King Of Gods Chapter 877

Chapter 877 I Dont Want To Start A Slaughter
Chapter 877 - I Don't Want to Start a Slaughter

In reality, Zhao Feng had broken through to the Void God Realm two days ago. There was no bottleneck to the Void God Realm since his soul had already reached that level long ago.

Zhao Feng was focused on forming his True Yuan dimension. Back in the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng decided to focus on the quality of True Yuan, and he aimed for explosiveness.

The quality of his True Yuan while in the Great Origin Core Realm was already comparable to Void God Realm Kings. Now that he had actually reached the Void God Realm, the quality of his True Yuan was even higher; it was comparable to Domain-level Kings.

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

The Water of Wind Lightning and the Wood of Wind Lightning interacted on the surface of Zhao Feng's body and gave off a smooth flow.

In the past two months of seclusion, with the help of countless resources, Zhao Feng's Wood of Wind Lightning had broken through to the early stages of the 7th level and was approaching the late stages.

From the 7th level onward, each level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique represented one of the five elements and were split into the beginning, early, late, and peak stages.

The 7th level of the Wind Lightning Technique was comparable to the 5th level of the Sacred Lightning Body.

With the rise in cultivation, Zhao Feng's state of existence, body, and soul all became stronger by a certain degree.

Due to the large amounts of Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and other resources consumed, Zhao Feng's Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body had reached the late stages of the 5th level. In terms of soul-strength, Zhao Feng's soul was comparable to Emperors, and it even surpassed some Emperors in terms of refinement quality. His Emperor Intent had mainly recovered as well.

Zhao Feng's strength shouldn't have increased by too much after breaking through to the Void God Realm since the quality of his True Yuan was already comparable to a King. All that increased should have been his foundation and a bit of battle-power. However, Zhao Feng had used a lot of treasures when breaking through to the Void God Realm, causing a chain reaction that increased his state of existence, soul Intent, and some other aspects.

"My strength should be at 60-70% of my previous life, and it's even better in some respects, such as the body," Zhao Feng estimated.

Right at this moment, surges of Magnificent Power appeared in the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Just the Emperor-level auras alone numbered about five.

"Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, hand over Zhao Feng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo."

"The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo is extremely evil, and they've stolen from many people. They should be killed as a warning to others!"

"Hmph, a substandard God weapon isn't something a measly two-star power can protect."

The Void God Realm experts of Earth Spirit Hall looked down at the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and called out. These voices didn't even hide their intention to take the substandard God weapon. From this, one could imagine that the world of cultivation in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was extremely cruel the strong ruled the weak. In the areas near the ocean, this law was enforced even more.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The Void God Realm experts of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had to appear in this situation. After all, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan used to be a three-star power, and they had three Emperors and more than a dozen Kings.

At this moment, Emperor Ling Qiong and a black-robed youth appeared.

Weng~~ Boom!

A white-haired elder covered in orange light formed in the air.

Two Emperors and one Emperor Projection.

"Hehe Old Monster Xu, it seems like, after failing to break through to the Mystic Light Realm and reaching the end of your lifespan, you can't use your full power." An Emperor in golden robes from Earth Spirit Hall smiled.

This golden-robed Emperor was covered in a golden light, and his aura pressured all the other Emperors. He was a peak Emperor.

"Zhang Xuandong, one of the three peak Emperors of Earth Spirit Hall." Emperor Ling Qiong and the black-robed youth Emperor next to her exchanged glances as their expressions became solemn.

The battle-power of peak Emperors surpassed normal Emperors by a lot, and they were extremely rare. Since Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were usually in seclusion trying to comprehend the path of Godhood, not many appeared in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. In other words, peak Emperors were almost completely unrivalled.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan originally had a peak Emperor as well Old Monster Xu. However, since his lifespan was reaching its end, his strength had also dropped dramatically.

"The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan seems to have met some trouble." Zhao Feng walked out of the room.

At this instant, the entire Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was covered by surges of Magnificent Power. The hearts of the disciples all trembled, and they didn't dare to even take a big breath. Luckily, the Void God Realm experts were all facing off in the air.

"Zhao Feng!" Gu Chaozhi exclaimed the second Zhao Feng appeared.

Gu Chaozhi's eyes were filled with respect, wariness, and excitement.

They met each other in the underground city of the Divine Illusion Dimension. At the last moment in Xie Yang Palace, Gu Chaozhi was threatened by the Black Serpent Dragon, betrayed the humans, and handed over the keys to the Yuan Sealing Divine Chains.

These scenes flashed through Zhao Feng's mind.

"He's that Zhao Feng? One of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo?" The gazes of the Kings and Emperors from Earth Spirit Hall landed on Zhao Feng.

It had been two months since the Divine Illusion Dimension ended, and the stories of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had spread throughout the upper echelons of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

Of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, the unfathomable younger one was the leader. His name was Zhao Feng, but that wasn't really important. The important thing was that he was one of the biggest winners of Xie Yang Palace.

"Looks like I can't stay in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan any longer." Zhao Feng murmured.

He had used the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan as a stepping stone and become one of the biggest winners of Xie Yang Palace, but he also brought disaster to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"Zhao Feng, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan probably can't protect you any longer, but we will try our best to stop them while you run," the Emperor Projection of Old Monster Xu sent a private message to Zhao Feng.

The three Emperors of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan in the air had grim expressions. Earth Spirit Hall was one entire star higher than the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. In a head-on clash, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had no chances of winning at all. They were already doing their best by offering to help Zhao Feng escape.

"Zhao Feng, you might be able to survive if you escape to the Duke's Palace," Emperor Ling Qiong warned.

The Duke's Palace was, in theory, the ruler of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, and it represented the Great Gan Imperials.

"Run?" Mockery formed on Zhao Feng's face. For some reason, he recalled his memories of the Pursuit of Death.

"Thank you for all your goodwill, but these clowns aren't enough to force me to run." Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled as he gave a faint bow toward Emperor Ling Qiong and company.

Hearing that, both friend and foe alike broke out into discussion.

"Arrogant brat!"

"Ridiculous! A junior that just became a King doesn't even know how high Heaven and Earth are."

The Kings and Emperors from Earth Spirit Hall roared with laughter.

Boom! Xiu Xiu Xiu~~~~!

More than ten King Intents and a few Emperor Intents crushed onto Zhao Feng. These Intents created loud explosions in the soul-dimension and summoned enough power to shatter mountains.

Crack! Boom~~~~!

The area where Zhao Feng was standing crumbled as surges of powerful Intent thundered down.

"Not good!" Tie Litian in his dark red battle robes couldn't help but exclaim in the air.

The combination of so many King and Emperor Intents could shatter the mental energy or even the soul of a normal King.

Emperor Ling Qiong and the others from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were caught off-guard as well.

What Zhao Feng said enraged everyone, and the Kings and Emperors of Earth Spirit Hall couldn't wait to kill him and take his substandard God weapon.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng just stood there without moving. The aura of his soul was like the ocean, and his body was like the mountains that didn't change no matter how much time passed. These Intents only pressured his soul slightly; they were like stones that fell into the ocean when they landed on Zhao Feng.

Boom! Boom!

The barrage of Intents from these Kings and Emperors all ended in failure.

"This how is this possible!?" the Void God Realm experts of Earth Spirit Hall exclaimed.

Even normal Emperors wouldn't be able to take on so many Intents without being harmed, but Zhao Feng remained completely unharmed. No sound at all was caused. At this moment in time, those from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and Earth Spirit Hall acted like they had just seen a ghost.

"One can only do such a thing if their soul has reached the level of a peak Emperor." Emperor Ling Qiong took a deep breath, and the golden-robed Emperor Zhang Xuandong and company stopped underestimating Zhao Feng as they revealed a solemn expression.

From the surface, Zhao Feng had only just reached the Void God Realm, but if they looked closely, they would realize that Zhao Feng's True Yuan was extremely compact and far surpassed normal Kings. His control had reached an incredible level.

"Gu Chaozhi, take the members of your clan and return. I don't want to start a slaughter." Zhao Feng walked over casually as he looked at Gu Chaozhi.

Start a slaughter? Gu Chaozhi's hairs stood up. He didn't know why, but when Zhao Feng looked at him, he didn't feel safe despite all the Kings and Emperors by his side. Time seemed to travel back to Xie Yang Palace, where Zhao Feng used the Gaze of the God's Eye and pulled out the souls of the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon. The fear from that time was still present.

"Start a slaughter?" The Kings and Emperors from Earth Spirit Hall had disdainful expressions and acted like they just heard a joke.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng slowly took a step.


Only an afterimage was left behind. The present Void God Realm Kings all felt their eyes blur. None of them saw how Zhao Feng moved.

The next instant, Zhao Feng appeared in the sky between the forces of Earth Spirit Hall and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.


Kings and Emperors from both sides took in cold breaths. The speed that Zhao Feng displayed was simply too fast faster than all the other Emperors other than the peak Emperor Zhang Xuandong.

"You!" Cold sweat appeared on Gu Chaozhi's forehead. As Zhao Feng looked at him, fear spread through his heart, and he didn't doubt that Zhao Feng had the ability to start a slaughter.

The group from Earth Spirit Hall fell silent, maybe because of Zhao Feng's mysteriousness or maybe because of his speed. However, would such a huge group from a three-star power be scared by a junior that had just become a King?

The answer was obvious.