King Of Gods Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Tie Litian
Chapter 874 - Tie Litian

Emperor Ling Qiong snickered coldly, and the hearts of Elder Wu and Elder Yin went cold as they cried out silently.

Indeed, what they said a moment ago was exaggerated, but they never expected Emperor Ling Qiong to have seen everything already. Furthermore, Emperor Ling Qiong knew Duke Nanfeng, the ruler of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, and she didn't hide her praise for Zhao Feng.

"Since Third Elder saw everything, then please give a fair judgement," King Lu Yun and company suggested.

There was only a few Void God Realm Emperors in the entire Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and Emperor Ling Qiong's status was the highest amongst everyone present. On top of that, Emperor Ling Qiong was known for inspiring fear. Many people respected her while others hated her.

"Sure." Emperor Ling Qiong turned toward Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng!" a cold voice resounded throughout the soul-dimension, and the force of an Emperor covered Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's figure swayed in the air, and he revealed a look of surprise. He originally thought that, because Emperor Ling Qiong praised him and knew Duke Nanfeng, it was very likely that she would protect him. However, from the current situation, it seemed like Emperor Ling Qiong was going to establish her power in front of him.

However, it didn't really work out; even the pressure of an Emperor didn't make Zhao Feng bow, and Emperor Ling Qiong's expression finally changed. She realized that she had still underestimated Zhao Feng. He was indeed worthy of being praised by Duke Nanfeng and someone that the Duke tried to sway to his side. Back then, Zhao Feng even declined the title of Marquis.

"May I ask Third Elder what I did wrong and how you will punish me?" Zhao Feng asked calmly.

For the moment, he didn't want to fight with an Emperor or with the entire Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. After all, Zhao Feng had used the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan as a big stepping stone.

"Zhao Feng, did you leave the group in the Divine Illusion Dimension?" Emperor Ling Qiong questioned, and the Magnificent Power from her body became stronger and stronger as it crushed against Zhao Feng. Normal Kings would have crumbled already, but Zhao Feng's expression remained the same.

"Yes." Zhao Feng was very straightforward.

"Were you disrespectful to an Elder and severely injure Elder Wu?" Emperor Ling Qiong's voice turned cold.

"Yes," Zhao Feng replied without hesitation.

Everyone else was dead-silent while Elder Wu and Elder Yin had gloating expressions. They originally thought that Emperor Ling Qiong would protect Zhao Feng, but reality was the complete opposite.

Some of the clan members looked at Zhao Feng with sympathetic expressions. Everyone knew that Zhao Feng injuring Elder Wu was an accident and was in self-defense anyway.

"Very good. Zhao Feng, I admire your straightforwardness. Although your actions were forced and understandable, no one knows what really happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension, so I can't punish you yet." Emperor Ling Qiong's words took a turn.

Hearing that, Elder Wu and Elder Yin agreed. From the looks of it, Emperor Ling Qiong was going to punish Zhao Feng, but the truth of what happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension still needed to be confirmed. After all, no one could prove whether Zhao Feng's words were true or not. Maybe Zhao Feng had even betrayed the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's group.

"You're not going to punish me right now? Does that mean I can go back and cultivate now?" Zhao Feng said slowly.

He didn't really take the possibility of Emperor Ling Qiong punishing him to heart. He wouldn't be staying in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan for much longer anyway since he would be leaving after he recovered to the Void God Realm.

"Yes." Emperor Ling Qiong paused. She felt that this youth was kind of ignoring her, but he showed no signs of being disrespectful.

The other Void God Realm Kings couldn't help but have weird expressions. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng wasn't worrying about his future at all, and the fearless expression he had made Emperor Ling Qiong slightly unhappy.

"I will confine you for two months before the truth is revealed. In the next two months, you are not allowed to leave the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan or else you will be branded as a traitor and killed on sight." Coldness appeared on Emperor Ling Qiong's face, and the nearby Kings felt a terrifying pressure that made their hearts jump.

Those familiar with Emperor Ling Qiong knew that Zhao Feng had caused her to be slightly unhappy. With Emperor Ling Qiong's attitude, it was very likely that she would teach Zhao Feng a lesson.

"Two months?" Zhao Feng's footsteps paused for a moment, and he left the black stage as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

In reality, Zhao Feng was planning to cultivate for two or three months and recover his cultivation to the Void God Realm first anyway. Afterward, his strength would be close to the peak of his previous life the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.


An ancient chariot appeared beneath Zhao Feng's feet and shot into the sky toward the depths of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan with a blazing green flame.

"What speed! It's close to the level of an Emperor!" The other Kings were stunned.

"When did Junior Martial Brother Zhao change his mode of transport?" The eyes of some disciples were filled with envy and jealousy as they watched Zhao Feng leave.

"Substandard God crystal!" Emperor Ling Qiong couldn't help but exclaim as she faintly sensed the disturbance of a substandard God crystal from the flaming chariot.

Substandard God Crystals were basically the highest-ranked Primal Crystal Stones. Even Emperors were attracted to substandard God crystals, and Mystic Light Realm Sacred lords needed them to cultivate.

However, a substandard God crystal like this was used to fuel a chariot. This meant that Zhao Feng didn't need to put his True Yuan into the chariot, and it would still have a large supply of energy.

Emperor Ling Qiong and the other Void God Realm experts watched Zhao Feng enter the depths of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Since Zhao Feng's route didn't seem like he was going to leave the clan, Emperor Ling Qiong and company didn't stop him.

Within a couple dozen breaths, Zhao Feng had returned to his courtyard. He then put up the sign that he was in seclusion and started to cultivate.

Before he started cultivating, Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into the Little World within the Misty Spatial World. This Little World had rivers, lakes, grass, trees, and living beings.

Zhao Feng had put some unique treasures, such as the Green Water Sky Lotuses, Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus Roots, and such into the Little World. Apart from that, he had also put the Five Poison Distinct Bees into a certain area and needed to supply them with pollen continuously.

All of these tasks were given to the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped around and accepted the task, but it requested some resources from Zhao Feng. The amount of resources it asked for was enough to make several Void God Realm Kings bankrupt, but Zhao Feng agreed without hesitation.

The most important task right now was to organize the dimension within the Misty Spatial World and recover his strength.

Zhao Feng sat down, and wisps of green Wood of Wind Lightning flickered around him.

Shua! Shua!

The Crystal Core of a King, Wujiang Wood, Hundred Origin Fruit Juice, Green Water Sky Lotuses, and some other rare treasures appeared in front of Zhao Feng. Apart from the Wind Lightning Crystal Core, the other resources were mainly of the Wood element, which was beneficial for one's cultivation, body, bloodline, and even the soul.

The power of Wind Lightning started to gather in the air above Zhao Feng's courtyard and form a large ball of Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng would have no bottleneck after re-awakening his Emperor Intent. All he needed to do was slowly build up his foundation and train the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye, and the Wood of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's body completely reached the Void God Realm level.

Zhao Feng's Crystal Core was different from the norm. His Crystal Core was split into two portions; one side was dark blue while the other was green. It was as if part of a sapphire and part of an emerald had been stuck together.

The dark blue Crystal Core represented the Water of Wind Lightning and took up two-thirds of the total mass, while the green part that represented the Wood of Wind Lightning took up one third of the total mass. Incredibly, the dark blue Water of Wind Lightning could transform into Wood of Wind Lightning.

"From Water comes Wood from Wood comes Fire from Fire comes Earth from Earth comes Metal from Metal comes Water."

Zhao Feng knew the path he was taking in the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. Of course, at the moment, he could only turn the Water of Wind Lightning into the Wood of Wind Lightning. He couldn't do it the opposite way unless all five elements were cultivated and formed a complete circuit.

Currently, Zhao Feng's ability to store True Yuan far surpassed others of the same cultivation. Once he mastered the five elements, he would be able to wipe out anyone in his path, and he wouldn't have to be scared of anyone.

On the twentieth day of Zhao Feng's seclusion:

"Peak of the Great Origin Core Realm!"

Zhao Feng's aura rose rapidly as the Crystal Core in his body expanded.


The power of Wind Lightning was as thick as an ocean in the air above the courtyard.

The hearts of the nearby Central disciples shook. Apart from some Core disciples, most of the disciples in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan hadn't even reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm or even the Origin Core Realm at all.

The quality of Zhao Feng's True Yuan was comparable to Void God Realm Kings, and he would be able to form his domains as soon as he became a King.

"I'm just a step away to reaching the peak of my previous life and then surpassing it."

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled with excitement and expectation. In this life, the techniques he cultivated were far stronger and had more potential. After the trip to the Divine Illusion Dimension, he also became richer than before.

Just as Zhao Feng was focusing on trying to break through to the Void God Realm, an unparalleled Dao of Fire aura from an Emperor appeared in the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The entire clan was covered in a scorching red light that gave off a flaming aura.

The hearts of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's upper echelon members shook. The Kings and Emperors were alarmed, and they had solemn expressions as they tried to peek with their Divine Senses.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had three Emperors. Two of them were in seclusion while Emperor Ling Qiong was the third.

"Emperor Tie Litian from the Tie Family? Why is he here?" Emperor Ling Qiong's expression changed slightly.

Emperor Tie Litian was famed throughout the lord dynasty and came from one of the Eight Big Families, the Tie Family.

An elder in dark red battle robes could be faintly seen in the scorching red light. The aura of this Dao of Fire Emperor was obviously stronger than Emperor Ling Qiong, and the latter's breathing was rapid.

"I came from Xiling Palace and found that the Blood Devil Sun bloodline of my family has appeared in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, so I followed the traces and arrived here. Now the truth is out."

Tie Litian in his battle robes roared with laughter as his voice boomed across the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.