King Of Gods Chapter 824

Chapter 824 So Many Familiar People
Chapter 824 - So Many Familiar People

This group of elites was from the Great Gan Imperial Family, and the leaders were Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince. Compared to when they were at the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, their auras were stronger, especially Luo Zun, who had the auras of ice and fire in his eyes.


At this moment, a powerful and wicked aura came from the depths of the tomb, causing the sky to be filled with a ghastly mist.

Theres something in the tomb that cultivates the Dao of Ghost Corpses, and its almost at the Emperor level!

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun had solemn expressions. The group of imperial elites behind them set up a formation nearby in case of an emergency.

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun used their Divine Senses and started to enter the tomb to scout it. At this point in time, some of the arrays within the underground tomb had already been destroyed, otherwise they wouldnt be able to sense what was beneath so easily.


Shaking appeared in the underground tomb, and there seemed to be many King auras clashing.

The material of the tomb was extremely tough, and even half-step Kings were unable to do anything to it.

Ignorant outsiders! You all shall be the first group that dies! A half-bone, half-flesh skeleton several meters tall with a dark red flame around it spoke. Apart from its head, the rest of the skeleton was half bones and half flesh. It only had one eye.


A four-winged phantom suddenly appeared behind the half-flesh skeletons back and roared. The four-winged image was enormous, and its dominating aura seemed to suppress Heaven and Earth. Just an image already radiated Intent comparable to an Emperor.

Although the half-flesh skeleton looked weak, its every attack could summon the power and Intent of an Emperor.

Ill attract its attention. All of you, try to stop it! A normal male in a t-shirt had a solemn expression and spoke in a rush. He waved his two hands, and a profound Intent circulated around his body. Intent close to an Emperors could be seen in his eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The force summoned by the half-flesh skeleton was slowed down and blocked by the male in a t-shirt.

In terms of direct power, there was a big difference between the two. The situation of the male in a t-shirt was similar to walking on a tightrope; one misstep would mean he would lose a layer of skin if he wasnt just killed instantly by the half-flesh skeleton.

However, the expression of the male in the t-shirt remained calm. He was acting as if he was a professional.

As expected of Xin Wuheng. Hes even managed to stall that Emperor-level half-flesh skeleton.

The sweat on the middle-aged yellow-robed King and the other two Kings hadnt dried yet. The wicked aura that appeared when the half-flesh skeleton awakened made them unable to breathe. The four-winged image that had the force and Intent of an Emperor made them fall into despair, but luckily, Xin Wuheng stabilized the situation at the critical moment.

Set the array!

The three Kings supported Xin Wuheng and limited the half-flesh skeleton, and the group of elites behind them soon formed a sealing array that countered ghosts.

First separate the air of ghost-corpses! The half-flesh skeleton is dead and can only unleash the power of an Emperor with the help of that four-winged phantom. When it loses that outside help, its battle-power will decrease.

The two young Kings revealed smiles. The half-flesh skeleton was dead and not very intelligent. Although it had the battle-power of an Emperor, it could only utilize about 70% of it.

Well seal or kill this half-flesh skeleton first, then think about the treasures after.

Their gazes turned toward a bronze coffin floating in the air within the depths of the tomb. A dazzling light glittered from the surface of the ancient bronze coffin when the remnant energy of the shockwave hit it, and it released an aura of treasure that could shake ones soul. Just the material of the coffin was close to Heaven-grade.

Its him! Xin Wuheng!

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun were unable to hide the shock on their faces.

I didnt think that Xin Wuheng had grown to such a level. Even though its dead, hes able to stall an Emperor-level battle-power by himself.

Luo Zun took a deep breath, and his eyes became sharp as the auras of fire and ice interacted. Battle-intent surged from Luo Zun, and the images of a fire domain and an ice domain started to appear.

Double Domain! If other Kings were here, they would be stunned.

Brother Luo, wait! Now isnt the time. Profit comes first. The Eighth Prince had a faint smile.


The fire and ice double domain around Luo Zun started to quickly fade. The image just now was because Xin Wuhengs appearance had ignited Luo Zuns battle-intent. After all, he had been defeated by Xin Wuheng before, and he felt it was a humiliation.

At this instant, Xin Wuheng and the other Kings were fighting. This was the perfect moment for them to just sit back and watch.

Thats right, if we fight head-on, they have more Kings and troops. A smile formed on Luo Zuns face. Luo Zun didnt mind giving them a critical hit during the important moment.

In the underground tomb, Xin Wuhengs eyebrows furrowed slightly when he was fighting with the half-flesh skeleton. It was obvious that he had sensed the existence of the Eighth Prince and Luo Zun, and they might strike when the iron was still hot.

This meant that Xin Wuhengs side had to be extremely careful with every step they took. However, the threat that the half-flesh skeleton posed was gradually decreasing as it fell into the sealing array that they had created.

The benefits of forming a group were revealed here. If it was Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng here, they would be unable to restrict the Emperor ghost.

Should we go and interfere? Luo Zun had a cunning smile.

I feel like Xin Wuhengs conserving his strength. The Eighth Prince hesitated.

Xin Wuheng was one of the most important subordinates of the Fourth Prince, who was the top competitor for being the Crown Prince.

Of course, the Fourth Prince was over a hundred years old and was much too strong to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension. This time, only the Eighth, Ninth, and Thirteenth Princes had entered the Divine Illusion Dimension. Of the three, the Eighth Prince had the strongest force.

The Ninth Prince was the most talented and strongest individual amongst them, but since he was a half-illegitimate child, he was a step behind the other princes.

The Thirteenth Prince was the youngest, and he was average in every aspect, but the Sacred Emperor liked him the most.

Zhi! Zhi!

At this moment, the Spiritual Connection Rat suddenly started to screech and point in a certain direction.


Luo Zun and the Eighth Princes lines of thoughts were broken.

This Spiritual Connection Rat was a rare beast that Luo Zun had obtained when he was young, and it was extremely intelligent. In terms of battle-power, it was extremely average, but it could sense the aura of treasures, specialized in digging holes, and its escaping abilities were top-notch.

The reason why Luo Zun could become the number one genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone and excelled in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty wasnt just because of his talent and the effort he put in. It was also because of the Spiritual Connection Rat. Over the past couple dozen years, this Spiritual Connection Rat had brought him much fortune. A couple times, it brought him such fortune that it changed his life.

The Eighth Prince had paid a big price in order to bring Luo Zun in, and one of the reasons was because of his Spiritual Connection Rat. In order to increase the success rate, Luo Zun had suppressed his cultivation, and he only formed the double domain after entering the Divine Illusion Dimension.


Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince looked into the distance and saw an old flaming chariot flying through the air.

The aura radiating from the tomb was too shocking, so it attracted many others. Many individuals and groups were watching from afar. However, since they didnt have any Void God Realm Kings, they didnt dare to interfere.

That chariot seems to have been created by the Heavens Legacy Race. The Eighth Prince revealed a weird look. The owner of the flaming chariot definitely wouldnt be average.

Its him! Luo Zun exclaimed as he saw the two figures on the flaming chariot clearly.

Both figures had purple hair. One of them wore black clothes, and Luo Zun didnt recognize him. However, the other purple-haired male was a handsome youth that Luo Zun would recognize even if he had been burnt into ashes.

Purple-Haired Demonic Duo! Some of the nearby watching experts exclaimed.

Quick, hide all your treasures!

Keep your distance! The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo are known for stealing from anyone!

One of the groups hiccupped when they heard the title of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, and another even immediately ran away.

The flaming chariot soon arrived in the air above the tomb.

Zhe zhe zhe what luck. There are so many familiar people here, Zhao Feng laughed and spoke while inspecting the underground tomb.

Luo Zun and the Eighth Prince had unusual expressions and thought that Zhao Feng was talking about them.

Miao miao!

A little silver-gray cat appeared on Zhao Fengs shoulder and gave a smile.

Zhi! Zhi!

The Spiritual Connection Rat on Luo Zuns shoulder hiccupped and became full of fear. It didnt even dare to look at the little thieving cat.

What? Luo Zun had a weird expression. Although the battle-power of his Spiritual Connection Rat wasnt great, it was a rare animal that had a bloodline almost at the level of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Could Zhao Fengs little cat be on the same level as the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?

At this moment, the Spiritual Connection Rat was extremely scared after it saw the little thieving cat, as rats meeting cats are wont to do.

Thieving cat, dont scare our little friend. Zhao Feng reached out and threw the little thieving cat into his ancient metal ring. The little thieving cat was one of his hidden cards in the Divine Illusion Dimension; he didnt want to reveal it so soon.

In the underground tomb, although Xin Wuheng and company felt the new auras from above, they were fighting and didnt have the time to inspect them.

Luo Zuns expression was grim, and he put the Spiritual Connection Rat away. He didnt know why, but he always felt frustrated when he met Zhao Feng.

The Eighth Prince also felt disgusted. Next to Zhao Feng was a Domain-level King with a strong aura. In addition, seeing the reactions of the groups and individuals nearby, it seemed that the fame of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo wasnt small, and they had stolen from a large number of people.

Hmm!? Although its related to the Dao of Ghosts, theres an aura of a Soul Dao treasure in the underground tomb. Zhao Fengs heart moved, but the duo just casually watched from the side.

Hes just a measly Origin Core Realm! Luo Zun suppressed the anger in his heart and wanted to teach him a lesson but was stopped by the Eighth Prince.

To the two who just arrived, are you willing to team up and take the benefits below together? The Eighth Prince gave an elegant and peaceful smile.