King Of Gods Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Negotiation
Chapter 760 - Negotiation

The Magnificent Power of the three Kings made the hall go dead-silent. The upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance was all Sovereigns of the Azure Flower Continent, and many of them came from the Ten Great Clans, but none of them dared to even breathe loudly at the moment.

Three Void God Realm Kings had descended upon the Azure Flower Continent, and behind them were powerful two-star sects. All of this was because Zhao Feng had kidnapped one of the Moon Demon Palaces peerless prodigies, who was a descendant of the Grand Elder.

The three Kings sat at the front of the hall. No one could see what they looked like; they were waiting quietly and didnt purposely release their aura, but the atmosphere was solemn.

Around half the time it took to make tea later, the sound of flying appeared, and a male and female landed in the hall several breaths later. They were respectively a sick purple-haired youth and a charming girl.

Zhao Feng! the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance exclaimed.

The male and female walked steadily into the hall. Zhao Feng walked very confidently whereas Zhuang Waner was slightly uneasy, but she let out a breath when she saw the three Kings. However, she still didnt dare to do anything. Zhuang Waner knew very clearly that Zhao Feng had sensed the three King auras long ago, and yet he still came; she wouldnt believe it if Zhao Feng had nothing to rely on.

Zhao Feng, we finally meet. a beautiful voice sounded from the middle King. It was a female who was pure and holy. Her every action seemed to come from a goddess.

Saint Moon Aunt Goddess, Zhao Feng looked at the female and said emotionlessly.

The female he looked at made him remember Ye Yanyu from the Purple Saint Ruins. Ye Yanyu was the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess disciple, and he had seen her image when Ye Yanyu used the Void God Protection.

Within the great hall, Zhao Fengs exchange with the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess caused chaos. The gazes of the two locked on to each other for a sharp instant.

Zhao Fengs gaze was sharp and seemed to have the ability to see through ones soul, whereas the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess was calm.

Unexpectedly, when the three Kings saw Zhao Feng, they didnt immediately trouble him or attack. The exchange between the two sides was much calmer than they had expected, as if they were friends that hadnt seen each other for several years. Zhuang Waner even stood behind Zhao Feng.

This atmosphere was very weird. The upper echelons of the Sacred Alliance all looked at each other and had their own guesses. It wasnt hard to see that the three Kings were wary of Zhao Feng.

Could the rumor be true? Had Zhao Feng become a King? But even if he had, he was facing three older Kings with two-star sects behind them. Zhao Feng should still be the one at a disadvantage.

Zhao Feng! the expression of the Demonic Dao King was grim, I heard that you kidnapped a Core disciple of mine and even threatened to destroy the Moon Demon Palace.

The atmosphere instantly became tense. The King of the Demonic Dao wore an old black armor and had a scarlet-black curved moon symbol on his forehead. A Magnificent Power of the Demonic Dao covered the hall, and the hearts of all the upper echelons from the Sacred Alliance jumped.

Thats right, I said that. I hope that you will give me a good explanation as to why your sect is contaminating the Azure Flower Continent, Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and slowly walked around.

Junior, dont think that, just because youve become a King, the Moon Demon Palace will be scared of you! the Demonic Dao King roared.

Zhe zhe, what arrogance. the golden skeleton of the Black Cliff Palace laughed weirdly.

Only the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess in the middle was calm, and she stopped the other two Kings from being enraged.

Zhao Feng remained calm, but there was a coldness in his eyes.

Zhao Feng, the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess spoke, We know that you are the disciple of Emperor Duanmu, but hes already left the Cang Ocean.

Hearing that, the people broke out into chaos once more and were stunned. They didnt expect Zhao Feng to be an Emperors disciple.

Even if a new King like you isnt scared of three two-star sects, the Azure Flower Continent is innocent, the Saint Aunt Moon Goddess had a faint smile, but the power contained within her tone moved Zhao Fengs heart.

Amongst the three Kings, she was the most troublesome. She was a Peak-tier King, and as a two-and-a-half-star sect, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect definitely had more than one King.

Are you threatening me? Looks like the lesson Master gave you all wasnt enough, Zhao Fengs expression turned cold, and the expressions of the three Kings changed. They didnt expect Zhao Feng to be so forceful, but Emperor Duanmu had indeed taught them a lesson.

Zhao Feng, dont drink the wine of punishment instead of the wine of respect. Hand Zhuang Waner over and we wont harm anyone present, the Demonic Dao expert said in a deep tone, and the gazes of the three Kings locked on to Zhao Feng.

All of the upper echelon members of the Sacred Alliance were surprised and happy. The Kings were actually negotiating with Zhao Feng. If one Zhuang Waner could be traded for their safety, it was worth it.

Are you still threatening me? Zhao Fengs face dropped as his purple hair started to blow, and a cold Intent started to spread across the hall.

Even the three Kings felt uneasy. They glanced at each other with solemn expressions.

Firstly, they remembered how strong Emperor Duanmu was.

Secondly, they couldnt see through the current Zhao Feng.

They had witnessed Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline before. They had seen him kill Origin Core Realm experts when he was only at the True Lord Rank.

Even the Pursuit of Death hadnt taken his life, but news of Zhao Feng killing the Emperor of Death hadnt spread here yet. Only a small number of people in the True Martial Spiritual Zone knew. If this wasnt the case, then the three Kings wouldnt even have the courage to negotiate.

Zhao Feng, as long as you hand over Zhuang Waner, we promise we wont touch the Azure Flower Continent in the future, the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess took a step back, and the other two Kings suppressed their anger.

Zhao Feng, agree to the three Kings, some Sovereigns in the Sacred Alliance couldnt help but say.

Zhao Feng, dont be rash. You cant take the existence of the Azure Flower Continent as a joke, Sovereign Baiyun Dao said.

Zhao Fengs gaze swept across the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance, and it slightly lingered on Yu Tianhao for a while.

For the Sacred Alliance, the three Kings negotiating was already taking a big step back, and Zhao Feng was forceful from the beginning. For a prodigy to do this, it was enough to be recorded in the history of the Azure Flower Continent.

Okay, I will accept that deal, Zhao Feng thought for a while before agreeing, then sent Zhuang Waner to the three Kings with a wave of Magnificent Power.

The three Kings were slightly surprised. They didnt expect Zhao Feng to agree so quickly. They nodded their heads and let the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance out of the hall, but Zhao Feng remained standing still, and he looked at the King of the Demonic Dao until his hair stood up.

Zhao Feng, are you going to go back on your promise!? the King of the Demonic Dao said loudly.

Hehe, go back on my promise? The deal is already complete. I gave Zhuang Waner to you, Zhao Feng said as a playful smile appeared on his face.

You! the three Kings all paused, and the hearts of the upper echelon who had just left the hall went cold. Was Zhao Feng going to do something else?

Everyone, retreat!

The upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance quickly flew away. They were scared they were going to be swept into a fight between Kings. Only one person stayed behind, and that person turned around and stood next to Zhao Feng.

Haoer! Yu Xingchens expression changed dramatically, but he could do nothing to stop him.

Only two prodigies and three Kings were left behind in the hall:


The release of Magnificent Power turned the hall into shambles, and the shockwave sent the upper echelon quickly retreating, but they couldnt help looking back.

Three glows of Magnificent Power floated in mid-air, and they were all enraged.

Yu Tianhao? Zhao Feng didnt bother with the three Kings and instead looked at Yu Tianhao.

Zhao Feng, dont think of me as dragging you down. I can handle one King without too much trouble, Yu Tianhao said emotionlessly and radiated a half-step King Intent as his Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline opened, causing his battle-intent to reach the level of a Void God Realm King.

Zhao Feng, what do you want? the Saint Aunt Moon Goddess said unhappily.

I already said that the Moon Demon Palace has to give the Azure Flower Continent an explanation or else the Moon Demon Palace shall be removed from the Cang Ocean, Zhao Fengs tone became colder and colder.

Zhao Feng, dont get cocky! the King of the Demonic Dao roared as his Magnificent Power crushed toward Zhao Feng. The sky seemed to be dyed with scarlet-black flames, and a chaotic spatial dimension started to appear.

Hmph! Zhao Feng snickered coldly as his Intent passed through Heaven and Earth.


The Magnificent Power that the Demonic Dao King had formed acted as if it was hit by Tribulation Lightning and was instantly destroyed. An unrivalled Intent that seemed to rule the sky smashed toward the King of the Demonic Dao.


The King of the Demonic Dao instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face went white.

Emperor Intent! the Saint Aunt Moon Goddess and golden skeleton exclaimed.

Zhao Feng then took a step forward and slowly raised his hand.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

The heavens seemed to shake as a terrifying wave of lightning could be faintly seen through the air. The aura of immortal and undying God Tribulation Lightning made the souls of the three Kings tremble.


The Demonic Dao King of the Moon Demon Palace fell from the sky and knelt on the ground.

Emperor Zhao Feng, please forgive us! in an instant, the Saint Aunt Moon Goddess and company seemed to fall into an abyss and started to beg.