King Of Gods Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Marriage 1
Chapter 771 - Marriage (1)

Lord dynasties were different from mere countries. They stood above countless lives, families, and clans, they gathered the nearby fortune, and they were supremely divine entities.

The leader of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty the Great Gan Sacred Emperor had once slain millions in anger and dyed the sky red with blood. Even two-star and three-star forces would be shaken by a lord dynasty.

The laws of the lord dynasty stated that no other dynasty could be formed in their territory.

In theory, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was controlled by the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

This mission it doesnt seem to be set by the clan. Instead, it comes from the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Zhao Feng knew what this meant. The Tianfeng Great Island Zone had forces from the Great Gan Lord Dynasty the Duke Palace.

The Duke Palace was owned by a duke who was a relative of the Great Gan imperials, and they were in control of the area around the Tianfeng Great Island Zone. The resources of this place alone surpassed the total amount in both the Tianlu Island Zone and the Azure Green Island Zone.

Is everyone here? Im going to call out the names. A powerful aura radiated from the leading elder in white robes.

The elder in white would ask anyone he wasnt familiar with about their specialties. When he read the name Zhao Feng, he paused for a bit.

My specialty is beast taming, Zhao Feng reached out and caressed the little thieving cats soft fur and replied in a simple tone.

The elder in white revealed a weird expression. This True Mystic Rank kid in front of him had no signs of respect or awe for a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

On the other side, coldness flashed through Senior Martial Brother Guangs eyes.

Zhao Feng, this will be your final mission. Senior Martial Brother Guang concealed his emotions as he came over and started to talk to Wan Rong next to Zhao Feng.

He liked this quiet and nice beauty. In the past, he had already gained some of her trust and good will. However, Senior Martial Brother Guang realized that Zhao Feng and Junior Martial Sister Wan Rong were acting very close; Wan Rong would smile more in front of Zhao Feng.

This bastard, Ill let you be smug for a few days. Senior Martial Brother Guang suppressed the unhappiness in his heart.

The group soon entered a limitless ocean ship and exited the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

Zhao Feng gazed at the faint purple bubble surrounding the great island zone as he entered the limitless ocean. He could see the outlines of rivers and mountains.

An island zone had to be five to ten times bigger than normal island zones to be called a great island zone, and the environment must be better as well.

Zhao Feng also realized that, the closer one was to the continent zone, the thicker and denser the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would be. Even the pressure from the air would be slightly stronger. This meant that, if one had the strength to destroy a city in the Cang Ocean, they would only be able to destroy a village in the continent zone.

The speed of the limitless ocean ship was very fast; it was close to the speed of the ghost ship. It was obvious that the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was more advanced than the Cang Ocean.

Three days later, the ship entered an island zone similar to the Azure Flower Continent with very little Yuan Qi.

This is the Empty Zone. Everyone get ready to fight! the elder in white roared.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and stopped cultivating.

Over the past few days, his cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank, and he would be able to break through to the True Lord Rank soon. Zhao Feng was satisfied with his progress.


The ship passed through the barrier and caused sparks to fly.

This island zone is so similar to the Azure Flower Continent. Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

From what he knew, this Empty Zone was at the border of the Tianfeng Great island Zones territory. This island zone was extremely chaotic, and no one cared about this place. On top of that, the Great Gan Lord Dynastys control over the limitless ocean was not as strong as it used to be in the past. For example, the Great Gan Lord Dynasty could do nothing about the Cang Ocean.

Two hours later, a palace appeared in sight.

Kill everyone in the palace and any True Spirit Realms that escape, the white-robed elder ordered.

As soon as he gave the order, an explosion sounded.


An Earth-grade axe descended from the air and shot toward the palace. In just an instant, the palace was turned into flat land. The city where the palace was located was also hit by the shockwave, and screams started to sound.

All the Origin Core Realm and True Lord Rank experts within the capital counter-attacked with red eyes. To be able to create a lord dynasty meant that their strength wasnt weak.

However, the current group attacking them was led by Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords, and the Sovereign Lords all had complete Earth-grade weapons. On top of that, the strength of cultivators from a peak two-star sect easily surpassed those who were born in this tiny island zone even if they had the same cultivation.

An onslaught began. In the beginning, the lord dynasty was able to fight back, but by the end, they were completely slaughtered.

The lord dynasty of the Azure Flower Continent was probably destroyed just like this, Zhao Feng murmured.

He was responsible for the True Spirit Realms that were escaping.

You are all frogs at the bottom of the well and yet you dare to steal fortune from the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!?

The white-robed Sovereign Lords battle-power was extremely great, and he slew two Origin Core Realms. At this moment in time, there were several Origin Core Realms attacking him, but they were all forced back by him alone. While fighting, the white-robed elder even gave orders to chase after some people who were escaping.

Zhao Feng, Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong, and the True Spirit Realms of their group were responsible for killing the weaker people.

With the protection of some experts, some of the native imperials headed toward a hidden place for safety.

Zhao Feng was one of the people responsible for chasing after the escaping imperials. The imperials either fought back and were killed or begged to live while kneeling down.

Zhao Feng didnt kill anyone that surrendered. In reality, no one was right or wrong. They were just on different sides. A mountain couldnt have two tigers, and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty couldnt allow another lord dynasty to appear within their territory.

At a certain moment:

Watch out! Ambush!

Zhao Feng charged into a canyon and suddenly heard some cries of other clan members nearby.

Argh! Arghhhh!

One Origin Core Realm and several True Spirit Realms were slain.

Who is it? Zhao Fengs eyes squinted as he stood up on the back of the Yinming Bird.

Zhao Feng, you can only blame yourself for standing out too much. Today shall be the day you die, a raspy voice sounded as a short, masked elder walked out. His Earth-grade dagger still had blood on it.

Apart from him, there were seven additional powerful auras. The weakest of them had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm. This group of people all wore black robes and masks.

Two Sovereign Lords and six Sovereigns. Looks like the Yin family thinks rather highly of me, Zhao Feng mocked. He acted no differently even though there were so many people in front of him.

This scene made the short elder and company become suspicious and wary.

Brat, youre still pretending to be tough even though youre about to die? a cold voice of a female sounded. It came from a skinny female in black robes, and a layer of dark flames surrounded her. She cultivated the rare elements of Death and Soul, and her gaze was locked on to the Yinming Bird.

It was obvious that this was all planned.

There must be some sort of spy within the group if the Yin family is able to ambush me with such precision, Zhao Feng thought, but he already knew who the spy was.

The clan wouldnt be too suspicious if Zhao Feng was killed during the mission. The culprit could just frame the natives.

To make sure the night is short, kill him right now! The short Great Origin Core Realm elder gripped the Earth-grade dagger and disappeared into the darkness.


A piercing cold Intent stabbed toward Zhao Fengs dantian. The short elder specialized in assassination.

However, his figure instantly froze when his Earth-grade dagger got near Zhao Feng.


A mysterious dark dagger pierced through the elders head.

How? The short elder froze as blood dripped onto the ground. The person who killed him also specialized in assassination, but they were far more skilled than himself.

Miao miao!

A little silver-gray cat appeared behind the short elder and turned into a streak of dark silver light.

Shu! Shu! Shu!

A bloody hole appeared in each of the nearby Origin Core Realm experts chests.

At the end, only the skinny female was left behind. The eyes of this female were filled with fear, and her back was drenched in cold sweat. She had obviously been stunned by the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng was right about to attack when he heard the sound of flying.

Young Master Zhao Feng, last a bit longer! Were here to save you~~~~!

Several Origin Core Realm auras started to close in. The leader was an elder in gray who had reached the peak Great Origin Core Realm. He held an Earth-grade sword and stabbed toward the skinny female.

The female was about to dodge, but Zhao Feng thrust out a palm. The palm seemed to contain magic as a misty illusion appeared.

Boom! Bam!

The female remained motionless as the combined attacks of the elder in gray and Zhao Feng killed her.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The elder and several Origin Core Realms appeared.

Zhao Feng, its good that youre okay. The leading elder let out a long breath and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

These people were elders of the Zhao Family. They had received some information and came to rescue Zhao Feng.

Elders and Uncles, youre here right on time, Zhao Feng said slowly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder with a disdainful expression.

The leading elder and company couldnt help but become covered with sweat, and they had somewhat awkward expressions. If it werent for the little thieving cat, they might have arrived only to see Zhao Fengs corpse.

This is Senior Thieving Cat, who I met several months ago, Zhao Feng introduced.

Greetings, Senior Thieving Cat.

The leading elder and company had solemn expressions. This cat had easily killed the experts of the Yin family, including a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat had a pleasurable expression as it acted like a senior. The elders of the Zhao Family were surprised.

Zhao Feng, I didnt expect you to meet such fortune. With Senior Thieving Cat here, we wont be worried about your safety, the elder in gray said.

After talking for a while, his words suddenly twisted; Zhao Feng, Ive come to discuss something with you. I hope youre ready for it.

Oh? What is it?

Cough cough its about your and Lady Shuiers marriage.