King Of Gods Chapter 801

Chapter 801 Taking The Evil God Crystal
Chapter 801 - Taking the Evil God Crystal

Youve got the Crystal Core? Zhao Fengs eyes lit up.

Nan Gongsheng took out a dark purple Crystal Core about the size of an egg.

Thats it. Zhao Feng took the Crystal Core and nodded his head.

The eyes of the elites from the three forces were filled with envy as they looked at the Crystal Core. Although it was small, it contained a True Yuan dimension and was comparable to the Crystal Core of a human Void God Realm King.

Most importantly, this Crystal Core was of the Wind and Lightning elements, which was extremely compatible with Zhao Fengs Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. With this Crystal Core, Zhao Fengs cultivation would be able to increase rapidly. The only weakness was that it didnt also have the element of Water, otherwise Zhao Feng would be able to become stronger instantly.

Nan Gongsheng, I will do as I promised and help you try to get the Evil God Crystal, Zhao Feng said.

Nan Gongsheng nodded his head. He had made deals with Zhao Feng before, so he believed in Zhao Fengs word.

The two walked next to the blood pond and glanced at the Evil God Crystal on the silver beam. The Evil God Crystal glittered with a blood-colored light and radiated a wicked power of temptation.

Nan Gongsheng, I need to tell you a few things before we start, Zhao Feng said.

What? Nan Gongsheng stared at the Evil God Crystal without hiding the fire in his eyes.

The Evil God Crystal wasnt a substandard God Crystal; it truly contained the power of Gods.

The only difference was that the Evil God Crystal had a wicked consciousness that had the ability to affect the physical world.

Zhao Feng warned, Firstly, it will be very risky trying to take the Evil God Crystal. Secondly, the power of the God Crystal is too profound, so it can physically affect the world. Its wicked consciousness is also not be underestimated.

Nan Gongsheng knew the first point very clearly, and the second point made him think. Even if he did get the Evil God Crystal, he might be twisted by its wicked power.

At this moment, Gu Chaozhi from the Earth Spirit Hall arrived.

Nan Gongsheng got the Crystal Core first, but its not like I dont have a chance. Gu Chaozhi watched from a corner. He heard what they said. It was obvious that the Evil God Crystal wasnt something normal people could obtain. In his current state, even Zhao Feng didnt want it.

Ive made my decision. Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath as decisiveness filled his eyes.

Zhao Feng wasnt surprised by this decision; he saw the willpower and the desire for power in Nan Gongshengs eyes.

Zhao Feng, youve surpassed me by too much; I can only look up to your legend. The Evil God Crystal will be able to change my destiny. Battle-intent surged from Nan Gongshengs eyes.

He had complex emotions regarding Zhao Feng. They were both part of the same generation, but only one of them had reached the peak of the Cang Ocean and became an unparalleled Emperor that even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were wary of.

Hearing those words, the bodies of Gu Chaozhi, Kong Feiling, the purple-robed youth, and the others shook.

That Zhao Feng what kind of existence is he?

Even someone as strong as Nan Gongsheng said that he can only look up to his legend?

Everyones heart shook. The strength Nan Gongsheng displayed was enough to enter the top one hundred of the Imperial Genius rankings, and a prodigy like that said he could only look up to Zhao Feng? At this moment, the handsome youth next to the blood pond was shrouded in mystery.

How how is that possible? Old Fei, Kong Feiling, Huang Yunhu, and company from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were dazed.

Cold sweat appeared on Gu Chaozhis forehead. He felt that this Zhao Feng was too mysterious and terrifying, and he couldnt help but feel lucky that he didnt attack Zhao Feng before.

I can only promise to do my best to try to get the Evil God Crystal for you. Zhao Feng let out a breath.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, I believe you. I even heard that you were the one that revived the Demigod Kun Yun, Nan Gongsheng said in a probing tone.

What? Demigod Kun Yun? Hes come out already? This time, it was Zhao Fengs turn to be surprised.

Nan Gongsheng nodded his head. The Demigod Kun Yun has revived, and he made a deal with the True Martial Sacred Land; he is now in control of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

He wanted to test Zhao Feng. After all, it was only a rumor that the Demigod Kun Yun had been revived. Zhao Feng didnt deny anything.


The disciples and elites of the three forces couldnt help but take in cold breaths. According to those words, Zhao Feng had revived a Demigod. How shocking was that?

Demigod Kun Yun!? Old Fei was stunned. He seemed to know some more information about the Demigod Kun Yun.

Demigods had only appeared in three-star and four-star forces before. Back then, Demigod Kun Yun was incredibly strong. His name was known even among four-star forces. A legend like this had been revived by Zhao Feng?

Zhao Feng then talked with Nan Gongsheng with his Divine Sense.

Zhao Feng learned that the Demigod Kun Yun had entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden through some special method and connected with the remnant Demigod Intent in there. In this situation, even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would be unable to enter by force.

Of course, the Demigod Kun Yun was still resting, and he would take a while to recover his peak strength.

Zhao Feng let out a breath after he heard this. At the moment, the child Demigod definitely wouldnt know that Zhao Feng was re-cultivating, so he would still be on guard against the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.

In the blood pond next to the Evil Gods Altar:

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly waved the staff in its paws, and the Evil God Crystal on the silver beam released a wicked purple-and-blood-colored glow.

You can do it.

Zhao Feng was about to use his Magnificent Power, but he gave up as he remembered that Nan Gongsheng specialized in Space.


Nan Gongsheng waved his hand, and a silver light formed a whirlpool that sucked away the liquid in the blood pond. It was required later in the process, and Nan Gongsheng would give it to Zhao Feng afterward.

Weve finished the first step. Zhao Feng smiled and nodded.

The reason they took away the blood pond was so they could isolate the Evil God Crystal.

They also needed the little thieving cat, who was currently the Evil Gods priest, to communicate with the Evil God Crystal, or else the Evil God Crystal would be able to cause a lot of trouble with the blood pond.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng utterly destroyed the altar; smoke and dust blew everywhere. The Evil God Crystal floated in the air, and its wicked power became weaker.

At this instant, the disciples and elites of the Earth Spirit Hall, Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and Purple Sun Palace were all watching closely. If there was a chance, they didnt mind interfering, but at the moment, none of them dared to interrupt the combination of Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and the little thieving cat. Zhao Feng was especially mysterious; Gu Chaozhi and company felt that he was unfathomable.

This is the critical step. Zhao Fengs expression became solemn.

He needed to bind and take the Evil God Crystal. This step was the most dangerous because any power that held enmity toward the Evil God Crystal would be counterattacked. The only advantage they had was that the little thieving cat was in control of the Evil God Staff and had the ability to communicate with the Evil God Crystal.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and said that it couldnt stop the Evil God Crystal from counterattacking it could only limit its attacks.

Come! Nan Gongsheng suddenly opened his palm, and a whirlpool of silver started to slowly expand. A mysterious power started pulling the Evil God Crystal.


The Evil God Crystal suddenly released a wicked purple-and-blood-colored light that swept toward Nan Gongsheng.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved the staff, but that only weakened and slowed the counterattack of the Evil God Crystal by a little bit.

Eye of Ice Soul! Zhao Fengs dreamy purple left eye suddenly gave off a freezing blue light, and his hair suddenly became purple.

I didnt think that Zhao Feng had hidden such a powerful eye-bloodline!

The disciples of the three forces were stunned as freezing cold power covered the Evil God Crystal.

Under normal situations of such intense cold, the Evil God Crystal would shatter, but Zhao Fengs Eye of Ice Soul only froze the soul. It didnt freeze the Evil God Crystal itself, only the wicked consciousness inside it. Its wicked consciousness was just another type of mental energy.


The Evil God Crystal radiated a purple-and-blood-colored haze that shot toward Zhao Feng, but an invisible physical force appeared around Zhao Feng.

The power from the Evil God Crystal was extremely profound; it suppressed Yuan Qi. However, Zhao Fengs physical strength was unique and more resilient. The strength of the Evil God Crystals counterattack also depended on how threatening and strong the attack was.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng were sent flying after resisting for a breath or two, but luckily, the little thieving cat managed to communicate with the Evil God Crystal and weaken the counterattack.

Its working.

Zhao Feng saw that a half-transparent layer of ice covered the surface of the Evil God Crystal.

No matter how strong the God Crystal was, it was just a physical object if Zhao Fengs Eye of Ice Soul restricted its soul. From the looks of it, the Eye of Ice Soul could counter the wicked consciousness inside the Evil God Crystal.

Nan Gongsheng revealed a look of joy as he saw hope. He took a deep breath and flew to the Evil God Crystal, then moved both his hands. A faint silver image started to appear alongside a disturbance in space.

This was Nan Gongshengs spatial domain.


The faint silver dimension twisted and formed a large hole. From the hole came a powerful suction force.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng circulated his eye-bloodline power to the maximum, and the ice on the surface of the Evil God Crystal became thicker.


The little thieving cat suddenly threw the staff into the silver hole. The purple-and-blood-colored treasure stone on the staff was connected to the Evil God Crystal, and the liquid from the blood pond was also in Nan Gongshengs spatial domain.

Under the strong suction force, the Evil God Crystal entered Nan Gongshengs spatial domain.

Did it work? Nan Gongsheng spat out a mouthful of blood as he withstood the counterattack, but his face was filled with joy.

However, an old voice sounded at that moment:

Stop! You cant take the Evil God Crystal away or else it will bring disaster to the underground city, and even the entire Divine Illusion Dimension.