King Of Gods Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Physical Force
Chapter 787 - Physical Force

The multi-colored-clothes Kong Feiling was the center of attention for many other disciples. It wasnt just Zhao Feng that was paying attention to her.

Without a doubt, she was the prodigy of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Disciple of an Emperor, Imperial Dao bloodline she was even ranked on the Genius Rankings of the Great Gan Imperial Prodigies.

In the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, the Genius Rankings contained the top five hundred strongest bloodlines and the top five hundred peerless prodigies.

It was worth noting that both rankings continuously fluctuated. After all, this era was heading into the future, and geniuses were maturing while bloodlines were evolving.

On the stages of the secret realm, amongst all the geniuses of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng obviously gave more attention to Kong Feiling. He felt that her talent and strength were close to Nan Gongshengs when he was in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

As if sensing something, the beautiful girl turned toward Zhao Fengs direction, and an invisible mental energy covered the area around Zhao Feng. The ten geniuses around Zhao Feng all felt unable to breathe; it was as if an invisible beam had slashed across them.


A True Spirit Realm Outer disciple knelt softly as he fell to the ground.

Only Zhao Feng acted like nothing was happening, and he gave a faint smile.

That youth Kong Feiling was surprised. That youth still acted normally even under her half-step King Intent.

Senior Martial Sister Kong, that person is the famous Beast Tamer Zhao Feng. Apparently, hes a disciple of an Emperor, and even Duke Nanfeng praised him, a nearby male in a t-shirt said with a smile.

The momentary exchange between Zhao Feng and Kong Feiling obviously raised the attention of the other geniuses.

Who is he? Hes able to withstand the half-step King Intent of the Head disciple!

The gazes of many disciples turned toward Zhao Feng, especially the ones from the southern stage.

He is the Zhao Feng you were talking about? A light flashed through Liu Tianfans eyes. Huang Yunhu suppressed the surprise in his heart and nodded in agreement, Its him.

Huang Yunhu didnt expect that even half-step King Intent wouldnt be able to suppress Zhao Feng. Only seconds earlier, he was trying to get Liu Tianfan to teach Zhao Feng a lesson.

You dont need to bait me. Im slightly interested in this Zhao Feng. Liu Tianfan looked at Huang Yunhu with a deep meaning, making cold sweat appear on his back. Among the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan disciples, Liu Tianfans cultivation was only below Kong Feilings

With Liu Tianfans strength, he should be able to teach Zhao Feng a lesson, Huang Yunhu thought. After all, the difference in cultivation between the two was just too big. One was at the early stages of the Origin Core Realm while the other was at the peak Great Origin Core Realm.

According to the rules of the Divine Illusion Trials, the chance of Zhao Feng and Liu Tianfan meeting wasnt small.

The rules go by elimination. If one loses seven fights in a row or a total of twenty, they will be eliminated, Zhao Feng thought.

Each stage only took the top fifty, and the four stages would then combine and determine the top sixty. Even the final stage was chosen by elimination.

Why was it sixty and not sixty-five? Because five of the slots were predetermined.

The fighting on the four stages started very soon.



There was a disciple instantly sent into the air as soon as the fight began. Zhao Feng looked over and couldnt help but shake his head.

Outer, Central, and Core disciples could all participate in the Divine Illusion Trials, and obviously, the disparity in strength between them could be rather big. If an Outer disciple met a Core disciple, they would be defeated instantly.

The rounds continued, and it was soon Zhao Fengs turn, but his opponent was a weak early-stage True Lord Rank Central disciple.

I admit defeat. The True Lord Rank Central disciple immediately gave up when he saw Zhao Feng, who was at the Origin Core Realm.

Anyone with a cultivation of the Origin Core Realm was definitely amongst the top of the younger disciples. Instead of being injured and losing anyway, it was better to conserve ones strength.

Usually, when the strength between the two sides was too big, the judge would announce the result before the fight even finished.

Zhao Fengs first fight ended just like that.

Liu Tianfan had the highest cultivation on the southern stage, and Huang Yunhu was also amongst the top. Any disciple that met these two immediately gave up.

Zhao Feng was essentially a Core disciple in the eyes of others, and he was even more mysterious than normal Core disciples.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng went up for his second match. His opponent was at the peak True Lord Rank, but he gave up as well.

Boring. Zhao Feng shook his head, and the little thieving cat on his shoulder also seemed to be bored.

It wasnt that the competition wasnt exciting; there were cases of the underdog winning. However, Zhao Feng had reached the Origin Core Realm, and he stood at the top of the younger disciples. It was a lot different from when he was at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, where Zhao Fengs cultivation was below average. At the beginning of that, his total strength was only slightly above the median.

All battles of the five Overwhelming Prodigies during the early part of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was the same as what Zhao Feng was experiencing now. They were either defeated instantly, or they surrendered as soon as they got up on stage. That was boring as well.

However, the Divine Illusion Trials lasted for a long time; it would take at least twenty days. The Divine Illusion Trials were different from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. The Sacred True Dragon Gathering only needed to rank the top ten while the Divine Illusion Trials would take the top fifty from four different stages, then the top sixty from that group.

For the third match, Zhao Fengs opponent was a cold half-step Origin Core Realm youth an elite among Central disciples.

This Zhao Feng has only just reached the Origin Core Realm. If I draw with him or perform well, maybe I will be able to attract the attention of some Kings. The cold youth decided. Although the chance of winning wasnt big, he still wanted to give it a shot.

On the stage, the faceoff between Zhao Feng and the cold youth caught some attention, including Huang Yunhu, Liu Tianfan, and Kong Feiling.

However, the battle ended much faster than anyone expected.


A ripple of Wind Lightning appeared as the cold youths attack missed.

Not good! He felt a gust of wind from behind.


The cold youth was sent flying by one punch. He managed to circulate his half-step True Yuan and form a defensive barrier, but it crumpled like paper from the simple punch.


Discussion started to break out.

What speed!

Most spectators only saw a flash, then the cold youth fell.

The weaker ones only noticed Zhao Fengs speed, but the stronger geniuses had solemn expressions as well as disbelief.

Zhao Feng didnt seem to use any True Yuan in that punch. Huang Yunhus mouth dropped wide open. He was paying 120% attention to Zhao Fengs fight. After all, he had lost twice to Zhao Feng before.

Correct. Liu Tianfan next to him was certain.

Zhao Feng used overwhelming speed and threw a simple punch. The punch didnt contain any True Yuan and yet it easily smashed through the defensive barrier of a half-step Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Fengs name became even more famous, causing everyone to be wary of him.

After the third round, as long as Zhao Fengs opponents was below the Origin Core Realm, they admitted defeat, giving Zhao Feng a run of eight straight wins.

Zhao Feng met Huang Yunhu in the ninth battle.

Is this it? Huang Yunhu took a deep breath and became serious. The two defeats to Zhao Feng made even King Lu Yun feel like he had lost face.

At this moment, King Lu Yun was also paying attention.

Start! The judge waved his hand.


Huang Yunhu circulated his True Yuan, and a thick layer of armor appeared around his skin. Using the help of an Earth-grade Earth-elemental armor, he was able to activate his defense quickly.

Huang Yunhus tactic isnt bad. Zhao Fengs advantage is speed, so as long as he defends properly, he can find a chance to counterattack, Liu Tianfan praised.


With a flash, Zhao Fengs fist landed on Huang Yunhus Earth-grade armor and caused an explosion.

How is this possible!? Huang Yunhu was forced to retreat, and he almost spat out blood.

A layer of blue-silver metallic lines appeared when Zhao Feng thrust his fist out. A dominating physical force passed through the Earth-grade armor and entered Huang Yunhus body and organs.

Chaos broke out below the stage. In just one punch, Huang Yunhu felt as if he had been sent flying.


Before Huang Yunhu managed to gain a stable footing, Zhao Feng unleashed several more punches.

Anyone that comes close to my Earth-grade armor will have to bear gravity ten times as strong as usual, but that brat isnt affected. Huang Yunhu was stunned as he got pushed back.


After several more punches, Huang Yunhu spat out a mouthful of blood as a crack appeared on his armor.

Zhao Feng wins! the judge immediately announced as he saw the situation. It was also because of King Lu Yun.

Their power isnt on the same level. Zhao Feng is able to suppress Yunhu with his profound body-strengthening force alone. King Lu Yun sighed. He saw the part where Huang Yunhu tried to counterattack and kick Zhao Feng, but Zhao Fengs body wasnt injured, and he didnt even move.

That meant that Zhao Fengs speed, strength, and defense were all at a peak. King Lu Yun even realized that Zhao Feng was acting very casual, as if he still wasnt using his full power.

This Zhao Feng is very strong. Liu Tianfans face was solemn, but strong battle-intent appeared in his eyes.

After the fight, only Zhao Feng, Liu Tianfan, and a small number of people were able to keep their victory streaks.

Some people had even been eliminated already. To be eliminated, one needed to lose seven fights in a row or twenty in total.

The disciples on the southern stage were awaiting the fight between Liu Tianfan and Zhao Feng. As more disciples were eliminated, the chance of those two meeting became higher.

Finally, Zhao Feng met Liu Tianfan on the thirtieth fight.

Everyone within the secret realm, including the two Kings, watched with interest.

Liu Tianfan has reached the peak Great Origin Core Realm, and I cant use my Intent or my eye-bloodline. Zhao Feng felt troubled for the first time.