King Of Gods Chapter 791

Chapter 791 Entering The Divine Illusion Dimension
Chapter 791 - Entering the Divine Illusion Dimension

When one reached the Void God Realm, their souls would evolve to contain immense power.

The spatial pathway could only withstand a certain amount of strength, physical or soul-based. When either exceeded the limit, the pathway would be unable to withstand it.

My soul has the same strength as normal Void God Realm Kings, and it might even be slightly stronger.

Zhao Feng could feel the pathway slightly trembling, and it was even stronger than when Kong Feiling walked through it. It had almost reached the same level as when Yun Hao was ripped apart by the spatial cracks. Would he be a repeat of Yun Hao?

Zhao Fengs heart tightened, and he even got ready for his Gods Eye to leave his body. No matter what, preserving his life came first, but luckily, the shaking sensation only came close to that level without ever reaching it.

The pathway was more inclined toward physical power, and Void God Realm Kings had formed a True Yuan Dimension, which contained incredible physical power. Zhao Fengs True Yuan cultivation was only at the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, and for once, he felt glad that his cultivation wasnt high.

In fact, the elites of some forces would purposely not break through to the Void God Realm in order to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension, then break through when they entered it. This would reduce the risk to the minimum.


Zhao Feng felt his body and soul become heavy when he appeared. An ancient pressure filled the air; it was an aura that had experienced the vicissitudes of the Ancient Era and the Immemorial Era.

Zhao Feng felt as if he had entered the Ancient Dream Realm. The pressure in this place surpassed the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

It was dark, but it didnt affect their vision; limitless golden mud and dust filled their eyes.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Disciples and elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan appeared around Zhao Feng, and a total of ninety-nine people appeared.

Everyone, gather over here. Kong Feiling started to gather the members with the help of some older elites.

Under normal situations, people that entered through the same pathway would appear around the same area. For example, those from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan would appear around the same exact spot, and the other forces of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone would be relatively close to each other. However, including the Dukes Palace, there were only a couple forces in the area that were able to connect to the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Old Fei, where are we within the Divine Illusion Dimension? Kong Feiling asked.

As of right now, her strength was amongst the top of everyone present, but she wasnt as experienced as the older elites.

Old Fei was the most experienced; he had entered the Divine Illusion Dimension before. Although he didnt receive much, he had successfully survived both times and gathered a lot of experience.

I cant confirm our position right now. The Divine Illusion Dimension is too big. Its possible that we have entered an unknown area.

Old Feis face was full of wrinkles. His cultivation had reached the half-step King level, and he could easily defeat others of the same rank.

The group from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan then started to scout around. All types of senses were restricted in the Divine Illusion Dimension due to the pressure, and anyone below the Void God Realm was unable to fly. Even half-step Kings were only able to leap into the air momentarily. Therefore, it was extremely hard to scout the area, and no one could see the end.

In just a short while, some disciples that went scouting started to fight with unknown animals.

Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!

The elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan went to help after hearing this news, and Zhao Fengs Gods Spiritual Eye looked into the distance.

Several large rats with sharp teeth and red eyes were fighting with the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The bodies of these sharp-toothed rats were extremely tough, and the attacks of normal True Lord Ranks were unable to critically damage them.

Only when an Origin Core Realm elder arrived did they manage to kill one of the rats. The other rats screamed and went back into their sand holes.

This sharp-toothed rat is an old race, and their skin and teeth are rare materials in the outside world, the Origin Core Realm elder said with joy.

The elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan met more rat-type animals. Each group had three to five people, and there was a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord guarding each area, so nothing bad happened.

Zhao Feng and Liu Tianfan were in the same group, and they also fought some rats.

Hmm? Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something and couldnt help but look down.

Watch out! Liu Tianfan roared as a surge of dark purple flame thundered toward the rocks below.

With a Boom!, the members of this group used the force to retreat dozens of yards.

The next instant, a scream sounded from the sand as a large black scorpion rose from the ground. The black scorpion was longer than a dozen yards, and it gave off a metallic feeling. Its tail and claws glinted with a poisonous and cold light.


Everyone couldnt help but take a cold breath. With that blow just now, only a faint scratch was left behind on the carapace.

Watch out! That scorpion is venomous. Liu Tianfan took out an Earth-grade long sword and slashed toward the scorpion.


The giant scorpion used its claws to block the sword.


The powerful force actually pushed Liu Tianfan back a couple steps.

In a one-versus-one situation, the chance of Liu Tianfan winning was really low; the best choice would be to run away. However, the Divine Illusion Dimension was about teamwork. Only some elites whose strength had reached the Void God Realm had the ability to move alone.

Ha! Zhao Feng roared, and a silver-blue metallic light appeared around his body as he thrust out his fist.


An enormous physical force landed on the black scorpion, but the scorpion was extremely tough; it only shook a little and slowed down.

However, that wasnt Zhao Fengs entire move. He pointed out with his finger, and waves of Water of Wind Lightning charged toward the black scorpion.


A numbing sensation limited the black scorpions speed.

Bam! Bam!

With the combined forces of physical strength and Water of Wind Lightning, Zhao Feng was able to restrict the black scorpion. He was extremely fast, and he had a profound Intent; the black scorpions attacks were unable to land on Zhao Feng.

Ten breaths later, Zhao Feng and Liu Tianfan managed to gain the upper hand, but the scorpions defense was rather strong, and it wasnt severely injured.

Several Origin Core Realm elders who were experienced in fighting arrived and easily took care of the black scorpion.

Looks like the elderly are wiser, Liu Tianfan sighed.

Most of the older generation had cultivations at the Great Origin Core Realm and were proficient in fighting.

The black scorpion wasnt even able to run away due to the help of the older elites.

The battle-power of these older elites is very high. Zhao Feng nodded his head and estimated that the combined sixty-plus juniors wouldnt be a match for the thirty or so seniors.

In the limitless sand, the forces of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan trudged forward, and some experts took out their steeds. Some land pets were better suited for this environment, and due to the pressure of the dimension and the sandstorms, flying pets were unsuitable anyway.

Therefore, Zhao Feng didnt summon the Yinming Bird, and he started to pay attention to whether there were any suitable steeds in the area.

Half a day later, the clouds in the air became unusually calm, and they didnt see any animals anymore.

Wait! Old Fei suddenly raised his hand.

The weather is very bad. Ive lived in the desert before when doing a mission for the clan. If Im correct, a large sandstorm will arrive soon. Old Feis eyebrows furrowed.


The expressions of the clans elites all changed dramatically. If it was a normal sandstorm in the outside world, they wouldnt put it in their eyes, but the Divine Illusion Dimension was very highly ranked, and no one here could fly.

The power of this natural disaster was not to be underestimated. Just by looking at the fact that there were no beasts or animals around proved that.

Old Fei, what should we do? Kong Feiling asked.

Theres no suitable place for us to hide and evade the sandstorm. The only thing we can do is find some high ground and form an array there, Old Fei said, and his suggestion was soon approved.

They went to find a high ground and construct a defensive array.

Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!

The disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan started to move quickly. A while later, the group soon found a mountain and started to construct a defensive array there.

With the help of Old Fei, they managed to build an Earth-elemental array that formed a rocky room and covered everyone.

An hour later, the sky became dark as a sandstorm engulfed everything in sight.


The Earth-elemental array shook slightly, and its light dimmed a bit. Everyone quickly put in more Primal Crystal Stones and used their True Yuan.

The power of this sandstorm is stronger than I thought. Anyone below the half-step King level will be unable to survive in the sandstorm, Old Fei said with a solemn tone, and everyone let out a breath. Just a natural disaster in the Divine Illusion Dimension was already so dangerous.

If only a couple elites were here, they would be unable to do anything.

Zhao Feng sat down within the array and cultivated quietly with closed eyes.

Every time the Divine Illusion Dimension opened, it would only stay open for several months, and it never exceeded half a year.

Although this was a forgotten place, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was much stronger than the outside world. More importantly, this place contained rare resources, but the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan didnt seem to be very lucky; the place they connected to was a desolate desert.

This storm lasted for an entire day and night.

Finally, the sandstorm faded, and the mountain they were on was engulfed by sand.

Boom! Boom!

Several older experts pushed the sand away and opened a pathway.

After seeing the sky again, they were in a daze. They couldnt believe what they saw around them.