King Of Gods Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – Mortal Spiritual Body
Chapter 84 – Mortal Spiritual Body

Everyone’s attention was on the crystal in Zhao Feng’s hand. The circle suddenly condensed then stopped again, then jumped again.

The change made the hearts of those watching clench. Lord Guanjun immediately swallowed what he was going to say, the change had almost caused him to give a wrong evaluation. After all, this was his first time seeing something like this.

Only Zhao Feng knew in his heart that his potential didn’t exceed two circles.

Two and a half circles … Three circles… Three and a half circles…

Under the heat of his left eye, the amount of circles reached three and a half and still kept condensing.

Three and a half… Four circles… Four and half circles…

Many of the people held their breaths. Four and a half circles was the best in the Ten Sky Guards excluding Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei. Zhao Feng realised that five circles was a whole entire level, but after the fourth and a half circle was condensed progress slowed down. Suddenly, another pulse of heat was released from his left eye.

Four circles and a half… Five circles!

A faint green color appeared as the fifth circle condensed. This was the limit that Zhao Feng could reach without using the powers of his left eye because he knew Lord Guanjun would be able to sense it.

“The fifth circle has appeared, but it’s slightly weaker than Feng Hanyue’s. It should be a half spiritual body.” Lord Guanjun’s expression turned normal once again.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng’s potential was just below Feng Hanyue’s and it didn’t give him a surprise.

“Half spiritual body? Not good enough.” Bei Moi took the crystal with disappointment in his eyes.

It was obvious that he had overestimated Zhao Feng.

“Master, which ones are you going to take?” Third Guard asked.

“Not one of them are good enough to be my core disciple.” Lord Guanjun shook his head.

Up to now, the only one that pleased him was Bei Moi. Hearing this, the youths all turned bitter.

“But this generation of Sky Guards Battalion is indeed stronger than before. Some of them can become my outer disciples.” Lord Guanjun’s words twisted.

Outer disciple?

Feng Hanyue and co.’s eyes lit up.

Although it was highly unlikely to become a core disciples, it was still a dream to become his outer disciple. Lord Guanjun was a legend in the Cloud Country, even Martial Masters begged pointers from him. If they could become his outer disciple, they would have the chance to receive teachings from him.

Furthermore, Third Guard and Ye Linyun were only his outer disciples.

“Outer disciples? Which ones?” Ye Linyun asked.

“These two both have a Spiritual Body so they have no problems becoming my outer disciple.” Lord Guanjun looked at Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei.

“How about Zhao Feng? He’s the youngest here and he has a high cultivation, his memory is better than Bei Moi’s, he also came first in the mission… ” Ye Linyun quickly said.

Zhao Feng was the genius he took from Sun Feather City and he had high expectations of him.

“It’ll be hard with his half-spiritual body… ” Lord Guanjun said after some thought.

But seeing that both Third Guard and Ye Linyun seemed to praise him, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Oh well, let him be. Taking three disciples in at once breaks my record.”

As Lord Guanjun decided, Ye Linyun and Third Guard smiled at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng also returned grateful looks.

“Master, you won’t regret taking him in.” Ye Linyun said confidently.

“Oh?” Lord Guanjun didn’t know where Ye Linyun’s confidence came from.

Ye Linyun didn’t explain. He remembered the aura Zhao Feng that had released when performing his skills back at the Zhao family. It was something that most ninth ranks couldn’t do and at that time, Zhao Feng was only at the fifth rank.

“Feng Hanyue, Zhao Yufei, Zhao Feng. From today onwards, you’ll become outer disciples of Lord Guanjun.” Third Guard announced.

“You don’t need to be so formal since you’re just outer disciples.” Lord Guanjun smiled faintly.

His sight scanned across Zhao Feng and the other two before resting on Bei Moi. It was only then did he give a true smile. Zhao Feng and the others understood that outer disciples would only occasionally receive pointers. Sometimes, outer disciples would not get anything at all.

Lord Guanjun only had Bei Moi as a core disciple and it was the latter that would be fully raised by him. After the Master-Disciple ceremony, the other seven Ten Sky Guards left.

Soon, there was only Lord Guanjun and his disciples left in. Third Guard and Ye Linyun had their own assignments and left.

Therefore, there was only Bei Moi, Nan Gongfan, Feng Hanyue, Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng left.

“You can all ask me a question since you’ve become my disciples today.” Lord Guanjun opened his mouth and said.


Feng Hanyue, Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng were excited. They obviously had many questions to ask this legendary figure.

“Master, what is a Spiritual Body?” The first person that asked was Feng Hanyue.

Spiritual, Mortal Body.

This was what Zhao Feng heard from Lord Guanjun before.

“There’s hundreds of billions of people on this continent and their potential is decided when they’re born. Over ninety-nine percent of humans are normal and they have Mortal Bodies.” Lord Guanjun explained the concept of Mortal Body.

Zhao Feng understood what he meant. Most of the people in this world had Mortal Bodies. For example, before Zhao Feng merged with the eye, he had a hundred percent Mortal Body. But after the merging of the mysterious left eye, his blood and potential were all affected and it became a half Spiritual Body.

“The mortal body is split into different tiers: Low, Middle, High and Limit. This means that there are also differences between Mortal Bodies. In the test, just then one circle meant Low Tier Mortal Body, two meant Middle Tier Mortal Body… Four circles meant Limit Tier Mortal Body… ” Lord Guanjun continued.

Zhao Feng had never heard anything like this before.

“The fifth circles means the Spiritual Body. People with Spiritual Bodies have an advantage compared to those with Mortal Bodies. Those geniuses will reach the Holy martial path in just a matter of time depending on how good their masters are.” Lord Guanjun finally explained what Mortal and Spiritual Bodies meant.

This increased Zhao Feng’s knowledge. He estimated that Zhao Linlong was around three circles and a half, between the High Tier and Limit Tier of a Mortal Body.

Next, Zhao Yufei asked Lord Guanjun a question.

Zhao Yufei had asked: “Master, is there realms above the Holy Martial Path?”

Hearing to this question, Zhao Feng showed interest as well. Back when he stayed in Sun Feather City, they only knew of the Martial Path; the Holy Martial Path was just a rumour. Facing Lord Guanjun Zhao, Feng thought that he had reached the Holy Martial Path.

Then, were there realms above the Holy Martial Path?


A light flashed in Lord Guanjun’s eyes as he spoke solemnly: “But this is a level you can’t touch… ”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng and the other two felt their hearts move. There was higher realms above the Holy Martial Path!

Soon, Zhao Feng asked a question.

“What is most important in the nine ranks of the Martial Path?”

“The body is the most important. The point of the martial path is to strengthen the blood, bones and organs. The true use of Inner Strength isn’t to kill people, but it is used to strengthen one’s own body. On this point, many cultivators have gone on the wrong path.” Lord Guanjun smiled.

No wonder. Zhao Feng was now certain of his thoughts before.

“Master, what’s your point in raising so many geniuses?” Zhao Feng asked the question that bugged him most.

Ever since he had entered the Guanjun Palace, he heard others saying Lord Guanjun loved geniuses and he would send his men around the country to take them in.

He and Zhao Yufei were found by the Guanjun Corps and Ye Linyun had come personally to take them in. Zhao Feng’s question made Lord Guanjun’s body stiffen and a cold light shone in his eyes. In an instant, Zhao Feng and the others felt a pressure bear down upon them.

Lord Guanjun had clearly not done anything, he didn’t even release a bit of his aura, but the pressure from his mental energy caused the others to tremble. Luckily, this feeling only lasted an instant. Even then, cold sweat appeared on Feng Hanyue’s forehead.

“Zhao Feng! This question has nothing to do with you! Master takes in geniuses because he loves them. Do you think that master has a purpose?” Nan Gongfan shouted with anger.