King Of Gods Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Fake Demonic Duo
Chapter 841 - Fake Demonic Duo

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A layer of purple and silver took Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng throughout the bridges, walkways, and other paths in the depths of Xie Yang Palace. The power of Nan Gongshengs current spatial abilities couldnt be compared to the past; he was like a fish in water in this complex landscape.

Hmm? Zhao Feng sensed something, and his expression changed dramatically. A powerful Intent that seemed like it could slash through anything in its path appeared at the location where they just fought moments ago. The aura of this Intent had reached perfection.

Emperor Intent! Nan Gongsheng slowed down a bit as shock filled his face.

The duo exchanged glances, and Zhao Feng soon calmed down as he murmured to himself, As expected of a peerless prodigy from a four-star power.

Xuanyuan Wen? Hes also formed Emperor Intent? Nan Gongsheng couldnt hide the shock on his face.

Xuanyuan Wen was only ranked 7th on the Imperial Genius rankings. If he was already so powerful, it was hard to imagine how terrifying the top three would be. Of course, if all the geniuses who entered the Divine Illusion Dimension were able to leave safely, the Imperial Genius rankings would change quite a bit.

Its not just Emperor Intent hes become an Emperor already. Zhao Feng sighed.

When they had gathered at the dragon-shaped crater, Zhao Feng inspected Xuanyuan Wen and found that his aura was incredibly close to an Emperors, and that was with him purposely concealing it.

Void God Realm Emperor! Nan Gongsheng was somewhat unable to accept it. A twenty-something Emperor was unimaginable in the Cang Ocean.

Even the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor at his peak had only reached the middle stages of the Void God Realm. He had formed peak Emperor Intent, but that didnt mean that he had become an actual Emperor.

Retreat under my directions, Zhao Feng said in a deep tone.

He could feel a powerful aura approaching and tracking them. Zhao Feng didnt want to fight with an Emperor right now. No one would be willing if they couldnt get anything out of it, and Zhao Feng still needed to find out why so many forces hated them and wanted to kill them.

Who is pretending to be us? A cold light flashed through Zhao Fengs eyes. This was the first time anger had appeared on his face since he entered the Divine Illusion Dimension. The Jiang Family and Grand Duke Qis Palace didnt seem to be acting.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The purple-and-silver lights speed reached another level.

Bam! Bam! Whoosh!

On the way, Zhao Feng circulated his physical force and Soul Dao techniques to clear some of their remnant auras.

Zhao Feng knew a bit about tracking due to the Pursuit of Death. He was constantly being chased, and then he was the one chasing someone else. Not only did he get rid of their auras, he even created some fake auras.

About the time it took to make tea later, the powerful Emperor aura from behind had disappeared. Nan Gongsheng let out a breath. His partner was indeed worthy of being the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor who stunned the Cang Ocean; they were able to throw off Xuanyuan Wen so easily.

The current situation is very bad for us. Almost all of the forces that have entered Xie Yang Palace are now our enemies. Zhao Fengs expression was solemn and showed no signs of being smug.

Thinking about it, Nan Gongshengs scalp tingled. Every three-star and four-star force in Xie Yang Palace was against them.

Who dares to pretend to be us? What benefits do they get when were all still threatened by the Black Serpent Dragon? Nan Gongsheng couldnt help but think.

Zhao Feng first thought of Jiu Wuji from Nine Darkness Palace, but the enmity between them was only about face and a few treasures. It hadnt reached a stage where one side must die. After all, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was their true enemy.

According to logic, no one should have a motive to do this. Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled.

Nan Gongsheng nodded his head. Even the non-human experts didnt have a motive to do this since internal conflict was no good to anyone at the moment. Only by working together did everyone have a chance of survival against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

I might know the answer. Zhao Feng didnt speak since any communication would be sensed by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, but his gaze told Nan Gongsheng some information.

Nan Gongsheng started to think.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The duo landed near a bridge, and there was a green lake below where fish were playing around.

Right at this moment, a group walked over from a building not far away.

I dont believe Brother Feng would do this! The cold voice of a female sounded from the group. Her voice was extremely decisive.

Zhao Yufei, we all saw it. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo ambushed us from behind and crippled two disciples of the Duanmu Family. One of them was my brother! A male in black robes said angrily. Magnificent Power glowed from his body as his emotions boiled. He seemed to have just become a King not long ago.

Yufei, Duanmu Yu, no matter what happened, we shall not fight amongst ourselves, the elder in green robes said.

This group was from the Duanmu Family, one of the Eight Big Families. In comparison to before they entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, the Duanmu Family had one more King, but the person with the strongest aura was still the goddess-like Zhao Yufei. Her aura was close to a Peak-tier King.


Under the bridge, Zhao Fengs expression became grim. He couldnt stand this any longer. He didnt think that the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo would even ambush the Duanmu Family.


With a flash, Zhao Feng appeared in front of the group from the Duanmu Family with wild purple hair blowing in the wind.

Zhao Feng! Nan Gongshengs expression changed slightly. He didnt think that Zhao Feng would reveal himself, but he quickly followed behind.

One had to know that the Duanmu Family had three Kings, and Zhao Yufeis strength was immeasurable. Furthermore, all of the forces could communicate with each other in the depths of Xie Yang Palace.

Purple-Haired Demonic Duo! Those from the Duanmu Family were filled with anger and killing intent. These two were far too arrogant; not only did they just ambush them not long ago, they were now coming out right in front of them?

The green robed elders first thought was to stall the duo and ask Sky Suspension Palace, the imperials, and the other forces for help.

Yufei. Zhao Feng slowly sent out a palm toward the group from the Duanmu Family.

The bodies of everyone from the Duanmu Family shook, and their consciousnesses became chaotic. Everything started to blur as they arrived in a misty city of illusions. Most people were unable to properly control their bodies, and their senses were muddled.

Even an older King like the elder in green robes could only barely manage to form a defensive barrier, but the messages he tried to send through the soul-dimension were like stones sinking into the ocean.

In just one palm, everyone from the Duanmu Family fell into Zhao Fengs Illusion Maze Domain.

What a profound method. Nan Gongsheng couldnt help but admire.

Only Zhao Yufei wasnt affected by the Illusion Maze Domain. Her face was filled with surprise as she glanced at the elites of the Duanmu Family walking around in circles.

Youre the real Brother Feng! Zhao Yufei said confidently as joy appeared on her face. The purple-haired youth in front of her had one hand raised in the air as he used the Illusion Maze Domain to envelop everyone from the Duanmu Family.

Yufei, the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo also ambushed the Duanmu Family? Zhao Feng asked.

En, they look exactly the same as you two, Zhao Yufei nodded and said. When she heard the word fake, she let out a breath.

Can you recreate what happened? Zhao Feng paused.

When one reached the Void God Realm, their souls would become extremely strong, and they would be able to recreate something from their memories.

En. Zhao Yufei waved her hand, and a purple screen appeared in the air.


Images appeared on the purple screen. At the beginning, the Duanmu Family was fighting against a wave of vines, and there were several fruits on the vines. These vines were extremely troublesome, and Zhao Yufei was the main force against it. However, just as they were about to take the fruits:


With a flash of purple and silver, two purple-haired figures leapt out.

How is that possible!? Zhao Fengs and Nan Gongshengs expressions changed dramatically the duo people in the image were the exact same as Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng. They were extremely fast, and their figures and skills were similar to the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

The duo then ambushed them and stole the precious fruits, and they succeeded because Zhao Yufei had to deal with the vines.

Brother Feng! Zhao Yufei revealed a painful expression of disbelief as she watched the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo fly away.


A layer of purple and silver light covered the two purple-haired figures as they merged into space and disappeared.

So fast! Could one of them specialize in spatial techniques as well? Nan Gongsheng was shocked.

One couldnt tell the real Purple-Haired Demonic Duo from the fake from images alone, especially given how they managed to fade into space.

Its hard to believe. Zhao Feng murmured.

There were countless unique and special people amongst the geniuses that entered the Divine Illusion Dimension.

They were able to analyze three powers that the fake duo had:

One, a strong copying ability.

Two, spatial techniques similar to Nan Gongshengs.

Three, a secret technique that could allow them to merge with their surroundings, which might be related to the first or second ability.

Yufei, did you notice any suspicious points?

Zhao Yufei thought for a while before answering, Based on what happened to the other forces, the fake duo only appeared at the critical moment before stealing from them.

Critical moment? Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng looked at each other and felt incredulous. When they had stolen from others before, it was extremely hard to grasp the right timing every time.

I understand. The answer in Zhao Fengs heart was becoming clearer and clearer, and it was just waiting to burst out.

Right at this moment, another group started to come into sight.

Yufei, well meet later. Zhao Feng suddenly released his hands gesture.

Plop! Plop!

Many of the Duanmu Family elites knelt on the ground or became unstable.


Only then did the elder in green and company leave the Illusion Maze Domain.

Where did the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo go? Everyone let out a breath, but they were puzzled.

Only the elder in green and the male in black had shocked expressions. They caught a glimpse of a purple-and-silver streak merge into the buildings of Xie Yang Palace.