King Of Gods Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Death Of A Sacred Lord
Chapter 903 - Death of a Sacred Lord

Zhao Feng could sense the instant his Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus Root doppelganger disappeared.

Hu~~ Shua!

A ball of darkness surged over and turned everywhere it went into hell. The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord focused and confirmed that it was the true Zhao Feng sitting on that weird chariot, and the black demonic flames around his body instantly became stronger.

"Junior, your death is inevitable. What's the point in cultivating at the last minute!?" the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord roared as the Mystic Light Sacred power within his body splashed out. The Magnificent Power of the Demonic Dao crashed over like a tsunami. The flaming chariot was like a boat rocking in the waves, about to capsize at any moment.

The little thieving cat instantly jumped into the Misty Spatial World.

"Looks like it's still not enough."

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and was slightly disappointed. There was still a barrier to the peak stage of the Sacred Lightning Body's 5th level. Maybe it was because the Sacred Lightning Body had become much stronger in such a short amount of time and hadn't accumulated enough power. He had continuously used a bunch of resources that increased his body-strength, which decreased their effects dramatically.

He wouldn't have a breakthrough unless he used some precious resources like the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. However, Zhao Feng had already planned how he was going to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and even if he took it right now, it was unlikely that his Sacred Lightning Body would be able to break through to the 6th level in an instant. If it didn't, he had no chances of winning against the Little World of a Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng got up and put the flaming chariot into his Misty Spatial World.

"Finally giving up now?"

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord had disdain in his eyes. He was like a demon from hell, and his aura was spreading in every direction.

Zhao Feng's expression became solemn as he released his Scarlet Lightning Wings and circulated his Sacred Lightning Body. He retreated and sent out a blazing red punch.

Sacred Lightning Dominating Fists!

Large flaming fists thundered toward the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. At the same time, white light flashed from the Misty Spatial World.

Weng~~ Weng~~

Several hundred venomous auras flew out. All of them were Bee Kings, and four of them were colorful Bee Emperors.

"So many Five Poison Distinct Bees?" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was surprised as the demonic light around him filled the air and covered everything within a thousand miles. His Little World of darkness descended.

Boom! Boom!

The Sacred Lightning Dominating Fists landed on the black flames of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord and only caused a few ripples before breaking apart, like paper landing on fire.

As for the Five Poison Distinct Bees, they started to slow down under the restraint of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World and became much less agile. Because the difference was too big, all the Bee Kings were completely suppressed.

"Explode," Zhao Feng gently said.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several hundred venomous bees self-destructed. Even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords wouldn't dare to pass directly through it.

At the same time, Zhao Feng's left eye glowed with divine Intent, and more than one thousand five hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning glowed in his soul. This divine Intent turned into a spear of purple lightning that shot toward the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord.

"Ignorant." The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord couldn't help but snicker. He had fallen for it already, so he was prepared.

Zhao Feng's soul attack was close to the level of a Sacred Lord, and due to the power of God Tribulation Lightning contained within, even Sacred Lords would find it troublesome.


The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World released balls of black mist.


The suppression of the Little World's laws was slightly weaker against the soul, and the purple spear of lightning glowed when it touched the black mist. The God Tribulation Lightning within surged and wiped out everything in its path.


The spear completely passed through the black mist that had come out from the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World like a bullet passing through paper.

"How is this possible!?" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord thought that, with his Little World's defense, he would be completely safe against soul attacks, but what actually happened made his mouth widen.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Before he could react, the black mist dissipated. All it did was delay the spear for a moment.


The purple spear of lightning charged into the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's soul.

"Arghh!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord screamed as the demonic flames around him instantly decreased, and his Little World started to twist.

At this moment, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord remembered the information he had received Zhao Feng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had a mysterious eye-bloodline and specialized in soul attacks.

He had forgotten about this. After all, no matter how talented someone was in the Dao of the Soul, it was unlikely that they would be able to affect Sacred Lords if they were only at the middle stages of the Void God Realm. However, this brat had concealed himself from the very beginning and only revealed his true strength now.

On the other side Zhao Feng's expression was grim and the light from his left eye was faint.

Before this soul attack, he had only used around a hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning at once, which would slowly recover while he was flying.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord had gotten used to that level of power and thought that it was the limit of Zhao Feng's soul attacks; therefore, when all one thousand five hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning were used, it created a surprising effect and broke through the defenses of a Sacred Lord and injured him.

However, this had also used up all the God Tribulation Lightning in his purple Soul Sea.

The instant the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was attacked by the lightning spear, a dark streak of light flashed behind him.

"Dark Assassination Stab!"

A dark figure appeared behind the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. He held a dark sword that glittered with a weird black light, and he stabbed it into the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's body.

"Dammit!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was enraged at being ambushed by a soul attack and physical attack combo. He roared in anger, and the world of darkness started to crackle as if it was about to crumble.

A beam of demonic Mystic Light Sacred power shot toward Supreme Emperor Dark Night, who had ambushed him from behind.


With a flash of light and the crumbling of a doppelganger, Supreme Emperor Dark Night appeared somewhere a thousand miles away. With a blink of darkness, Supreme Emperor Dark Night merged into the space and disappeared.

"Supreme Emperor Dark Night? Do you know how high the Heavens and how thick the Earth are? Even if you're here on a mission to assassinate me, you will die."

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's expression was ugly. While Supreme Emperor Dark Night's attack had indeed injured him as well, it was a physical attack, which was easy to recover from. However, Zhao Feng's soul attack was hard to recover from. Even now, his soul tingled.

"Sky Demonic God Barrier!"

A black barrier appeared around the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord before he locked onto Zhao Feng.

"Junior, tricks are of no use against absolute power."

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord pretended that nothing had happened to him, and he turned into a ball of demonic light and crushed over with his Little World.

"Nine Darkness Demonic Lord, if you really want to die, then I will oblige you." Decisiveness appeared in Zhao Feng's eyes as his purple hair blew in the wind.

"Hmph, ridiculous! Die!" The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord harrumphed with anger. The power of his Little World arrived where Zhao Feng was standing, and its laws suppressed Zhao Feng.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night, who was still hiding, didn't dare to attack. He specialized in ambushing and killing opponents in one move. Now that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was on guard against him, he wouldn't be able to escape even with his Eight Winged Darkness Doppelganger.

Right as Supreme Emperor Dark Night was hesitating, a voice sounded in his soul, "Leave for now."

Supreme Emperor Dark Night let out a breath after hearing Zhao Feng's orders. It looked like his master was going to retreat by using the Misty Spatial World. While they both had battle-power close to a Quasi-Sacred Lord, it wasn't enough to fight against a true Sacred Lord. It was already incredible that Zhao Feng was able to exchange blows for so long.

Just as he was about to leave, Supreme Emperor Dark Night realized that the Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan around his master was surging out, and frenzy had appeared in Zhao Feng's cold eyes.

White mist appeared once more from the Misty Spatial World. Zhao Feng held the Sky Locking Bow with his left hand, and he slowly took out a scarlet-golden arrow with his right hand.

The instant the scarlet-golden arrow appeared, a piercing sharpness pushed aside the projection of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World. The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord suddenly felt his soul hurt from the piercing sensation. His speed decreased, and he spoke with bulging eyes, "God Slaying Arrow!? A legendary substandard God weapon!?"

Zhao Feng looked at the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. His eyes were cold as he lifted the bow, and an invisible force started spreading.

"This is a legendary substandard God weapon, and it's a one-time-use item! You're crazy!"

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was flabbergasted and quickly started to persuade him, "No, Zhao Feng, put away the God Slaying Arrow and I promise that the Nine Darkness Palace will never trouble you again in the future."

Seeing that Zhao Feng had already started to pull his bow, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord felt as if he had entered an icy slaughterhouse. He started to tremble, but Zhao Feng remained unmoved and pulled the bowstring.

The instant Zhao Feng poured his True Yuan in, the God Slaying Arrow seemed to awaken and release a sharp glow that lit up everything within ten thousand miles. A Magnificent Power that could make Gods and Ghosts alike cry entered the scarlet-golden arrow, and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Little World was pierced with millions of little holes.

Run! This was the only thought in the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's head right now. He burned his Mystic Light Sacred power and even its foundation in order to survive. Only now did he start to regret not learning any escaping techniques.

Hu~~ Hu~~

The God Slaying Arrow sucked in Zhao Feng's True Yuan at astonishing speed. While the quality of Zhao Feng's True Yuan surpassed normal peak Emperors, it was quickly being depleted.

The more the bowstring was pulled back, the more the suction force would increase. The Fire of Wind Lightning was the first to be complete expended, then the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning. In just one breath's time, all his True Yuan had been depleted.

After that was his lifeforce, his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, his Water-Ice bloodline, the physical strength of his Sacred Lightning Body at the very end, this suction force travelled to his Soul Intent, the purple Soul Sea, and his Eye Intent at the very middle.

Shu! Shu!

When the bowstring was completely pulled to its limit, the figure of an arrow formed and gave off a screech of metal.

At this moment, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord fifty thousand miles away shook as a metallic screech sounded in his soul. It was as if he had been completely locked onto, and no matter where he ran, the arrow would still hit him.

"No, impossible, I've already ran this far out!"

With the release of this arrow, Zhao Feng fell down with withered skin and dim eyes.


Infinite divine light shot through the sky and cleared all the clouds within ten thousand miles. A golden storm blotted out the sky in the distance.