King Of Gods Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Familiar Person Searching
Chapter 794 - Familiar Person, Searching

The clash between the youth and the scorpionman King caused everyones soul to shake.

The scorpionman King used its bloodline secret technique to summon the shadow of a large scorpion, which released surges of an ancient bloodline aura that contained enough power to shake Heaven and Earth. This was under the fact that they were being heavily restricted by the Divine Illusion Dimension. If they were in the outside world, this scorpionman King could wreak havoc on some smaller island zones.


The youth used a profound spatial technique and left behind a streak of silver as he moved freely.

Mystic Spatial Split!

A beam of silver suddenly extended across space itself and slashed toward the scorpionman King.


The scorpionman Kings defense, which was able to withstand attacks from other Kings, started to crack and bleed.

Human bastard, die~~~! the scorpionman King roared as it counterattacked. It waved its claws and tail around, creating a mixture of dark silver whirlwind that ripped everything within a hundred yards into shreds.


A silver flow of light covered the youths body, and the scorpionman Kings attack seemed to enter a spatial whirlpool and get directed away. However, even with the spatial secret defensive technique, the youth groaned and was forced back several dozen yards.

That scorpionman Kings battle-power is close to a Peak-tier King when enraged.

The aura of life from that King is really young, but I havent heard of such a person on the Imperial Genius rankings.

The people from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace couldnt help but start to discuss.

Kong Feiling was on the Imperial Genius rankings, but she was only ranked around three hundred.

Although the youth wasnt able to clash with the scorpionman King head-on, he was able to gain control due to his spatial techniques.

Its him! Zhao Feng looked at the proud youth and was surprised. Thats right, he knew this youth and had even worked together with him. Seeing him once again, Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Friend, do you need our help? A light glittered in Kong Feilings eyes. The youths strength and appearance gave even the proud Kong Feiling a good impression.

No need, the youth said expressionlessly as he fought against the scorpionman King with his spatial techniques.

As time passed, the scorpionman King was unable to keep up the bloodline secret technique, and its injuries started to add up. Within one hours time, the scorpionman King was defeated, and it turned into a dark streak of light and sped toward the darker and more wicked areas of the underground city.

The youth didnt chase after the scorpionman King because he had expended a lot of energy to win.

May I ask which force you come from? Old Fei, Kong Feiling, and company asked. If they were able to form an alliance with such a genius, it would be a great help to them.

Nan Gongsheng, Mystic True Sacred Clan. The youth scanned over the two groups emotionlessly. They had many half-step Kings and a lot of elites. He couldnt ignore them.

Nan Gongsheng? Kong Feiling smiled and gently murmured this name as she remembered it.

Nan Gongsheng wasnt very famous in the lord dynasty.

Mystic True Sacred Clan? No wonder. Old Fei knew a lot, and three-star forces were rare even in the continent zone. The Mystic True Sacred Clan was a three-star superpower from the Cang Ocean.

After defeating the scorpionman King, Nan Gongsheng entered the scorpionmens palace and started to take their treasures.

The resources in the scorpionman Kings palace are mine. You guys can have everything else, Nan Gongsheng said.

The scorpionman King was defeated by Nan Gongsheng alone, so no one dared to take any of the treasures in the palace.

Being the strongest race in the area, the scorpionmen had a large amount of wealth.

Zhao Feng also participated in the plundering. The female scorpionman he had taken control of knew the territory of the scorpionmen well, as well as several places where they hid their treasures. According to the soul search Zhao Feng did on the female scorpionman, she was the Kings queen. Apart from the scorpionman King himself, she had the highest status and greatest strength.


Zhao Feng left behind a ripple of water and lightning as he entered a resource chamber. There were four scorpionmen experts guarding the resource chamber, and Zhao Feng summoned the scorpionmens queen to get rid of them.

Rare plants and treasures of every type lay in the resource chamber. They were all extremely rare and hard to find in the outside world.

A surge of pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi instantly flowed out and raised the attention of some people nearby.

Come! Zhao Feng used his fastest speed to gather some of the resources that were useful to him.

Hmm? Dark Lightning Wood!

Zhao Feng soon found a rare Lightning Dao material. It was a piece of black wood with dark lightning carvings on it.

Dark Lightning Wood grew in a wet environment and absorbed the power of lightning. The piece of Dark Lightning Wood in front of him was rare, and it had gathered the essence of lightning over the past several dozen millennia.

Zhao Feng held this wood and circulated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, and he felt wisps of dim lightning enter his body.

Five Balanced Water Spirit Grass. Dim Wind Bamboo. Dark Dragon Teeth Grass.

Zhao Fengs eyes glowed, but there were probably some resources in the palace that were worth even more. However, some of the resources here were the most useful for Zhao Feng.

Ceng! Ceng!

At this moment, the elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace felt the aura from the treasures and quickly closed in. The aura from these treasures was too strong, and Zhao Feng couldnt fully seal it. He could use his Magnificent Power, but that would probably attract even more attention.

Zhao Feng, youre pretty lucky. Old Fei led a group of people and quickly gathered near the resource chamber.

Quick! Dont let the people from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan take everything!

The speed of those from the Purple Sun Palace wasnt much slower, but the four scorpionmen started to attack them when they got close.

The battle soon started, but it wasnt hard for the two forces to kill them.

Only Old Fei was slightly curious; Why could Zhao Feng enter the resource chamber without being attacked by those scorpionmen?

However, he didnt have the time to think anymore. They charged into the resource chamber and obtained the treasures. This resource chamber had many treasures that were all put in separate containers and protected by arrays. A certain amount of time was required to break through every array.

By the time they arrived, Zhao Feng had already taken several treasures that were most useful for him, including the Dark Lightning Wood, the Five Balanced Water Spirit Grass, and the Dim Wind Bamboo, which would help Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning Technique and True Yuan, while the Dark Dragon Teeth Grass was a rare plant that increased ones lifeforce. The Dark Dragon Teeth Grass was the only item that Zhao Feng found that could help his body-strengthening technique greatly.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun palace split the resources, and since Zhao Feng was the one that found the place, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan received 70% while the Purple Sun Palace only received 30%.

Those from the Purple Sun Palace werent greedy though. In terms of strength, they were slightly weaker than the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and they had already made an agreement beforehand.

The resource chamber was soon depleted.

Zhao Feng, the treasures you took seem to have the highest value. Old Feis eyes twinkled as he looked at him, and Zhao Feng knew what he meant. With a smile, Zhao Feng took out the resources he had taken.

Zhao Feng, youre very honest. Old Fei nodded his head in satisfaction. The resources Zhao Feng had found were alluring even to half-step Kings. According to the rules, Zhao Feng needed to split the resources he found with his group. Who would dare to enter such a dangerous place alone?

These are all rightfully mine. Zhao Fengs tone was calm.

Hearing that, Old Feis expression wasnt very natural, and he was unhappy in his heart. It was obvious that Zhao Feng had no signs of splitting these resources.

Oh well, you were the one that found the resource chamber. Old Fei didnt want to fight amongst themselves, and he could tell that Zhao Feng had some hidden cards; the nearby scorpionmen that were responsible for guarding the resource chamber didnt attack Zhao Feng, but they attacked everyone else. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had a mysterious Emperor as a master, and he was praised by Duke Nanfeng himself. Old Fei was just a middle echelon member of the clan and didnt want to offend Zhao Feng.

Ill wait for a chance to scam this brat, Old Fei decided.


With a flash, Zhao Feng headed toward another direction.

There is another storage place containing parts of rare beasts, Zhao Feng murmured. Since he had enslaved the scorpionmen queen, he knew more than others.

However, when he arrived, other people had already found the place. Kong Feiling and the purple-robed youth, the two Head disciples of the two clans, were present.

This underground chamber was enormous, and the materials here could be stacked into a mountain. Some materials needed to be stored in certain environments or else the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would flow away and decay.

I dont need to have anything else, but the bones of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion King must be mine. Zhao Feng had a decisive look.

The bones of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion King contained pure power of Wind Lightning, which was compatible with Zhao Fengs Wind Lightning Technique. The only regretful thing was that the Crystal Core of the King lion was personally held by the scorpionman King.

Back then, the scorpionman King had paid a big price to slay the Purple Wind Lightning Lion, and he relied on his venom.

Just the power of Wind Lightning within the Crystal Core of a King could allow Zhao Fengs cultivation to dramatically increase.

Found it! Zhao Feng used his memories and Gods Spiritual Eye to find the dark purple crystal-like bones quickly.


Brat, stop! Several people from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace both found the bones of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion as well.