyes turned into a blurry streak and instantly flew ten thousand miles away.

Eyes of Death and Death Intent! Zhao Fengs expression became grim. He didnt expect that the Emperor of Death had a technique similar to shedding his shell. Over 95% of the Emperor of Deaths soul-strength was destroyed in the explosion just now, but his core Death Intent and memories were hidden within the Eyes of Death.


The Eyes of Death flew extremely quickly, and they existed between the physical and soul dimensions. They were much faster than Zhao Fengs Lightning Wings Spatial Flash because the speed of Yuan Souls was usually ten times greater than normal flying, and in his current state, the Emperor of Deaths speed was five times faster than even that.

Lets see how long you can last, Zhao Feng decided that he couldnt let the Emperor of Death off so easily, but killing him straight away would be too kind.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

Wings formed behind Zhao Fengs back and allowed him to flash ten thousand miles away in one go. He wasnt worried that the Emperor of Death would be able to escape because over 95% of the Emperor of Deaths soul power had already been destroyed, so he couldnt maintain flight for very long.

The Emperor of Death only has one method of survival, Zhao Fengs heart was clear. After his physical form was destroyed and he lost most of his soul power, the only way the Emperor of Death could survive was to steal someones body.

In reality, the Emperor of Death had done such a thing twice before, so he was pretty experienced, but this time around, the difficulty would be extremely high.

Even the self-destruction of my soul didnt damage Zhao Feng much. His eye-bloodline specializes in tracking, and hes also extremely fast, the Emperor of Death cried bitterly in his heart.

Even if it was a Sacred Lord, the Emperor of Death would have been able to escape by now with two shell-shedding explosions. The Shadow of the Death God and two self-explosions would be extremely troublesome even for normal Sacred Lords, but unfortunately, his advantage in the soul was perfectly countered by Zhao Feng.

An hour later, the Eyes of Death managed to pull away from Zhao Feng, but most of his Intent had been used up.

He headed toward a populated island.

Ill be able to rise once more after stealing another body.

The Emperor of Death saw hope of new life. Once he stole a body, he wouldnt need to worry about talent or anything else because of his Eye of Death.

A while later, within some countrys palace, a dark beam of light flashed by. Anyone that hadnt reached the Origin Core Realm wouldnt be able to sense anything.

Good, I stole the body of a prince this time, the Emperor of Death was slightly happy.

The strength of this country was on par with the Canopy Great Country, and it wouldnt be easily found. If he had chosen a one-star or two-star force, it would be risky, but the identity of a prince wasnt too bad. Once he entered a one-star or two-star force in the future, there would be countless resources.

Without using any effort at all, the Emperor of Death successfully managed to steal the body of a prince, or more accurately, an illegitimate child.

Zhe zhe, even if youre trash, I will make you rise and defy the heavens.

The Emperor of Death started to merge with the memories of this body. At the same time, he circulated a secret technique to conceal his aura. To make sure everything would be perfect, the Emperor of Death boarded a carriage, exited the palace, and entered a quiet forest.

Suddenly, the Emperor of Deaths body froze.

In the forest sat a purple-haired youth and a little cat who were both roasting the meat of a wild boar. The crispy boar meat released an enticing smell that made the Emperor of Deaths hungry body instinctively gulp down his saliva.

Zhao Feng, be nice to others. the Emperor of Deaths breathing rate quickened, and his eyes were full of deadliness and despair. He only just stole a body; apart from the fact that he had strong Intent, he probably wouldnt even be a match for a True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless as he took a bite of the meat, then started to inspect the Emperor of Death and his new body.

Once a Void God Realm stole another body, everything became simple. Zhao Fengs left eye opened and covered the Emperor of Deaths soul and body in a freezing coldness.

He was very interested in the Emperor of Deaths techniques and his Eye of Death.

Zhao Feng, if I die, you will too because I set down the Cursed Words of Death a very long time ago, the Emperor of Deaths face was poisonous as he started to threaten Zhao Feng. He didnt have any hope at all against Zhao Feng, so if he had to die, he wouldnt make Zhao Feng feel good either.

Cursed Words of Death? Zhao Fengs eyebrows locked together. He had inspected the Dark Eye Secret Manual before, so he knew a bit about the Cursed Words of Death.

The Cursed Words of Death was the most terrifying type of curse, and it required a life to activate.

The origin of the Cursed Words of Death is a forbidden and extinct species of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races the Ancient Shaman Race. The ranking of this race is even higher than the Heavens Legacy Race its only below that of the Ancient Race.

The Emperor of Deaths face became cold and Zhao Fengs expression changed slightly, but the killing intent in his eyes didnt waver. Not only was he going to kill the Emperor of Death, he was going to torture him and steal his Eye of Death and his memories.

Hahaha! the Emperor of Death started to laugh in despair as he circulated his Intent and soul. His opponent was cold and calm even the Cursed Words of Death was unable to frighten him away.

Not good!

Zhao Feng wanted to stop him, but it was too late. He didnt expect the Emperor of Death to immediately commit suicide.

Using the price of death, I shall leave behind a nightmare of endless withering and weakening onto my foe! a voice seemed to resound across Heaven and Earth.

At this moment in time, the Emperor of Death had truly died. Along with his death was also his consciousness and his Eye of Death.

The stronger the owner of the Eye of Death, the more powerful the Cursed Words of Death would be. In theory, the power of the Cursed Words of Death was effective against experts within two large realms. This was also why normal Sacred Lords didnt want to offend the Emperor of Death, who had such ancient and forbidden techniques.


The stolen body of the Emperor of Death fell to the ground.


Zhao Feng groaned as he felt a cold and indescribable power seep into his soul. The feeling was itchy and painful, and it went straight into his heart.

When Zhao Feng opened his Gods Spiritual Eye, he saw that there were wisps of black light in his body that started to erode even his soul. It was hard to describe the origin of these black lights or how they existed. The power was similar to the power of the curse of a ghost-corpse, but countless times more profound.

Cursed Words of Death. Such a forbidden technique actually exists?

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. The moment he was hit by this technique, he felt as if insects had swarmed all over him. At this instant, Zhao Feng felt his soul, lifeforce, True Yuan, and cultivation slowly start to wither.

Luckily, his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline and Gods Spiritual Eye were somewhat resistant against the Cursed Words of Death. The weakening speed of normal Kings would be ten times or even a dozen times faster than Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng sat down for half a day, but he could do nothing about the Cursed Words of Death. He couldnt figure out how the power of the curse even existed, and he was unable to affect it.

I dont understand the Cursed Words of Death at all. Ill go back to the Azure Flower Continent first. Maybe the Sage can tell me something, Zhao Feng thought.