King Of Gods Chapter 853

Chapter 853 God Slaying Arrow
Chapter 853 - God Slaying Arrow

In the six-sided Building of Refinement, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng slowly walked by the crater toward the depths where the tattered weapon-stand was located.

All the elite Kings present were dead-silent. No one dared to challenge them after Xuanyuan Wen did and failed.

The Kings all let out a breath as they warily looked at the backs of the two purple-haired figures with. The duos actions caught everyones attention.

Is this the true power of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor? Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath as complex emotions appeared on his face. He was positive that they managed to successfully suppress everyone present.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng walked with a weird rhythm as they approached the weapon-stand on the other side of the crater.

The terrifying heat pressured Zhao Fengs Sacred Lightning Body. It was extremely tough even for the Blue Serpent King who had a strong body and bloodline to obtain one substandard God weapon on the weapon-stand.

Ice Imperial Spear!

A layer of ice-blue liquid flowed around Zhao Fengs body and formed a transparent ice-blue barrier.


The ice-blue barrier was one yard long, and it protected Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.


Steam appeared on the surface of the ice-blue barrier as the heat started to erode it. As they truly got close to the weapon-stand, the terrifying heat was enough to turn Void God Realm Kings into ashes and injure Emperors.

A silver-and-purple ripple of light glittered around Nan Gongsheng within the ice-blue barrier and helped resist the heat. However, sweat still started to appear on his forehead, and his feet were about to start burning.


A faint golden light flashed around Zhao Fengs body as he used his strong physical force to take the heat head-on.

The strength of my bloodline and body might be slightly weaker than Wei Jing, and Nan Gongshengs body isnt as strong as the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons. Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled as he came to this conclusion. After all, the Blue Serpent Kings body and bloodline were extremely close to the True Dragon Race, so it was obviously very strong.

If the weapon-stand was easy to reach, it wouldnt have been the Blue Serpent Kings or Zhao Fengs turn; the other Kings wouldve taken everything already. However, Zhao Feng didnt give up; his left eye locked on to the tattered weapon-stand.

There were three arrows, a shield, and a thin, dark green jade sword.

All of those items should be substandard God weapons. Itll be very hard to obtain them. Zhao Feng thought.

The Misty Spatial World was a support-type substandard God weapon that didnt have many offensive capabilities. The spade that the little thieving cat got was probably similar; it was most likely not an offensive weapon. Of the remaining three items, the arrows and the thin sword were offensive weapons while the shield was for defense.

Spatial Movement!

Zhao Fengs left eye suddenly released a ripple that covered the three arrows, and a whirlpool appeared in the middle of the ripple.


The air started to hum as each of the three arrows radiated a divine golden-blood-colored light. The normal-looking rusty arrows became scarlet-gold and released a penetrating divine light.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng felt as if space itself had been pierced, and all the Kings souls felt a sharp pain. They felt despair and fear, as if they were ruthlessly slaughtered.

Those are God Slaying Arrows!

Although those arrows are small, they are each comparable to a substandard God weapon. Their combined value isnt any less than a normal substandard God weapon.

The experts from Sky Suspension Palace and the imperials recognized these arrows.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had to face a sharp, penetrating aura that seemed able to pierce through Heaven and Earth.

Nan Gongshengs body became slightly cold. Although he was facing the terrifying heat of the furnace, his heart was cold.

These three arrows are smaller, so they should be easier to obtain compared to the substandard God weapons that Xuanyuan Wen and the imperials obtained.

Zhao Fengs expression remained the same. Even if they were also substandard God weapons, these three arrows didnt have as many materials, and they hadnt been wielded by powerful experts like the other substandard God weapons. The other weapons had the Intents and laws of powerful experts fused into their essence.

Instinctively, Zhao Feng felt that obtaining these three arrows would be easier than the other weapons. The most important thing was that these three arrows had no owners.

Zhao Feng, do you have any ideas? If can get your hands on those those three God Slaying Arrows and use them with your Sky Locking Bow, youll be able to unleash unimaginable power, Nan Gongsheng said with slight interest.

Its not too hard to obtain the arrows themselves, but getting to the weapon-stand is. It would be good if we could get the three God Slaying Arrows to fly out by themselves.

Zhao Feng started to think.

The heat at the very center was something that even Emperors couldnt withstand. The Blue Serpent King couldnt do it, and Zhao Feng couldnt either unless his Sacred Lightning Body suddenly broke through to a higher level or became extremely resilient against fire. Unfortunately, Zhao Feng still hadnt cultivated the Fire of Wind Lightning yet.

Miao miao!

At this moment, the little thieving cat appeared holding a spade.

Hmm? Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng both glanced at the spade that the little thieving cat was holding. This spade also came from the weapon-stand.


The little thieving cat dug the spade into the ground, and sparks flew everywhere as a small hole appeared in the special material of the floor.


At the same time, the arrows, the shield, and the thin sword all hummed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The arrows, which were the smallest, flew into the air.


The shield fell onto the ground, and the thin jade sword floated into the air and radiated a power that belonged to substandard God weapons.

Nan Gongsheng instantly felt unable to breathe. Zhao Feng had recovered part of his Emperor Intent and his Gods Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against mental energy, so he wasnt frightened. However, they both looked at the spade in the little thieving cats paws with a weird expression.


The spade in the little thieving cats paws dug into the ground once again.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Some of the legendary materials nearby, such as the God Fallen Metal, all quickly gathered toward this location. The spade in the little thieving cats paws was like a magnet as all of the materials flew over.

This scene made all of the Kings eyes bulge out.


With a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng put them away into his Misty Spatial World.


At this moment, one of the God Slaying Arrows was flying toward this direction.

Come! Zhao Feng raised his armguard.

Hu~~ Shua!

With a layer of white mist, the God Slaying Arrow was devoured.

So easy! The Kings, who were holding their breath, were stunned. This was especially true for the three imperial princes; they used everything they had just to finally obtain one substandard God weapon, and one just flew right into Zhao Fengs lap.

So thats why. The Misty Spatial World isnt an ordinary storage treasure its a substandard God rank item. That means it can easily store other substandard God items. Furthermore, those God Slaying Arrows dont even have their own consciousness. Nan Gongsheng understood.

The difficulty of obtaining a substandard God weapon by using another substandard God item was much lower than without one. If the three princes had their own substandard God storage item, they wouldve been able to tame the notched axe just as easily.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other two God Slaying Arrows flew in different directions, and the other Kings souls almost exploded. Fear filled their bodies.

The God Slaying Arrows werent the only items that were disturbed; the thin jade sword was as well.

Quick! Dont let the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo get all those substandard God weapons!

Some of the Kings from the imperials, Sky Sword Pavilion, the Duanmu Family, and the other forces all took action.

Of the imperials, the Domain-level Luo Zun and wrinkled elder charged toward one of the God Slaying Arrows, while the cold black-robed female from Sky Sword Pavilion and Zhao Yufei charged toward the thin jade sword.

We cant just ignore substandard God weapons. How about I go test the strength of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo? The girl in apricot robes from Sky Suspension Palace gave a smile.


The apricot-robed female flew forward with a flash of multi-colored light, and her speed was greater than some Domain-level Kings.

At this moment in time, everyone was fighting against each other, and the source of that was the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat dug the spade into the ground once again, and the shield hummed as a green beast phantom formed.

Because the weight and size of the shield was so different, it wasnt disturbed in the same way.

In terms of offense, I have the Qiankun Sword, but I cant fully unleash its power. This shield is perfect for me. Fierceness flashed through Nan Gongshengs eyes. After he spoke, a wicked silver-purple light radiated from his body, and a purple-and-blood-colored haze seeped out from him that made the nearby auras tremble.

This was a power that belonged to an Evil God, and its effect was comparable to Zhao Yufeis natural bloodline ability.


As if sensing something, the shield in front of the weapon-stand suddenly expanded to look like a small bronze door, and the ancient green beast phantom seemed to become real as it suddenly roared.

The door-sized shield finally floated into the air and radiated the pressure of a substandard God weapon. It was more complete, so it was even better than the ones obtained by Xuanyuan Wen and the imperials. However, this meant that the pressure Nan Gongsheng had to face increased.

Dont force it, Zhao Feng warned. The most likely reason that the beast-phantom shield had sensed something was because of the Evil God Crystal.

Only Demigods and Gods could truly use the power of substandard God weapons. After learning the Holy Wicked Technique, Nan Gongshengs mastery of the Evil God Crystals power had reached an entirely new level, otherwise he wouldnt have been able to raise the shields attention.

Go! A pair of green shoes on Zhao Fengs feet released a jet of green flames, and a golden light of physical force sparkled around him. An ice-blue barrier covered Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng as they reached the place where the Blue Serpent King duo had reached earlier.


Smoke emanated from Zhao Fengs green shoes due to the extreme heat. Since the heat came mainly from the ground, the shoes blocked most of the heat for Zhao Feng.

Nan Gongsheng didnt have a strong body, so he stepped onto Zhao Fengs shoulders. He revealed a grateful look; while Zhao Feng was trying to chase after the other God Slaying Arrows, he took the time to help Nan Gongsheng.


Silver-purple whips formed in Nan Gongshengs hand, and he launched them through the air and managed to wrap around the bronze beast-phantom shield.