King Of Gods Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Seventh rank, Holy Martial Art
Chapter 77 – Seventh rank, Holy Martial Art

In a blink of an eye, Lei Cong and Zhao Feng had exchanged blows. The power from the blows made the other youths dodge them immediately.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng charged forwards instead of retreating as his left eye could catch the changes of Inner Strength and blood.

Boom! Boom! Boom……

Zhao Feng’s Star Finger had reached the peak fourth level and he could fire tens of finger beams in an instant. Streaks of azure light could be seen flying everywhere, every finger strived for perfection and damage.

In the short time period, Zhao Feng and Lei Cong were on par with each other. Lei Cong had the advantage in higher cultivation and therefore, he could use a wide range attacks while Zhao Feng had his Spatial Star Finger, which was on par with attacks from the seventh rank.

In terms of attack speed, Zhao Feng was actually faster and he held the initiative.

Final Wind breaking the Skies!

Lei Cong’s palm exploded and sent a barrier of wind towards Zhao Feng.

“Mysterious Wind Palm!”

Zhao Feng immediately merged the picture of the girl in his mind. Through the battles he had fought in, his palm was even stronger than before. The two palms clashed together, but Zhao Feng’s azure palm seemed to engulf all the wind and it easily resolved Lei Cong’s attack.

“What kind of skill is that… ?”

Lei Cong was stunned, the skill he used just then was one of his best.

Flowing Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng’s body suddenly became agile and he seemed to dance with the wind, he sometimes, he attacked with Mysterious Wind Palm and sometimes with Star Finger.

Doom… Pew… Bang…

The two figures sent air waves crashing everywhere.

Ten moves, twenty moves, thirty moves…

Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength and skills became more honed. Facing a Martial Master had ignited the potential hin Zhao Feng. Unconsciously, his Star Finger had fully consolidated at the peak of the fourth level and his Metal Wall Technique had closed in on the late stages of the fifth level as well. This allowed him to fight a Martial Master head on and not lose.

After one hundred or so moves, the two both felt slightly puffed. Zhao Feng felt his Inner Strength become purer and had a chaotic feeling to it.

“This… ”

Zhao Feng felt his cultivation go a step further and he slowly started to break through the last barrier.

“Today’s sparring stops here.”

Zhao Feng figure immediately left the battle circle and he returned back to his wooden room. Lei Cong couldn’t gain the upper hand at all and he felt slightly tired as well. He realised that this was because his cultivation hadn’t stabilised.

On a wooden house far away, Feng Hanyue stood there watching.

“Brother Feng, what do you think about the battle?” One youth asked.

“Lei Cong has just reached the seventh rank and he is pretty useless. As for Zhao Feng, he might be able to threaten me if he reaches the seventh rank.” Feng Hanyue’s expression was calm.

At this moment, the aura coming from him seemed to be close to the peak seventh rank. It was obvious that he had improved since the mission.

Inside the wooden room.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged and he started to circulate his Inner Strength. Through the battle, his potential had ignited. At this moment, he even felt his Inner Strength roar powerfully as it travelled through his body. Both the quality and quantity of it was increasing rapidly. That night, Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength tried to exit his body and he was finally able to condense it. Because he had the experience of making his Inner Strength leave his body due to Star Finger, he was able to successfully break through.

“It worked!”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and he opened his palm. A green glow of light jumped out and then returned back inside his body. In this instant, he only needed one thought to completely explode his Inner Strength and send Martial Artists flying. Only then did Zhao Feng realise how strong the seventh rank was. Zhao Feng only took one day to completely control the power, even exceeding Lei Cong.

If he used his Star Finger. the power would be on a whole level higher. As his cultivation increased, his Metal Wall Technique had also reached the peak fifth rank.

The Metal Wall Technique was split into seven levels and the sixth level could form a barrier using Inner Strength, which even seventh and eighth ranks would find hard to break. According to what it wrote, if one reached the seventh level, their body would be perfect.

Thinking about it now, Zhao Feng thought that something was wrong because at that level, it would had exceeded the limits of the human body unless there was still a gap between the sixth and seventh level. Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he thought about Zhao Yufei’s grandfather, the one-armed old man.

When they had exchanged,l the old man may have also changed something on Metal Wall Technique, just like how he had kept back information. He didn’t think too much about these problems because he had broken through to the seventh rank and he could choose his reward.

“Holy Martial Art! It’s looks like this is what God decided for me… ” Zhao Feng suppressed his excitement.

Today was the day he needed to answer Third Guard.

The building in the middle of the field.

“You’ve decided to choose the Holy Martial Art?” Third Guard was slightly surprised as he stared at Zhao Feng.

He never thought that Zhao Feng would be able to reach the seventh rank and enter the ranks of Martial Masters in such a short amount of time.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng’s tone was decisive.

“Ok, follow me.” The Guanjun Corp didn’t say much as he led Zhao Feng to the Treasury Hall.

The Treasury Hall was a sacred ground of the Guanjun Palace. There were always two Martial Masters of the ninth rank yhere overseeing it place and to open the Holy Martial Arts Library, both the ninth rank Martial Masters needed to agree.

“Open the Holy Martial Arts Library?” The two were slightly stunned.

In the Guanjun Palace, one must had the personal agreement from Lord Guanjun.

“Open the Holy Martial Arts Library.” Third Guard took out a dark silver and gold token.

Orders of Lord Guanjun!

The two Martial Masters of the ninth rank immediately bowed down. The silver and gold token represented Lord Guanjun himself. Furthermore, Third Guard was of the top three of the Guanjun Corps and he oversaw the Sky Guards Battalion, since Lord Guanjun was in secluded meditation.

His status could be seen as he took out the token. The two ninth ranks led the way to a dark metallic silver building. The whole building had no windows, it just had a pure black door which had a hole in the middle of it.

Third Guard walked to the door and placed the Guanjun Token into it.


The pure black door slowly opened and revealed what was inside.

“You can only choose one Holy Martial Art.”

Third Guard took Zhao Feng in then closed the door.

It the dark room, there were bright jade slips, around twenty of them and they had martial art names on them.

Illusion Wind Technique, Blood God Palm, Heavenly Demonic Claw, Sky Domination Hand, Silver Wall Technique…

“Every jade slip represents a Holy Martial Art. Once you’ve decided on which one you want, you can take one out and borrow it for seven days then send it back after. What you gain all depends on your enlightenment and wisdom.” The Guanjun Corp told him.

Zhao Feng knew that these slips were just the summaries of the skills, the real skills had to be taken from elsewhere. There weren’t many Holy Martial Arts in the room, but all of them were complete.

Illusion Wind Technique: One’s figure turns into the wind and creates doppelgangers. The high level can create nine doppelgangers. Minimum requirements: Seventh rank.

Blood God Palm: Dissolves the enemy’s flesh into water and is able to form a deadly poison.

Heavenly Demonic Claw: A demonic claw that can rip metal into pieces. When trained to the peak it can destroy infinite items.


Zhao Feng’s heart couldn’t help but shake as he saw the descriptions. Compared with these, the martial arts he learnt before were like children’s play.


Suddenly, Zhao Feng saw a name of a jade slip named Silver Wall Technique.

“Silver Wall Technique?”

Zhao Feng was overrun with joy. His Metal Wall Technique was said to be the simplified version of the Silver Wall Technique.

Silver Wall Technique: A body strengthening technique that increases the trainer’s strength and defense. Once trained to it’s peak, the body won’t even melt in fire and it exceeds the limits of the human body.

Looking at the description, the Metal Wall Technique was similar to Silver Wall Technique but the latter was more powerful.

Exceeds the limits of the human body! What kind of thought is that?

According to what Zhao Feng knew, if one’s body reached its peak, one could instantly step into the Holy Martial Path with just body strength alone. This was similar to the peak fifth level of the Metal Wall Technique, just their muscles alone could fight against fifth or sixth ranks.

Silver Wall Technique was the same way, one could use their muscles alone and fight against cultivators of the Holy Martial Path.

“No wonder it’s a Holy tier body strengthening technique… ” Zhao Feng took a deep breath and turned back to the other jade slips.