King Of Gods Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Five Elemental Wind Lightning
Chapter 773 - Five Elemental Wind Lightning

Zhao Feng now had some resources that he could use to focus on the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. He needed to prepare to breakthrough to the third level of the Sacred Lightning Body.

Drip! Drip!

Zhao Fengs body was covered in a body-strengthening liquid, and wisps of Wind Lightning appeared from within his body and started to strengthen it.

Usually, body-strengthening techniques took a long time to progress, and they required strong will. Luckily, Zhao Feng had used the Immortal Springs Wine and other items earlier, which changed his body dramatically. Although his body-strengthening hadnt reached a high level, his state of existence was close to the Small Origin Core Realm.

The Sacred Lightning Body could use the Wind Lightning Technique to strengthen ones body; therefore, with enough resources, Zhao Feng could progress extremely quickly. One could say he was becoming stronger by leaps and bounds.

As Zhao Feng was cultivating:

Weng! Weng!

Two Magnificent Powers appeared above the courtyard, and the air seemed to freeze. Two young figures were revealed as the light faded, and both of them were dragons amongst men.

Eighth Prince, this should be where that Zhao Feng lives, a bulky youth with thick eyebrows and wearing a black coat said. His eyes were as sharp as lightning and contained an unknown force.

Luo Zun, dont be rash, the Eighth Prince raised his hand and smiled. If others were to know that Im stealing someone elses fiance by using the status of a prince, thatll tarnish the name of the imperials.

In comparison to Luo Zuns forcefulness, the Eighth Prince was calm and elegant. Putting aside his status, the Eighth Prince was also a genius who was extremely handsome.

At this moment in time, many people had gathered around Zhao Fengs courtyard. After all, two Kings had personally appeared. Of course, most didnt know the status of the Eighth Prince.

Brother Luo? Are you here to find Zhao Feng? That brat seems to have heard some news beforehand and entered seclusion right away when he got back, Senior Martial Brother Guang walked up respectfully and said. Senior Martial Brother Guang obviously knew of Luo Zun.

This brat is avoiding me on purpose? Luo Zuns face became ugly, and anger appeared in his eyes. According to Senior Martial Brother Guang, Zhao Feng had entered seclusion specifically after hearing news that he was coming. This meant that he was obviously acting like a thug and not letting go of the marriage.

Brother Luo, this is understandable. The Eighth Prince wasnt surprised; he still had a smile on his face. After all, Luo Shuier was extremely outstanding, and the Luo Family was one of the big families of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone. The Eighth Prince could understand normal people trying to latch onto those above themselves.

Zhao Feng, do you think that youll be able to marry my little sister by acting like this? Luo Zun snickered coldly as an invisible Magnificent Power covered Zhao Fengs courtyard.

The protective array around the courtyard started to dim, and it was about to shatter any moment.

Within the room, Zhao Feng was cultivating. He laughed coldly when he felt what was happening; Which bastard dares to act like this in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan?

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had its own rules. While Central disciples were in seclusion, they were not to be interrupted unless it was a unique situation. Luo Zuns actions could be said to be offending the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Brother Luo, dont be rash. The Eighth Prince stopped Luo Zuns actions.

Luo Zun was angry, but he knew that he couldnt be forceful against Zhao Feng in the territory of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Furthermore, the one that wanted to stop the marriage was the Luo Family, so logic wasnt on their side. On the other hand, Zhao Feng was the weak one who had righteousness and rules on his side.

At this moment, Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince were in an awkward position. They didnt expect that Zhao Feng wouldnt even give Kings face. He was too lazy to even come out and greet them.

Brother Luo, dont worry. This brat will come out sooner or later. He needs collect the resources from the clan and complete missions, etcetera. Senior Martial Brother Guang patted his chest and promised that he would keep an eye on Zhao Feng. As long as Zhao Feng came out, he would tell Luo Zun immediately.

Okay, Im going to wait till that Zhao Feng signs the divorce papers just in case he wants to try something in the future. Luo Zun nodded his head in satisfaction. In his mind, Zhao Feng was acting extremely shamelessly, so he had to make sure that this went well.

Luo Zun, Eighth Prince, you two dont need to come back anymore. Ill decline the marriage with Luo Shuier, a faint voice sounded as Zhao Feng threw a written letter outside.


Luo Zun reached out and grabbed the letter. There were three large words on the letter Engagement Rejection Letter*

These three words contained a weird Intent. Putting aside people weaker than a King, even the minds of both Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince shook slightly when they saw this.

Engagement Rejection Letter!? Brat, how dare you divorce my little sister? Luo Zun was enraged, and his Magnificent Power caused the sky to shake.

The terrifying power radiating from him made the disciples nearby unable to breathe. Seeing the Engagement Rejection Letter, the Eighth Princes expression was also somewhat ugly.

Luo Zun, what do you want from me? Isnt that what you came here for? a cold and emotionless voice resounded across the sky.

In this world, the way a male could rejection a marriage was by using the Engagement Rejection Letter. Females didnt have the right to write an Engagement Rejection Letter; they could only mutually break off the marriage, which went against their original promise.

Zhao Feng did this in a very straightforward manner. He didnt want his cultivation to be disturbed by anyone.

You! Luo Zun roared but didnt know what to say. Indeed, he came to find Zhao Feng to break off the marriage, and Zhao Feng used the standard method of doing so Engagement Rejection Letter. However, thinking about how his charming and outstanding sister was rejected, Luo Zun felt angry.

The Eighth Princes expression was also dark. He was the prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty; it wouldnt really work out if he married someone that had been rejected by another male. At the end of the day, it was about face.

Being the stronger side, the Luo Family wanted to mutually break off the marriage and then give the Zhao Family some compensation due to breaking their promise. Zhao Fengs actions werent necessarily wrong, but this method made the Luo Family and the Eighth Prince lose face.

Zhao Feng, you will pay for your actions today! Luo Zuns voice roared throughout the air as his Magnificent Power transformed the sky into a field of ice and fire.

Zhao Fengs expression changed slightly within the room. Luo Zun actually cultivated a rare Ice and Fire technique. This technique required one to balance Ice and Fire, and it was extremely hard to cultivate. Furthermore, Luo Zun had already started to form the outlines of a spatial domain, which meant that he wasnt very far away from becoming a Domain-level King.

Luo Zun! Several King Intents appeared in the air. This is the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Please calm down.

It was obvious that Luo Zun using his Magnificent Power caused the Elders within the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to be unhappy. No matter what, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan used to be a three-star superpower. If he could help it, even the Eighth Prince didnt want to offend the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The lord dynasty and all the clans were currently balanced.

Zhao Feng, well see what happens in the future! Luo Zun suppressed the anger in his heart as he left Zhao Fengs courtyard alongside the slightly grim Eighth Prince. Zhao Feng had righteousness on his side, and this was the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. They couldnt use force here.

Within the room, Zhao Feng was immersed in cultivation. He didnt take Luo Zuns threat to heart.

In the blink of an eye, the majority of a month passed, and Zhao Fengs Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Technique had broken through to the third level. This meant that Zhao Feng could now kill True Lord Ranks with his physical strength alone, and he was unrivalled against anyone below the Origin Core Realm.

If he was to use the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique as well, that would be like adding wings to a tiger.

Zhao Fengs Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was progressing toward the peak third level. At this moment, he was putting his focus on the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique again.

The higher the level the Wind Lightning Technique was, the faster his progress in cultivating the Sacred Lightning Body. Zhao Fengs ideal state for the Wind Lightning Technique was to keep it one-and-a-half levels ahead of the Sacred Lightning Body.

Zhao Feng wanted to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique to the fourth level first before focusing on the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body again. However, from the fourth level onward, each level was a turning point. At that point, he needed to start cultivating the five elements.

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning is about the birth of the five elements. From Metal comes Water, from Water comes Wood, from Wood comes Fire, from Fire comes Earth, from Earth comes Metal.

From the tenth level onward, the Five Elemental Wind Lightning forms a circle where the elements can be interchanged at any time.

Zhao Fengs mindset was very clear. In addition, one could choose whichever element they wanted to be the starting element of the fourth level.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth he could choose any of the five to be the first element to cultivate.

The first element was very important since it would be the foundation. Then, from the fourth level onward, each element became important because each level would require a new element.

The fourth level is a critical point. The first element must be chosen carefully.

Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled. At this moment, he started to think. If he wanted strong offense in the beginning, Fire and Metal were good choices. If he wanted strong defense, Earth-elemental Wind Lightning was the best choice. Wood also had its own advantages; wood was full of life, and it could increase ones lifeforce as well as heal others.

However, in the end, Zhao Feng chose Water. Water was the most versatile; it could be tough and soft at the same time. It could turn into ice, strengthen ones attacks, defend, and heal. In addition, Water was the source of Life; therefore, choosing Water as the foundation wouldnt be much weaker than Earth.

Another key point was that, after the Gods Spiritual Eye merged with his new body, the bloodline of this body was starting to change, and he would be able to use the Ice Imperial Spear soon. On top of that, his comprehension of Water and Ice was only below that of Wind and Lightning in his previous life.

Several days later, Zhao Fengs Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique reached the peak third level, and he prepared to break through to the fourth level and form the first layer of his Five Elemental Wind Lightning.

In this period of time, Zhao Fengs cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank.

*Engagement Rejection Letter - Only used by the male side. It is used when the male wants to reject the female even though they are already engaged. It is different from breaking off the marriage, where both parties decide to stop the marriage. It was more of a humiliating way to break off the marriage and could tarnish someones name. It would look bad if the Eighth Prince was to marry someone that had been rejected by another male. (i.e. taking someone elses leftovers.)