King Of Gods Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Competition
Chapter 784 - Competition

Zhao Feng and the original Zhao Feng obviously werent the same person, and they had completely different minds. He didnt want to get involved in the original bodys emotions and business, no matter how beautiful Luo Shuier was.

Zhao Feng started to think about the previous Zhao Fengs wishes after walking away. He had completed the wish of taking over the Yunling area and reviving the family, and he had healed Grandfather Zhaos injuries.

Become the disciple of a King. Become famous in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Tianfeng Great island Zone.

A smile appeared on Zhao Fengs face. Becoming famous was almost complete as well; it would be done with this banquet and the Divine Illusion Trials. As for becoming the disciple of a King, Zhao Feng would be able to become a King himself soon after recovering his cultivation, which exceeded the imagination of the original Zhao Feng.

Apart from marrying Luo Shuier, everythings doing better than expected.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. It could be said that he had tried his best. After all, when he took over this body in the first place, the original Zhao Feng had already died, and he wasnt going to have any of his wishes fulfilled at all.

The lights of the Dukes Palace were lit up, and music travelled across the area.

Zhao Feng was, without a doubt, the protagonist of the banquet tonight. All the nobles around the Tianfeng Great Island Zone met this genius Beast Tamer, and there were even two Kings from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan present, who apparently had a good relationship with Duke Nanfeng.

Zhao Feng was invited by and given presents from many people with power around the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, but luckily, Princess Yuqing helped Zhao Feng relieve the pressure.

Duke Nanfengs favorite daughter was extremely close to Zhao Feng, and this scene obviously fell into the eyes of Duke Nanfeng and those from the Luo Family. It wasnt hard to see that Princess Yuqing admired and had a good impression of Zhao Feng.

Duke Nanfeng saw this and smiled but didnt say anything. He wouldnt be against it if Princess Yuqing was able to get together with Zhao Feng.

Those from the Luo Family had worried expressions. If Zhao Feng wrote an Engagement Rejection Letter and then became the son-in-law of Duke Nanfeng, that would be a big blow to the Luo Family, but luckily for them, what they worried about didnt happen. Zhao Feng didnt seem to be very interested in Princess Yuqing, and he felt rather helpless as the latter took him around.

Elsewhere in the banquet, Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince, who were usually two very outstanding youths, were standing in a corner.

That Zhao Feng rejected Luo Shuier and isnt interested in Princess Yuqing either. What is he thinking? The Eighth Princes gaze landed on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng became more and more mysterious. Even the Eighth Prince was attracted by Luo Shuier beauty, and Princess Yuqings status was something countless males dreamed of. However, Zhao Feng gave both of these two goddesses up.

It was extremely frustrating and odious comparing oneself to others. The Eighth Prince couldnt help but ask himself, Would the noble Eighth Prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty lose to a youth from such a small family?

The banquet ended very late. Zhao Feng thanked Duke Nanfeng and left. Duke Nanfeng didnt make Zhao Feng stay any longer, he just gave Zhao Feng the compensation and let him leave.


Zhao Feng left the Dukes Palace on the Yinming Bird. He started organizing the compensation from Duke Nanfeng on the way back.

The Soul Dao resources that Zhao Feng needed were included in the compensation, and they were extremely valuable. Apart from that, Duke Nanfeng had also given him some Primal Crystal Stones. They werent normal Primal Crystal Stones they were peak-grade.

The difference between high-grade and peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones was extremely big. One high-grade Primal Crystal Stone was worth a hundred mid-grade Primal Crystal Stones or ten thousand low-grade Primal Crystal Stones, but one peak-grade Primal Crystal Stone was worth one million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones. From this, one could see how rare peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones were.

Back then, Zhao Feng used many peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones to pass through the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays to travel from the Floating Dream Sacred Land to the Azure Flower Continent and then from the Azure Flower Continent to the Nanlin Sea. Zhao Feng had spent 95% of his wealth doing this, and he even borrowed from Emperor Zi Mu.

After taking over this body, Zhao Feng had almost no peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones left, but now, Duke Nanfeng gave him almost a hundred peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones, which was worth almost a hundred million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones.

Of course, in comparison to that, the favor Duke Nanfeng owed Zhao Feng might be of even higher value.

This amount of resources is enough for me to cultivate to the Void God Realm, but the resources I will need afterward will be much greater.

Zhao Fengs aim was set very high. He wasnt re-cultivating just to become a King; he was aiming much higher and further. Therefore, he had to grasp this once-in-a-century chance to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension.

According to what he knew, many rare and extinct resources were in the Divine Illusion Dimension. For example, the legendary God Primal Crystal Stones that were even rarer than peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones.

God Primal Crystal Stones were unable to be artificially made in the current Fan Universe, so they usually came from ancient ruins such as the Divine Illusion Dimension.

God Primal Crystal Stones were the core of Zone Teleportation Arrays, and they could help those at the Mystic Light Realm and even Demigods.

For the current Zhao Feng though, peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones were already good enough.

Zhao Feng entered seclusion once more when he returned to the clan.

Ill go back to the Dukes Palace a month later, and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly will be completely awake by then. Zhao Feng confirmed the time before he entered seclusion.

Within the room, a layer of silver-blue metallic light glowed around Zhao Fengs body as if he was a sculpture of silver ice.

Weng~ Weng~

The Water of Wind Lightning surrounded Zhao Fengs body and refined his flesh, organs, and bones.

Ever since the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body reached the fourth level, Zhao Fengs physical strength had become much stronger. At this moment, he could crush normal Origin Core Realms with his physical strength alone.

In addition, because he had trained the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, Zhao Feng could cultivate his two top skills simultaneously. In comparison to the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Fengs progress on the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was even faster since he had the foundation of the Wind Lightning Inheritance from his previous life, as well as his Emperor Intent.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, and Zhao Fengs Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique broke through to the fifth level.

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was split into twelve levels; the first three were the foundations of Wind Lightning. From the fourth level to the sixth level, the first of the five elements would be cultivated.

Zhao Feng had chosen the Water of Wind Lightning for his first element.

At the seventh level, Zhao Feng would continue to the second elemental Wind Lightning the Wood of Wind Lightning.

From Water came Wood, from Wood came Fire, from Fire came Earth, from Earth came Metal, and from Metal came Water. Together, they formed a complete circuit.

The seventh level would be the Wood of Wind Lightning, the eighth would be the Fire of Wind Lightning, the ninth would be the Earth of Wind Lightning, and the tenth would be the Metal of Wind Lightning.

From the tenth level onward, the five elements became one.

All of that came from the essence of the Five Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique. Of course, the speed of the Wind Lightning Inheritance and the power of its Destruction would also appear.

However, Zhao Feng could merge the Intent of Destruction and the power of God Tribulation Lightning into his Wind Lightning before completing the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

The power of God Tribulation Lightning is the most profound. Ill infuse that after I recover my Emperor Intent, Zhao Feng planned.

On this day, a ripple of water and lightning appeared in the air above Zhao Fengs courtyard, and its aura spread across dozens of miles. A black hole seemed to form in the air and suck in the nearby Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

That brats trying to break through to the Origin Core Realm already! Senior Martial Brother Guang and company noticed what was happening in Zhao Fengs courtyard, and the hearts of some Central disciples shook. How long had it been? Only half a year had passed, and Zhao Feng was trying to break through to the Origin Core Realm already? Furthermore, the aura of the whirlpool in the air was extremely strong, and it sucked in pure Yuan Qi of Lightning and Water.

Zhao Feng trying to break through to the Origin Core Realm caught the attention of a few Kings as well, but the whirlpool disappeared after two days.

Did he fail?

Hmph, that Zhao Feng is too cocky. He hasnt even reached the half-step Origin Core Realm for long and yet hes already trying to break through to the Origin Core Realm?

No matter how talented and fortunate one is, if their foundation isnt strong and solid, they wont be able to break through.

The nearby Central disciples all let out a breath. It would pain others if Zhao Feng could break through to the Origin Core Realm so easily.

Right at this moment, the protective array around Zhao Fengs courtyard faded he was coming out of seclusion.

At this instant, many Spiritual Senses and a few Divine Senses scanned through the air.


Eh? Whats going on?

The youth that came out had a rosy face; he wasnt pale and weak like someone that just failed to break through. Zhao Fengs aura had risen to an entirely new level, and he radiated True Yuan.

True Yuan! This meant that he had broken through to the Origin Core Realm, and the Divine Senses even noticed the Core Center in his body.

Origin Core Realm? He succeeded?

How is this possible!? He managed to form a Core Center in just two days?

The Central disciples close by were speechless, and even the Divine Senses were stunned.

With the help of peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones, forming a Core Center went much faster than when I formed it in my previous life. Zhao Feng smiled.

His Intent was strong, he had peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones, and he had plenty of Water and Lightning elemental materials to help him. Therefore, he managed to successfully form a Core Center very quickly. Normally, if the whirlpool faded away so quickly, that meant that the person had failed.

The second Zhao Feng walked out:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several Magnificent Powers gathered toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng, are you willing to become my disciple? A middle-aged King in snow white robes appeared in the air above Zhao Feng.

King Lu Yun!

Its Huang Yunhus Master, King Lu Yun!

The nearby Central disciples exclaimed.

Zhao Feng injuring and defeating Huang Yunhu two different times had already raised King Lu Yuns attention.

King Lu Yun, wait!

This disciple is free to choose whoever he wishes. Dont force him.

Two other King Elders appeared in the air.

Its King Thunder and King Liu Qiong!

The mouths of the nearby disciples fell open. Three Kings appeared at the same time and were all fighting for Zhao Feng to become their disciple. It seemed like Zhao Feng would become a Core disciple at the very least.

Master! Senior Martial Brother Guang exclaimed as he stared at King Liuqiong. Even his own master was competing to make Zhao Feng his disciple.