King Of Gods Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Group Beating
Chapter 818 - Group Beating

The area around the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing was covered in multi-colored lights that could be seen from extremely far away.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Powerful auras one after another started to close in.

Hahaha! They found the purple-haired thieves already? A bald male in black battle robes roared as he closed in.

Half-step Kings and Kings from Grand Duke Yuans Palace, the Shi Family, and the Dong Family were on their way as well.

The first to arrive were Zhao Yufei, the wrinkled elder, and the Thirteenth Prince.

Brother Feng, have you appeared? Zhao Yufei turned into a streak of purple; she was the fastest.

Jiu Wuji spread a pair of black flaming wings behind his back and summoned a chaotic gust of wind as he came in from the other direction.

The geniuses all saw the signal and thought that they had found the purple-haired thieves. However, when they arrived, they realized that the aura of the target was extremely strong, and it made their bloodlines tremble.

Brother Ninth Prince! Why are you here?

Oh my god! The number one genius of the Shi Family, Shi Xin, was killed by the Blue Serpent King!

Some geniuses couldnt help but exclaim.

Zhao Yufei and Jiu Wuji both paused as they felt the terrifying aura from the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The experts arrived and surrounded the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing.

Whats going on? Did I fall into a trap set by the geniuses of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty? The Blue Serpent King Wei Jing was also dazed. He just slayed a King, and suddenly a bunch of experts appeared.

This is great, but who are these purple-haired thieves? The Ninth Prince was overjoyed as well as puzzled. Was it a coincidence?

Purple-haired thieves could it be? the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing couldnt help but remember the two that had escaped from his domain.

So thats how it is. The Ninth Prince soon understood. The purple-haired Zhao Feng told him to run in this direction because he knew there was a strong group of reinforcements.

Everyone, team up and kill the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing! Battle-intent surged in the Ninth Princes heart as he slashed out with his ancient green lightning sword, sending arcs of lightning forward to slice and trap Wei Jing. At this moment, his goal was no longer to run but instead to kill Wei Jing.

Incomplete Heaven-grade Stance Ten Thousand Withering Palm! The wrinkled elder next to the Thirteenth Prince thrust out his palms, sending a large blurry image of a palm toward the Blue Serpent Kings domain.

Not good! Wei Jings expression changed slightly. He felt his bloodline domain start to wither, and the power was even about to affect the Blue Serpent Bloodline in his body.

Being the personal bodyguard of the Thirteenth Prince, the wrinkled elder was personally appointed by the Sacred Emperor himself, so he was an elite amongst those at the same cultivation.

Sacred Emperors Sword! The Thirteenth Prince in his purple-golden battle robes took out a golden sword that was surrounded by draconic images.

At this instant, the surging power of an Emperor shot toward the Blue Serpent King. Incredibly, the pressure of this attack from the Sacred Emperors Sword was close to an Emperors even though the Thirteenth Prince was just a half-step King.


The beam of sword-light surrounded by draconic images sliced into the rain domain and left a bloody mark on Wei Jings blue scales.

As expected of the Sacred Emperors Sword. What power!

If it was used in the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, it couldve summoned the Supreme Dragon Providence, and its power wouldve been twice as much.

The newly-arrived elites hearts shook. After all, the Thirteenth Prince was only a half-step King and yet he was able to use the Sacred Emperors Sword to summon such power.

Hahaha! Die, bastard! the Thirteenth Prince roared. He wanted to show off in front of Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei arrived at this moment.


The purple figure seemed to start burning like a flaming purple meteor, and she disturbed the Yuan Qi nearby. At the same time, a purple-colored dimension seemed to materialize.

Little World! Wei Jing exclaimed. His expression changed dramatically as his domain was instantly crushed.


An explosion that seemed to shake the Nine Heavens sounded as a thousand-yard-deep crater was left in the ground.

So, thats Zhao Yufeis true strength? How much potential does the bloodline of the Spiritual Race ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races have? The wrinkled elder was stunned as he kept attacking.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More and more experts started to gather. The Ninth Prince and experts from the Jiang Family, the Dong Family, Grand Duke Yuans Palace, and other forces all unleashed attacks.

Hand of the Demonic Sky! A bald figure with demonic wings descended. One arm seemed to burn and expand as it turned into a giant black hand.


The large Hand of the Demonic Sky summoned black flames that seemed to destroy Heaven and Earth. Jiu Wujis attack came from behind, which was where the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing was at his weakest since he was busy facing Zhao Yufei, the Ninth Prince, the Thirteenth Prince, and the wrinkled elders attacks.


The tall blue-scaled figure was pushed back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Ridiculous! The Blue Serpent King Wei Jing let out a roar as flames of anger burned in his heart. He had somehow fallen into an ambush of the humans and was being attacked by so many elites. Just the first round of attacks had already injured him.

This Wei Jing is a peerless prodigy from the Dark Capital Cult kill him!

Everyone knows the reason that the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty can fight with the Great Gan Lord Dynasty is because the four-star Dark Capital Cult supports them.

The experts of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty kept on attacking. Amongst them, Zhao Yufei, Jiu Wuji, and the Ninth Prince were the main force.

No matter how strong the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing was, he would be unable to block this many geniuses and elites at once.

The Ninth Prince alone could exchange dozens of blows with him at his peak.

Zhao Yufeis true strength had exceeded his expectations, and she had her own Little World.

The Thirteenth Princes Sacred Emperors Sword was unstoppable.

Human bastards, dont let me catch you on your own~~~! Wei Jing roared as he suppressed his anger and turned into an enormous blue Ice Serpent that forcefully created a path of escape.

After turning into the blue Ice Serpent, Wei Jings defense and battle-power increased. Everyone could only watch as he forcefully made a hole in the encirclement and turned into a blue streak of light that sped away through the air.

He still managed to get away. The Ninth Prince was slightly regretful.

Indeed worthy of being ranked in the top ten of the Imperial Dao bloodlines. The Serpent Emperor bloodline is somewhat similar to the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. the wrinkled elder murmured.

The Imperial Dao bloodlines list ranked the top five hundred strongest bloodlines around the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and areas nearby. The difference between the Imperial Dao bloodlines and the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines was that the former ranked all the new bloodlines from the end of the ancient era to the modern day.

Brother Ninth Prince, why was Wei Jing chasing after you? Youre ranked 13th on the Imperial Genius rankings. How were you so utterly defeated? The Thirteenth Prince had a weird expression; he seemed to be mocking and gloating at the Ninth Prince.

Although the Ninth Prince was talented, his birth was normal. He could be considered a half-illegitimate child, while the Thirteenth Prince had a noble birth and was favored by the Sacred Emperor.

Ive come to give you all an important piece of news, the Ninth Prince said solemnly.

He didnt want to explain too much about why Wei Jing chased after him. Firstly, Wei Jing had ambushed him, which was embarrassing. Secondly, the difference between them was quite big anyway.

Important piece of news? Everyone went quiet as they waited for the Ninth Prince to speak again.

This news is regarding the ancient mysterious palace and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon that appeared not long ago. The Ninth Prince took a deep breath.

Ancient mysterious palace? Black Destruction Serpent Dragon?

Hearing those words, all the geniuses hearts shook.

The elites led by the Ninth Prince had found the tracks of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and found the secret of the ancient mysterious palace by accident. However, in the process, they met many powerful beasts and were then ambushed by the Blue Serpent King, Wei Jing.

Ancient mysterious palace! The legend is real. That place is the core of the Divine Illusion Dimension!

But the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon has the bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race, and its battle-power is unparalleled in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Some of the people were happy while others were worried.

At this moment, everyone was discussing and digesting this news.

Ninth Prince, how did you find us? Did you meet anyone on the way? Zhao Yufei asked. In comparison to the palace, she wanted to know about this more.

Oh, thats right I might have met those purple-haired thieves, the Ninth Prince seemed to remember something and said.

Purple-haired thieves! Ninth Prince, you actually met them?

The eyes of Jiu Wuji, Jiang Chen, and company lit up, while Zhao Yufeis eyes were filled with worry.

The Ninth Prince was stunned. He didnt expect this many people to care about the purple-haired thieves to the point of teaming up just to pursue them. However, if they werent extraordinary, the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing wouldnt have been defeated so easily.

The Ninth Prince then told them what happened with the purple-haired thieves.

The purple-haired thieves are not just strange, they even dared to use the Blue Serpent Kings domain to refine their bodies?

Those two demonic thieves managed to gain the advantage against the Blue Serpent King and escape?

Everyone felt incredulous, and the scariness of the purple-haired thieves seemed to change in their hearts. It was as if these two demonic thieves were able to take the advantage wherever they went.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had a new title amongst the elites of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.