King Of Gods Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – Lord Guanjun
Chapter 82 – Lord Guanjun

Tah! Tah!

The footsteps made the heart of the youths clench. Only Third Guard stood there expressionlessly.


The door was opened and three figures entered.

The person leading was a fairly handsome youth with clear eyes and a sharp aura.

“It’s him… ”

Zhao Feng found that he knew the person.


Surprise flashed in Zhao Yufei’s eyes. This person was the person that brought them from Sun Feather City, Ye Linyun. Behind Ye Linyun were two youths, one smiling and the other expressionless.

Nan Gongfan! Bei Moi!

Feng Hanyue and Lei Cong felt their heart jump.

Why did they come?

Zhao Feng felt was shocked, he had interacted with Nan Gongfan and Bei Moi, so he knew how terrifying they were. Especially Bei Moi who had reached the peak eighth rank and could slay cultivators of the ninth.

The Ten Sky Guards were dim compared to these two.

“Brother Ye is here too.” Third Guard greeted Ye Linyun.

Zhao Feng found that Ye Linyun’s seat was even in front of Third Guard.

“Master Ye is also a disciple of Lord Guanjun?” Zhao Feng was stunned.

Just at this moment, he saw Ye Linyun looking at him, it was obvious that Ye Linyun had high hope for Zhao Feng.

“Lord Guanjun has come out of secluded meditation this time to confirm one to two core disciples. We don’t have any chances.” Ye Linyun and Third Guard discussed.

Core disciples?

Expressions of questioning showed on the youth’s faces.

“There nothing strange, Master Ye, Nan Gongfan and I are all outer disciples. Only Bei Moi is a core disciple.” Third Guard explained.

Outer disciple!

Waves of shock surged in the Ten Sky Guards’ heart.

Ye Linyun and Third Guard were both at the ninth rank and they were only Outer disciples!? Nan Gongfan was already at the eighth rank at such a young age and he was only an Outer disciple?

Only Bei Moi was Lord Guanjun’s core disciple.

“That Bei Moi is only older than me by one year and he’s already at the peak eighth rank and he can kill cultivators of the ninth. Only super geniuses like him can become Lord Guanjun’s core disciple… ” Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

With Bei Moi’s strength, he could easily defeat everyone in Sun Feather City and he was a peak tier fighter in Guanjun Province City too. But a genius like him was a competitor.

When the youths looked at Bei Moi, their eyes dimmed. If it was ten years ago, Nan Gongfan and Feng Hanyue’s talents were the top in a generation, yet because Bei Moi existed, the other geniuses would pale in comparison.

At one time, everyone looked at Bei Moi with envy, jealousy and helplessness.

“Sir Third Guard, Master has orders to take these Ten Sky Guards to the Spiritual Martial Hall.”

The person that came was a Guanjun Corp that half-knelt on the ground. There were eighteen people in the Guanjun Corps, but the top three were all powerful cultivators.

“Spiritual Martial Hall?” Ye Linyun and Third Guard glanced at each other and they saw the curiosity in each other’s eyes.

Spiritual Martial Hall was an important area in Guanjun Palace and it was the place where Lord Guanjun cultivated. Usually, no one would be allowed to enter the Spiritual Martial Hall unless they were called for.

“It looks like Master has decided to take some disciples in. This is a big chance for all of you.” Ye Linyun said solemnly then stood up and led the way.

The Ten Sky Guards felt a different atmosphere, but they knew this was a chance to change their destiny.

“Three years ago, Brother Bei Moi and I went into Spiritual Martial Hall together, but I ended up as an outer disciple while he became a core disciple… ” Nan Gongfan took a deep breath and glanced towards Bei Moi next to him.

Bei Moi stood there expressionlessly. Going back, Nan Gongfan still didn’t remember how it was decided, but from that day onwards, their destiny changed. Once they became Lord Guanjun’s disciples, even if they were an outer disciple, they would receive many precious resources to help them cultivate.


Everyone arrived in front of an ancient silver grey hall. This hall looked like it was empty and dead.

Entering the hall, not a single figure could be seen, but Zhao Feng could sense the three-four Guanjun Corps there if he opened his eye.

“Master, they’re here.” Ye Linyun stood at the door full of respect.

“Enter.” A sound came from the depths of the hall. The voice seemed to pass through the clouds, with no intention to shock them but it still did so.

The Ten Sky Guards held their breaths and every step they took seemed to go towards heaven.

Zhao Feng felt excited and a warm feeling spread throughout his eye into his body. At this moment, he didn’t dare open his left eye because he had the feeling that a being in the hall was monitoring their every move.

Tah Tah! Tah Tah!

The group of youngsters walked uneasily into the hall. Even Bei Moi and Nan Gongfan had solemn faces on. In the centre of the great hall, a person sat on a futon. If one didn’t see it with their eyes, they wouldn’t have sensed that someone was there.

The figure that sat on the futon was a middle aged man wearing gold and silver robes that released no aura at all. It was like he was a commoner. It was hard to believe such a person was the legendary Lord Guanjun.

“Master, the Ten Sky Guards are here.” Third Guard said as he bowed down.

“Good!” Lord Guanjun nodded his head as he opened his eyes and waved his hand.

The second he opened his eyes the youths were attracted by the limitless ocean within them. Zhao Feng had the feeling that Lord Guanjun’s casual move seemed to interact with his surroundings. The casual swipe of his hands was like a king signalling them to sit.

Ye Linyun, Third Guard, Bei Moi and Nan Gongfan sat near Lord Guanjun, whereas the other ten youths sat on futons in accordance with their rank.

First was Feng Hanyue, Second was Lei Cong, Third Lu Xiaoyu… Tenth Zhao Feng.

“Master, there’s quite a few talented geniuses in the Sky Guards Battalion.” Third Guard murmured.

Lord Guanjun was expressionless as he casually glanced at the Ten Sky Guards.


The ten youths instantly felt like they had been struck by lightning.

In the blink of an eye.

Lord Guanjun saw the cultivation of every youth.

Zhao Feng had a feeling that even though his Withering Wood Technique had reached the max level, he still couldn’t hide his cultivation from Lord Guanjun.

“Stronger than the previous lot, but none of you have the chance to become my core disciple.” Lord Guanjun said expressionlessly as if he was just saying a normal thing, but Zhao Feng saw the disappointment in his eyes.


The ten youths felt like they had fallen into hell. Lord Guanjun said that none of these geniuses entered his eye.

“How could it be like this!?” Ye Linyun and Third Guard were both shocked and full of disbelief.

In their eyes, even though they weren’t monsters like Bei Moi, there were geniuses such as Feng Hanyue and Zhao Feng who had both reached the seventh rank at such young ages.

“Master, how can you be sure if you don’t try… ?” Ye Linyun asked carefully.

“Yes, Feng Hanyue has already reached the peak seventh rank and Zhao Feng has a better memory than Bei Moi.” Third Guard said unwillingly.

After all, these geniuses were all nurtured by him.