King Of Gods Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Returning To The Great Country
Chapter 755 - Returning to the Great Country


Looking at the skeletal Division Leaders respectful expression, the Bat King, the Mystic Sword Sovereign, and company were all stunned. Only now did they realize that this expressionless and quiet youth was Master.

Zhao Zhao Feng! the Mystic Sword Sovereign, Shi Chengtian, and company were speechless. From the beginning, Zhao Feng only stood next to the skeletal Division Leader without saying anything, so he had been ignored. Only now did everyones gaze lock on to this overwhelming prodigy.

Skeletal Division Leader, Zhao Feng said in a slightly unhappy tone, Ive already given you the task of taking control of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Are you going to ask me about every little tiny thing?

Yes, yes, yes. the skeletal Division Leader couldnt help but hiccup coldly and curse itself for being dumb. After all the waves Zhao Feng had been through, the Azure Flower Continent and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were nothing in comparison. It had already sensed that Zhao Feng wasnt very interested in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, which is why it was currently in charge. Being a slave that was under orders from Master, it should do some things to the best of its ability.

Little tiny thing? the faces of the Mystic Sword Sovereign and company twitched, and the Bat King and company looked at each other in shock. It was as if the fight for the continent was just childs play in Zhao Fengs eyes.

The Sovereigns present couldnt see through Zhao Feng, and he even seemed to be sick at the moment.

Zhe zhe zhe. Bat King and the rest of you. All of you only have two choices either bow down to me or die! the skeletal Division Leader laughed coldly and shifted its expression. It had been taking orders from Zhao Feng for a long time, and it was finally returning to what it used to be like.

You are betraying the Patriarch! the female with a pale face gritted her teeth and said.

Die! a deadly red light flashed through the skeletal Division Leaders eyes.


A large dark silver skeletal hand smashed down from the sky and crushed the female into a meat paste. The female didnt even have time to scream.


The experts from both sides all took in a cold breath.

Hes way too strong!

Division Leader Yougu is probably at least at the peak Great Origin Core Realm. Apart from the Patriarch, no one else would be able to handle him.

The Bat King and the Sovereign in black were stunned. If the skeletal Division Leaders strength was already so monstrous, then how strong was the master, Zhao Feng? After thinking about it, the two decided to bow for now, and most of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion elites did so too.

However, a small number of elites tried to escape.

Boom! Boom!

Before these elites managed to run even half a mile, an Intent descended from the sky and destroyed their souls.

Void God Intent!

Its at least half-step King Intent. Only the Patriarch has such a thing!

The faces of the Bat King and company were white. They were originally planning to escape, but after seeing the skeletal Division Leaders true power, they couldnt help but feel lucky.

In just a short while, the skeletal Division Leader had taken control over this group of cultivators from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, including the two Sovereigns.

Origin Core Realm experts were extremely rare in the Azure Flower Continent; those at the True Lord Rank were already people that could rule an entire area.

As for Sovereign Lords at the Great Origin Core Realm, the total amount didnt exceed the number of fingers on one hand. Everyone was limited by the Azure Flower Continents environment; Sovereign Lords were rare even in the nearby two-star forces.

The skeletal Division Leaders cultivation had managed to barely squeeze into the half-step King rank.

Zhao Feng, Shi Chengtian led his father Shi Yuntian and greeted Zhao Feng, and they expressed their gratitude. If Zhao Feng wasnt here, the Shi family probably wouldve become extinct.

The Mystic Sword Sovereign and the other experts of the Sacred Alliance had complex expressions that contained wariness. Zhao Fengs goal was to take control over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. If he really succeeded, who knew whether hed become the second Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch or what kind of disaster would befall the continent.

Zhao Feng, right now, the entire continent is attacking the forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Arent you scared that theyll run out of your control? Why not team up with the Sacred Alliance and destroy the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion completely? the Mystic Sword Sovereign suggested.

My slave is now in control of everything regarding the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Im not interested in any of it, Zhao Feng said, and the Mystic Sword Sovereign sighed.

This was the first time he had seen Zhao Feng since the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, and he couldnt see through him at all.

Zhao Feng then learned about the situation of the Azure Flower Continent from the Mystic Sword Sovereign and Shi Chengtian.

The forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were reviving and spreading. Although the Sacred Alliance and the Ten Great Clans had a big advantage, they had basically lost control of the situation.

How are the forces of the Demonic Religion recovering so fast? Zhao Feng cut straight to the point. When the Demonic Religion was defeated several hundred years ago, only a tiny bit of their forces remained.

The Moon Demon Palace is supporting them, and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch controls the entrance to the Scarlet Moon Inheritance to a certain degree, so he is able to send some people in every couple years. the Mystic Sword Sovereign sighed.

Moon Demon Palace?

Zhao Fengs eyebrows locked together. He had interacted with them in the Purple Saint Ruins before, but Emperor Duanmu had punished them and made them give up on the Purple Saint Ruins.

Looks like Ill need to head to the Moon Demon Palace sometime, Zhao Feng murmured.

Hearing that, the eyes of the Mystic Sword Sovereign bulged out. It sounded like Zhao Feng was implying that he had already interacted with them before and was just going to head over and settle the trouble.

Moon Demon Palace! That was a two-star sect! Two-star sects were existences that the Ten Great Clans could only look up to.

Of course, if the Mystic Sword Sovereign knew that Zhao Feng had once plundered an entire two-star battlefield, he wouldnt be so worried. Even the Emperor of Death, who Zhao Feng had chased after and killed, could easily destroy normal two-star sects.

Zhao Feng then talked with Shi Chengtian a bit.

Shi Chengtian admired Zhao Feng from the bottom of his heart.

Zhao Feng mainly asked about the other overwhelming prodigies, with an emphasis on Yu Tianhao. Over seven years had passed since he and Yu Tianhao made their ten-year deal. It had been more than eight years since the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, and he hadnt seen Yu Tianhao for quite some time.

I dont think that Yu Tianhao has come back since then, Shi Chengtian shook his head and said.

Yu Tianhao? on the other hand, the Mystic Sword Sovereign knew a bit. Apparently, its like this: the origin of the Yu family comes from the legendary continent zone, but with the passage of time, all the branches of their family have spread across the limitless ocean. the Mystic Sword Sovereign said.

Continent zone? Zhao Feng couldnt help but be somewhat surprised.

Apparently, after the fight seven years ago, Yu Tianhao left the Azure Flower Continent and entered one of the Yu branch families nearby. The strength of this Yu branch family was close to a two-star sect.

I heard Yu Xingchen say that Yu Tianhaos bloodline and talent are unrivalled. He might be sent to the main Yu family in the continent zone, the Mystic Sword Saint said, and Zhao Feng understood.

The Yu family should be similar to the Duanmu family forces of the Dynasty. The whole reason Duanmu Qing took Zhao Yufei to the continent zone was to try to revive the Duanmu family.

Continent zone? Looks like my battle with Yu Tianhao might be pushed back a bit, Zhao Feng murmured.

The original deal was that they would fight after ten years. This meant that it could be ten years, but it could also be fifteen or even twenty.

Zhao Feng agreed to Zhao Yufei and Duanmu Qing that he would go to the continent zone after solving the issue with Liu Qinxin.

Zhao Feng didnt stay very long in the Western Continent.

Skeletal Division Leader, Ill leave the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion to you, Zhao Feng gave the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl to the skeletal Division Leader and left. There were a hundred cursed ghost-corpses within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, including several at the Sovereign Lord Rank.

Dont worry, Master. Its just a measly Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, the skeletal Division Leader was full of excitement as it took the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl. With the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, it would be able to defeat anyone even if a King arrived.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The skeletal Division Leader waved its hand, and ten cursed ghost-corpses appeared. Each of their auras was comparable to the peak Small Origin Core Realm, and they had the power of the curse as well, which could threaten Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords.

Seeing ten ghost-corpses at the peak Small Origin Core Realm appear, the Bat King, the Mystic Sword Sovereign, and company couldnt help but hiccup coldly. With such strength, the Bat King and company didnt doubt that the Skeleton Division leader had the ability to rule the continent.


An arc of lightning flashed across the sky as Zhao Feng headed toward the Northern Continent alone. As for taking over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, Zhao Feng had truly given all control to the skeletal Division Leader.

In just four hours, Zhao Feng flew from the Western Continent to the Northern Continent, and this was still under the fact that he was limiting the amount of True Yuan he was using.

Within the Northern Continent, in the Canopy Great Country, an arc of lightning flashed by.

Zhao Fengs Divine Sense scanned through the Canopy Great Country and the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion. There were some familiar faces within the main headquarters, and there were some new ones as well. He also found some forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, but he was too lazy to bother with them.

His goal was the Six Warlock Tower in the great country proper, but he paused slightly when he reached the Thousand Water River area.

This was his previous position. There were many powerful auras gathered in a mountain, and although they were trying to conceal themselves, Zhao Feng still managed to sense them.

I heard that the forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion are spreading excessively around the Thousand Water River. Apparently, an upper echelon member has come and is planning something.

Weve found out where their stronghold is, and we can catch them off guard.

Many of the top experts of the Canopy Great Country were here. The weakest person was at the True Human Rank.

Hmm? Zhao Fengs Divine Sense found Patriarch Hong and the blood-colored-hair Tiemo. Their auras were the strongest among those present.

Empress Qin Flooding Lake City Lord Tian Yunzhi Jiang Sanfeng Zhao Feng saw many familiar faces.

Over half of the experts came from the Iron Blood Religion. Patriarch Hong and Tiemo, the two leaders of the Iron Blood Religion, led the forces of the Great Country.

Zhao Fengs Divine Sense then scanned toward the stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion several thousand miles away, and his expression changed.

Thinking up to here, he flashed into the mountain. The arrays nearby did nothing to him.

At the same time, the Iron Blood Religions plan was complete. Within a stone room they had just created:

The stronghold doesnt seem to be that simple. We should

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were planning something in the candlelight. At this exact point in time, a figure appeared between them.

Who is it! Patriarch Hong and Tiemo exclaimed and almost jumped up in fright.