King Of Gods Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Nan Gongshengs Decision
Chapter 839 - Nan Gongshengs Decision

The Green Water Sky Lotus had many abilities. The petals, leaves, fruits, and seeds were useful even to Void God Realm Kings.

Zhao Feng first took out a seed to consolidate his soul. The petals, seeds, and leaves of the Green Water Sky Lotus all had the ability to cleanse and purify. The seed could purify the soul, and Zhao Feng had absorbed a large amount of energy from the Soul Suppressing Stone, which was considered outside help and had some downsides.

Zhao Feng was now using the lotus seeds to consolidate his soul and get rid of those downsides.

It wouldve been perfect if I had gotten these Green Water Sky Lotuses earlier. Zhao Feng couldnt help but sigh as he bit into a petal, which gave off a refreshing aura in his body.

Aside from its cleansing abilities, the petals could increase ones state of existence and get rid of poisons and hidden injuries.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng used one Green Water Sky Lotus, and his energy was completely replenished.

He felt slightly regretful; if he had been able to get the Green Water Sky Lotus earlier, his cultivation and strength wouldve been able to increase in every aspect. However, now that Zhao Fengs soul-strength had already surpassed the level of Kings, the seed could only consolidate it a little, not increase his strength.

On the other hand, Nan Gongshengs cultivation and soul-strength rose a bit after using the Green Water Sky Lotus.

Nan Gongsheng was about to break through to the late stages of the Void God Realm. Zhao Feng was nearby protecting him.

Nan Gongsheng will reach the late stages of the Void God Realm approximately three days later. Zhao Feng took back his gaze and decided to increase his strength as well before entering the depths of Xie Yang Palace.


Zhao Feng ripped off some petals and ate them.

These petals could increase his state of existence a little, but they couldnt really help his peak fourth level Sacred Lightning Body. This was mainly because Zhao Fengs state of existence already had a strong foundation that surpassed normal Void God Realm Kings.

However, he didnt give up. He kept on eating petals one after another, which released a clear and pure aura that would continuously cleanse his body.

The effect of one or two petals might be average, but how about dozens or even hundreds? One had to know that each Green Water Sky Lotus had almost twenty petals. At a certain point, quantity was its own quality.

Two days later, Zhao Feng had used a total of two hundred petals, and his skin was as soft as a babys. It was white and soft enough to make females jealous.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes as a layer of water and lightning surrounded his body.


At a certain point in time, Zhao Fengs bones started to crack, and a faint golden glow radiated from the silver-blue symbols on his skin. Strangely, Zhao Fengs bones and body instantly became bigger, and he was now similar to a small golden-blue giant. He was now much larger than a normal human.


A ripple of faint golden-blue lightning appeared around Zhao Feng.

Boom! Boom!

At this instant, the cave around Zhao Feng crumbled and only left behind a pile of small scorched black rocks around him.

What a strong body! On the other side, Nan Gongsheng, who was about to break through, felt his body and blood shake as a powerful pressure descended on him.

Luckily, they had maintained a certain distance.

Crack! Crack!

Zhao Fengs body and flesh started to contract. He could transform into the size of a nine-year-old kid, but his actual appearance wouldnt change.


A layer of faint gold and blue started to become brighter, and it almost materialized as a barrier formed around Zhao Fengs body.

Fifth level of the Sacred Lightning Body!

Excitement and joy appeared on Zhao Fengs face.

Some time ago, the revived child Demigod only managed to reach the early fifth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Body even with the help of a large amount of resources. He was only a small tier higher than Zhao Fengs current level, but Zhao Fengs Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was more advanced and had more potential.

Zhao Fengs confidence increased dramatically after reaching the fifth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. Even without using his True Yuan or his eye-bloodline, he would be able to suppress normal Void God Realm Kings with pure physical strength.

However, the Sacred Lightning Body didnt just give him strength, it also gave him powerful defense, constitution, and recovery speed. It could be said that the fifth level of the Sacred Lightning Body was comparable to the early stages of the Immortal Body. Without enough power, he was basically invulnerable.

Four hours later, a surge of Magnificent Power appeared around the same area and caused silver-and-purple streaks of light to flow in the air. A wicked aura instantly caused the nearby Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to slow down, and even the Gods Forbidden Array nearby started to shake.

Hmm? Zhao Feng revealed a weird look. Not because Nan Gongsheng broke through, but because of the scenery after he broke through.

One had to know that Xie Yang Palace had powerful laws that suppressed all types of energy, but Nan Gongsheng breaking through actually made the Gods Forbidden Array sense something. This made Zhao Feng ponder.


Nan Gongshengs purple hair became more wicked, and the purple-and-blood-colored crescent moon on his forehead became brighter. His every inhale and exhale seemed to radiate supreme power that could make normal True Yuan crumble.

Zhao Feng was surprised by what he saw. The Evil God Crystal had merged into Nan Gongshengs spatial domain perfectly, and it even merged into the foundation of his True Yuan dimension. Nan Gongshengs spatial powers were now one with the power of the Evil God Crystal.

At this point in time, Nan Gongsheng was stronger than Jiu Wuji from Nine Darkness Palace. Even Zhao Feng didnt have any confidence in defeating him without using his left eye-bloodline and his Emperor Intent.

Nan Gongsheng, congratulations. Your strength is enough for you to be in the top twenty of the Great Gan Imperial Genius rankings. Zhao Feng smiled as he congratulated.

Nan Gongshengs strength was only around rank 100 of the Imperial Genius rankings when he entered the Divine Illusion Dimension.

I reached the late stages of the Void God Realm much earlier than I thought. All of this is because of the Evil God Crystal and Junior Martial Brother Zhao.

Nan Gongsheng couldnt help but feel slightly complex when his gaze landed on Zhao Feng.

If he hadnt met Zhao Feng, he wouldnt have met such fortune or continuously become stronger.

Zhao Feng shook his head. When he first entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, he needed a group just to survive, but luckily, he met Nan Gongsheng and used the latters King-level strength and Space techniques to survive.

To a certain degree, one could say that Zhao Feng allowed Nan Gongsheng to achieve his current results, but Nan Gongsheng did the same for Zhao Feng. They were the perfect duo.

Now, both Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had the ability to go solo if they wanted to. Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body had broken past the fourth level, so he didnt have any weaknesses and no longer needed Nan Gongshengs protection.

Zhao Feng, I can feel a source of power from the depths of Xie Yang Palace summoning me. Nan Gongsheng hesitated before finally speaking.

Hearing that, a light flashed through Zhao Fengs eyes. The Evil God Crystal might very likely have been formed by the Ancient God Xie Yang to stabilize the destruction of the Black Serpent Dragon.

However, no matter how strong the seal was, it had become weaker after countless years. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng taking the Evil God Crystal away only moved the inevitable forward a little.

Nan Gongsheng, although youve started to merge with the power of the Evil God Crystal, your attitude hasnt changed yet. If you follow this summoning, you might become a lot stronger, but the danger is almost unimaginable. Maybe at the end, all of this will result in nothing, Zhao Feng warned.

The summoning was most likely left behind by the power of the Ancient God Xie Yang or something related.

Nan Gongsheng had two choices right now.

One was to do nothing; with the help of the Evil God Crystal, Nan Gongshengs potential had risen dramatically, and he didnt need to worry about anything before reaching the Heavenly Divine Realm. His current future might not be any weaker than the Demigod Kun Yun at his peak.

The second was to follow the summoning, but the danger involved was unimaginable. After all, the Evil God Crystal was a power that belonged to Gods, and this place was a Gods palace. The power of Gods wasnt something mortals could think about. Furthermore, Xie Yang was a wicked God; he wasnt a nice person.

Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath as his expression kept on changing. The decision he made next would change his life.

In reality, Nan Gongsheng was already extremely lucky that the Evil God Crystal hadnt twisted his attitude, and Zhao Feng had helped him in that regard. In Nan Gongshengs heart, Zhao Feng was a mountain that couldnt be surpassed.

Junior Martial Brother Zhao, you created a miracle when surviving the Pursuit of Death, and you even revived the Demigod Kun Yun. If youre going to help me, help me to the end. Nan Gongsheng bowed to Zhao Feng with gratitude and expectation.

You make the decision. A strong physical force appeared from Zhao Fengs body and stopped Nan Gongsheng from bowing.

Instinct tells me that the summoning can let me reach the peak of life and maybe even touch the domain of Gods. Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath as an extreme desire for power appeared in his eyes.

The domain of Gods. Even Zhao Feng was slightly moved.

Fine, this is your choice. I will help you. Zhao Feng agreed. In reality, he thought even more about it than Nan Gongsheng. If he followed Nan Gongshengs summoning, he might be able to find out some secrets about the domain of Gods in the depths of Xie Yang Palace.

Outside Xie Yang Palace:

Zeze, this has become more interesting.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon twirled in the air and started to murmur to itself; The domain of Gods isnt something these ants can think about. However, of those two brats, one merged with the Evil God Crystal, and the other one revived a Demigod. They arent to be underestimated.