King Of Gods Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Pursuit
Chapter 902 - Pursuit

Over the limitless ocean, the Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind the purple-haired youth's back were like the blazing wings of a phoenix as they radiated a chaotic heat across a thousand miles.


Zhao Feng's breathing rate started to calm down, and his expression became solemn but calm.

After merging the Fire of Wind Lightning into his Wings of Wind and Lightning, the distance he travelled through every Lightning Wings Spatial Flash had increased and exceeded his imagination.

At this moment, he didn't have too much time to think, so he started to heal himself and recover the Yuan Qi that he had lost earlier.

Zhao Feng's heart became heavy when he thought about the short exchange with the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. If it wasn't for the fact that he had burned his life essence and forcefully increased the level of his Sacred Lightning Body and Blood Devil Sun bloodline, he wouldn't have be able to escape with just slight injuries.

"I'm definitely not the match of a Sacred Lord in a head-on fight. Once the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord gets close to me, the laws of his Little World will restrict me and put me in a life-threatening situation. It was only because the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord wasn't ready for it that I was able to break through the limitations of his Little World."

Zhao Feng let out a breath. When there was a large difference in power, one could only use abnormal and unique methods.


A beam of darkness shot toward Zhao Feng's position in an unrivalled and unstoppable manner.

In reality, in terms of normal speed, Zhao Feng wasn't as fast as Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords. His advantage was his Wings of Wind and Lightning, which allowed him to perform the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash. However, it wasn't that easy to throw off a Sacred Lord.


"Brat, where do you think you're going?"

A surge of power shot out from the beam of darkness and suppressed Zhao Feng's Scarlet Wings of Lightning.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

Zhao Feng became an arc of lightning and blinked into the distance.

"This technique again!? Let's see how many more times you can use it." The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord gave a cold snicker and suddenly raised his head.

A bright arrow surrounded by wind and fire suddenly shot toward the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord.


Ten thousand miles away, Zhao Feng put away the Sky Locking Bow; "Not very effective."

That arrow didn't just contain his Scarlet Lightning, it also included the power of his God Tribulation Lightning.

After shooting that arrow, Zhao Feng flew off once more.

"Brat, doing this will only make your death more painful."

A dark light shot out from the storm of lightning and fire. The Sacred Lord Intent and surge of demonic light caused the air nearby to tremble. The ground below was pushed downward by the pressure of the Sacred Lord, and countless cultivators were unknowingly killed. Some of the nearby Kings fell to the ground while those that were weaker lost their consciousness.

"It's actually a Sacred Lord that usually never cares about what happens in the world?"

"But the aura that just flew away was an unrivalled Emperor at most!" an elder with a pale face exclaimed.

An arrow formed from scarlet lightning once again shot toward the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord and exploded.

"Shameless bastard!" the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord roared. Every time he got close to Zhao Feng, an attack like this would appear.

When one reached the Mystic Light Realm, their soul and body would be merged together and their lifeforce would have exceeded the limits of mortals, similar to the Spiritual Race. Their recovery speed was extremely strong, and they could ignore physical attacks when the difference in cultivation was big enough.

However, Zhao Feng's Blood Devil Sun bloodline and God Tribulation Lightning countered Sacred Lords' bodies a little bit. The Blood Devil Sun bloodline had the ignition effect when it touched the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, but unfortunately, due to the massive differences in cultivation, the flames of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline were completely suppressed. As for the God Tribulation Lightning, although its damage was weak because of the cultivation difference, it couldn't be healed, so the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was now slightly injured from the continuous attacks.

What made the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord feel helpless was the Scarlet Lightning arrows. They locked onto him and closed in from weird angles. If he tried to dodge them, the distance between him and Zhao Feng would increase.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression was grim. He didn't expect that his first battle after one hundred years of seclusion would be like this that he would be injured by a junior who was only at the middle stages of the Void God Realm.

"Here's another one."

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression was angry as he swiped out with his hand and summoned a surge of black Mystic Light Sacred power.


The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord paused for a moment, and then his expression became even uglier. Part of the Scarlet Lightning arrow actually passed through the exchange with the Mystic Light Sacred power. His Mystic Light Sacred power kept on flying forward while the remaining purple arrow of lightning shot toward his soul.


"Dammit, he concealed a soul attack within his arrow!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's body shook slightly as he roared in a deep tone.

His Mystic Light Sacred power contained a partial soul attack, but it was completely broken through by Zhao Feng's own soul attack. Without having any guard up, he took the brunt of the soul attack head-on, and most of it came from the God Tribulation Lightning that was unable to be healed.

"The soul attack of this junior is close to a Sacred Lord's!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was filled with shock and anger. He could feel that the power of the God Tribulation Lightning within the soul attack was even stronger. The damage he took just now exceeded the total amount of damage he took earlier.

"Nine Darkness Sacred Power!"

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord suddenly released a black light that rotated around him, and black demonic flames blazed across his body as if he was a Golden Crow that radiated black light. Everything within a thousand miles was covered by this sacred power and turned black.

"Junior, you can die with pride after making me use the Nine Darkness Sacred Power," the black-flame-covered Nine Darkness Demonic Lord said.

"The Nine Darkness Sacred Power is a profound technique from the Nine Darkness Sacred Scroll, and it can increase the strength of Mystic Light Sacred power and Intent for a short amount of time. It can even control the laws of Heaven and Earth in a certain area depending on the cultivation of the user."

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord used this ultimate technique just to increase his speed and chase after a King at the middle stages of the Void God Realm. The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord felt helpless that he had to resort to this.

Ten thousand miles away, Zhao Feng smiled when he saw his soul attack land on the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. However, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord suddenly released a pressure that made him feel the danger of death. Even his God's Spiritual Eye started to thump with danger.

"Not good, this Nine Darkness Demonic Lord is going to use his full strength now." Zhao Feng's heart clenched as his armguard flashed, and he disappeared in a flash of silver.

The next instant, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord appeared where Zhao Feng was just standing. It was as if he was a demon from hell as he caused the space nearby to crackle.

"There's no aura of lightning ahead. Could that junior have used a secret technique?" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was puzzled, but he suddenly felt a faint disturbance of True Yuan from behind him. "Why is it behind me? Looks like this junior has many secrets."

Nine Darkness Palace wanted to kill Zhao Feng due to the treasures on him, but from the looks of it, Nine Darkness Palace didn't even know the full scope of things, and this made greed flash through the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's eyes.

"So close. Luckily, I left behind some spatial markings of the Misty Spatial World when I was running."

Zhao Feng let out a breath and started to conceal his Dao of Lightning aura.

In reality, Zhao Feng could use the Misty Spatial World to run away and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord wouldn't be able to catch up at all, but if he did that, it was very likely that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord would just go to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan or the Yunling Zhao Family.

The reason why Zhao Feng unleashed the aura of his Fire of Wind Lightning was to attract the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord and force him to continue the chase. However, this had also revealed a hidden card of his, and he obviously still had to deal with a Mystic Light Realm trying to kill him.

"Little thieving cat, I'll give this to you." Zhao Feng took out the flaming chariot and let the little thieving cat take control of it.

"I'll only be able to fight against the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord head-on when the Sacred Lightning Body breaks through to the 6th level." Zhao Feng planned.

Even though his soul was strong and he had the power of God Tribulation Lightning, it wouldn't affect the situation much. On the contrary, after all the God Tribulation Lightning was used up, he would be in an even-more dangerous situation.

However, once his Sacred Lightning Body broke through to the 6th level, he would have the ability to fight against the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord head-on and resist the laws of his Little World to a certain degree. With a strong physical body and his Sacred Lightning Protection, he would be able to ignore most of the attacks of normal Sacred Lords. On the other side of things, the lifesteal effect of his Blood Devil Sun bloodline would be able to extend how long he lasted in a fight. Using these together with the God's Spiritual Eye would be the perfect way to fight.

In the exchange earlier, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body improved a little, but it was still slightly off from breaking through to the peak stages of the 5th level.

Zhao Feng quickly took some healing medicine, then focused on cultivating and using the Fire of Wind Lightning to refine his Sacred Lightning Body.

On the other hand, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was now a ball of demonic light after using the Nine Darkness Sacred Power, and he charged toward Zhao Feng once more with unparalleled speed.

As Zhao Feng was now relying on the flaming chariot to fly, his speed was much slower than when he used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, so the distance between them was quickly shrinking

"Junior, die!"

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord saw Zhao Feng running away on the chariot and was filled with joy when he saw that he wasn't using that secret technique anymore.

Looks like this brat can't use that secret technique anymore.

A wicked light flashed in the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's eyes as his speed increased once more, and he shot forward. He believed that, with the addition of his Nine Darkness Sacred power, Zhao Feng would be unable to do anything even with his monstrous physical defense.


Zhao Feng's figure disappeared under the wave of his sacred power.

"Hmm? A fake body?" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's face went slightly red as he became enraged. He had been played around with by a junior; he didn't expect that Zhao Feng had the ability to create such real-looking fake bodies.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was slightly regretful that he didn't kill Zhao Feng right away, because now he was just losing face with every second.

The instant the fake body disappeared, a faint disturbance of Fire and Lightning True Yuan from another direction was sensed by the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord.

"Zhao Feng, today I will break your body into pieces and burn your soul!" the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord roared as black flames shot out from around him and flew forward in a frenzy.