King Of Gods Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Xie Yang Books
Chapter 845 - Xie Yang Books

Although Xuanyuan Wens heart was moved when he sensed the aura of an Ancient God Weapon, he showed no signs of heading over right away. He first sent this news to Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and the female in apricot robes.

Ancient God Weapons surpass our level by far too much. Those destined shall get it, so it doesnt matter if were a bit late. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge held his fan and gave a smile.

Xuanyuan Wen also faintly nodded his head in agreement. If they were Demigods, they would definitely go straight for the Ancient God Weapon, but a treasure that was too precious was actually a calamity.

Of course, there was another reason the dark book room they were in already contained fortune. All the books in the book room floated in the air like stars in the night sky.

Each one of these books has reached Heaven-grade, and some have even touched the Heavenly Divine Realm.

Hmm? The Ancient God Xie Yang marked this book specifically?

The geniuses of Sky Suspension Palace fell into their own little book worlds. Each book contained a world, and the knowledge contained within these books was something that even four-star forces dreamt of.

Some of these books are comparable to the secret techniques and core inheritances of Sky Suspension Palace, and some have even surpassed the limits of the continent zone. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge couldnt help but sigh.

This book room was actually somewhat open to outsiders, but despite that, the elites of Sky Suspension Palace spent quite a long time to enter.

Each book is a world. Dont be greedy; just choose one or two books, the female in apricot robes warned.

When skills reached the level of Heaven-grade, each of them was comparable to an entire inheritance, and the information contained within was like the limitless ocean. Therefore, the geniuses and elites only chose one or two books that suited them.

Absorbing the content of a book was very taxing even for Void God Realm Kings, who could remember everything they read. When information was too large, even using a photographic memory to look at it would use a lot of time.

There was a silver-armored half-step King youth from Sky Suspension Palace, and a dreamy purple light flashed through his eyes. A purple symbol faintly glowed on the silver-armored youths forehead.

This silver-armored youth was the weakest of the elites from Sky Suspension Palace, and his status was also the lowest. He usually kept silent. He was also the very last person to enter the dark book room.

At this moment, the silver-armored youth was acting very strangely.


He quickly took out an ancient book, and a purple glow appeared in his eyes. A couple dozen breaths later, he took out another starry book.

Hmm? Holy Wicked Technique? It was written by Xie Yang?

The silver-armored youth paused for a moment. Instead of concentrating on absorbing one or two books like the others, the silver-armored youth had already read dozens of books.

Looks like this book room was arranged by the palaces servants. The Holy Wicked Technique is a simple technique created by the owner, but even then, it can be considered a supreme Wicked Dao technique in the outside world. The silver-armored youths eyes twinkled.

Under normal circumstances, the other geniuses of Sky Suspension Palace would have realized that the silver-armored youth was acting differently. For example, his mental energy aura was several times stronger than usual. However, at this point in time, everyone was focused on the worlds of the books.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The silver-armored youth started to flip through other books after finishing the Holy Wicked Technique. He flipped through a couple dozen books and seemed to be very tired, so he took out some pills from his interspatial ring.

Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao. The female in apricot robes saw that the silver-armored youth was acting amiss and warned him, I suggest you focus on absorbing one or two books that suit you. That will be more helpful.

I understand. The silver-armored youth gave an emotionless reply and started to read through more books.

Time passed by slowly, and when the majority of the Sky Suspension Palace geniuses had finished absorbing their first book, the silver-armored youth had finished over one hundred, and all of them were ones he was interested in.

When everyone finished absorbing their second book, the silver-armored youth had finished two hundred books. At this moment, the silver-armored youth was extremely tired, so he found a corner, sat down, and ate some spiritual pills.

Okay, well be leaving in two hours, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge said. His eyebrows furrowed when his gaze landed on the silver-armored Deng Chao, but he didnt say anything.

Within an underground cellar of Xie Yang Palace:

Nan Gongsheng, this Holy Wicked Technique should be a simplified version of Xie Yangs cultivation technique. Do you think you can cultivate it?

Zhao Feng opened his eyes with fatigue.

Weird I managed to learn the Holy Wicked Technique very easily, and now I can use the power of the Evil God Crystal much better than before. Nan Gongsheng was extremely surprised. How did Zhao Feng suddenly have this Holy Wicked Technique?

As I thought. Zhao Feng was now sure that the dark book room was semi-open to the public.

At this moment, there were two hundred Xie Yang books worth of content in Zhao Fengs mind. Many of these Xie Yang Books would be a top inheritance in a three-star or four-star force. A small number of them were even comparable to the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Technique and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. An extremely small amount even slightly surpassed them.

However, for Zhao Feng, the Sacred Lightning Body and the Wind Lightning Technique formed a perfect combination. After all, he already had the foundation of Wind Lightning from his previous life, and he had fused with the power of God Tribulation Lightning, so he had more potential with Lightning techniques. Furthermore, most of the Xie Yang books were techniques and skills of the Wicked Dao, which werent suitable for Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng wouldnt cultivate these books, they still increased his knowledge and understanding.

Zhao Feng had a thought after reading so many books; he could try to alter and improve these techniques and create a secret technique that was perfect for himself.

Elsewhere, in front of the Building of Refinement:

Argh, I cant stand it anymore!

Several half-step King geniuses and elites ran out from the black metallic door, and their feet were smoking. There were a few already-resting geniuses in front of the door, and their feet were scorched black. There was also a small number of people that had fainted and were carried out by other elites.

Apart from a small number of powerful Void God Realm Kings, normal geniuses werent able to last very long in the Building of Refinement.

The competition within the Building of Refinement at this moment in time was very intense. The person at the very front was still the white-mustached Little Sword Saint from Sky Sword Pavilion.


The aura of the Little Sword Saints sword became stronger until it burned like the sun. His gaze looked forward, and he conquered the heat under his feet as he slowly approached the rusty bronze sword near the furnace.

He didnt even look at the broken pieces or weapons or materials scattered around; each step he took toward the rusty bronze sword required unimaginable power from his Sword Dao. Each and every step he took felt like an entire century to him.

The remaining Intent and laws on that tattered Ancient God sword might allow me to break through.

The Little Sword Saint only had this one sword in his heart, while the other Kings focused on the legendary minerals and weapon fragments. It wasnt that they didnt want to compete for the Ancient God Weapon, it was just that they werent able to.

Amongst the groups, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was extremely eye-catching.

Shua! Whoosh!

The two purple-haired figures disappeared and reappeared in a corner. Within half a days time, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had gone near the furnace two or three times and obtained many legendary materials and weapon pieces. They were like fish in water.

Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, die~~~~! The Thirteenth Prince roared in anger as he pulled out a beaming golden sword and slashed toward the two purple-haired figures. The strike surged with a supreme Imperial power as draconic images shot into the sky.

After becoming a King, the Sacred Emperor Sword that the Thirteenth Prince wielded was much stronger. Its power was comparable to an Emperor. This sword suppressed all the geniuses and elites present apart from the Little Sword Saint.

Watch out! The expressions of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo changed as they quickly retreated.


The duo disappeared and reappeared in another corner, but there was a bloody mark on one of their bodies, which quickly recovered under an ice-blue glow.

Are you okay?

Im fine. Every time the Sacred Emperors Sword is drawn, its power will be suppressed by the Divine Illusion Dimension.

One of the purple-haired youths let out a breath. If they were in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, the power of the Sacred Emperors Sword would be doubled since it wasnt restricted by anything. In that scenario, almost no one would be able to rival the Thirteenth Prince.

What powerful defense!

The demonic duos strength has increased even more?

The Kings from the Duanmu Family, Grand Duke Yuans Palace, the Cao Family, and company were all shocked. In the exchange just now, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo managed to retreat even from the imperials, and their method was so stealthy that no one would be able to find them if they retreated.

The strength of the demonic duo is increasing very quickly, and theyre still stealing the spoils of war from our Duanmu Family.

Those from the Duanmu Family gritted their teeth in hatred.

At this moment, the demonic duo was extremely strong as they ran around the battlefield like ghosts. The physical defense of that purple-haired youth was so strong that even an Emperor-level attack wasnt able to threaten him.

Yufei The elder in green robes and the male in black turned toward Zhao Yufei. In the clash just now, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo purposely avoided Zhao Yufei.

Where do you think youre going!? Zhao Yufei roared as she leapt into the air and exchanged a blow with Zhao Feng.


Zhao Yufei was pushed back dozens of yards by an extreme coldness and landed on the ground. A layer of frost appeared on her jade-like skin.

Yufei, are you okay?

The elites of the Duanmu Family quickly protected Zhao Yufei in case the demonic duo kept attacking her.

Im fine but that isnt Brother Zhao Feng! Zhao Yufeis eyes turned red as she landed on the ground, but she spoke in a confident tone.

In the exchange just now, she didnt use her full strength, but the enemy used enough power to try to kill her.