King Of Gods Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Immortal Soul
Chapter 854 - Immortal Soul

One of Nan Gongshengs feet stepped onto Zhao Fengs shoulder, so his entire body was above the ground. This meant that he had to only face 50-60% of the heat.


An Earth-grade silver whip in his hand managed to finally wrap itself around the bronze beast-phantom shield with a flash of purple and silver.


The Earth-grade silver whip showed signs of melting.


The terrifying heat travelled across the whip and Nan Gongshengs palm started to smoke, but luckily, he was in Zhao Fengs Ice Imperial Barrier, which decreased the heat.

Come! Nan Gongsheng circulated the Holy Wicked Technique and his spatial techniques. A silver ripple formed near the surface of the Earth-grade weapon, and a large suction force appeared.


The bronze shield was pulled over and the pressure of a substandard God weapon surged, almost exceeding Nan Gongshengs limits. Nan Gongshengs face went completely red, but he activated his spatial domain at the critical moment, and a layer of purple-and-blood-colored mist rippled throughout the area.

At this instant, a purple-and-blood-colored mark on Nan Gongshengs forehead blinked, and his hair turned completely purple and red. The wicked power radiating from him increased to a new level.

Weng~~ Boom!

His spatial domain, which had fused with the Evil God Crystal, seemed to have the ability of a Little World as a bright beam of purple-and-blood-colored light engulfed the shield.

Success! Excitement and joy flashed across Nan Gongshengs eyes.

Zhao Feng had a praising expression. At the critical moment, Nan Gongshengs use of the Evil God Crystal became perfect. After cultivating the Holy Wicked Technique, Nan Gongshengs control of the Evil God Crystal had reached a stunning level.

The core of Nan Gongshengs spatial domain was the Evil God Crystal, and it was supported by many substandard God crystals. It could be said that, against any domain that wasnt a Little World, Nan Gongshengs spatial domain was unrivalled.


Nan Gongshengs hand started to burn, and he immediately released the melting Earth-grade weapon.

Retreat for now. Zhao Feng gave a moan as his feet started to burn as well. He had stayed at the same location even longer than the Blue Serpent King.

One had to know that the Blue Serpent Kings body and bloodline were close to the True Dragon Race, and an Ice Dragon at that.


The shoes on Zhao Fengs feet started to smoke, and they almost caught fire.


Zhao Feng circulated his physical force, and he shot out of the area like a rocket as he headed in the direction of another God Slaying Arrow.


The instant he left the ground, Zhao Fengs shoes unleashed a jet of green flames before turning black.


Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng left the area they were just standing at an extremely fast speed. Their target was the second God Slaying Arrow.

There was now a total of two God Slaying Arrows, and several Void God Realm Kings were fighting for the nearest one. Regardless of anything else, it was still a substandard God weapon.

The one who had the biggest advantage at the moment was the apricot-robed female from Sky Suspension Palace.

Come! The apricot-robed female gently tapped out with her finger, and beams of three-colored light revolved in the air and interacted with the God Slaying Arrow.

In comparison to other weapons, it was easier to obtain the God Slaying Arrow.

The nearby Kings were pushed back by the powerful three-colored ray of light before they could even get close. This apricot-robed female was one of the three powerhouses of Sky Suspension Palace.

This God Slaying Arrow is mine, Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

The apricot-robed female smiled and said, If you have the ability, then come take it.

Substandard God weapons were something that even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords and Demigods couldnt resist.

The apricot-robed female was interested in how strong Zhao Feng was, so she wanted to test his strength out.

Let me handle this. Nan Gongsheng snickered coldly as he turned into a flash of silver-and-purple and flashed toward the apricot-robed female.

The apricot-robed female felt a surge of enormous wicked power crush over, and this force had the power of Space merged into in. It was as quick as lightning and extremely hard to counter.

Triple Layered Lotus Flame! the apricot-robed female yelled, and a three-colored light on her body suddenly shook and formed three lotuses.

At this instant, the three lotuses seemed to blossom. Furthermore, every layer of these lotuses had different elements. The green, red, and purple colors represented wind, fire, and lightning respectively.

Boom! Peng!

The three blossoming layered lotuses clashed together against the wave of purple-and-silver.

This female is even slightly stronger than Peak-tier Kings. Nan Gongshengs expression became serious as a layer of purple-and-blood-colored light with sparkles of silver appeared around him. The sparkles of silver radiated a wicked force that could make the expressions of even Emperors change.

Crack! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng pushed his hands out, and the spatial domain behind him broke through the spatial domain of the apricot-robed female.

This person is so strange! The apricot-robed females face went red as she retreated.

This scene caused Xuanyuan Wens and Senior Martial Brother Zhuges expressions to change.

The news about Nan Gongsheng being terrifying in terms of physical attacks isnt fake, and he has indeed merged an Evil God Crystal into his spatial domain, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge murmured.

The most mysterious and scary person of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was obviously Zhao Feng, but Zhao Fengs cultivation was low. Apart from the fact that his body was relatively strong, his other physical aspects werent. Zhao Feng was terrifying because of his abilities in the soul-dimension.

One was a monster in the physical dimension while the other was heaven-defying in the soul-dimension. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was the perfect combination.

Come! Zhao Feng laughed as a layer of white mist blinked and engulfed the silver God Slaying Arrow.

The apricot-robed female steadied herself as waves shook her heart. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo hadnt even attacked her together; the more-mysterious Zhao Feng had done nothing. Nan Gongsheng alone was able to suppress her.

In just one exchange, the apricot-robed female was pushed back, and the second God Slaying Arrow was obtained by Zhao Feng.

At the same moment, the third God Slaying Arrow was obtained by Luo Zun and the wrinkled elder. Zhao Feng shook his head and didnt try to force things.

As for the last substandard God weapon, the fight for the thin jade sword had reached the last stages as well.

Eighteen Heaven Sword!

A powerful beam of Sword Intent shot out from the eyes of the black-robed female from Sky Sword Pavilion, and a half-transparent crystal sword formed a whirlwind of sword-light.

Boom! Boom! Shua!

Every time the crystal sword moved, whirlwinds would roar. In the outside world, it would be enough to rip apart mountains and lakes.

Normal Void God Realm Kings werent able to block even one sword of hers. In terms of strength, she was comparable to Jiu Wuji before he had entered Xie Yang Palace.

However, her opponent was even stronger.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A purple figure flew into the air. Her skin was like crystal as it easily blocked the barrage of attacks.

Youre not my match. Zhao Yufei extended a jade-like hand that didnt seem to even belong to a human, and a ripple of purple instantly ripped apart the black-robed girls offense.

The black-robed girl had already used her killing moves, but she wasnt able to even injure the opponent. A bitter smile formed on her face.

Ceng! Ceng!

Right at this moment, a layer of silver-and-purple flew over to where they were fighting.

Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!

The black-robed girls expression changed as she revealed a wary look.

The Little Sword Saint had turned into a sword at the moment and was currently in a mysterious state. He was probably the only one who could handle this most-troublesome Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

Yufei, allow me to help you. Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the white mist of a Little World blocked the dark green jade sword from escaping.

Brother Feng, you came just in time. Zhao Yufei revealed a joyful expression as she circulated her Little World and formed a pincer attack with Zhao Feng. At the same time, her Spiritual Race bloodline summoned a large surge of Yuan Qi, which covered the dark green jade sword.

Nan Gongsheng waved his hands, and silver-purple beams shot toward the substandard God weapon.

A while later, with their combined power, Zhao Yufei managed to successfully obtain the thin jade sword.

Thanks, Brother Feng and Senior Martial Brother Nan Gong. This substandard God weapon seems to be of the Wood element, so if I give it to Senior Martial Brother Duanmu, he might be able to unleash more of its power, Zhao Yufei said joyfully.

It was extremely difficult for Void God Realms to unleash the power of a substandard God weapon. Maybe someone as strong as Xuanyuan Wen could try, but it wouldnt be very efficient.

Putting aside substandard God weapons, normal Emperors would find it hard to unleash the full power of an item even for Heaven-grade weapons and Inheritance Sacred weapons.

Any substandard God weapons obtained here would most likely be given to the forces behind whoever obtained them, and they could become killing cards that could affect the destiny of the entire continent.

Of course, Zhao Fengs Misty Spatial World was different. It was only a support-type item, so it didnt have a high requirement for cultivation.

Since the Duanmu Family had obtained one substandard God weapon, they were obviously overjoyed, but the one and only Ancient God weapon in the Building of Refinement hadnt been obtained yet.

In the air, the sword-light that was the Little Sword Saint started to merge with the rusty bronze sword that was giving off a green sword-light. Everyone could see that the Little Sword Saints hand was already on the tattered Ancient God sword.

So weird. The Little Sword Saints True Yuan and life aura have reached the limit, but his soul and Sword Intent have reached an entirely new level. Zhao Feng was surprised by what his left eye saw.

The Little Sword Saint had burned his True Yuan and soul to turn into a sword, but this actually increased the power of his soul.

In theory, if ones soul became stronger, their lifespan would also rise, but unfortunately, the Little Sword Saints body had reached its limit. His lifeforce was starting to wither.

Senior Sword Saint gained the recognition of the Ancient God weapon, but unfortunately, his life has reached its end. The black-robed girl and company from Sky Sword Pavilion had regretful and sympathetic expressions, and everyone present revealed respectful looks.

Some Kings sighed and started to retreat. Apart from the Little Sword Saint, no one else had such a high understanding of the Sword Dao or the courage to give up their life and transform into a sword. The only one that the Ancient God sword recognized was the Little Sword Saint.

Zhao Feng spoke in a solemn tone, Although life will always come to an end, the soul can remain immortal.

Immortal soul? The black-robed girl and company from Sky Sword Pavilion shook and couldnt help but start to think.

Weng~ Jiang!

As if sensing something, the bright sword-light that the Little Sword Saint had turned into suddenly started to dim.