King Of Gods Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Ridiculous
Chapter 870 - Ridiculous!

In the Divine Illusion Dimension, everything started to become faint and transparent. At this moment, the dreamy world was starting to leave the continent zone.

The first part that was disconnected was near the northwestern region of the continent zone, not the center.

Within a large, beast-like palace:

"Yu Tianhao, you're lucky that you managed to obtain the Inheritance Sacred item of the Heavenly Power God."

A red-haired male covered in glittering golden light held a spear and stood on a large flaming winged dragon. He was like the God of War and Fire. The aura from the flaming winged dragon alone was close to an Emperor.

Opposite the red-haired male was a black-haired youth with a pale expression and blood leaking from his mouth. The black-haired Yu Tianhao was only at the middle stages of the Void God Realm, but he had a battle-intent that could scare both Gods and Ghosts alike.

"You're very strong, but you're not my true opponent." Yu Tianhao wiped the blood from his mouth as a strong surge of confidence emanated from him.

The red-haired male was too strong; his cultivation and bloodline were both perfect. Through countless fortunes, he had managed to break through to become an Emperor in the Divine Illusion Dimension. On top of that, he also managed to obtain a flaming winged dragon whose battle-power was comparable to an Emperor.

If it weren't for the fact that Yu Tianhao had been recognized by the Inheritance Intent of the Heavenly Power God, he would have been utterly defeated.

"Arrogant! Of all the geniuses of the younger generation in the Divine Illusion Dimension, only Xuanyuan Wen is my match. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet him this time."

Mockery appeared on the red-haired male's face. It was as if he didn't put Yu Tianhao in his eyes at all.

Shua! Shua!

Yu Tianhao and the red-haired male both soon disappeared.

After that, the central parts of the lord dynasty started to disconnect, and the geniuses within Xie Yang Palace started to fade away. Zhao Feng and company were the last to disappear.

When the Divine Illusion Dimension was transparent, one could see that it was on top of the continent zone, and the northwestern area of the lord dynasty was the first to disconnect. After that came the central regions. At the end was the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, the True Martial Sacred Clan in the Cang Ocean, and company.

The most dangerous place in the Divine Illusion Dimension was, without a doubt, Xie Yang Palace.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

At this instant, all the geniuses and elites within Xie Yang Palace were filled with joy as they returned to the continent zone. Although Xie Yang Palace was the most dangerous, the fortune here also surpassed the other places. Those that were able to leave alive would have immeasurable futures.

"A true world? Very good, very good!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon looked coldly toward the disappearing geniuses and didn't stop them. Instead, it licked its lips excitedly.

"There will be destruction wherever I go!" The figure of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon started to sink into the blurry continent zone.

Back in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, near the ocean around the edge of the continent zone:


A purple-haired youth appeared on the receiving stage of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"Someone's appeared it's Zhao Feng!"

"This brat was the first to appear?"

The exclamations of some Ten Thousand Sacred Clan members sounded.

"I'm the first to appear?" Zhao Feng paused and understood after thinking about it. Because he had chased after the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon all the way to Xie Yang Palace, he had entered the region that was connected to the central parts of the continent zone, which disconnected earlier than most of the other regions.

"Junior Martial Brother Zhao, how were the rewards in the Divine Illusion Dimension?"

"Junior, why are you alone? Where is everyone else?"

Members of both the younger and older generations surrounded Zhao Feng and looked at him with twinkling eyes. Zhao Feng had changed a lot.

"Late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm?"

"This brat was only at the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm when he entered the Divine Illusion Dimension."

Some of the inner disciples discussed.

Zhao Feng had only used a couple months to break through from the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm to the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm. This was shocking. One had to know that a lot of time was used just on scouting out the Divine Illusion Dimension; there wasn't a lot of time to cultivate.

"This speed isn't fast." Zhao Feng shook his head.

He hadn't actually spent much time cultivating in the Divine Illusion Dimension. In comparison to Nan Gongsheng and company, this speed wasn't considered that fast. He was somewhat faster than Nan Gongsheng, but only because he was re-cultivating. Therefore, Zhao Feng wasn't very pleased with his cultivation speed and spoke with honesty.

However, this made the members of both the younger and older generations reveal weird expressions, as if they had been choked.

"This brat is just showing off."

"He must have met great fortune within the Divine Illusion Dimension."

The gazes that landed on Zhao Feng contained envy, jealousy, unwillingness, heat, and other emotions. There were also some Divine Senses.

"Zhao Feng."

A surge of Magnificent Power crushed over and caused the soul-dimension to crackle. The loud stage instantly became silent. Many people felt as if there was a large mountain crushing over them.

"The difference between dimensions is really big."

Zhao Feng sighed. He hadn't gotten used to it yet. The pressure in the Divine Illusion Dimension was huge, and the difference in power that could be unleashed by Void God Realm Kings could differ by almost a thousand times.

"Zhao Feng!" The voice of the King contained a slight sign of anger as the pressure doubled.

This brat was acting as if it had nothing to do with him even though it was a King speaking right to him.

The members around Zhao Feng instantly felt that it was hard to breathe, as if their souls had been frozen. However, Zhao Feng remained standing still like he didn't feel a thing.


This scene made the questioning King surprised, and many of the older half-step Kings felt weird.

"May I ask what this Elder has to say?"

Zhao Feng looked up toward an Elder in cloth garments. There was another middle-aged King in snow-white robes arriving Huang Yunhu's master, King Lu Yun.

"Elder Wu, if you have anything to say, please do so patiently. Arguing with a junior is just lowering your status," King Lu Yun called out.

Zhao Feng's backing in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone was extremely strong. Apparently, there was a Void God Realm Emperor behind him. On top of that, Duke Nanfeng admired him and tried to sway him to his side.

"Hmph! I won't punish him for being disrespectful to me, but he needs to tell us the location of the other members of the clan."

Elder Wu in his cloth garments snickered coldly and suppressed the anger in his heart. How dare an Origin Core Realm junior be disrespectful toward Kings just because he has a strong backing?

"Zhao Feng, you appeared half a day earlier than expected. Where is everyone else?" King Lu Yun asked.

Why was Zhao Feng the only one that returned? Did the others encounter something? These questions made the hearts of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan upper echelon members tighten. After all, those that entered the Divine Illusion Dimension were either geniuses or older elites with great potential. The life or death of these elites might determine the future of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"The others?" Zhao Feng thought for a while before answering; "I split up with them soon after entering the Divine Illusion Dimension. There weren't many casualties last I checked."

At the early stages of the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng was with the group from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan for a while. After the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon appeared, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng teamed up and left alone.

"Split up? Why did you leave the group?"

Elder Wu's expression became grim. This was also the question that others were curious of.

"Because there was a disaster. A Black Destruction Serpent Dragon escaped from its seal and everyone had to run."

Zhao Feng summarized what had happened. At least 90% of what he said was true. The only thing he didn't mention was that he deliberated teamed up with Nan Gongsheng and left because he thought the clan's group was too weak.

Reality proved that this was a great turning point for both of them. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng teamed up to pass through a stage where they were both at their weakest.

"Destruction Dragon Race? Black Destruction Serpent Dragon?"

Hearing this, the members of the clan acted like they were being fed a story and were half in doubt.

"Hmph, baseless stories." Elder Wu's expression went cold as his King Intent moved around and tried to pressure Zhao Feng, but he found that Zhao Feng wasn't affected at all.

Zhao Feng patiently told him what happened, but Elder Wu and company asked one question after another and wanted more detail. Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he slowly became impatient.

"Then I'm going to ask you what fortune did you meet in the Divine Illusion Dimension? How could a measly Small Origin Core Realm reach the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm after leaving the protection of his group and in such a small amount of time?"

Elder Wu's eyes twinkled. This junior wasn't even affected by his King Intent. This meant that he must have met great fortune in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

"Fortune? Not like it's a big secret. Many people entered an Ancient God's palace. As for my cultivation speed, I don't think it's very fast," Zhao Feng replied honestly. Elder Wu's questioning and tone made him start to lose his patience.

"Ancient God's palace? Such cultivation speed isn't fast? What a joke!"

The anger on Elder Wu's face became more and more obvious. A measly Origin Core Realm junior didn't even put him in his eyes, and his tone wasn't good either.

However, he never would have expected that everything Zhao Feng said was true. The name of "Zhao Feng" would soon be known across the entire lord dynasty and all the three-star and four-star powers.

"Believing it or not is up to you, I'll be going now." After saying this, Zhao Feng started to walk out and didn't bother to explain more. He needed to go back and organize what he had obtained in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

He had obtained a lot in the Divine Illusion Dimension, and the ancient metal ring couldn't even fit all of it. Luckily, he had the substandard God-level Misty Spatial World.

"Brat, stop. If you don't give me a good explanation, I will take you down."

A Magnificent Power radiated from Elder Wu as he became angry, and an invisible power covered Zhao Feng.

"Ridiculous!" Zhao Feng also became angry and circulated the power of his Sacred Lightning Body as he kicked toward Elder Wu.

Bam! Boom~~~~!

The instant this kick was unleashed, the color of Heaven and Earth changed. Lightning crackled as a golden-blue power shot through the air.


Just a wisp of this aura made the members of the clan feel as if a mountain was crushing down on them. Many of them spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Dammit, I forgot." Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly as he remembered the difference between here and the Divine Illusion Dimension. His Sacred Lightning Body had reached the early stages of the 5th level, which could easily crush normal Kings.


Elder Wu gave a cry as his Magnificent Power was shattered and his body sent flying. His bones almost split apart as he spat out mouthfuls of blood.